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Streamline The Communication With Your Clients

Keep the lines of communication open with Delta Media Group's automated, mobile CRM. It is built to help you TRACK, MANAGE and ENGAGE with your contacts right from your smartphone.

Pipeline Manager allows agents to sync their Google or Office365 accounts with our system to: 

  • Manage contacts more effectively
  • Provide better service to their client base
  • Close more deals
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Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Clients

Pipeline Manager's robust back-end system is built with all the right tools you need to scan your dashboard so you can prioritize your day's actvities quickly. And since it gives you the power to automate your office tasks, Pipeline Manager frees up more of the day so you can do what you do best – CLOSE DEALS. 

Pipeline Manager is located under “Home” then under the subtitle “Welcome” located on the menu bar to the left of the page
Activities For Today
Number of activities you need to complete today
Active Customers
This is the number of current customers that are active within your system
New Leads
The number of new leads you received that day
My Tasks
Under the task section it will list all your current, overdue and upcoming tasks. You can filter your tasks by today, overdue or upcoming tasks.
Single Sign-On Favorites
This section will list your favorite icons to all your accounts which you can log into using one login
Upcoming Events
The upcoming events section will list events you have coming up. You can click on more details to find out further information
Sales Pipeline
The sales pipeline will let you know at a glance how many pending sellers, current sellers, current buyers, potential buyers and the number of prospects you currently have. This section will also allow you to set a yearly goal and suggest what you need to reach that goal.
My Leads
You can give this section a range to pull up where you leads came from, who the customer is, how old the lead is and when they were last active.
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