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DeltaNET® 6 CRM Clients

capture more leads and grow their customer base

with the new agent texting functionality rolling out as a part of the platform. Here's what Delta Media Group's integrated SMS Text Messaging can do for you:

  • Easily text message your clients from the desktop and mobile versions of DeltaNET 6.
  • Keep a full history of all text message communications on your clients profile.


  • Schedule bulk text message notifications to run to groups of your users.

Example: You just got a new listing, you can instantly send a personalized text to all of your active buyers with a click of a button.

Another Example: You are running a virtual open house this Saturday, you can send a bulk text to all of your active customers letting them know you’re going live.

  • Integrate automated text messages into your existing email action plans.
  • A/B checks coming soon that will automatically plug an email in place of a text for your customers who have opted out of being texted.

Example: You turn on a “Happy Birthday” action plan for all of your CRM contacts. Now every year on their birthday they get an automated “Happy Birthday!” text from you.


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