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Technology keeps us connected in so many ways, and it's especially critical for sales associates in the real estate industry. Staying in touch with buyers and sellers at every stage of a real estate transaction builds confidence and trust. Tools such as social media and CRM software help keep the lines of communication open and contribute to the growth of those customer relationships.

Social media ads can boost your visibility and keep you top-of-mind with customers in every phase of the buying process. Customizable emails, ecards, flyers, and texts via the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM keep sales associates top-of-mind so that when a customer is ready to buy or sell, your name is number one on their list.

We asked sales associates from across the country about the technology they use on a daily basis that helps them be successful. Read on to see what they can't live without.


When COVID-19 struck, real estate faced a turning point.

The pandemic is creating challenges for everyone, all of them difficult. In the real estate industry, old ways of doing business became unworkable overnight. Just consider the average day: Until March, sales associates spent hours on face-to-face contact. A home showing was the centerpiece of most transactions.

In those first weeks of shelter-in-place, millions of real estate experts came together to find new ways of doing things, knowing their professional community depended on it. Virtual tours and virtual open houses are emblematic of that effort. They've become some of the most popular real estate marketing tools.

But are they here to stay?

Read on to take a closer look at how virtual showing and open houses are shaping the future of the real estate industry.


Being an effective trainer can be challenging in the best of scenarios. I won't dive deep into the art of teaching here (and make no mistake, it really is an art), because that's a very big topic in its own right, and I'm certainly not the authority there anyway. Nevertheless, in its purest form, I see training as breaking a complex action down into a series of easily digestible steps. Anyone that follows those steps can then perform that action, regardless of how complex it is.

But, what if you're training a group of people that could all potentially follow different paths to complete the same action. Not because there are several ways of doing the same thing (though there are), but because each user may have created their own path based on the workflow that best suits them. They may have even removed paths that were accessible to them at one point because, at the time, they believed they wouldn't need them. Those things are possible in the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM platform.

Read on to discover how the DeltaNET 6 CRM platform makes training your sales team easier.


Generating real estate leads online starts with building a great website, but making sure that your target audience can find that website ultimately plays a significant role in the success of your lead generation efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to directing more traffic to your real estate website and turning that traffic into a steady supply of fresh leads. While SEO is complex and the best results take time, there is plenty that you can do right now to start your website on the path to becoming a well-oiled lead generation machine.

Read on to discover how to take your real estate website to the next level with these eight tips to improve your SEO and generate more leads.


In 2019 Long Island's Coach Realtors launched a corporate rebranding campaign, "Here You Can," positioning the company for its future using messages of inspiration and possibility.
As a part of this month's cover story, the leadership team at Coach Realtors shares how "Here You Can" sets the tone for its sales associates, the public, and the community it serves.

Coach REALTORS Here You Can

Here You Can Build A Legacy

Coach Realtors' story begins with a friendship that started during World War II. That friendship continued and grew into a business partnership between the wartime friends in 1954. The foundation of that business still exists today in Long Island's Coach Realtors, owned and operated by the Finn family since 1980.

Larry and Georgianna Finn acquired the brand from its original owners and spent the next four decades growing and nurturing the brand. The Finn family and the real estate industry are inextricably intertwined. The Finns remain as the company's chairman and president, respectively.

Today, Coach Realtors is lead by Lawrence P. (LP) Finn, II, Whitney Finn-LaCosta, and Robert LaCosta, who bring experience, finesse, strong leadership, and a deep commitment to their associates, their community, and the people drawn to live on Long Island.


They Made the Switch. Will You?

Watson Realty recently switched back to being an independent company after 15 years of co-branding with a national brand. While the national affiliation offered many positive benefits, overall, Watson's leadership decided it was time to revisit its roots and further dominate their marketplace on their own.

Part of their decision-making process included the options afforded to them by Delta Media Group®. With its robust web platforms and back-end marketing automation, Watson found most, if not all, of the tools it needed to help their agents experience more production and effective time management was found with Delta Media Group.

Since 2012, home builders have had the opportunity to feed listings directly to the MLS system used by sales associates around the country. It was a significant step in the relationship between real estate pros and builders––and that partnership has been deepening ever since.
A technology-enabled, collaborative workflow helps builders and sales associates grow together. In recent years, more than half of all buyers considered new construction. However, many real estate experts feel unsure about the best way to reach out to builders and sell new home builds.

Even in today's COVID-rocked world, new home sales are up, and interest remains strong going into the fall. In July 2020, sales of new single-family homes were over 36% above July 2019's figures of 661,000.

That makes July 2020 the single best month for sales of newly built homes since 2006.
But how can you get involved with builders and lay the foundations for strong cooperation?


Staying connected with clients is one of the most important jobs for any real estate sales associate. The circumstances of 2020 have shined a light on the vast amount of real estate tech available to help you stay in touch. Real estate clients of all ages rely on tech more than ever to stay connected, so understanding the tools available is key to growing your business.

Use our guide to the real estate tech your business needs to stay connected with clients.


You might not think about it much when you're sending an email, designing your website, or working on the perfect home listing, but every piece of real estate technology has to work together to be effective.

When technology works, we never think about the thousands of ways apps "talk" to each other. Work that might seem simple s stunningly complex, and your computer can execute thousands of commands each second.

It can be fun to think about, but how does it all affect real estate?

Over the last decade, an explosion in new real estate technology has made it easier to grow your business and find the right leads for you. But none of it happened by chance: It all started with the work of real estate and technology professionals who decided to work together.

Not that long ago, there were virtually no standards for real estate Customer Relationship Management or many other tools we use today. All of that changed thanks to a single organization called RESO.

Read on to discover how RESO makes it easier for real estate organizations to push the boundaries of technology.

If you have a residential real estate website, that is just the first step of many for how you should be representing your brand online. There is power in a strong online brand. Often real estate companies get too tied up in the "lead generation" elements of websites (which, of course, are critically important, but not the only important part of your website) and don't focus enough on how they are actually representing their business online.

Delta Media Group® has provided residential real estate websites for over 26 years, dating back to 1994. However, many don't realize that we also create beautiful commercial brokerage websites, career and recruitment websites, "kiosk" sites, and so much more. Any vendor in this vertical should easily support all of your business elements, not just the templated residential sites that all look identical.

Delta Media Group Secondary Websites

Let's take a look at dedicated agent career and recruitment-focused websites. Why do them, what makes this type of strategy successful, and where to begin?



How Will You Remember 2020?

I am going to ask you to pause and think for one minute before you continue reading and answer for yourself the following question:

"One year from now, when I look back on what my business did in 2020, what will I remember?"

I love this type of exercise. It forces me to change my mode of thinking and create goals; to develop targets.

I'm sure it is only natural to think about COVID-19 and the impact it has had on your business, on your relationships in business, on the economy, and on buyer and seller behavior and needs. It only makes sense if most of your thoughts regarding COVID-19 are negative. However, if we are honest, there have also been positive outcomes during this global tragedy.

While you and I cannot change the reality of COVID-19 and its impact on our businesses, we still have control over everything else in our businesses.

So, let me ask some direct questions. While I'm framing these questions to owners and operators of real estate firms and teams, they still apply to sales associates equally. Will you look back on 2020 and say the following?

  • I empowered my teams and sales associates with technology, so they are more efficient in doing business.
  • I cut my technology and marketing expenses in 2020, and my sales associates and teams have better technology.
  • 2020 is the year that I re-thought how we do training.
  • 2020 is the year that I re-thought how we do office meetings.
  • 2020 is the year that I changed how we recruit sales associates and teams.
  • 2020 is the year that I started making acquisitions because my firm was correctly positioned to thrive.

Read on to discover how to position your real estate business to thrive and survive in 2020 during COVID-19 and moving forward.


Texting––formally called SMS for Short Message Service––is exploding in digital marketing.

Gone are the days when your customers had a limited number of texts to hoard every month. Virtually all smartphone owners have hundreds, thousands, or unlimited texts. With the relaxation of those old restrictions, the text is transforming into a compelling, personalized medium for starting conversations.
Over six billion texts are sent every day in the U.S., adding up to a whopping 180 billion every month. And customers are on board: 75% of those surveyed said they are comfortable getting texts from brands as long as they are opt-in. 67% have said they want the option to schedule appointments by text.

SMS Text Marketing & Millennial Buyers

Over the last few years, Millennials have turned out by the thousands leaving many wondering what they want when it comes to real estate.
The future is now, and Millennials are here: Pew Research found they've been the largest generation in the U.S. labor force since 2018. That same year, NAR said they were the largest cohort of homebuyers, which has continued to hold true so far.
Real Estate Marketing and Technology has a question for you, "Are you using SMS Text Marketing for Your Real Estate Business?"

Read on to discover why this simple tool could hold the keys to growing your real estate business.

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