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If you're in real estate, you can't do without a real estate website.

Millennials are aging into homeownership, and Generation Z is starting far earlier than analysts guessed. With the numbers of younger buyers (and first-time sellers) surging, it's crucial to be where they are.

And "where they are" is overwhelmingly online. The vast majority of first-time buyers 40 and younger go online to start their home search. They check out dozens or even hundreds of properties before looking at local real estate agents. And they research those agents in detail before reaching out to just a few.

In fact, the greatest predictor of whether or not you'll be able to welcome a new customer is whether they choose to reach out to you before anyone else. While many would-be customers write a short list of local agents, they often end up going with the very first person they interview.

What does it all mean?

You can only succeed if you:

  • Address prospective customers where they are in the process
  • "Meet" them as early as possible, before they ever reach out

It's not an exaggeration to say that digital marketing is the only way to do that. And for digital marketing techniques to work, you need something that ties them all together. That "something" is your website, a reflection of your brand that represents you across the internet.

An effective website is an absolute must-have for real estate agents and brokers at any career stage. Done right, your website draws leads to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter if you're awake or asleep. That means proportionately less time spent chasing business down.

And that's a crucial shift.

Just about everyone in real estate spends the first year learning the ropes and, yes, chasing down leads. But staying in that mode is a recipe for burnout. Because your website is always working for you, it's the very foundation of developing a practice that offers you a healthy work-life balance.

But not everyone is getting all the value they could from their website.

In any industry, the majority of businesses aren't making a dent with their website. It's not getting any traffic, and so it's not converting traffic into leads. This is a disappointing situation, especially for those entrepreneurs who spend lots of time on social media with nothing to show for it.

So, how can you avoid the same fate – and reap all the benefits a website can offer?

Seven "Must Have" Features for Your Real Estate Website

  • A Real Estate Blog
    First and foremost, a real estate website with real value needs a blog. By posting helpful, informative content on subjects of interest to customers, you position yourself as a trusted expert. Vitally, every blog has the potential to raise your search engine visibility and grow your monthly traffic.

  • A Video Introduction
    Video is the next best thing to being there, and it's particularly powerful in real estate. Video helps you to craft a human connection, showing people exactly what they can expect from you. You might discuss why you chose real estate, your personal style, your local market, and what customers can expect.

  • Current Listings
    A website gives your listings a true online home. You can display your listings directly from your MLS on your website. This makes them more personal and accessible. At the same time, having them there is a gateway to lots of useful and interesting data on which listings appeal most to your website visitors.

  • Social Media Integration
    Since social media is always moving, it imparts a sense of life and vitality to your website. Real estate is the industry with the best chance of converting social followers into bottom-line business. Many agents use Facebook and Instagram, which attract new customers while deepening existing relationships.

  • Email Marketing Sign-Up
    The majority of people will not be ready to do business with you when they see your website for the first time. But if they leave your website without interacting, you're not likely to see them again. By trading something like a local market report in exchange for an email sign-up, you can stay in touch.

  • Open Houses and Other Events
    Whether it's a virtual tour or a traditional open house, more people are signing up for events. Your website should be the first place they look to see what's going on now and next. Collect registration data directly on your website, and following up will be a snap.

  • A Modern Design
    To be trustworthy, a website needs to "look and feel" right. In real estate, that means a website that's fast, responsive, and easy to navigate on smartphones. It's also crucial to use the latest security features.

Contact us to learn more about putting your website to work for you.


How much value does your real estate website add to your practice?

Everyone knows "you have to have a website." And for real estate agents and brokerages, that's even more true. Some of the most successful real estate professionals, in the United States and throughout the world, generate a substantial portion of their leads through their own site — as much as 50%.

These days, future customers are far more likely to hear of you online than through an in-person event or non-digital advertising. That's because Millennials and the fast-emerging Gen Z homebuyers almost universally start their search for a new home online.

Understandably, most real estate experts aren't masters of real estate website design.

They tend to launch a basic website and then hope for the best. There are lots of DIY website builders out there and cut-rate services that promise something "good enough." Unfortunately, this can undermine your efforts to develop a branded, high-impact website that makes a difference.

How Your Website Can Serve as a Resource for Current and Future Customers

Your website acts as your digital "first impression."

When someone is thinking about entering the housing market, they will usually spend a lot of time looking at properties before they ever consider reaching out to a real estate agent. They might start seeking inspiration on sites like Pinterest or Instagram before they begin looking at live listings.

Once their interest is piqued, only then do they look for a local real estate professional to help them. But in the process, they usually check out a half-dozen local agents and brokerages — or even more. So, your website needs to achieve two things right off the bat:

  • It must be visually compelling, inviting, and easy to navigate
  • It must provide meaningful value before they schedule a call

That value comes in the form of custom content. "Content" is anything helpful and informative you post on your site to help visitors make an informed decision. In other words, it answers a question or solves a problem they have. Blogs are the backbone of most content, but video is increasingly popular.

Content is especially helpful because it can inspire your guests to join your email marketing list and get future updates they may find useful. It raises your visibility in online search and improves results you get from search engine optimization. However, it's not the only way to make your website work harder.

When you focus on turning your website into a resource, you are putting what you have to offer on the table from the very beginning. People will see the difference between you and other real estate agents, and begin to regard you as a trusted expert — so you're far more likely to be chosen in the end.

Let's look at some of the other ways you can build your website into a resource for customers:

  • Integrate Your Listings within Your Website
    The MLS does an incredible job keeping listings organized and searchable. However, you can also use this marvel of modern technology right within your own website, helping visitors zero in on the best local properties that might meet their needs while maintaining your own branding throughout.

  • Provide Neighborhood-Level Local Insight
    Your local savvy is one of the most important things setting you apart from your peers. Make it count by showing people not only the homes they might buy, but the community they'll be joining. Highlight the best amenities and small businesses – other business owners may even send you referrals.

  • Answer Common Questions Clearly
    Many first-time buyers and sellers will have very little existing knowledge about the process. Look for the best ways to answer their common questions simply. That may mean a library of blogs or videos, a centralized Frequently Asked Questions page or a chatbot that they can pose questions to.

  • Make It Easy to Contact You
    After you start working with a client, it's crucial to set appropriate boundaries — no answering the phone at two in the morning. On a first call, however, seconds count. Be sure your website is set up to send you a text alert if someone sends you an email or message so you can respond right away.

  • Introduce Yourself
    One of the most vital things you can do on your website is start building a relationship. The best way to begin is with a video introduction to yourself. What do you do and for whom? What attracted you to real estate and what makes you different? Video is the next best thing to being there.

The best real estate websites operate as a "one-stop-shop" for everything potential customers might need — before they even reach out for the first time. Contact Delta Media Group to learn more or get started with your own.


Not all websites are created equal. Just as no two real estate agents are the same, each agent's website highlights the differences between other agents vying for the marketplace. Though content is king, it's important to understand that even your website's domain name has a significant impact on your agency's performance and perception. 

9 Benefits & Advantages of Having a Custom Domain Name

1. It's a No-Brainer
Why should you have a custom domain name? Why not? It's simple, especially when you're trying to encourage clients to access it. Instead of asking clients to remember a confusing web address, simply adding a ".com" to your business name makes engagement effortless. It also makes it easier for clients to find you passively, for instance, when they search for you online. If they search "John Smith" and find "," they'll know that they've found the correct address.

2. It Gives You a Leg-Up on the Competition
Do you know how many of the other agents in your market have their own custom domain names? Chances are high there are many which simply use web address provided by a hosting site. By locking down your custom domain name, you have another leg-up on the competition by demonstrating your legitimacy.

3. It Demonstrates Legitimacy
How does having a custom domain address demonstrate legitimacy? First, it shows that you're using the latest technologies. Though websites are nothing new, you'd be surprised how many agents still do not use custom domain names despite the relative ease of obtaining one. It also helps a user feel more comfortable following your link. "" appears much more legitimate than ""

4. It Increases Your SEO Ranking
SEO. Three letters your small business needs to know regardless of which industry you serve. If you're online, Search Engine Optimization is essential to your success. With so many other agencies selling homes in your area, you need the best search ranking possible on Google. Having a custom domain is one way to increase your SEO ranking in the eyes of Google's algorithm.

5. It Enables Custom Email Addresses
Similar to your web address itself, your email addresses are small yet important elements of how your business is perceived. Sure, an or address will work just the same, but having an address will once again enhance your legitimacy and reassure customers that you're the real deal.

6. It Elevates Your Brand
The brand you've cultivated in the real world can be easily integrated into the digital world with a custom website address. It also helps your brand consistency to have a legitimate domain name that matches your other online profiles, like your social media accounts.

7. It Enhances Your Branding
"Branding" is different from "brand." Your brand is the business; your branding is what your business does. For instance, you may be a luxury real estate agent, but the content you supply that highlights your listings is an act of branding. A custom domain name is an investment. When clients click that link, they're taken to your website to interact with you through your branding. If you're trying to wow your luxury home market, for example, your domain name is the doorway to these interactions.

8. It Opens Potential for New Leads
You don't need an open house to generate new "walk-in" leads. As you strengthen your website's content with a custom domain, you increase the chances that new customers will organically visit your site when they find it through a search engine. With the right tools, you can convert these visits to potential leads by continuing to engage them after they've left your site.

9. It May Be the Future of Virtual Businesses 
Thousands of new websites are created each day, which means many domain names become unavailable every instant. It's clear that more and more agents are adopting custom domain names. Keep in mind other agents may also scoop up domain names that you're interested in. 

Delta Media Group's digital marketing platform will easily integrate your custom domain, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from your online presence. If you lack a custom domain name, we encourage you to consider these advantages and discover how quickly a new website address can benefit your agency.


Real Estate Agent Website Offer
Delta Media Group has a new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages. If you're looking for a modern, attention-grabbing website that's customizable too, we got you covered. Discover how with DeltaNET 6, you gain access to the industry's best built-in social advertising tools, hundreds of customizable print flyer designs, blogging, testimonials, automated Facebook posting––and that's just for starters.

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Residential, Careers, and Commercial Real Estate Websites

Careers and Commercial Websites

While Delta Media Group is best known for the residential real estate websites, we also provide careers and commercial websites for our clients too.

Welcome new sales associates to your real estate firm with recruiting websites as these clients have done.

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Attract Attention and Clients with Your Website

Use Your Real Estate Website to Attract Business

A high-quality real estate website isn't a luxury for your business––it's a necessity. Think of your site as the hub where all of your other digital marketing efforts converge, making it a powerhouse for lead generation and capture.

It's also the spot where many would-be buyers and sellers will form their first impression of your real estate brand, learn what services you have to offer, and take the next steps to engage with you directly.

Let's take a look at what to include in your real estate website to grab the attention of prospective clients:

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Build a Modern Website
In 2020, simply having a real estate website isn't enough to set your brand apart from the competition. The competition for potential real estate clients online is fierce, so to stand out, make your site speak to the needs of your target audience. When someone is shopping for a house, you want your website to be a resource--both on the properties available and the lifestyle they can expect in each community. Make a positive impression on every website visitor with a modern real estate website.

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Must-Have Features for Your Real Estate Website

Modern Real Estate Website Features

Real estate pros are sometimes intimidated at the thought of starting their website. Although they have confidence in their ability to build relationships in person, they wonder how to translate that flawlessly into a site that shows integrity and inspires trust.

Luckily, the best real estate websites have many things in common.

When developing a website, your goal is to provide a stable, seamless experience where users quickly access the information they need. Speed is essential as they look for content that helps them solve problems and make decisions.

Our digital marketing experts at Delta Media Group have developed best practices for online real estate marketing that consistently hit the mark with buyers and sellers. By ensuring you have the right features in place, you won't have to reinvent the wheel.

So, what features are indispensable to the perfect real estate website?

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Modern Real Estate Websites

No matter their age, demographic, or experience with buying/selling homes, most clients start their search for a real estate agent online. What will they find if they start searching for agents in your market area? If they can't find you, then it will be harder to earn new business online. Every real estate agent needs a website because it will often be your first point of contact with prospects and clients. Make it easier to find your personal brand online, and you'll have a steady, reliable source of qualified leads who are looking for the right agent to help them achieve their real estate goals.

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