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Virtual Open Houses

Virtual open houses have become the norm in real estate markets across the country, allowing clients to practice social distancing while still marketing their property or shopping for their next home. As communities reopen, many clients prefer the safety, security, and convenience of virtual open houses. As all top-performing REALTORS® know, adapting to an ever-changing industry is key to a successful career in real estate. So now is the time to make sure that you're bringing your "A" game with virtual open houses, and we've got some tips to help you do just that.

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Real Estate Text Message Marketing
As you read this story, four out of five Americans own a smartphone. Include in that number those folks who use phones that aren't app-friendly, and you get 96%.

It's a sure bet nearly everyone who needs your real estate services also uses a mobile phone daily. And although not all phones can play Angry Birds, virtually all are designed to receive text messages.

Formally called SMS text––the acronym stands for Short Message Service, text messaging has exploded in popularity over the last decade. And texting isn't just for teens any longer.

During 2017, experts estimated that about 26 billion text messages were sent each day in the United States. That adds up to over 780 billion texts monthly and more than 9.3 trillion every year.

People of all ages use text messages. Because they will often text with friends and loved ones instead of calling, texters are likely to check their messages within minutes of a new notification.

Sure, there are some caveats. Most people aren't checking texts in the middle of a meeting at work––we hope. All in all, though, mobile research firm MobileSquared says 90% of people read a new text within three minutes of getting it. Three minutes!

Not surprisingly, this means text messages rock for real estate professionals. In a report published by the National Association of REALTORS®, 94% of REALTORS® said the method they preferred to communicate with clients was text messaging.

In 2020, there are huge horizons for growth. And there are plenty of good reasons why you should take advantage of text messaging for your real estate business.

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"The best CRM is the one an agent will use."

Marilyn Wilson (Co-Founder/Executive Vice President, RETechnology), Michael Minard (CEO/Owner, Delta Media Group), and Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager, Delta Media Group) chatted during a recent RETechnology webinar to highlight Delta Media Group's new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages.

Watch the Webinar
We're sharing the webinar, so real estate professionals see why DeltaNET 6 and it's built-in CRM is the best solution for their real estate businesses. 

Michael Minard, CEO/Owner of Delta Media Group, commented about Delta's announcement, "The best CRM is the one an agent will use." 

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Old Colony REALTORS West Virginia
We love to share stories about Delta Media Group's real estate superstar clients like Old Colony, REALTORS®, and how they use real estate marketing and technology to make their businesses shine. 

Even after 75 years in the real estate business, Old Colony, REALTORS® finds new ways to navigate today's changing landscape. However, to understand where a company is going, we need to look at where they've been.

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DeltaNET 6 Email Drip Campaigns
When it comes to real estate, success is all about relationships.

The biggest challenge that sales associates face today is finding new, authentic ways to extend and deepen those relationships. Between phone calls, between face-to-face meetings, what is the "golden thread" that continues to link you and your potential clients together – in a way that benefits you both?

Digital marketing offers a variety of answers—among the most powerful: Email drip campaigns.

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Read our July 2020 Issue of Real Estate Marketing & Technology Magazine

Just in case you missed our July 2020 issue of Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine, read our cover and feature stories about Delta Media Group clients:

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Real Estate Marketing and Technology Editorial

Real Estate Technology: A Predictor of Success

The coronavirus pandemic has proven how fast everything can change; however, it has also shown how resilient and adaptable sales associates in the real estate industry genuinely are.

Real estate professionals have a unique link to their community. They are the ones people turn to when it's time to pursue the dream of homeownership or move on to a new phase in life.

Under challenging conditions, real estate experts have pulled together and excelled. Firms big and small change the way they do things, renew their commitment to the community, and show how stellar customer service is still possible in a changing world.

One of the most significant predictors of success is embracing new real estate technology.

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What is Reputation Management and Why Does It Matter?

Reputation Management for Real Estate Professionals

Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets as a real estate professional. Every satisfied client presents an opportunity to advertise yourself to potential future clients. Still, even the most satisfied clients may need a little nudge to offer a testimonial or online review. Once a client shares their feedback, it's up to you to make sure that new prospects can easily find that information. That's why sales associates and real estate firms need to take an active role in reputation management, both in acquiring feedback and sharing it for the world to see.

Reputation management has evolved in recent years thanks to digital tools, but the basics remain the same. The feedback that you collect from clients can be a powerful marketing tool, but it's what you do with that feedback that ultimately determines how useful it is for your business. With the popularity of online review sites, the power of social media, and the reach of your real estate website, you have extensive options for managing your reputation online. But it's hard to get feedback if you don't ask for it, and it's harder to connect new prospects with that feedback if you're not sharing it in the right places.

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