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Getting used to presenting yourself as an expert is one of the first challenges any real estate agent faces. Self-promotion is something often looked down upon. Confidence might take a while to build, and you need to effectively project that confidence even before you have a track record of results.

Naturally, it gets easier and easier with experience. But nobody wants to feel like they're annoying their contacts and customers. The fear of being annoying can stop you from speaking up early in your career. And even once you're rolling along, it can still be a concern. That's especially true with digital marketing.

Good digital marketing should seem like a personal message from you to the recipient. But we all know the truth: You could be speaking to ten, a hundred, or a thousand people. Of all the names on your list, some of them are bound to get annoyed simply because they don't like marketing.

But if your communication turns off a noticeable portion of your audience, there's a bigger problem.

When you work hard to get leads on your list, only to lose them soon after, it burns your time and energy. So, it's crucial to be alert to the signs that your marketing isn't quite on track — and fix it.

Is Your Marketing Annoying? These Signs Can Tell You

It's a strange paradox that two of your most powerful digital marketing tools — email marketing and text message marketing — are among the ones most likely to get on a lead's bad side. Most leads won't come right out and say you're annoying, though. The signs are more subtle, and you've got to tune in.

Here are some of the key signals to be aware of:

  • People Sign Up to Your Email List, Then Leave
    A small percentage of people will do this, anyway. It's one way to get a hold of your lead magnet — a piece of deeply researched, informative content — without having to get marketing messages. If it's frequently happening, check to make sure the lead magnet is truly valuable and compelling.

  • Lots of Subscribers Bail After a Specific Message
    Every time you send a message out to your email subscribers, you will probably lose some of them. It's a fact of life. That may be one or two at the beginning or a handful for larger lists. An exodus that's much bigger than average suggests an annoying email. Check for a misleading subject line or other problems.

  • No One Responds to Your Follow-Up Text Messages
    An old sales adage suggests you need to be ready to follow up 12-18 times, but what happens when no one is responding? The most likely issue is that your text simply isn't that interesting. To get responses, try ending with a question. If a lead goes cold and doesn't answer after three texts, simply move on.

  • Leads Complain About Your Marketing
    While most people keep mum, you might find people complaining about your marketing. This is more likely if they consider your methods especially intrusive. Be sure to watch your Google and Yelp Reviews. You can sometimes get negative reviews removed if the person has never actually used your services.

Maximize the Impact of Your Digital Marketing

Even if you run into a few setbacks, that's no reason to give up or slow down your digital marketing. For any one email or social media post, there's always a good chance a big part of your following won't see it, so you should never shy away from posting frequently.

Here's how to get your marketing back on track:

  • Verify Your Content Is Tailored to User Interest
    Problems with email marketing often come down to list segmentation. Buyers should be getting content relevant to them, sellers likewise, and past clients should receive helpful homeownership tips. Double-check your message targeting and be sure buyers only get emails with listings that match their needs.

  • Work on Your Email Subject Lines
    Subject lines are the part of an email most likely to agitate people. Bait and switch subject lines are the worst: Things like "My lawyer wants to talk to you," for example. Email marketing automation provides easy tools to test subject lines against each other and enhance read and response rates.

  • Upgrade Your Content Quality
    Good content is useful and informative. It helps people answer a question or solve a problem so they can make the right move in today's market. DeltaNET equips you with tools like Market Watch Reports that more of your buyers are likely to appreciate and respond positively to.

Above all, keep going. The more content you share, the more likely you are to land on something that resonates with your audience. Contact us to discover how AI-driven automation can help.


One of the most challenging and satisfying aspects of leading your own business is finding new ways to make what you do even better. When you reach a plateau, it's especially important to look at your work processes in a spirit of experimentation. This is what helps you go to the next level.

A plateau is a situation where:

  • Your business fundamentals are all working well
  • Your outcomes in key areas tend to be consistent
  • But you are not advancing toward better results

Plateaus can take many forms and look different for everyone. Sometimes, overcoming a plateau may be a simple matter of changing your time management basics. As time goes on, however, it becomes more likely a business plateau is driven by structural issues.

At that point, big change is needed to unlock your full potential.

Business Plateaus Tend to Strike in the First 3-5 Years

The first few years of any real estate professional's career are generally focused on finding and improving areas of weakness. There's plenty to learn, and you need a command of all of it to see a client through a transaction.

Once you have confidence in your skills and clarity in your brand, it's a whole new ball game. Years 3-5 are about putting reliable processes in place and finding ways to draw customers to you instead of chasing them.

There are two common ways to get stuck at this point:

  • You might already feel like you're doing everything you can but can't seem to build momentum
  • Having so many options about how to build your practice, it might not be clear what to do next

Whatever a plateau looks like for you, there is hope.

The truth is, virtually every real estate professional will reach plateaus now and then. It often takes months before you realize you've hit one! And though the middle years are the most likely time to hit your first plateau, it can happen earlier or later. After all, it's just a signal to evaluate what you're doing.

Luckily, you can equip yourself to manage plateaus and reach ever-greater heights!

Making the Best Use of Your Time is Crucial to Overcoming Any Plateau

All plateaus require new ways of thinking. Thinking about your time is the best way to start.

Your schedule might be so jam-packed with urgent tasks – especially related to finding new leads — you can't do one more thing well. That's a sign it's time to prioritize: narrowing the scope of your attention so you spend most of your time on the things that yield the greatest impact.

"Easier said than done," you might think, especially as a one-person shop.

But there is a way to get more time in your day: automation.

Digital marketing automation with a high-performance AI-driven center of excellence can eliminate hours of work every single week. The right software provides a dependable, all-in-one marketing experience with seamless integration into the applications you already use. The results are twofold:

  • You spend much less time managing social media, email marketing, blog posts, and the rest
  • You get consistency and superior results because these tasks are automated to high standards

Let's examine some of the ways digital marketing automation can work for you:

  • Customer Relationship Management to Keep Track of Your Contacts
    Following up is the name of the game in real estate. Customer Relationship Management with DeltaNET™ 6 makes it easier. Instead of spending hours figuring out where your contacts stand and when to reach out, our all-in-one real estate solution centralizes the information and uses an AI-driven learning engine to keep you informed in minutes a day.

  • Social Media Management and Advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn
    Social media can be a powerful lead engine for real estate pros, but hours could be lost scrolling your feed. Beat the temptation while building your following through Facebook Connector and LinkedIn Connector, which enable you to send instant, event-based updates. For "overnight" traffic, just try out Ad Wizard.

  • Email Marketing to Excite, Delight, and Entice Leads and Past Clients
    Email marketing is a versatile tool for fostering long-term relationships. It may take weeks or months for a lead to jump into the market, but with email marketing, you're always there. Our email marketing automation helps you get informative, valuable content into subscribers' hands with minimal effort.

  • The Best in Virtual Tours and Video Marketing Without the Hassle
    Travel restrictions are falling by the wayside, but virtual tours are here to stay. Virtual tours are convenient for sellers, easy to enjoy on a mobile device, and help buyers expand their search without going a long way. Properties in Motion will get you in on the fun without complicated equipment.

Leave the plateau behind and contact Delta Media Group today to get started with DeltaNET™ 6.


Real Estate Lead GenerationWorking from home as a sales associate presents its share of unique challenges, but as an industry, real estate has quickly found ways to adjust to this new normal. We're seeing more associates than ever embracing the marketing tools in DeltaNET 6 while relying on our CRM to coordinate business from home. Real estate technology has become more critical than ever, and embracing technology is the key to keeping business running as smoothly as possible during these unusual times. Get started with our guide to generating leads with real estate technology while working from home.

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Virtual Tours How to Have Confidence in Front of the Camera
Video marketing has become a more vital tool for real estate sales associates than ever before, as the coronavirus disrupts how the real estate industry normally does business. But speaking on camera can also be intimidating, especially if you haven't done it before. Nobody handles video marketing flawlessly the first time they try, and that's okay! With the right tips and a bit of practice, your intelligence, integrity, and honesty will shine through for your audience to see.

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