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Get Easy Access to Leads from Multiple Systems with Single Login

Third Party SourcesYou are too busy to log into numerous systems every day to manage incoming leads from multiple sources. Why not use Delta Media Group's One-and-Done Lead Parsing System to get the job done?
The latest release in Delta's suite of online marketing tools for SEO customers, One-and-Done Lead Parsing, gives your sales team the ability to use a single login to get all third party leads pushed to one location for easy, convenient access.
Done through our DeltaNet™ system, our platform integrates with many of the top real estate portals allowing for incoming lead parsing and distribution to your company's pipeline.

The process is simple, by giving one email address to third party sources the leads will be pushed to the DeltaNet™ system. The real estate professional will automatically get notifications based on how they are set up to receive new lead notifications in our DeltaNet™ system.
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