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Long Road to Overnight Success

Steve Jobs quote, "If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time." describes the evolution of 1993's Delta Group into 2021's Delta Media Group, the leading provider to today's top US real estate companies. In business, people often only see the successes a company achieves and turn a blind eye to the work and sacrifice it took to get there.

Delta Media Group's Story | About Delta Media Group

This is the story of Beaverton, Oregon's Delta Group, and how throughout the years, it evolved into today's Delta Media Group headquartered in Canton, Ohio.


Delta Group's

Story Begins

Delta Group’s story begins in Beaverton, Oregon, in 1993 when Wayne Mangold founded the company. His vision was to bring property information out of the real estate office and into home shoppers' living rooms. By today's standards, that sounds quite humorous. However, in 1993 and 1994, this was a foreign concept. The idea of accessing listing information from a computer, your own computer, was a very foreign concept.

Delta Group was a pioneer in getting listing information online in the Pacific Northwest. Only a couple of other companies doing something similar to Delta existed at that time, so the technology truly paved the way for the industry, Delta was a pioneer. During this same period, the internet and web technology were in their infancy. Delta wanted to make the real estate industry part of "this new thing called the Web."

Growing Delta Group

with a New Partner

By late 1994 Delta Group served quite a few real estate clients around the country, aggregating and normalizing a few dozen MLS data feeds, including property photos. Then, in 1997, Mangold brought on a new partner, someone he knew, who also invested a few million dollars into the company. They pushed growth and worked to bring Delta Group's technology to the real estate industry on a much larger scale.

Since day one, Delta had technology we call the Delta Doors. Delta Doors, still in use but expanded today, implements and protects the procuring cause model that the real estate industry still operates under to this day. Today's entire DeltaNET platform is built around this Delta Doors model.

In 1998 Delta Group founder Wayne Mangold partnered with Chi Chi Cao. With the new funding, the company moved to Sunnyvale, CA, re-branded as TigerFly, Inc., and expanded its operations.

For over two years, TigerFly operated in the real estate vertical as a B-to-B provider of services with two goals. First, TigerFly serviced real estate brokerages and franchises, helping take their businesses online. Second, TigerFly was building an online, National Multiple Listing System Platform, or e-marketplace, that the large brokerages would own and control called an Exchange.

By 1998, TigerFly, and its predecessor, Delta Group, had five years' experience developing and hosting advanced websites for major real estate companies.


TigerFly (aka Delta Group)

Moves to Ohio

In 2000 Michael Minard and three other partners purchased TigerFly, re-branded the company as Delta Media Group, and moved the company to Barberton, Ohio. During Minard's leadership, the Delta Team focused on migrating the TigerFly core platform from a Windows Server .NET to a LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) along with the expansion of technologies and features.

When one of Delta's current clients and members of their technology board of advisors learned of their plans to shut down the company, he brought together other men, including Mike Minard, to buy the company. And, in September 2000, purchased Delta.

At the time, Delta was located in Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. The new owners moved the company to Ohio, and within a few short months, completely rebuilt the platform with high performance and scalability in mind.

During that time, the second version of the in-house content management system was released as part of DeltaNET 2. During 2001, online showing technology was launched and the first version of its lead management, lead distribution, and lead routing platform.

Between 2000 and 2008, Delta Media Group pushed clients and technology's growth, building nearly all technology in-house. There was a continual growth of our platforms and technologies based on regular client feedback, which we still value to this day.

By 2008, Delta Media Group became one of the largest providers in the real estate technology space through all of these efforts.


The Next Chapter in Delta Media Group's Story

Between 2008 and 2016, Delta Media Group's growth slowed down, starting with the Great Recession. Delta was still growing, but not as quickly.

During this time, Delta Media Group focused on developing technology in automation and pushing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the DeltaNET. Delta Media Group developed a massive amount of software automation for the business systems used in our own platform, which has proven to be a very strategic investment in our business.

2016 - A Year of Changes

During 2016 Michael Minard bought out all remaining business partners. To push product development and business growth, Minard decided to part ways with his business partners and became 100% owner of Delta Media Group stock.

Moving Real Estate Technology Forward

DeltaNET 5 was launched in 2017. DeltaNET 5.1 launched with an updated interface in 2018.

In 2019 Delta Media Group launched and implemented its real-time data translation platform nationwide.

In 2019, Delta Media Group concluded a yearlong, artificial intelligence, a lead scoring research study for the real estate industry. The Delta team worked with five Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) graduate students on a yearlong research program to determine patterns in behavior for home shoppers who transact and identify real estate professionals most likely to close a transaction.

In 2021, Delta Media Group is proud to serve some of the largest real estate companies in the US. Our products and services include:


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