What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Arizona Best Logo

    "Our partnership with Delta Media Group has improved our communication with our agents and given them helpful tools and resources to take their business to the next level. The entire team has been incredibly responsive and supportive. We absolutely recommend Delta to any brokerage looking for an all-in-one solution to compete in today’s competitive landscape."
    Christine Jurgens, Marketing Manager
    Arizona Best Real Estate


    "With the launch of the new website in September, we are now beginning to see the effects of the SEO function. Our agents have benefited tremendously from the improved website traffic and user-friendly interface."
    Katja Hom, Vice President-Business Development
    Avery Hess, REALTORS®

  • Ayre/Rhinehart, REALTORS®

    "Delta Media Group has been highly responsive, has a great training platform and has helped us eliminate duplicating services."
    Linda M. Owen, Associate Broker
    Ayre/Rhinehart, REALTORS®

  • Homesale Logo

    "Delta Media Group took the time to understand our vision and marketing strategy for Homesale. They built a website for us and created a marketing program that not only supported our vision but also helped grow it with fantastic results."
    Rod Messick, COO
    Homesale Realty

  • Masiello Group

    "My company (Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group) has been a Delta client for about 2 years now. We have been continually impressed at their level of customer service and innovation. New, cutting edge features are being introduced all the time. We have definitely chosen the right technology partner for our firm!."
    Lorraine LeClerc DeVaux, Director of Marketing
    The Masiello Group

  • HPW Logo

    "We engaged with Delta Media Group to provide us with a better website presence as well as better tools for our sales associates. Delta’s flexibility in approach allowed us to collaborate on the new website design as well as provide many integrations and lead routing configurations to aid in our different business processes. They did not try to fit us into a box. From a marketing perspective, we were very surprised by their SEO and the significant increase in traffic and leads virtually right out of the gate. Delta did what they said they were going to do and we view them as a genuine marketing partner. We look forward to working with them for years to come."
    Kent Hanley
    Former CEO | Coldwell Banker Howard Perry & Walston

  • Cressy & Everett Logo

    "As one of Delta Media’s first customers, we know their dedication to service and to staying on the cutting edge. Delta has been a true partner in creating new services, tools, and process which make our agents more productive and helps them to stand out from the crowd. Our website consistently receives over 90,000 visitors per month, making sure that our only competition is the national portals. Their professionals are seen as well-respected professionals in the MLS and RE Technology space, which makes everything faster and easier.
    John De Souza, President
    Cressy & Everett Real Estate

  • Napier ERA Logo

    "Napier has been working with Delta Media Group for going on 15 years and as business partners go, you couldn't find a better one. As part of a large real estate franchise, we have often had the opportunity to save money by using the services included with our franchise agreement.

    The problem is, every time we consider doing this, we come to the same conclusion, which is that we simply can't afford NOT to have the tools and real estate business insight that Delta provides to us. Peace of mind is a valuable and powerful thing, and Delta Media Group provides that to us every day."
    Jeff Hardy, IT Director
    Napier ERA Real Estate

  • Laffey Real Estate

    “After an exhaustive search for a lead management platform, we launched CONNECT, The Laffey Real Estate private-labeled CRM, just about 18 months ago. We thought we were getting a good lead management system. What we have discovered is a true brokerage partner. Of special note is the fluidity with which the Tech team at Delta communicates enhancements, handles support ticket inquiries, and involves the brokerage partners when considering significant changes to the platform. We promote CONNECT as a marketing package suitable for the new agent and the experienced realtor. It is our 24/7 virtual assistant, website provider, content writer, campaign manager, and social media aggregator. The team at Delta is genuinely forward-thinking, adopting new technology, content, and design applications for the benefit of the agent community and brokers. We were confident in Delta’s ability to deliver, and, a year and a half later, we remain convinced that the partnership is a long term investment with great returns on the Laffey Real Estate Investment."
    Cathy M. Poturny, SVP Marketing & Media Relations
    Laffey Real Estate

  • Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc.

    “This company is awesome. Their attention to detail with lead assignments and constantly improving software program is an absolute must for any real estate agency.”
    Jim Goodman, Vice President of Sales
    Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS®

  • Old Colony Logo

    "Delta’s entire team understands real estate marketing! Constantly adapting to industry changes and consumer demands, they provided relevant technology to our sales associates. We attribute our online success to the partnership we have had with Delta Media Group for over a decade."
    Tommy Dunbar, Executive Vice President
    Old Colony Holding Company

  • Old Dominion Logo

    "Delta Media Group has been an integral part of our real estate success. As technology has evolved, Delta has helped us to continue to maintain our success by offering new solutions and upgrading platforms. We have set record sales within our firm and we know that we owe a huge thank you to Delta for helping us make that happen. Their Search Engine Optimization has helped us to stay on the forefront of lead generation and the Mobile Platform has opened the doorway to more web traffic than we ever anticipated."
    Jessica Hensley, Marketing Director
    Old Dominion Realty

  • Wagner Realty Logo

    "With more than twenty years’ experience in website design, development and marketing, I’ve worked with many real estate website service providers. I can easily say that Delta Media Group has by far the best customer service, support, and training in the business! In a nutshell… they LISTEN and RESPOND. We never feel like just another customer. They genuinely CARE about us, our business and our success."
    Corinna M. Decker, Web Manager
    Wagner Realty

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