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DeltaNET® 7

The most automated, most customizable, all-in-one platform in the marketplace

As a real estate brokerage in the digital age, you need a well-rounded CRM that’s simple for sales associates of varying tech levels to navigate—and that’s DeltaNET 7.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), the DeltaNET CRM is easier to use than ever before, allowing agents to automate everything from their social media posts to My Customer For Life email newsletters to drip campaigns. They can even automatically create custom CMA reports in just two clicks using Delta Pitch. And with auto-generated to-do lists, staying organized and on task is nearly effortless.

DeltaNET 7 is mobile-centric, providing an app-like experience for users. It's simple to navigate on any device—be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It’s also completely integrated with Delta websites and features patent-pending SEO.

Real estate brokerage customers can create their own version of DeltaNET 7 with individually customized branding and feature options, giving them complete control over design and navigation. They can also design specific “roles” for agents to deliver a personalized experience based on the tools and features they use most.

Included with DeltaNET 7 is Delta Media Group’s virtual training platform, DeltaNET Academy. DeltaNET Academy was created with built-in training courses to teach you and your team how to navigate the CRM and its long list of tools and features, making for a stress-free transition without business disruption.

Another fabulous resource available through DeltaNET 7 is Delta Create. This unique design platform allows sales associates to tap into their creative side and customize graphics, make property listing brochures, create flyers, eCards, and more. With pre-designed templates, you don’t need to be an artist to create great marketing materials that will win over clients.

With DeltaNET 7, there are endless opportunities to help you grow your business and save time.

Introducing DeltaNET 7

Intranet Features:

  • Dedicated Mobile App for iOS & Android
  • Virtual Open Houses and Showing
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • AI-Driven Email and Print Newsletters
  • Bulk Email Blasting with Templates
  • Customizable Recruiting Flyers
  • Admin Level Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Complete Lead Management & Lead Tracking
  • Geo-Based Text Messaging Short-Codes
  • Team Management
  • Pocket Listing System
  • Open House Connector™ App
  • Patent Pending Quick Actions™
  • Delta Pitch
  • Delta Create
  • AdWizard - Automated New Listing Facebook Ads

CRM Features:

  • Fields for Leads Records
  • Action Plans
  • Lead and Contact Lists
  • Email Templates
  • Ecards & Flyers
  • Smart Drip Email Campaigns
  • AI Driven Task Creation
  • Integrated Pipeline Manager to Track Commission Goals
  • Automated Social Media Posting
  • Automatic New Listing Alerts for Clients
  • Automated Seller Reports
  • Built in Testimonial System


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