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Open House Connector® is an app for iOS designed to run on your iPad and presented at your open house. Open house guests are able to sign in and answer questions collecting valuable information and gathering contact information to follow up. It allows guests to quickly give you feedback and streamline the process of getting these leads in your CRM.

The app runs on your mobile device but we'll first need to set it up in DeltaNet.

Open House Connector® - DeltaNet Interface

To activate the app for the first time, log into the DeltaNet and go to Listings > Open House Connector®, then click the Enable Open House Connector® button.

Setup Screen

Once Open House Connector® has been enabled, you'll be given the login credentials needed to log into the app on your mobile device for the first time. At first, no open houses will appear in the Your Open Houses section but will appear as customers begin signing up at your open house.

Home Screen

Click Settings to make changes to the app's behavior.

The Survey Questions section allows you to choose which questions will be presented to guests upon signing in. Use the switches on the right to enable/disable questions. You can drag the questions vertically to change the order in which they're presented. Save your changes when you're done.

Survey Question Settings

The Survey Auto Responder to Guest section allows you to customize the email that will be sent to guests after signing in. You can disable that email altogether by switching Allow Auto Responder off.

Auto Responder Settings

The Open House Guest Import section allows you to determine whether or not guests filling out the form will be automatically imported into your CRM as new customers. By default, guests are added to a group made specifically for the open house in which they signed up. They can automatically be added to a custom group as well by entering the group name into the Customer Import Group Name field.

Guest Import Settings

When at least one customer fills out the survey that open house will appear on the home page of the Open House Connector® in the DeltaNet.

Open Houses Display

If you select any of the open houses on this page it will open up the details for that open house. This will show you how many guests filled out your survey and what their responses were.

Open House Connector Usage Stats


Open House Connector® - App Interface

The Open House Connector® app has been designed to function without an internet connection. This allows you to store all of your contact information and push it to the DeltaNet as soon as your device reconnects.

To get started, download the Open House Connector® from the app store. For security reasons your login info is different than your DeltaNet login so you will need to first go to Listings > Open House Connector® > Credentials. The DMGID is your Agent ID and the pin will be your password.

App Login Page

App Login Credentials

After logging in, select the open house you would like to use.

App Open House Selection Screen

That's it! Your customers will now be able to sign in, enter their info and answer your questions. After completing the survey they will be added to your DeltaNet CRM and receive an email based on the settings you chose. The number of guests that have signed in is displayed at the top of the app and will show on the stats page in the DeltaNet.

App Guest Sign In ScreenApp Guest Survey QuestionApp Guest Survey Thank You Page

When the open house is over, tap the Admin button at the bottom of the app and end the open house to get back to the main menu. Before ending the open house you will have an option to give us some feedback. Let us know what you think!

App Admin Interface

If you need further assistance give us a call: 866-233-9833 or send us a message.

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