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As a real estate brokerage in the digital age, you need a well-rounded CRM that's simple for sales associates of varying tech levels to navigate — and that's DeltaNET® 7. 

One of the primary goals for Delta when creating DeltaNET 7 was to be something that worked for ALL agents, not just the less than 10% who consider themselves tech-savvy. In doing this, Delta Media Group® updated its CRM platform to provide more of an app-like experience for users. 

Pages are Simplified in DeltaNET 7 

Taking customer feedback into account, the pages are simplified in DeltaNET 7. There's no more endless scrolling; instead, they're organized with widgets, filters, and thumbnails. Plus, with a mobile mentality, you can easily navigate them on the go through your smartphone or tablet.  

For example, the Traffic Report and Calendar Module pages have been condensed, eliminating unnecessary content. Also, responding to leads is as simple as clicking a button — just choose between a call, text, or email icon and type your message. 

The email campaign page in DeltaNET 7 has been simplified as well. Now, you can see what campaigns are active and which are not. You can even see which ones you created and which were created by Delta. This page will also tell you when the campaign ends and allows you to chain on and send a new campaign when the current one ends. 

The Role-Based System Eliminates Confusion 

With DeltaNET 7, we're introducing the role-based system. This change allows admins to control which links, pages, and features are available in the DeltaNET on a per-agent basis for further customization. Also, "default roles" can be applied to any user, eliminating the need to build roles from scratch.  

The role-based system is there to reduce clutter and confusion within the DeltaNET. By setting specific roles, agents know what features to use and are not bogged down with extra buttons. They can easily locate and navigate those key features with a streamlined dashboard. 

Although many agents wish to have only a few features in their DeltaNET to keep things simple, that doesn't mean agents who want to do more have to be limited. If you have some tech-savvy agents who want to utilize as many tools at their disposal as possible, they still can. That's the beauty of being able to cater to each individual user. 

DeltaNET Academy is There to Train You 

Although everything is simplified in DeltaNET 7, that doesn't mean you'll automatically know how to use it. And that's okay. Like anything in life, DeltaNET 7 requires learning. That said, you can easily learn how to use the updated CRM with training through DeltaNET Academy. DeltaNET Academy, Delta's virtual training platform, is already integrated into DeltaNET 7, so training can be completed without ever leaving the system. 

DeltaNET Academy is equipped with built-in courses designed by our technical support team, who consistently make updates and build new ones. These courses provide training in areas such as navigating the DeltaNET and its features, creating your agent website, and more. Along with these pre-provided courses, admins can create new courses to educate their agents on company policies and Delta technology.  

Leverage the Help Center 

DeltaNET 7 also features a help center. So, if you want the answer to a question and don't want to sit through a whole training course, you can use this convenient resource and find the answer in just a few seconds. All you have to do is type your question in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also search by categories already listed on the page. Either way, a list of articles and videos with the answer to your question will be generated automatically. Finally, look through the content provided to find your answer. 

Visit Our YouTube Channel 

Another valuable resource for getting accustomed to your new technology is the Delta Media Group YouTube channel. This comprehensive channel is full of webinars, Tech Tuesday videos, and other content to help you better understand how to navigate the DeltaNET. 

If you aren't familiar with Tech Tuesday, these are videos Delta Media Group uploads every Tuesday, demonstrating a specific feature or function. Voiced by Harley Wolfarth, Delta's Product and Technology Manager, these brief yet informative videos are perfect for visualizing and refreshing your knowledge of the tools and features you use daily. Some examples of Tech Tuesday videos include demonstrations on how to set up your blog system, change your settings in Social Connector, or send My Customer for Life (MCFL) email newsletters.  

Our YouTube channel isn't the only place to find updates and new information about Delta products. Our social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are also great resources for staying in the know. With blog posts and daily announcements, you can continue learning about DeltaNET 7 and how to get the most out of your technology.  

A Provider That's Approachable 

Over the past two years, the Delta Media Group team has been focused on creating an approachable platform for all agents. We wanted to construct a technology that everyone would feel comfortable using. We want your business to succeed, and we know that the easier it is to use the tools you need, the more you'll get out of them.  

Even though this next generation of the DeltaNET has arrived, as always, we will be looking ahead to the generations to come. As an independent, family-owned company, we aim to satisfy our customers and provide the best platform possible for all its users. 


Over the last few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed the way real estate agents do business. AI-driven applications have the potential to uncover patterns hidden within millions of data points, helping teams make the right moves at the right time.

Although the idea of real estate technology as a high performing center of excellence for your whole business is exciting, it can also be intimidating. Agents often wonder if adopting this technology means completely transforming the workflows with which they are already familiar.

Luckily, this isn't the case.

Just like your team, your marketing, and many other elements of your business, your technology can scale with you. Rather than taking a quantum leap forward that changes everything about your daily schedule, you can choose which technology tools to deploy at any given time.

Both Innovation and Iteration Have a Place in Today's Technology Landscape

It wasn't really that long ago when real estate agents were experimenting with productivity apps for the very first time. The old days were characterized by overstuffed file cabinets and plenty of Post-It notes. Then, individual agents started to cobble together solutions from the technologies of the era.

Gradually, the idea of the technology stack emerged. Especially in larger brokerages, leaders wanted to be sure everyone was using solutions that worked together effectively. The "stack" was the specific list of applications each member of the team was expected to use, with as little deviation as possible.

The jump from analog to digital was a big innovation, but uniformity was slow to be realized.

Today, instead of having to juggle a dozen apps (and pay for a dozen licenses), agents have the chance to use a real estate CRM such as the DeltaNET. The DeltaNET has features touching on every aspect of real estate. Designed in consultation with agents and brokers, it can help you do just about anything.

But that doesn't mean you have to start with everything.

Think of a real estate CRM as like a toolbox. It takes some time to learn to use each tool in your kit. Plus, not every tool applies to every job. To start with, you might find you go faster using the tools you know well. But as you learn what the toolkit is capable of, it helps you exceed what you could do before.

Where the jump to new technology is innovation, the gradual pace of change as you choose when and how to adjust your workflow is iteration. You select the tool and you decide when and how to use it.

That's why today's technology is more scalable than ever.

The Biggest Ways Technology Can Help You Scale and Grow Your Real Estate Brand

Across industries, "scaling" refers to growing in a way that enables you to:

  • Support the new customers who'll be a necessary part of growth
  • Maintain the level of customer care and quality you're known for
  • Reduce to a minimum any additional costs, hiring, and complexity

Many businesses have difficulty scaling. A rigid business model means it's impossible to serve more customers without more personnel or other expensive investments. Since real estate involves a high level of personal attention and interaction, it's easy to fall into a trap of inflexibility.

Technology helps you break the cycle so you can scale faster and at a lower cost.

Here are some of the ways it works:

  • Accelerate Time-Consuming Research
    Real estate agents have traditionally been called on to do a lot of analysis. But by the time you build a comparative market analysis or neighborhood report, the data you relied on might be out of date. By contrast, the right CRM can access the data instantly and compose a report from the key points.

  • Cut Out Unnecessary Specialization
    Social media, email marketing, and the rest conventionally require hours of writing, optimization, and even graphic design. With technology, you no longer have to be an expert in any of these areas: Your CRM takes care of rote tasks while helping you deliver the variety and humanity the audience wants.

  • Measure Your Results
    Real estate marketing can leave you hunting in the weeds to discover what's working and what's not. A CRM simplifies matters by zeroing in on important feedback prompted by your marketing. Figuring out which messaging resonates is easier than ever, so you can focus on generating more of what matters.

  • Focus on Your Ideal Customer
    Successful agents and brokers rarely offer "one size fits all" solutions. Instead, they embrace the fact all marketing is written for someone. By accelerating the speed at which you can join and guide the online conversation in your space, you'll attract more of the people who can truly move your business forward.

Contact us today to discover what real estate marketing automation can do for you.


As the market continues to struggle, interest rates remain high, and we enter the industry's "slow" season, many brokerages will choose to wait out the tough times and pull back on marketing efforts to cut costs. But the best way to overcome these obstacles is by doubling down on online marketing — not cutting the exact thing needed most. That said, now is the perfect time for agents to learn how to use the latest automated online marketing tools in DeltaNET®.

On Wednesday, November 9 at 2 p.m. EST, Delta Media Group's® VP of Sales, Franklin Stoffer will host a special Online Marketing Webinar. He will be joined by Winston Widdes, a Paid Advertising Strategist with Delta. During the webinar, you'll get a chance to learn how to use some of the most essential online marketing tools available in DeltaNET, including:

My Customer for Life (MCFL): MCFL, an AI-driven automated newsletter, makes it simple to stay in touch with customers, even well beyond them making a transaction. By turning on this feature, you can automatically send customers newsletters about anything related to buying, selling, and homeownership that are written and designed by the Delta Media Group digital marketing team.

Social Connector: Social Connector allows you to easily post content from your website directly onto your social media accounts. Not only automatically post a new listing or open house, but also post pre-written blog and newsletter articles as well as publish the latest market data. Social Connector takes the work out of managing your social channels.

AD Wizard: Ad Wizard helps reduce the stress of running Facebook ads. While paid advertising may seem difficult to navigate, the Ad Wizard easy-to-use interface allows you to publish ads in a matter of minutes and ensures that they are optimized for the best results. Whether you are marketing a new listing or promoting your brand, you can easily do it through Ad Wizard.

Market Watch Reports: Market Watch Reports are automatically generated for you to send to potential buyers and sellers in your area. Branded to your brokerage, these reports contain informative market data specific to the client's property address — such as market trends, average home sale prices, recent sales, and current listing data.

Smart Drip Email Campaigns: Another tool that helps you stay connected with clients, Smart Drip Email Campaigns are ready-to-send email campaigns with something specific for everyone, no matter where the customer is in their homeownership journey.

By familiarizing yourself with these online marketing tools, you'll save time in your day and start seeing real results right away. You'll also come out of this season much stronger than your competitors who pulled back as you pushed forward. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more.


This video demonstrates the creation of Facebook Ads via Ad Wizard in DeltaNET 6.


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When designing a good interface, the trick is not to get too hung up on the interface itself. When you think about designing an interface, you specifically think about the settings it needs to change and the functions it needs to perform. In the end, you find yourself with something very functional but not particularly useful. The best interfaces are as close to invisible as possible. This allows the user to focus on what they need to do instead of how they need to interact with the interface to do it.  

Look at thermostats, for example. A designer thinking about the interface makes a functional device with up and down buttons to change the temperature, a button to turn it on and off, a switch to change it from heating to cooling, and maybe it displays the current time somewhere just for fun. The really fancy ones might include a calendar display to let you set it to change the temperature automatically based on the time of day or day of the week.  

If, instead, you think about the task the user needs to perform or the overall purpose of the device, you start to look beyond the interface itself, and you might design something very different. You can see an example of this in the "smart" thermostats that many people are starting to use. Instead of looking at the actions the device needs to perform, they looked at what the end user is ultimately trying to accomplish and the specific problem they're trying to solve. They want to be comfortable. What's more, they want to be comfortable without using more energy than they need to, not just in terms of how much actual energy is needed to heat and cool their home, but how much energy they spend manipulating the thermostat's interface to get it to do what they want. This mentality gave us a device consisting primarily of a target temperature display and a knob to change it.

Additional settings allow for customization, but they're tucked away in the background as something users rarely need to interact with, if at all. The device keeps track of your schedule and whether or not you're home, determining when to maintain a comfortable temperature and when to kick on the heating or cooling to ensure your house is comfortable when you get home. When you do need to use it, the task you need to accomplish most is right in front of you and very simple to work with. The result is that this device you use to keep your home comfortable is nearly invisible.  

The same concept applies to software development. Perhaps even more so in the case of a CRM and marketing platform. A user wants to write an email to all their contacts asking them to leave a review when they close a transaction. Maybe they want to put a little personalization in those emails to refer to the customer by name and mention the address of the property they just bought or sold. You want the user to think about the content of that email and have an easy way to write it and add variables for the customer's name and the property involved. You don't want them thinking about how to add the customer to the CRM, configure an email campaign, add a transaction to that customer, and mark that transaction as closed. We've worked hard to adopt that kind of mentality throughout DeltaNET® 7.  

What if you only needed to enter your transaction into a transaction management platform, as you always have, and the related CRM and marketing actions took place automatically? You thought about the kind of message you want to send to the customer and when, and the path to creating those things was obvious and intuitive. Afterward, the platform automatically identified the closed transaction, set up the customer in your CRM, associated the transaction with them, and sent the message. This, and so many similar workflows and automations, is a reality in DeltaNET 7. We've been walking the line between an immense amount of functionality, customization, and general ease of use. Historically, we've leaned toward more functionality in believing those things were mutually exclusive (we're developers and engineers, after all). However, in DeltaNET 7, we've finally found a solid balance. The things you need to keep your mind on the task are right at your fingertips, while the settings and customizations are folded into the background to be readily available should you need them.  

It's not perfect. Sometimes the easiest path to accomplish a task isn't clear, or different users may think to accomplish the same task in different ways. Still, it's the best marriage of functionality and simplicity since the zip tie. Think about it; it's just a piece of plastic with a little flappy tooth to keep it from sliding apart. But I once had a 1986 Audi 4000, and about 30 of those things were the only thing keeping it out of the scrap yard. But I digress; everything that can be done in DeltaNET® 6 can be done in 7, only faster and easier. The overall capabilities are clearer, so you don't have to search for things because they generally live right where you would expect them to. The interface is also clean and uniform throughout, so knowing how to interact with one function means you know how to interact with them all. 

When it comes to getting users closer to the task they need to perform, perfection will come when the computer can read your mind. I can't decide whether that thought is more exciting or horrifying, but it might not be that far off. I'll make a note to keep that in mind for DeltaNET 10.  


It seems like there's always more to do, but never any more hours in a day.

Real estate agents are no strangers to this phenomenon. Managing hundreds of relationships and what could add up to dozens of fast-moving transactions at any given time, there's always something more to get done, even at the end of the most productive day.

Although you'll never have the power to slow down time, you can still get more done in a day. And it starts with this realization: We don't all have the same 24 hours. In fact, we don't even have 18 hours, when you consider that we all have to sleep sometime.

An established leader with a team to delegate to has a very different 16 hours in the day than an agent embarking on building a solo practice. Unfortunately, independent real estate professionals often attempt to make up the difference by getting up earlier and working later.

That may do for a while, but it can lead to burnout in the end.

Luckily, you don't need a huge team on your side to help pack your waking hours with greater efficiency and more productivity. By approaching your challenges strategically and using the right tools, you'll get more done every day — just the same as if there were more of you out there.

Here's how:

Use President Eisenhower's Favorite Technique

While planning out the invasion of Normandy, future president General Dwight D. Eisenhower became known for an effective method of choosing between the many priorities competing for his limited time.

Now used by productivity coaches the world over, the Eisenhower Matrix consists of four categories:

  • Urgent and Important: These tasks should be handled first
  • Not Urgent, But Important: These tasks should be scheduled
  • Not Important, But Urgent: These tasks can be delegated
  • Not Urgent or Important: These tasks aren't necessary

In particular, "Not Urgent, But Important" items tend to be the bridge to improving your performance in the future. Things like studying for a new certification or learning a new technology tool fall into this area because the benefit will be realized in the future, but something needs to trigger that action.

Find Out Where Your Greatest Time Sinks Are

Where solo agents need to be particularly careful is "Not Important, But Urgent." Since there is no one to delegate these tasks to, the agent often ends up doing them alone. Remember, however, that some of these items don't require a high level of real estate knowledge to achieve.

For example, although it might not be possible to bring another real estate professional onto your team, you may be able to afford a virtual assistant who can handle some customer experience and relationship management matters for you. This allows you to focus your sights on strategic concerns.

When you find yourself caught up in urgent activities, be sure you are measuring how much time you put into them. You might discover ways to re-engineer your workflow such that urgent things get done sooner or with fewer steps, so they are easier to strike off your schedule.

Emphasize Blocks of Focused, Deep Work

Multitasking forces your brain to shift its focus from one thing to another repeatedly, making it harder to concentrate and get things done. It's often faster to do just one thing at a time, but an external cue also helps: Using a timer, for instance, to set aside ten minutes to laser-focus on one issue.

With a 10-minute timer, you never feel that you are putting other things off for too long, but you are giving the main matter at hand its due. After ten minutes, you might find you are much closer to the finish line than you could have suspected while viewing that task from the outside.

Implement a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for Real Estate

Much of what occupies a real estate agent's day is getting up to date on what prospects, leads, and customers are doing. That web of relationships is always growing, which is a good thing. But it can also spiral out of control — and that's where a CRM for real estate comes in.

With a CRM, you have complete visibility into all the key relationships that drive your business forward. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, as you'll find in the DeltaNET, help you know precisely when to follow up and to select the approach most likely to yield results.

DeltaNET users can leverage a wide range of marketing automation tools. It's easier than ever to benefit from the best in social media marketing, email marketing, and more to amplify your listings. Campaigns can be planned and launched in minutes, with all the data you need at your fingertips.

Contact us to find out more about real estate marketing automation.


For the first 17 issues of Real Estate Marketing & Technology, we featured our customers, their stories, and ways to improve your business through more than 1,000 pages of editorial content. However, we're doing something a little different with this Special Edition that we hope you'll benefit from. 

For most of our customers, DeltaNET® is their lifeline. With their help, we have continuously improved the CRM, resulting in the current version, DeltaNET® 6. We are now excited to introduce you to the newest version, DeltaNET 7. 

What is DeltaNET 7? 

We knew we needed to take our technology to the next level and create something that would be a game-changer for our clients. Other CRM tools in the marketplace offer something very "easy" to use and visually appealing, more so than DeltaNET 6. However, they lack substance, functionality, customization, personalization, and results. 

DeltaNET 7 is the marriage of everything. It fuses automation, technology, deep customization capabilities, and tools that make it remarkably easy to use. Aside from being simplified, DeltaNET 7 is the most "visually appealing" version of DeltaNET yet. It's underscored by the addition of some amazing new features that will wow you and your agents. For the smoothest possible transition, more time was spent creating an exceptional user interface and the best default user experience in DeltaNET 7 than on the entire development of DeltaNET 6. 

How Did We Get to DeltaNET 7? 

While Delta Media Group was founded in 1993, the journey of the DeltaNET itself started in the year 2000. The vision for version seven came to light during the development of DeltaNET 6 when we couldn't spend much time on the user interface and what we call "roles" within the DeltaNET. 

The real work for DeltaNET 7 — whether our enterprise clients realize it or not — started to pick up with the formalization of our Client Advisory Committees in 2021. We wanted to ensure that we had a well-functioning and formalized feedback loop with our deeply engaged and vested clients that effectively functioned in our development cycle. 

With the help of our Client Advisory Committees, we began the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) work because the UI and UX of the DeltaNET was the most important thing to us with DeltaNET 7. After months of work on the UI and UX, we created some mockups and shared them with the committees. The feedback was unanimous that it was simply amazing, along with the immediate question of "when can we have it?" 

Something that the Client Advisory Committees made clear to us was that we did not need to add additional functionality to the DeltaNET. They confirmed that we needed to work on how "easy" the DeltaNET is to use. We often heard that we needed to "simplify the DeltaNET for the agents," and we agreed. It's safe to say that 99% of the work going into DeltaNET 7 was about UI/UX, and 1% added functionality. 

Where is DeltaNET 7 Going? 

By the time this article is released, DeltaNET 7 will be out, at minimum, in beta form for agents to use. The administrator version of DeltaNET 7 is planned for release in early 2023. 

DeltaNET 7 will certainly take on a life of its own. For the first time, the DeltaNET can be personalized to different user experiences at such a level that it's possible to have versions so unique in their configurations that no one would ever know they're the same platform. Many people will choose to use an "out of the box" version of the DeltaNET, but for those that want a customized CRM for their agents, it's fully possible now. 

Additionally, we will have multiple "default builds" of DeltaNET 7 to choose from in the coming months. These builds are more than "skins" or the "shuffling of pages." Each item in DeltaNET 7 is a module, meaning entire pages, seductions, navigation, and style can be customized and re-arranged as desired. It will even be possible to have various "builds" of DeltaNET 7 for different agents within the same organization.  

Now that you know all the basics of DeltaNET 7, take a deeper look into the new features and updates you'll find within this version in the coming pages. There's a lot to unpack! 


This video explains the various system notifications that the DeltaNET is capable of sending, in addition to the settings to enable to disable said notifications.

Click Here to


We've all received direct mail marketing addressed to the "Current Resident" of the place where we live... and the vast majority of us will reroute those marketing materials straight into the recycling bin without a look or a second thought. The same holds true online, where spam messages are tuned out while personalized marketing is much more likely to be opened, read, and acted upon by the recipient.

Fortunately, with modern marketing tools, it's easier than ever to personalize your real estate marketing without taking too much time from your busy day. Here's more on how personalized marketing can help you grow your brand and tips on tools you can integrate to make personalizing your marketing much easier than you might think.

Why Clients Prefer Personalized Marketing

While it's a nice place to start, personalizing your marketing is about so much more than just getting the recipient's name correct at the opening of the message. The goal with personalized marketing — especially in real estate — is to send content, data, and information that's genuinely useful to your target audience. Most people who are buying, selling, or planning to do either in the near future are constantly searching for content that can help them make informed decisions.

Personalized marketing is also essential to building relationships with clients and prospects. Think about it from the other side of the table. Remember an experience where the person helping you shop seemed to anticipate your every need, helped you make an informed decision, then guided you toward the product or service that fit best with what you wanted. How much more likely are you to return to that business when you have a similar need in the future?

Now, think about making one of the largest, most significant decisions of your life in buying or selling a home. Wouldn't you want to know that the person you're trusting to guide you through that decision has your best interests at heart and a plan that's tailored to your needs? The truth is that personalization matters at every step of the process, and it all starts with your marketing.

How the Right Real Estate Tech Makes It Easy to Personalize Your Marketing

The best news about personalization? You can make it a part of your marketing while investing minimal time and effort in your busy day. The right real estate tech, starting with our DeltaNET 7 real estate CRM, makes it easy to both personalize and automate some of your most important marketing tasks.

  • Automated Email Drip Campaigns
    There are few better examples of automated personalization than email drip campaigns, which are designed to help with the specific needs of each segment of your audience. Whether they're buying or selling, you can keep them engaged with drip campaigns that include content that educates, motivates, and ultimately helps them make more informed decisions. This is the type of marketing that your audience will look forward to opening each time it arrives in their inbox.

  • AI-Driven Newsletters & Automated Reports
    Just like with email drip campaigns, AI-driven print and email newsletters make it easy to keep your audience up to date on the topics that matter most to them. You can also use automated seller reports to keep sellers up to date on the latest market trends and share data that helps them make decisions.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Social media doesn't always feel like the most personalized place, but that all depends on how you use it. With the right social media marketing plan, you can make your social pages feel more personalized for anyone who visits.

  • Engaging, Informative Real Estate Content
    Your real estate website should be more than just a place for people to search for listings and find contact information. By creating informative, educational, and engaging real estate content that speaks to the needs of your audience, you can help your website feel like a more personalized experience for anyone who visits to learn more about real estate topics.

  • Properties in Motion, Virtual Open Houses & Showings
    Not everyone will be in position to visit homes in the communities where they're searching. Providing them with all of the tools they need to shop online is another great way to personalize the experience. You can use our Properties in Motion platform to easily create HD video with voice-over to showcase homes. DeltaNET 7 also makes it easy to host virtual open houses and showings for clients who are shopping from a distance.

Now Is the Time to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

With markets cooling off and inventory rising along with interest rates, it's more important than ever that your marketing delivers results. Embracing personalization is one of the most dependable ways to differentiate your brand from the competition, generate more leads, and attract more clients.


The #1 real estate CRM has never been more simplified, more automated, or more customizable. 

Just as your iPhone or MacBook needs an upgrade every few years, so does your CRM. Give your tech platform an upgrade with DeltaNET 7, the all-in-one solution made simple for all agents, no matter their tech level. 

DeltaNET 7 gives you what you need to grow your business. It allows you to be powerful, be efficient, be creative, be reliable, and be different. Featuring new products like Delta Pitch, Delta Create, and DeltaNET Academy, with DeltaNET 7, there's more you can do than ever before.  

How It All Started 

Dating back to its early days in 1993, Delta Media Group® has been a pioneer in real estate technology. It all began when Wayne Mangold founded the Delta Group company in Beaverton, Oregon, with the vision of bringing real estate information out into the world. Remember that this was before the invention of Google and well before smartphones. So, online real estate listings and agent marketing felt like mere dreams for the future. Nevertheless, Delta created new technology for those in the industry to begin posting their listings online.  

In 1994, the company served numerous clients across the country as they aggregated MLS data feeds that included property photos. Years later, in 1997, Mangold brought on a new partner, and together they were solely invested in growing the company and taking the technology to a larger scale. They created Delta Doors, the groundwork for the DeltaNET® we have today. 

In 1998, Mangold partnered with Chi Chi Cao, re-branded the company as TigerFly Inc., and moved the business headquarters to Sunnyvale, California. TigerFly operated as a business-to-business provider. They had two goals in mind: to help real estate brokerages and franchises take their business online and to build an online MLS platform or e-commerce platform that the brokerage would own and control. 

Two years later, Delta's current CEO, Michael Minard, and three other partners bought TigerFly. They moved the business to Barberton, Ohio, and re-branded it once again, creating Delta Media Group. Delivering the perfect setup for success, Minard came from the tech industry, while the other three partners brought in knowledge from the real estate industry. Minard changed the windows server that TigerFly had in place for their platform to .NET; thus, the DeltaNET CRM was born. 

DeltaNET Through the Years 

The DeltaNET has come a long way since its inception almost 22 years ago. Starting as a simple way for brokerages to list properties online, it evolved into one of the most comprehensive marketing and technology platforms available on the market. And innovation never stops. 

In 2001, as part of DeltaNET® 2, the first version of the lead routing, lead management, and lead distribution platform was formed and integrated into the technology. From 2001-2008, Delta focused on growth within the company and its technology. Accepting and implementing client feedback became a huge priority for Delta, as it still is today. 

Between 2008 and 2016, Delta Media Group worked tirelessly to implement automation, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into DeltaNET for the first time. Then in 2017, soon after Minard became 100% owner of the company, DeltaNET® 5 launched, followed by DeltaNET® 5.1 in 2018. 

A year later, in 2019, Delta implemented its real-time data translation platform, becoming the only provider on a national level to sync real-time with MLS data. That same year, Ad Wizard and Open House Connector® were created and added to the growing toolkit in DeltaNET. 

DeltaNET® 6 launched in 2020, with new features such as SMS text messaging and email drip campaigns. Patent-pending Quick Actions were also launched in tandem with DeltaNET 6, giving users a quick and simple way to perform daily tasks in the system. Creative Studio was introduced as well, providing agents the ability to design graphics and make custom marketing materials like eCards, flyers, property listing brochures, and more.  

The Arrival of DeltaNET 7  

Now, the next generation of real estate technology is here. Providing the same functionality as DeltaNET 6, with a new interface and workflow, DeltaNET 7 is more simplified, more automated, and more customizable. It's easy to use, allows for creativity, and leads the way with the latest trends in real estate marketing and technology.  


Comprised of all the products and features you already find indispensable, DeltaNET 7 is simpler to use because instead of catering to the 10% of tech-savvy agents, it's built for the other 90% who aren't. Here are some of the ways in which DeltaNET 7 has been simplified: 

  • Enjoy an App-like Experience 

With a mobile-first mentality, DeltaNET 7 is more of an app-like experience. Whether you're using it on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, your toolbar is streamlined to only include the actions you need. 

  • Simply Navigate Pages 

We take customer feedback very seriously at Delta, and one issue we heard often was that in DeltaNET 6, there was seemingly endless scrolling on many pages. With DeltaNET 7, there's barely any scrolling necessary, as tabs are used to organize pages. A uniform filter icon is also displayed throughout the entire platform to sort through nearly anything you want.  

  • Plan Ahead with the Calendar Module 

The Calendar Module is one page in particular that will be much simpler in DeltaNET 7. Previously the calendar did not fit on one page and required scrolling to see what events you had coming up. Now, the calendar not only fits on one page but is far more organized and easier to read, helping you plan better for the week or month ahead.  

  • Easily Manage Your Listings 

Managing your listings is also much simpler with DeltaNET 7. Instead of having a table list view on the page, there are now thumbnails for all the properties you have listed. So, rather than having to scroll through them to find the one you're looking for, you can easily locate and manage any listing by clicking on the thumbnail. 

  • Stay Up to Date on Company News 

Another efficient upgrade you'll find in DeltaNET 7 is on the Company News page. Instead of scrolling, company news is now shown in boxes, appearing like a calendar, with the option to filter updates by date instead of searching for them.  

  • Easily Edit Your Agent Profile 

Navigation on the agent profile page is made simple with a workflow that allows you to quickly jump into different sections — such as your website, social media, or phone numbers. Before this, in DeltaNET 6, you would need to scroll through various boxes to find the section you were looking for. 

  • Manage Your Open Houses Using Open House Connector®

The latest version of Open House Connector makes it almost effortless to manage your open houses. Through this app, customers can find all the information they need on your open house and easily sign up. It then provides you with a list of attendees and their contact information to follow up and stay in touch with following the open house. Also, you can create a quick survey for customers to take after the open house. This information will help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, and level of interest in the property for sale. The settings in Open House Connector can be easily managed as well, allowing you to turn specific features on and off. 

  • Simplify Navigation with the Role-Based System 

The role-based system makes navigating DeltaNET 7 more comprehendible for everyone. With this change, admins can set default "roles" for their agents, which can be basic or more involved based on what that agent needs. They can also create new, customized roles for agents, brokers, or other positions within the company. Agents will only see the pages and features that match their role with this system, eliminating confusion.  

  • Storage is Simplified with CloudDelta 

Similar to popular platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive, CloudDelta is a file storage system built into the DeltaNET. This system eliminates the need for a third party to store all your files, and it's as easy as ever with DeltaNET 7. 


Nearly everything is automated in DeltaNET 7, saving you and your team valuable time. Here are some ways in which automation is used to assist you in DeltaNET 7: 

  • Send Automated Smart Drip Email Campaigns 

Smart Drip Email Campaigns are automated campaigns you can send with already prepared emails for buyers, sellers, and homeowners. No matter where the client is in their homeownership journey, these campaigns will ensure that you'll be the first person they call whenever they need something. 

  • Send My Customer for Life (MCFL) Automated Newsletters 

At Delta, we know that staying in touch with customers can be difficult, especially when you have a laundry list of other tasks to get through. That's why we created MCFL. From homeowner tips to guidance for new buyers and advice for selling your home, MCFL newsletters include the information your customers want to know. And with new newsletters published weekly, there is never a shortage of creative content to choose from. MCFL newsletters are pre-written by Delta's amazing content writers, so all you have to do is send them out to your mailing list.  

  • Share Social Media Posts Using Social Connector 

To attract new clients and keep your existing network up to date on all your latest endeavors, you can automatically share posts on social media using Social Connector. With Social Connector, you can share anything from new property listings to open house information and other news without ever having to leave the DeltaNET.  

  • Automatically Pull Client Testimonials from Social Media 

Positive customer reviews are a proven way to land new clients, so you'll surely want to show them off. DeltaNET 7 can pull client testimonials from your social media accounts through automation. They can then be displayed on your website for visitors to see. 

  • Automatically Create a CMA Report with Delta Pitch 

With Delta Pitch, Delta's Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool, you can automatically create a CMA in just two clicks. Plus, when a potential seller visits the AVM page on your website, they can fill out a form to request a CMA. From there, the CMA will automatically be created for them and sent to you as a flipbook for you to present to them. Providing a simple way to impress sellers with your knowledge of the current market, Delta Pitch is guaranteed to land you new listings.  

  • Send Auto-Generated Market Watch Reports  

There is also an opportunity in DeltaNET 7 to generate branded Market Watch Reports. These auto-generated reports can be created in seconds using informative data on housing market trends, average home prices, recent sales, and more. 

  • Send Customers the Latest Listings with My HomeFinder 

Through My HomeFinder, you can provide your clients and leads with the most up-to-date information on homes for sale in the cities and neighborhoods they're looking to buy in. It even allows you to track user activity to see who's been browsing and what listings caught their eye. 

  • Send Auto-Generated Seller Reports 

Seller Reports are also auto-generated. These reports show clients how you've been marketing their homes. Sent weekly, Seller Reports include information such as a traffic report for their listing, the current listing price, any pending sales, and comparable listings. 

  • Manage Your Workflow with Auto-Generated To-Do Lists 

To manage your daily workflow and help you stay organized, DeltaNET 7 has the ability to make you an automated to-do list. Through this list, you will be reminded what leads to follow up with and when based on customer interaction on your website. 


DeltaNET 7 is highly customizable, giving you the power to take charge and be in control. Here are some ways in which customization comes into play with DeltaNET 7: 

  • Custom Design Your DeltaNET 

As an admin in DeltaNET 7, you can white-label the entire platform, giving you total control over the design and navigation. You can change anything from the colors to the name. If you don't want the platform to be called DeltaNET, it doesn't have to be. You can name it whatever you want and refer to it that way internally within your company. Our partner success managers are here to help you create your own unique version of DeltaNET that works best for you. 

  • Customize Your Website 

Along with customizing your DeltaNET, you can custom-create a beautiful website in DeltaNET 7 to attract new customers and show off your brand. Delta websites are not only pleasing to the eye, but they're easy to navigate and have all the tools you need, providing you with the ability to post property listings, open house information, client testimonials, and so much more. 

  • Create Custom Blog Posts 

You can custom-create blog posts to share with customers through DeltaNET 7 as well. Whether you want to give recommendations for local spots in the area, give new homebuyers a checklist of everything they need to know, or give your opinion about the rise or decline in interest rates, you can do so through your blog. And better yet, Delta's talented content writers are always available to consistently write and publish new blog posts for you.  

  • Customize Training Courses with DeltaNET Academy 

In DeltaNET Academy, you can custom-create training courses for your agents. Although the virtual training platform has pre-designed courses for just about everything you need to know inside DeltaNET 7, admins can design new courses for their associates related to anything in their business. Courses include customizable slides, videos, and quizzes to teach your team and test their knowledge. Admins can also assign and set due dates for specific agents or groups. 

  • Custom Design CMA Reports Using Delta Pitch 

Delta Pitch allows for customization with the templates and presentations you can create for CMA reports. Delta Pitch is not just a CMA builder; it's an entire presentation builder. Once you create a CMA, it will be integrated into a beautifully curated flipbook. You can customize your flipbook by choosing from pre-made templates and adding and deleting pages as you please. Then, when you're satisfied with the final product, send it to the customer, and schedule a Zoom call to present it. With your presentation skills, market knowledge, and stunning flipbook, when the potential seller decides they're ready to list their home, you'll be the first person they call. 

  • Create Custom Graphics in Delta Create 

In Delta Create, you can do everything from design posts for social media and create property listing brochures to make flyers and eCards to send to customers. With pre-designed templates, designing new graphics and marketing materials is simplified, just like everything in DeltaNET 7. 

Transitioning to DeltaNET 7 

If you've been a long-time customer of Delta Media Group, then you likely know how the transition works — as it will be similar to the transition from DeltaNET 5 to DeltaNET 6. If not, you should know that the transition is seamless and requires little action on your end. 

DeltaNET 7 can be enabled on a per-user or per-office basis, so not everyone in your company has to transition simultaneously. That way, if you wish to at first only turn it on for office managers, you can do so, and they can get accustomed to it before your agents begin to use it. 

When transferring to DeltaNET 7, not only do most of the products you already use transfer over but so does all your data. Everything from your leads to your history and custom emails and templates will transfer over with you so that nothing will be lost. By transferring everything over for you, the transition will have little to no disruption for your business. 

With tools like DeltaNET Academy, the help center, and Delta's YouTube channel, all the information you need to get started is already at your disposal. If you want to learn how to use a certain tool or feature, it's as simple as taking a course in DeltaNET Academy. And if you have a specific question, type it in at the top of the help center page, and a list of articles and videos on the topic will automatically pop up. Check out our Tech Tuesday videos, which can be found on our YouTube channel and our social media. In these videos, Delta's Product and Technology Manager, Harley Wolfarth, demonstrates how to use different features in the DeltaNET each week.   

There is also no risk with transitioning to DeltaNET 7 because in the unlikely event you're not happy with it, you can always turn off the update and stick with DeltaNET 6. It's your choice. Just like with everything in DeltaNET 7, you have the power. 

Take Advantage of the All-in-One Platform 

With more you can do than ever before, DeltaNET 7 has everything you need to keep up with current real estate trends. And better yet, it's all in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place. From digital marketing tools like MCFL and Social Connector to managing your listing and prepping for open houses with Open House Connector, DeltaNET 7 is a one-stop destination for all your real estate business needs. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the CRM allows you to work smarter, not harder. 

Delta Media Group designed the DeltaNET 7 interface just for you, based on your feedback from DeltaNET 6. Our goal was to simplify the technology you already know and love, further improving your day-to-day operations. Start using DeltaNET 7 immediately and take advantage of the simplest, most automated, and most customizable all-in-one CRM on the market today. It will change your business for the better. 



Real estate technology is evolving faster than ever before in recent years due to the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, the rapid advancement in AI-driven technology, and the forward-thinking nature of an industry that's always searching for more effective, efficient ways to serve clients. With so much tech available, it can feel difficult to decipher which tools will deliver the best results for you or your team.

One way to cut through the noise is to focus on tech dependability. Which tools work best right now while still being likely to continue to add value and maintain momentum well into the future? By focusing on dependable tech, you can spend less time learning to use every shiny new toy that comes onto the market and more time reaping the benefits of integrating the most reliable tools into your daily routine.

The Search for Reliable Tech Starts with Your CRM

A feature-rich, easy-to-use real estate CRM is one piece of tech that should never go out of style, in part because the best CRM platforms constantly adapt to the times. As the "7" in the name of our DeltaNET 7 real estate CRM suggests, we've been developing, iterating, and updating the platform for many years. The latest version brings new features, optimizations to your favorite existing features, and a robust suite of tools to help you grow your brand.

Your CRM is so important — and dependable — because it helps with every step of the client journey, from generating and nurturing leads to generating referrals long after you've helped a client accomplish their real estate goals. When you mix in time-saving benefits like marketing automation, Properties in Motion, AI-driven newsletters, Ad Wizard, email drip campaigns, and more, it's easy to see why the right real estate CRM should be the most dependable tech in your toolkit. DeltaNET 7 is also more customizable and automated than ever before.

Keep One Eye on the Future with AI-Driven Technology

Dependability is partly about what works well right now and partly about what you can expect to continue to serve you well as technology continues to develop. Artificial Intelligence (AI) resoundingly checks both boxes. In the wider world, AI is already reshaping and disrupting many industries. From creating breathtaking art to optimizing healthcare, powering self-driving cars, and leading to ever more advanced smart assistants, AI is already impacting nearly every aspect of our lives.

In real estate, AI already has some serious practical benefits that can help you save time and improve your marketing. Just like the smart assistants on your favorite devices, AI-driven live chat for your real estate website can help clients learn about properties, find answers to questions, and discover your services before they ever connect directly with an agent. For marketing purposes, AI-driven newsletters and email drip campaigns can help you stay top of mind while keeping your audience informed with content that speaks to their unique needs.

How Tech Helps Clients Shop for Homes from Anywhere

Thanks to the abundance of online tech, we've long been moving toward a world where real estate clients can shop for homes from anywhere, and the pandemic only accelerated that trend. Buyers now expect to be able to shop for homes in a meaningful way, even if they're located far away from the market where they're searching for a home. For many buyers, this means falling in love with homes online before they invest the time and expense of seeing them in person. This also means that tech-savvy sellers are seeking agents who know how to market properties online.

All of this is to say that if you don't have a great real estate website that informs, educates, and motivates your audience, now is the time to invest in a better, more robust experience. Buyers want to be able to browse listings, easily search for homes based on their unique preferences, learn about neighborhoods, and find the perfect match. Clients also want to discover content that helps them learn about communities, navigate the process of buying/selling a home, and keep up with the latest market trends. Mix in tech like virtual open houses and showings to ensure that clients can shop for homes from anywhere.

The Future Is Bright for Real Estate Tech

The investment in the future of real estate tech is substantial, which means that you can expect new, dependable tech to continue to emerge in the coming years. This is great news for agents and others in the real estate industry who can provide better service while saving tons of time in the process. It's also great news for your clients, who can continue to benefit from new, better ways to buy and sell homes.


With the launch of DeltaNET 7, it's an exciting time to be a real estate professional. Using the feedback of thousands of agents and brokers from all over the United States, we've fine-tuned DeltaNET 7 to deliver better ease of use, no matter your level of experience or comfort with technology. There's never been a better time to get started and fold DeltaNET 7 into your daily operations. 

One of the biggest innovations of DeltaNET 7 is the introduction of the role-based system. This will transform your workflow, tailoring your interaction with the platform to your exact goals and needs. 

What Is the Role-Based System? 

The role-based system expands on the former concept of Agent Packages. However, instead of being limited to pre-set options, you can create customized roles for every team member. Administrators can set roles for individuals or groups, specifying which pages appear for each agent who holds a given role. Roles are essentially an expansion of "privileges," meaning you can set any user to an account type of agent, office, or management user. You can then apply a privilege level to them that determines whether they can access only their personal side or have access to the admin side. Roles can also be set for non-agent roles within your company, such as an office manager or broker. 

With this technology, the pages an agent has access to will show up in both their top bar and sidebar. Not only can you customize each role's selection of pages, but you're also able to adjust how the page's navigation works. This means a fully granular experience aligned with each user's expertise. 

All in all, a role-based system means the DeltaNET 7 CRM is truly future-proof. It can change and adapt based on your team and its objectives. The administration is so simple; it takes only minutes to adjust roles. And support is always only a click or call away. 

The Benefits of a Role-Based System 

Everything in DeltaNET 7's role-based system can be customized to work for your team. So, users never comb through features that aren't relevant to them, and building skills with individual pages is easier than ever before. Even those who aren't experienced with CRM systems can quickly learn what they need to know. 

Agents who are completely new to DeltaNET 7 can get off to a running start with custom roles that cut out clutter and confusion. They won't need to sort through unnecessary features or hunt around for the right button — each role is streamlined to include only what the user needs to succeed. Your CRM administrators can update roles anytime, and changes occur instantly, empowering leaders to develop roles for newcomers, experienced professionals, and specialists.  

For example, DeltaNET 7 roles can coincide with the roles in your company, like "Office Manager," "Agent," or "Broker." No matter how your organizational chart evolves, your CRM changes with it! 

Roles Can Cater to Different Tech Levels 

The guiding principle behind DeltaNET 7's design is to simplify and streamline the system. That doesn't mean making it less powerful — on the contrary, you'll spend less time and fewer clicks getting to those powerful features you use daily. That serves to flatten the learning curve for users of all skill levels. 

Agents who only need the most common CRM features can get off to a running start using the pre-configured "Basic" role. Our testing tells us it only takes a day for the average "non-tech savvy" user to get familiar with this role. 

By contrast, power users and team members interested in getting the most out of the technology will want to try out the "Advanced" role. Here, they can leverage all the tools DeltaNET 7 has to offer. The toolbars, modules, and pages are more sophisticated and provide granular access to deeper features. 

Customization also helps agents take gradual steps towards mastery of the system. You may choose to define roles based on the technical skill of your team members and make DeltaNET part of your efforts to drive talent development throughout your organization. 

The Role-Based System Benefits All Users 

With a role-based system, everyone benefits — no matter how confident you are with technology. DeltaNET 7 raises efficiency both individually and for the whole team. The role-based system is just one of many exciting improvements incorporated into the rollout of DeltaNET 7. 


This video demonstrates how the DeltaNET allows you to set a verified email address and/or phone number that can then be used in place of your username. Once set, your verified email address, phone number, or your original username can be used interchangeably as your username when logging into the DeltaNET either on the web or in the mobile app. 

Click Here to


Marketing is an incredibly important part of building your real estate brand.

But it's not the only part.

In fact, plenty of work developing your brand happens before you're truly in the swing of marketing. To craft a consistent brand, you need to start with a vision of exactly what you want the brand to stand for.

Over time, your vision will change and grow. Likewise, your brand will also be influenced by customer interactions and their outcomes. After all, a brand isn't something you can control completely from the top down. It's also made up of what your customers believe about you, and that is always unfolding.

When your brand has a clear purpose and direction, though, it is much easier to attract the customers who will get the most value from what you have to offer. That enables you to provide them with great experiences that will reinforce all the positive things about your brand.

Create a Vision that Will Sustain Your Real Estate Brand in 2023 and Beyond

Even if you have years of experience, it's never too late to refresh your brand. The more your brand resonates with you, the easier it will be to deliver the kind of quality you want to be associated with.

Many new real estate agents do their first round of brand development after about a year's experience. This helps them understand what kind of customers energize them and whose problems they can solve.

As your perspective develops, revisiting your brand is natural. That's especially true if you find yourself becoming known for things that don't really interest you, or not gaining traction with the expertise you really want to be sought out for. It all goes back to your branding vision.

Here's how to make sure you are creating a brand that truly suits you:

  • Focus on Your Ideal Customers
    Sometimes, it can take a while for real estate agents to get used to presenting themselves as experts. As soon as you set your sights higher, the world opens up to you. One crucial step is to identify your "ideal" customers in detail. What kind of customer do you truly look forward to working with? What issues do they bring to the table and how can you communicate that you are the right person to help them?

  • Start Saying "No" to Everyone Else
    Real estate is the most popular second career in the United States. When embarking on a whole new journey, it's not unusual to feel like you need to keep your door open to absolutely everyone. But the opposite is true: Like a laser, your brand becomes more powerful the more focused it is. Start turning down customers who don't fit – and to build your network, refer those people to colleagues instead.

  • Do a Deep Dive About Your Customers
    Every piece of marketing is written for someone. Before you can captivate them with your marketing, you should understand what makes them tick. This requires a little detective work. Pretend you're the customer, whether that means a first-time homebuyer starting a career, an empty nester, or whatever. Look at the platforms and publications that influence their thinking as they search for real estate info.

  • Identify Exactly What's Missing for Your Customers
    When someone wants to buy or sell a home, they may spend weeks or even months researching. Still, it doesn't mean they have all the facts. When you do your own deep-dive research from the perspective of your customers, you'll see gaps in information and unaddressed issues everywhere you look. It's these missing elements that enable your marketing to stand out when you address them clearly and well.

  • Communicate the Missing Element in Your Marketing
    Now, you're in a prime position to start doing more concrete marketing activities. Begin with the gaps. What questions are going unanswered for your customers? What resources would they benefit from that they may not even know about? Act as the bridge from where they are to where they wish to go.

  • Validate Your Assumptions Whenever Possible
    Your knowledge of your customers will get deeper with experience. At the same time, their needs and preferences might evolve. Always validate the assumptions embedded into your brand by getting real feedback whenever possible, including asking for reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

  • Use Marketing Automation to Your Advantage
    Your marketing exists to communicate your brand's value to the world. As your brand vision and your marketing become better aligned, you can focus on optimizing your marketing output. DeltaNET 7 is a trusted real estate CRM that helps you deliver top quality marketing (including social media, email, and much more) in a fraction of the time it would take to do it all manually.

Contact us to discover more about real estate marketing automation.


The digital age has forever changed the real estate industry for both customers and agents. Modern real estate customers tend to be tech-savvy, with a strong motivation to conduct independent research, learn everything they can about buying/selling a home, and discover promising properties in their target markets before they even connect with an agent.

On the agent side, you have a more diverse, dependable technological toolkit than ever before for attracting those customers, helping them achieve their real estate goals, and saving you tons of time in the process. Catering to customers of the digital age starts with having a plan and integrating the right tools for the job.

Start with Your Real Estate Website

Think of your real estate website as the foundation which your whole digital presence is built upon, as well as a key point of contact for both serving customers and generating leads. A great real estate website should help you accomplish these four key goals:

  • Shop
    Customers of the digital age love to research and shop for homes online. They want to be able to easily search for listings in their target neighborhoods, with search filters that allow them to discover the specific properties that fit their needs. That's why every great real estate website needs a robust MLS search function to keep the attention of modern customers.

  • Educate
    In addition to learning about homes, many customers will be visiting your website to research neighborhoods, discover the best places to shop for homes, and get advice that helps them navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home. The content that you create for your website should be geared toward covering the key topics that your customers want to see.

  • Motivate
    Whether you're sharing the latest market trends to help customers make informed decisions, showcasing the hottest new listings, or sharing expertise that can help them take the next step toward accomplishing their real estate goals, your website is also an excellent tool for providing motivation to your customers.

  • Connect
    Once a potential customer has explored your website to see all that you have to offer, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to connect and take the next step to becoming a customer. Make that process easy by providing contact forms, links to your social pages, email addresses, and traditional contact info so that they can connect in the way that works best for their needs.

Build a Modern Marketing Plan

In many ways, catering to customers of the digital age starts long before they actually become customers. Your digital marketing plan sets the stage for what customers can expect when they choose you for their real estate needs, and marketing in the right places is key to generating leads from tech-savvy potential customers.

  • Social Media
    Social media platforms have become incredibly valuable tools for both marketing and building connections in the digital age. If your social media marketing could use a boost, now is the time to work with an experienced team, develop a plan, and reap the benefits.

  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing provides an easy, convenient way to attract new customers, nurture leads, and inform current customers. Email drip campaigns are ideal for nurturing relationships over time, with very limited work required on your end thanks to automation. Our auto-generated My HomeFinder, Market Watch, and Seller Reports simplify the process of keeping customers up to date on the latest trends.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    You want customers to find your brand online as quickly and easily as possible when they're searching for real estate services in you area. Search engine optimization (SEO) should be integrated throughout your real estate website to help them find you.

  • Paid Advertising
    New to digital marketing or looking for a quick way to expand your audience? With our AdWizard Paid Advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising services, you can easily create targeted ad campaigns on the biggest online platforms. AdWizard has you covered for Facebook and Instagram advertising, while our PPC Advertising makes it easy to leverage the power of Google Ads.

Make Your Life Easier with the Latest Real Estate Tech

We've talked plenty about how tech can help you provide impeccable service to customers, but the digital age has benefits for agents, too! With a real estate CRM like DeltaNET 7, you have all of the tools that you need to attract, engage, and serve your customers at your fingertips, all in a convenient, easy-to-use package that will save you tons of time. If your CRM isn't providing you with the tools that you need to cater to customers of the digital age, now is the time to switch to a platform that makes life easier for you and your customers.


Delta Media Group® is taking CMA reports to the next level with its automated custom CMA and presentation builder, Delta Pitch. 

This past May, Delta Media Group launched Delta Pitch. Being completely automated and customizable, this Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and presentation builder goes hand-in-hand with DeltaNET® 7. Leveraging high-tech automation to generate accurate CMA reports you can present to customers, Delta Pitch is here to help you connect with and impress new leads. This can be accomplished with just a few clicks. 

How Does Delta Pitch Work? 

There are two different ways automated CMAs can be generated using Delta Pitch. The first is when a prospective seller visits your website's Automated Valuation Model (AVM) page and fills out a form requesting a CMA. The other is by creating one as an agent in the backend. 

If a customer requests a CMA through the AVM page on your website, not only will a new lead be created in DeltaNET, but you will automatically be sent links to the auto-generated flipbook and PDF with the completed CMA. Then you can send it back to the customer and schedule a Zoom call to present the beautiful CMA report and dazzle them with your presentation skills. 

To create the CMA in the backend, when you open Delta Pitch, under "Find Your Property," there will be an option to enter the property address or MLS ID number as well as the name of the customer you're making the CMA for. Enter those fields accordingly, and if the customer is not already in the system, you can add them by clicking "Add New Customer." You can even leave the customer field blank and add in the customer's name at a later time. Then, click "Create CMA," and it will automatically generate a CMA report with comps pulled from public record data. Finally, you can share it with the customer. 

With Delta Pitch, all your CMA reports are stored in one place, where you can edit and keep track of all the ones you've created and previously sent. You can filter the CMAs by the customer, too, by visiting their profile. 

Customize Your CMA with Pre-Designed Templates 

Agents can customize a CMA report in Delta Pitch by choosing from pre-designed templates. Included with Delta Pitch are three pre-made templates for CMA flipbooks catered to your company's brand — integrating the color scheme and logo. However, these templates are customizable with the option to make changes to the content. For example, every pre-made CMA template has an introductory paragraph on the first page that, as the agent, you can edit or rewrite yourself. This page is meant to introduce you as an agent so that the first thing the lead sees when they open the flipbook is who you are and how they can get in touch with you.  

With these pre-made templates, you also have the option to edit and customize the comps and report data. You can add, delete, and reorder pages using "drag and drop" or the drop-down menu, depending on if you're on a computer or using the mobile app. You can even set a template as your "default template." In that case, the system automatically uses that template to create the CMA, whether a customer requests it through the AVM page or you create it yourself. So, if you like a particular design, you can continue to use it for every CMA you make. 

Although Delta Pitch comes prepared with these pre-made templates designed by the Delta team, admins can also create templates. If you're an admin, you can create new templates for your agents and customize everything from the colors to the page layouts and images. And if you already have a CMA report template saved on your computer as a PDF, you can upload it to Delta Pitch and generate the same template in the system to add to the portfolio for your agents to choose from. It's in your control as the admin to grant agents access to certain templates and designate whether or not a template allows for customization. CMA templates can always be saved as a draft and finished at a later time.  

Get Started Using Delta Pitch 

Like all Delta products, Delta Pitch is integrated into the DeltaNET®. It's included with all of Delta's digital marketing packages; however, you can still purchase the product as an add-on without a digital marketing package. Once you purchase Delta Pitch, you have the authority as an admin to choose when to launch Delta Pitch for your agents. You can do so by going to your settings and clicking "yes" or "no" to enable it in the system. You also have the option to only enable Delta Pitch for specific agents and offices.  

Innovation is never ending at Delta Media Group. As we do with all our products, with Delta Pitch, we will accept your feedback and use it to improve the product over time. We will continue to grow it and integrate new features as we see fit.  

Delta Pitch helps agents share their market knowledge with leads, gaining new listings without sacrificing time. Reach out today to activate Delta Pitch and begin custom-creating CMA reports that will inspire leads with just two clicks. It won't take long before you start seeing the benefits it can have for your real estate business. 

To get a quote and activate Delta Pitch for your business, contact Franklin Stoffer at 


This video demonstrates the Customer CSV Import in the DeltaNET. Customer data can be imported from a CSV with contact information, group associations, notes, and more.

Click Here to


Real estate is all about connections. Your marketing, including digital and in-person, needs to bring in a constant stream of people you can help. At the same time, you should have a strategy in place to remain connected to customers who've had positive experiences with you in the past.

While the majority of people say they were satisfied with the help their real estate agent gave them, few report using the same agent twice. Some certainly end up moving out of their old agent's service area. Mostly, though, the reason is very different.

They simply forget their previous agent's name.

Heading off the Real Estate "Amnesia Effect"

Only about 17% of people end up using the same agent multiple times.

When you think about the lost time and effort this represents, it is sincerely mind-boggling. It means that, by and large, homeowners (including those selling a home for the first time) also need to take weeks to search for a real estate agent, check their credentials, do interviews, and so on.

Why do all that when they can work with the agent they already know?

From an agent's perspective, this only makes sense. After all, it is much easier to sell to someone who is already a customer than to find a new one. Yet, many newly licensed agents spend years focused on seeking out new leads, when existing customers could be worth 3x to 5x as much.

By staying in touch with existing clients, you not only have the opportunity to meet their future needs. You can also get referral business – sometimes on a regular basis – that might otherwise be impossible for you to access. Unless a customer's close relative becomes an agent, you are the obvious first choice.

All of this demonstrates the inevitable fact that if we want relationships to work for us, we need to put in some work in return. Just like friendships and workplace camaraderie, bonds between you and your former customers require consistent nurturing. Unless you add value, you will be forgotten.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do it — even during those years your customer isn't in the market. Let's look at some of the most effective methods around:

  • Start a Social Media Following
    First and foremost, it's a sound idea to ask customers directly to follow you on social media if they haven't already. The great majority of customers will be on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Set up a business page, so your brand has an official venue on each platform. Algorithm curation means followers won't see everything you have to say, but you can always message them directly to start a conversation.

  • Send Valuable Content by Email
    In many ways, email marketing may be even better than social media for a real, long-term relationship. Email is more personal and intimate, but you need to have the right content at the ready. Former customers no longer need information about financing or buying a house. Send them insights about home maintenance and renovations, for example, and you'll be able to hold their attention much better.

  • Recognize Important Anniversaries
    Any good relationship develops its own patterns and rituals. While a customer probably won't expect you to remember their closing day, it certainly doesn't hurt if you do: A quick card with a handwritten note can work wonders. Not only will your customers know you remember and care, but it is likely to awaken all the wonderful memories they associate with finally buying their home.

  • Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence
    Even in the earliest stages of a career, a real estate agent has the potential to meet thousands of people every year. How can you keep all those details straight? A real estate CRM is the key. Delta Media Group is about to release DeltaNET 7, the latest and greatest CRM for real estate. 100% AI-driven visibility into all your relationships — leads, customers, and past customers — is available at a glance any time.

  • Ask for Reviews or Testimonials
    It's easier to pave the way to a big "ask," like a referral, if you start with a smaller one. Testimonials act as compelling social proof, helping people see that others have had terrific outcomes thanks to you. Most happy customers will be glad to give a review or testimonial, but it works best if you ask right away.

  • Request a Referral
    When it comes to leveraging your relationships for business value, nothing beats a referral. But there's some finesse to the art of getting one. Most of the time, customers have no one to refer to, even if they'd like to. A repeatable and efficient monthly process for checking in is your best bet.

Contact us to learn more about how high-performance automation can help deepen your relationships.


Get ready to unlock a whole new level of creativity and convenience.  

Say hello to Delta Create! This suite of creative tools allows you to easily create marketing materials, messages to clients, listing brochures, and more, all in one place. Start with a template, customize it to suit your unique needs, and exercise your creativity with time-saving features that leave you more time to serve your clients.  

Let's take a deeper dive into what you can expect from Delta Create and a closer look at some of the features that will help you grow your real estate brand. 

Why Delta Create is Valuable to Your Real Estate Brand 

Branding is an essential element of success in real estate, whether you're an individual agent or overseeing a large brokerage. Potential clients want real estate services from a brand they can trust, so the quality of your marketing materials and outreach ultimately makes a big difference in earning their business. 

Put yourself in the prospect's shoes. Are you choosing a company with DIY marketing materials that look like they were created with a computer from the 1990s? Or would you be more interested in a brand that promotes itself with professional, polished, modern marketing materials that stand out for all the right reasons? High-quality marketing inspires confidence. 

Design is essential to producing marketing that turns heads, generates leads, and earns business. If you want marketing that puts your brand in the best possible light, you need the right tools. Delta Create puts all the design tools you need at your fingertips and allows you to quickly create marketing materials like a pro. 

Just as importantly, Delta Create doesn't limit you to one template or style. Start with a pre-designed template as your base, then customize it to suit the unique needs of your real estate brand and stand out from the crowd. When you combine creativity with customization and convenience, you have everything you need to grow your brand. 

Get to Know the Features of Delta Create 

The key word to remember with Delta Create is customization. The tools within Delta Create offer the perfect mix of customization and time-saving templates that empower you to make your marketing materials your own. Here are some of the tools that will make your life easier while giving your brand a boost — with outreach to both current clients and fresh leads. 

  • eCards for Every Occasion  

Staying in touch is critical to retaining clients' business over time, and Delta Create makes it easy to create customized eCards for all of the biggest moments in life. Create cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and so much more in one place. Stay top of mind so clients will think of you first when they — or someone they know — has a real estate need in the future. 

  • Easily Create Flyers 

Get the word out with customized flyers that you can design within Delta Create and send directly to your local print shop. Have them delivered right back to your door without ever leaving the office. 

  • Build Your Own Social Media Graphics 

When it comes to shareable content on social media, few things can top a timely, creatively designed image. Design professional-quality graphics within Delta Create by uploading your own images and customizing each key detail. Whether you're promoting a property, sharing useful data, or informing your audience about your brand, Delta Create truly is your one-stop shop for all your design needs. 

  • Conveniently Create Stunning Property Listing Brochures 

You want your listing brochures to make a memorable first impression, and designing distinctive listing brochures is easier than ever with Delta Create. Handle the entire brochure design process from start to finish by uploading photos, customizing the brochure, and automatically pulling key info from the property listing page. Show off your listings to generate interest in properties and show leads that you'll go the extra mile when you're marketing their listing. 

  • Easy to Use Email Templates 

We know you don't want to spend all day sending emails and coming up with the perfect words to say. That's why Delta Create has tons of pre-designed email templates that simplify the steps of sending the right message at the right time. You can customize each template to suit your needs and your brand. Make every email pop, and save time in the process! 

Look Out for More Exciting Features and Updates in DeltaNET 7

Delta Create is just one of the many exciting updates included in DeltaNET 7. With new features, updates to existing features, and plenty of small changes, DeltaNET 7 was built to make your life easier. But don't worry; all the existing features and functionality you love will still be there waiting for you — and they'll be even more powerful for growing your real estate brand. 

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