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Your Delta Media Group website will corner the market on sophistication and high-end design. Select a customizable, themed website to impress new clients (and new associates).

And to set the record straight, we don't believe you need to spend big money to keep your site up-to-date.

From corporate headquarters to regional firms, sales associates, teams and offices, Delta Media Group’s Franchise platform can power your entire franchise infrastructure.

The DeltaNET® is a customizable—but easy to use—real estate platform for every franchise size. That means as your franchise grows using the DeltaNET, we will grow with you.




When you’re the industry’s technology leader, it's only natural to keep innovating and inventing new ways to help clients capitalize on their strengths.

Power every member of your franchise with the DeltaNET’s first-to-market marketing and technology tools. Help associates strengthen client relationships, stay organized, and fill their pipeline with leads and referrals using the DeltaNET. Your associates can feel more productive, less overwhelmed, and can better promote their brand using the DeltaNET’s CRM system.

We channeled more than 40,000 hours and $30,000,000 developing the DeltaNET, so you receive the kind of quality leads that sends your business skyrocketing. Unarguably the best real estate technology today, the DeltaNET checks all the boxes for your franchise.

The Best Franchises Deserve

The Best Innovation
  • More automation for less money.
  • Enterprise-level functionality.
  • Reporting across all franchises.
  • 93% of data coverage across markets.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No login required ("set-it-and-forget-it").
  • Free support and training provided by in-house staff (not sub-contractors).
  • Free, unlimited webinar training.
  • Patented SEO platform (the #1 in the industry).
  • Fastest, reliable data that exceeds the competition.
  • Updates every 2-5 minutes (vs. 15-60 minutes).

Delta Media Group

Tech Support

You would think a platform so powerful would be difficult to use, but it's not.

There’s no need to spend tons of time training with the DeltaNET. And if a question should arise, Delta Media Group has the best in-house support team in the real estate industry. Get instant help with a built-in live chat with a Delta Media Group team member ready to help or contact our experts by phone call, email, or ticketing system.


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