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"The best CRM is the one an agent will use."

Marilyn Wilson (Co-Founder/Executive Vice President, RETechnology), Michael Minard (CEO/Owner, Delta Media Group), and Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager, Delta Media Group) chatted during a recent RETechnology webinar to highlight Delta Media Group's new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages.

Watch the Webinar
We're sharing the webinar, so real estate professionals see why DeltaNET 6 and it's built-in CRM is the best solution for their real estate businesses. 

Michael Minard, CEO/Owner of Delta Media Group, commented about Delta's announcement, "The best CRM is the one an agent will use." 

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Real Estate Technology a Game-Changer
Change is hard, but managing the daily tasks of today's real estate professionals without the best real estate technology is even more challenging. Every real estate agent would like to spend more time selling homes and less time on repetitive daily tasks. Real estate technology is a game-changer because it gives agents more time to focus on the parts of the job that they love most, without compromising on the daily, nuts-and-bolts tasks that drive new business.

Real estate agents need to see how integrating technology and automation into their businesses leads to substantial long-term gains. The easiest way to do that? Choose the right real estate technology, make sure sales associates understand why it benefits them, and provide the training/support necessary to make integrating new tools as seamless as possible.

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Old Colony REALTORS West Virginia
We love to share stories about Delta Media Group's real estate superstar clients like Old Colony, REALTORS®, and how they use real estate marketing and technology to make their businesses shine. 

Even after 75 years in the real estate business, Old Colony, REALTORS® finds new ways to navigate today's changing landscape. However, to understand where a company is going, we need to look at where they've been.

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Harley Wolfarth covers DeltaNET 6's Listing Profile Page functionality in this week's Tech Tuesday.

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Real Estate Agent Website Offer
Delta Media Group has a new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages. If you're looking for a modern, attention-grabbing website that's customizable too, we got you covered. Discover how with DeltaNET 6, you gain access to the industry's best built-in social advertising tools, hundreds of customizable print flyer designs, blogging, testimonials, automated Facebook posting––and that's just for starters.

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DeltaNET 6 Email Drip Campaigns
When it comes to real estate, success is all about relationships.

The biggest challenge that sales associates face today is finding new, authentic ways to extend and deepen those relationships. Between phone calls, between face-to-face meetings, what is the "golden thread" that continues to link you and your potential clients together – in a way that benefits you both?

Digital marketing offers a variety of answers—among the most powerful: Email drip campaigns.

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Email Drip Campaigns for Real Estate
Drip, Drip, Drip. Hear that sound in the middle of the night, and you probably drag yourself out of bed to turn off the bathroom faucet. However, apply it to your real estate business, and it's the sound of profit.

Drip email campaigns are email marketing campaigns where you nurture leads by developing a relationship of trust and building an ongoing connection.

A targeted email has some of the highest returns on investment of any marketing technique when it comes to real estate. Research shows that a well-designed campaign may have 40x ROI or more––that is, you stand to make $40 for every $1 you invest.

How can that be?

Email is incredibly scalable. Real estate marketing automation lets you send warm, personalized email messages to one person, a thousand, or ten thousand. Work it out, and you find each email costs just a few cents, with value improving as you gain more clients.

And it naturally solves one of the biggest problems there is: Most people aren't ready to use your services when they first meet you.

There's a reason generations of real estate agents have spent their first few years chasing referral business: It might take weeks, months, or even years before a new lead is ready to move forward.

Many factors go into buying or selling, and you can only influence a few of them. But one you can control is whether you always present yourself as a trustworthy and credible expert.

Drip campaigns are how you do it, warming up cold leads for when the time is right.

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Harley Wolfarth Video Marketing

Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Real Estate Business

I'm going to level with you. I hate supporting third party software--I really do.

I don't work for Facebook or YouTube. I barely have a Facebook account. When it came to making guides to set up live streams and uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook, I knew they were necessary, but I was going to be in for a rough time. After all, the most challenging part here is going to be the technical side of things, right?.

Well, as it turns out, not so much. Many of you already had some expertise there. When COVID-19 made words and phrases like "quarantine," "stay-at-home order," and "essential businesses" part of our daily vocabulary, you took the creation and uploading of video in stride. These days, the questions we get aren't about the actual act of getting these videos recorded and posted, but rather, what kind of content should be in them and what the difference is between the different types of videos you can make to market your listing and yourself. I'm hoping I can shed some light on that and maybe simplify your life in doing so.

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Read our July 2020 Issue of Real Estate Marketing & Technology Magazine

Just in case you missed our July 2020 issue of Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine, read our cover and feature stories about Delta Media Group clients:

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Search Functionality Real Estate Website

In this article for Delta Media Group's real estate industry publication, Real Estate Marketing and Technology MagazineFranklin Stoffer discusses how search functionality builds a powerful online brand and generates leads for your real estate business.

Search Functionality Helps Achieve Your Online Goals

When it comes to real estate websites, I have only heard of two primary goals that real estate firms and sales associates want to accomplish.

  1. Clients want their website to generate business or leads. 
  2. Clients want their website to showcase their unique brand and be a place for their company to have a powerful identity online.

In my opinion, the only way you can truly accomplish both a powerful lead-generating website that also speaks to your brand is to offer the most robust search functionality in your market with an easy-to-use design.

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Canton, Ohio – August 19, 2020 - Delta Media Group® Inc., one of America's most established and largest broker technology solutions providers, announces its most advanced website and digital marketing platform with built-in CRM - DeltaNET® 6 - will be available directly to individual real estate agents and teams, as well as small brokerages for the first time.

Until now, the DeltaNET platform has been aimed at larger real estate brokerages and franchises. Beginning August 24, the entire DeltaNET 6 CRM platform with all features unlocked will be available to agents and teams as a 30-day no commitment trial offer. A free webinar that details the new program is set for Tuesday, August 25, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time, with details here (

"The best CRM is the one an agent will use," says Michael Minard, CEO, and owner of Delta Media. "Delta Media is offering agents and teams a CRM solution that's instantly adopted because it's fully integrated into the automated tools they'll use every day both for their websites and all their digital and traditional marketing."

Minard explains individual agents and teams can leverage an array of automation using DeltaNET 6, from set-and-forget drip prospecting campaigns and My Customer for Life auto email engagement offerings to Facebook and LinkedIn connectors, and its unparalleled eCards and flyers platform. "One system to capture, cultivate, and connect to clients," says Minard.

In addition to the built-in CRM, one of Delta's platform's most significant advantages is website and digital marketing customization, ensuring differentiation between brands that compete in any market. "Agents and teams thrive on differentiation," he adds.

Minard notes artificial intelligence improvements will enrich its DeltaNET 6 CRM capabilities. New AI features will power agent and team websites by offering consumer suggestions and automated marketing engagements – all tracked automatically inside its built-in CRM. Consumer search, for example, will monitor consumer behavior to anticipate the next steps. For agents and teams, artificial intelligence will help them review their sales funnel and make suggestions on which customers need to be contacted.

At the end of the 30-day trial, real estate professionals can keep the full-featured DeltaNET 6 platform for $99 a month, select from a starter program at $25 a month, or pay $49 a month for a more advanced program. Full details on these new program options will be available in September.

About Delta Media Group

Delta Media Group, located in Canton, Ohio, is a leading and trusted technology partner for many of real estate's top brands. Creator of the DeltaNET 6, real estate's most advanced all-in-one digital marketing, back office, and website platform, Delta Media Group is the largest family-owned and operated technology innovator with no outside investors or VC funding. Delta Media Group is renowned for saving clients money while reducing the frustration of managing multiple online technologies. Established in 1994, Delta Media Group remains a top real estate technology innovator. Discover more at

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Media contacts:

Victor Lund (805) 709-6696


Kevin Hawkins (206) 866-1220



SEO Attracts Traffic and Leads
In this article for Delta Media Group's real estate industry publication, Real Estate Marketing and Technology MagazineAaron Geh discusses how SEO helps your real estate website attract more traffic and better quality leads.

How SEO Attracts More Online Traffic and Leads

Whether searching for a sales associate or going on a house hunt, most people start their search online. Search engine results are a huge potential source of traffic for your real estate website, which leads to fierce competition for the top positions in search rankings. That's where search engine optimization (SEO) enters the picture. SEO is one of the most powerful tools for growing your real estate firm online, but SEO's complexity means that not everyone understands it. Let's look at these SEO tips to help your business attract more traffic and better-quality leads.

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Harley Wolfarth walks you through the Lead Settings page of DeltaNET® 6 in this episode of Tech Tuesday.

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Delta Media Group Automated Email Campaigns

Keep Client Conversations Going with Email Drip Campaigns

Being successful in real estate means finding ways to keep the conversation going long after the first handshake is over. However, with all of the people you meet, it's nearly impossible to grow those relationships, run your current business, and still have time to sleep at night.

What's the Answer?

Delta Media Group comes to the rescue with the latest addition to its DeltaNET 6 toolbox with pre-built, automated email drip campaigns. We make it easy to stay in front of your clients with targeted email campaigns, offering them precisely the information they want to see.

Email drip campaigns add a dose of high-octane to your current marketing strategy. Stay in touch with clients by sending timely, relevant messages to your client base.

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A New Era in Real Estate Technology

I must admit that I am hesitant to write this article and share my thoughts because this concept has been abused far too long in the real estate industry. With that said and out in the open, I truly believe that we are entering into a new real estate technology era.

Before you completely discount what I am saying as marketing gobbledygook, I ask that you consider my thinking.

As I continually look to the future and plan the technology vision of the Delta Media Group platforms, such as the DeltaNET, I know that, from a technology standpoint, we are on the verge of monumental changes and advancements. These changes are happening right now because of the maturity of some platforms (for example, the DeltaNET is 26 years old), the maturity of computing platforms in general, coupled with a future-looking vision, and the ability to execute on that vision and bring products to market.

Real Estate Technology - What's on the Horizon?

Putting myself outside of my technology mind for a moment, let's consider what I see coming immediately for real estate professionals. What does this mean for the everyday user of the technology?

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In this week's Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth reviews creating and using Customer Lists in DeltNET 6 to connect with prospects and clients effectively.

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Webinar with RETechnology

Delta Media Group, best known as a leading provider to the largest enterprise real estate firms in the US, has exciting news to share with you.

Delta Media Group has a new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages. The power and reliability of DeltaNET 6, the easiest to use "all-in-one" platform its customers have come to depend upon, is now available to real estate professionals of all sizes--including single real estate agents.

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Real Estate Marketing and Technology Editorial

Real Estate Technology: A Predictor of Success

The coronavirus pandemic has proven how fast everything can change; however, it has also shown how resilient and adaptable sales associates in the real estate industry genuinely are.

Real estate professionals have a unique link to their community. They are the ones people turn to when it's time to pursue the dream of homeownership or move on to a new phase in life.

Under challenging conditions, real estate experts have pulled together and excelled. Firms big and small change the way they do things, renew their commitment to the community, and show how stellar customer service is still possible in a changing world.

One of the most significant predictors of success is embracing new real estate technology.

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Residential, Careers, and Commercial Real Estate Websites

Careers and Commercial Websites

While Delta Media Group is best known for the residential real estate websites, we also provide careers and commercial websites for our clients too.

Welcome new sales associates to your real estate firm with recruiting websites as these clients have done.

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Learn to update your Notification settings within DeltaNET 6 in this episode of Tech Tuesday with Harley Wolfarth.

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