Delta Media Group, Inc. History



DeltaNET Academy Launches. With DeltaNET Academy, DeltaNET users have access to training courses that break down Delta Media Group's industry-leading, all-in-one CRM and wealth of features to their basics, making them simpler than ever to understand.



Local Showings Launches. An independent full-featured property showing software and service. Local Showings is available to non-Delta clients as a standalone iOS and Android mobile app. For Delta clients, Local Showings is seamlessly integrated into its all-in-one DeltaNET platform.



Patent-pending Quick Actions launches in DeltaNET 6. Quick Actions gives DeltaNET 6 users an easy and time-saving way to do daily tasks in the platform. It's as simple as once you're logged in and you type in your search bar what you need to do, the system helps do it for you.

Creative Studio Launches. To help agents maintain and create high quality customizable designs with just a couple of clicks, Creative Studio, a robust real estate brokerage digital and print marketing center, is available for free to all DeltaNET agents and teams. 



DeltaNET® 6 launches. DeltaNET® 6 paves the way for real estate professionals to automate their businesses. It fuses marketing and technology in an all-in-one website and digital marketing platform.

Virtual Showings and Open Houses are introduced at the onset of the pandemic to keep the businesses of Delta Media Group's clients running during COVID-19 and after.

Integrated SMS texting launches in DeltaNET 6 allowing real estate professionals to use direct text messaging, SMS blast messaging, and SMS messages with email campaigns to share their expertise with clients and build long-lasting relationships.



Delta Media Group's Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine goes to press. Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine spotlights Delta's real estate superstar clients sharing their stories about how they shine in their marketplaces using marketing and technology.

Ad Wizard™, found in the DeltaNET, is a self-service, paid advertising platform giving sales associates and real estate firms the ability to simply create and deploy paid advertising campaigns in the DeltaNET.

Delta Media Group releases Open House Connector™. It allows sales associates to sign-in open house visitors on a mobile device, customize a registration form, and instantly send their contact information to the DeltaNet®.



Real-time data translation platform was implemented nationwide. Only provider on a national level that syncs real-time with MLS data. In virtually every market, we compete with digital brokerages, and we're faster!

Delta Media Group collaborated with five North Carolina State University Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) graduate students in a year-long, artificial intelligence, lead scoring study designed for the real estate industry. Their goal was to identify behavioral patterns of home shoppers that were most likely to result in a closed transaction.



DeltaNET 5.1 launches.



DeltaNET 5.0 launches.


Late 2016

Implementation of DeltaNET 5.0 started and launched in early 2017.


September 2, 2016

Michael Minard bought out all remaining business partners. In an effort to push product development and business growth Mr. Minard decided to part ways with his business partners and become 100% owner of Delta Stock.


June 19, 2015

Shareholder, friend, and business mentor James L. Bray passed away at the age of 75.



Delta continued to grow and early signs of growth acceleration were starting to show at the end of 2014. During 2014 Delta continued to innovate and evolve with external and internal solutions. Internally Delta evolved its process and developed systems to cut its operational costs and operational launch time for new clients.

Properties In Motion officially launches out of Beta in November at the National Association of REALTORS® Convention. 2015 Delta continues to grow and begins development of new core products: DeltaNet 5, a new theme engine to replace its template web system, and its next version of CRM.



As the residential real estate market started its slow recovery Delta began to experience growth again.



The Great Recession, although only officially lasting two years, had a deep impact on the residential real estate industry. Due to the contraction within the residential real estate industry Delta experienced significant client loss while at the same time maintaining overall client totals due to continued new client acquisition. Because of this, Delta’s growth remained flat throughout these years.

However, product development continued. While Delta’s competitors struggled to survive Delta re-engineered much of its platform and continued its technological innovation within the industry. This helped propel Delta to a stronger position within the vertical as Technology and Marketing Solutions Provider.

During this tumultuous time Mr. Minard launched Delta into the Digital Marketing services by creating new systems at Delta for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


2008 - New Headquarters & Data Center

As Delta was blessed with rapid growth under the direction of its new leadership, Delta was preparing to experience massive growth. In early 2008 Delta expanded the sales five-fold and prepared to push its growth. Unfortunately this was the beginning of an economic slowdown directly impacting the real estate industry, we now know this was the beginning of the Great Recession.

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2003 - Delta Brings OC-3 Connectivity to the Area

In 2003 Delta Media Group continued to rapidly grow and to further facilitate the rapid growth Delta was instrumental to brining OC-3 connectivity to the Belden Village, Stark County Ohio area.

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2001 - First In-House Private Cloud

In 2001 Delta Media Group launched the first version of its private cloud platform. The new platform was the basis for building a scalable platform that would ultimately service over 100-million visits per month and billions of database queries per day.

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2001 to 2007

During the first seven years of ownership Delta experienced rapid growth in product, client acquisition, and revenue. What started in 2000 as a team of three quickly grew to a team of more than fifty team members. In 2000 Delta started with 14,000 active property listings in its database and by 2007, due to client growth, that grew to a database of four million properties for sale in 48 states.



In the fall of 2000 Michael Minard and three partners purchased TigerFly, re-banded the company Delta Media Group, and moved the company to Barberton, Ohio.

During this early time under Mr. Minard’s leadership the Delta Team focused on migrating the Tigerfly core platform from a Windows Server .NET to a L.A.M.P. architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) along with the expansion of technologies and features.


1999 - TigerData Shown to Shareholders

After nearly two years of work TigerFly shows stakeholders and shareholders TigerData. TigerData was a platform built to put the real estate firms in control of their own data. Ultimately the TigerData platform was built and ready for beta by the end of 2000 but never launched due to the dot com bubble.

In essence, TigerData was nearly identical to the project known as Project Upstream that has yet to fully launch. However, TigerData would put the real estate firms in complete control over their data with the ability to monetize their own data instead of allowing the MLS to monetize their data. Imagine if TigerData had actually launched in 2000 and you were in control of where your data was distributed! Again Delta was way ahead of it's time with another first in the industry!

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In 1998 Delta Group Founder Wayne Mangold partnered with Chi Chi Cao. With new funding the company moved to Sunnyvale, CA (1230 Oakmead Parkway Suite 312), re-branded as Tigerfly, Inc., and significantly expanded operations.

For over two years Tigerfly operated in the real estate vertical as a B to B provider of services. Tigefly’s focus was two-fold. First, Tigerfly was servicing real estate brokerages and franchises helping take their businesses online. Second, Tigerfly was building an online, National Multiple Listing System Platform, or e-marketplace, that the large brokerages would own and control called an Exchange.

Founded in 1998, TigerFly, and its predecessor "Delta Group", have five years experience developing and hosting advanced websites for major real estate companies. We combine in-depth, grass-roots knowledge of real estate and cutting edge Internet technology. Based on our experience, we have developed a new business model and technology. Our focus is to transform the "brick-and-mortar" real estate companies to an e-marketplace, or Exchange.

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1996 - Delta Rapidly Grows

Delta Group quickly grows to become the largest service provider of online, dedicated information systems for the real estate industry. The Delta information system is the only online technology developed as a strategic information marketing and business system for agencies, listing agents, buyer agents and customers all others are developed for agents to promote listings on Generic sites.

Serving clients such as Barara Sue Seal Properties, Hasson Company Realtors, and Jack Tate Real Estate just to name a few!


December 17, 1994 - The Oregonian Writes About Delta

On December 17, 1994 The Oregonian published an article about Delta titled HIGH-TECH HOUSE HUNTING.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

At this rainy time of the year, the idea of staying dry and warm while looking at real estate has a certain appeal.

A Portland on-line development company and some local real estate brokerages have come up with a service that lets the public look at houses for sale with the aid of a home computer. The service is called RealtyNet, and it's available free to anyone who has a personal computer running Windows. Through it, users can check out houses for sale, with descriptions and color pictures, and read about the local schools and the surrounding community.

There's even a component that helps them figure out mortgage loans and escrow payments.

Some other real estate companies and multiple listing services in Portland and elsewhere are looking at similar programs, but none seems to be as far along as RealtyNet.

The program is attractive. The opening screen provides the user with a pictorial range of choices, and it's easy to find one's way from home listings to banking services to community services.

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1994 - Delta Launches the First Online Property Search

Founded in 1994 as Delta Group in Beaverton, Oregon by Wayne Mangold, Delta Media Group, Inc. (Delta) was an early internet solutions provider within the real estate industry. Delta’s focus was “providing information solutions to a world in constant change.” These first few years of Delta’s existence marked the early days of the internet and Delta was a leader in helping real estate companies be some of the first companies of their kind to have a meaningful online business presence. Early key clients included companies such as Barbara Sue Seal Properties (Lake Oswego, OR), Hasson Company Realtors (Lake Oswego, OR), and Century 21 Champions (Beaverton, OR).

Core technologies developed by Delta Group which are still utilized today included Delta’s “Door Technology” and the “Property Pursuit” property search engine.

Providing information solutions to a world in constant change. Our products combined with our proven commitment gives us the ability to anticipate and meet your changing needs.

1993 - Delta Founded

Founded was founded in 1993 by Wayne Mangold in Beaverton, Oregon.


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