Seller Reports

Your Homeowners Can See What You’re Doing to Sell Their Homes with Seller Reports

Seller Reports are an essential part of your CRM's automated email campaigns. They illustrate to clients your efforts to market their homes.

Seller Reports are weekly, agent-branded property traffic report emails designed to keep sellers in the loop about interest and traffic about their listing and other local market information.

Agents can choose to send them to the customer and themselves. Seller report emails can also be personalized and tailored to the Agent’s personal brand and style. Seller Reports are easy to set up and run automatically. Send them to your client and yourself.  

Show sellers the number of times their home has been viewed and crawled by the search engines. Data about competing properties in the market and pending properties are highlighted.

Seller Report Features:

  • Sellers view your marketing efforts at a glance, providing analytics on how often the property has been viewed by potential buyers and web crawlers over the history of the listing. 
  • Clients review valuable information and gain insight about comparable listings, including list date, listing price, and pending sales.
  • Add personal notes within the Seller Report email for your client to review.
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