My Customer for Life Email Campaigns 

Email Marketing Just Got “Smarter”—and Easier—with “My Customer for Life”

Send targeted, customized e-newsletters that engage clients and leads with information tailored for their specific needs.

"My Customer for Life" is an automated e-newsletter made available for you to send to clients and leads past, present, and future highlighting buying, selling, and homeownership topics. It’s the perfect marketing piece for prospects at all stages of their real estate journeys.

Instead of manually sending emails to single individuals, "My Customer for Life" automates the emailing process sending groups of people customized content. The system monitors the types of content that your customers engage with and automatically personalizes their articles over time based on the recipients’ interest—we call this “Intelligent Emailing.”

"My Customer for Life" content is original and specifically written for your clients. It has become such a valuable marketing tool for our clients; we have made it available on their websites. The information can be shared as a social post via Facebook Connector and can be downloaded and printed as branded materials.

My Customer for Life provides you with tools to stay engaged with customers, drive results, and simplify your life.

“My Customer for Life” Email Benefits:

  • Full length, professionally written articles found nowhere else.
  • Three new articles are added weekly (156 per year).
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly emails (you decide).
  • Drives traffic to your website.
  • Integrated social media sharing.
  • Downloadable and printable.
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