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No Setup Fees or Contracts!

Agent Trial Offer

DeltaNET 6 is Delta Media Group's all-in-one solution packed full with the best real estate tools. It's the smart choice for everyone from new, single agents, teams, and small brokerages. This offer is your opportunity to see what the real estate industry has been talking about.

Get a backstage pass to lead-generating tools and technology like social advertising tools, hundreds of customizable print flyer designs, email marketing campaigns, blogging, testimonials, and automated Facebook posting. You might become the real estate pro buyers and sellers ask for by name.

Didn't we mention something about a free website? That's right.  Get started with DeltaNET 6 today, and you'll receive a free customizable website with more than a dozen different mobile responsive designs to help bring your brand to life.

Whether you start with just the basics or add a few more features to make the paperwork-pushing portion of your job easier, each package begins with:

  • Emails Blasts
  • Email Action Plans
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Pages
  • Market Landing Pages
  • Testimonial System
  • Blogging
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Seller Reports
  • Out-of-the-Box Action Plans
  • Mobile App (PWA)
  • Contact Import
  • Market Watch Reports
  • Pipeline Manager & Custom Dashboards
  • Lead Management Tools
  • AdWizard PPC System
  • Your Listings
  • Custom List & Contact Management

In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth demonstrates how to use the DeltaNET 6 Property Search tool to send and save listings to your clients.

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Attract Attention and Clients with Your Website

Use Your Real Estate Website to Attract Business

A high-quality real estate website isn't a luxury for your business––it's a necessity. Think of your site as the hub where all of your other digital marketing efforts converge, making it a powerhouse for lead generation and capture.

It's also the spot where many would-be buyers and sellers will form their first impression of your real estate brand, learn what services you have to offer, and take the next steps to engage with you directly.

Let's take a look at what to include in your real estate website to grab the attention of prospective clients:

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Contact Your Clients with SMS Texting in DeltaNET 6
Use Text Messaging to Communicate with Your Real Estate Clients

If you're a real estate agent reading this, then there's already a good chance that text messaging is one of your favorite ways to communicate with clients. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 94 percent of real estate agents prefer to communicate with clients via text – edging out the email and phone calls as the most popular channel for communication. But are you making the most of your texting communication opportunities? With the right tools, text messaging can do even more to grow your brand and serve your clients.

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In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth covers how to opt your clients out of the email and SMS subscriptions in DeltaNET 6.

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Just In Case You Missed Our Last Webinar!

If you didn't catch Franklin Stoffer's webinar, "Discover the Secret to Recruiting Top Agents," watch an instant replay now. Stoffer takes a deep dive into the design and functionality of Delta Media Group's newly launched client career websites as well as a tour of our recruiting campaigns and flyers to attract top agents to your team.


Aaron Geh Answers Your Real Estate SEO Questions
In an article for Delta Media Group's industry publication, Real Estate Marketing and Technology Magazine, Aaron Geh discusses his 20 plus year career guiding the growth of companies in various verticals using digital marketing.

I have spent over 20 years helping a wide variety of companies grow their businesses on the Internet. Here are two of the most frequently asked questions I receive and their answers:

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  2. Why Does SEO Need to be Approached Differently within the Real Estate Industry?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First, let me define what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is from my perspective. SEO techniques are used on and off websites to make a site more appealing to search engines. The more search engines like a website, the more they visit to index its pages.

The result of SEO work done correctly--search engines push your website higher in search results for specific key phrases associated with your products and/services.

Traffic generated from SEO is called "organic traffic."

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In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth demonstrates how to send out message blasts using the DeltaNET® 6.

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Harley Wolfarth Landing Your Next Listing Presentation
Selling is an art that is just beyond me. Ask me to sell an old car on Craigslist and watch me go pale; it's embarrassing. Probably one reason I'm don't sell homes for a living. However, I do know about the tools and technology involved in helping sales associates succeed in the real estate business.

There's a lot of nuance and expertise involved when it comes to listing, marketing, and ultimately selling a home. As a real estate professional, your goal is to do everything you can to sell your clients' homes with the fewest headaches along the way.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I say that, as a listing agent, every closing starts with getting the listing. Fortunately, I can tell you about several tools available to you within the DeltaNET 6 platform that covers all the bases of the selling process to get that next listing and set you well on your way to getting that next closing.

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In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth shows you how to setup a Virtual Phone Number so that you can start utilizing DeltaNET's built-in SMS functionality. You can send bulk messages as well as set up automated campaigns!

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Recruit and Retain Top Real Estate Sales Associates
Real estate is a competitive and fast-paced arena. To recruit and retain top-notch sales associates for your firm, you need to supply easy-to-use, state of the art real estate technology and tools to deliver the best customer experience.

Continuous learning is the name of the game, but adopting the right technologies can make your sales team's life so much better.

Delta Media Group fuses marketing and technology tools that allow your associates to stand out from their competition.

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Arizona Best Real Estate is #1 in Relocation

Allison Rybarczyk Interview
Aaron Geh, Head of Business Operations - Digital Marketing at Delta Media Group, sat down with Allison Rybarczyk, Relocation Director for Arizona Best Real Estate, for a recent Real Estate Marketing and Technology magazine article.

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Careers Webinar: "Discover the Secret to Recruiting Top Agents"

If your firm's goal is to grow its business by recruiting top agents, this is a webinar you don't want to miss!

Register for Discover the Secret to Recruiting Top Agents Webinar

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Franklin Stoffer, Sales Manager & Senior Accounts Consultant, takes a deep dive into the design and functionality of Delta Media Group's newly launched client career websites. He will also provide an overview of our recruiting campaigns and flyers that are available.

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"I have a Facebook, but I'm thinking of deleting it." Sound like anyone you know? Maybe you're even thinking, "sounds like me." 

My name is Anna Stoffer, and I am Delta Media Group's new Social Media Specialist. While it is a newer title for me, social media is not new to me at all. 

Like many in my generation, I grew up with the first taste of using social media by pouring hours into my MySpace page and chatting with friends on AIM. I created my first webpage before I had my first kiss. My parents had to pry me away from the screen during my teenage years. Looking back, that's when I first fell in love with social media. 

And up until recently, I felt like I needed to keep that a secret. In some circles, it's almost taboo to say, "I like social media." I once even took a year-long break from Facebook because of how often I was being told it's "too negative." I suppose, like any relationship, I just needed to miss it for a while to appreciate it. It's often an unpopular opinion to like social media, but one I hope you'll hear me out on. (Or rather, read on). 

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An Interview with Peter Haring, President & Broker, Haring Realty

Peter Haring - Haring Realty - Real Estate Marketing and Technology magazine

Aaron Geh, Head of Business Operations - Digital Marketing at Delta Media Group, sat down with Peter Haring, President and Broker of Haring Realty, for a recent Real Estate Marketing and Technology magazine article. Read on for Peter Haring's interview.

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CANTON, Ohio — Michael Minard, CEO and Owner of Delta Media Group, announced today his company's recent launch of SMS Texting in DeltaNET 6. 

"We're thrilled to introduce SMS texting found in DeltaNET 6 to the forefront of the real estate industry," says Minard. "Our Tech Team outdid itself with the deep integration of texting capabilities throughout the entire DeltaNET 6 platform."


DeltaNET 6 allows real estate professionals to use direct text messaging, SMS blast messaging, and SMS messages with email campaigns to share their expertise with clients and build long-lasting relationships.

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