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This September, Delta Media Group® will launch DeltaNET 7, a new technology leveraging automation and artificial intelligence. DeltaNET 7 will be "the most customizable, most automated all-in-one platform in the marketplace."

"We will be launching the easiest-to-use, most automated CRM solution — and more importantly the deepest customization available — to give brokerages their own all-in-one platform that they control, making it completely unique from what their competitors are using," says CEO and owner of Delta Media Group, Michael Minard.

With DeltaNET 7, real estate brokerage customers will be able to create their own platform with individually customized branding and feature options, allowing them to have complete control over design and navigation.

One special feature that will be available with DeltaNET 7 is a way that brokerages can design specific "roles" to deliver a personalized experience for each agent, based on the specific tools they use. DeltaNET 7 also offers a mobile-centric and customizable workflow, eliminating "endless scrolling." And it allows you to create specific training courses for your platform through Delta Academy.

In addition, DeltaNET 7 is completely integrated with Delta Websites, which features patent-pending SEO, the Delta Academy training system, and a full catalog of digital marketing tools — including Ad Wizard, Local Showings, Properties in Motion, and Open House Connector.

"With DeltaNET 7, our highly successful integrations, automation, and artificial intelligence will be enabled by default. So instead of asking real estate brokerages what tech tools they want to feature, we will be coming to them with a data-driven success model giving them the ability to choose what they want to customize," says Minard. "This will help firms do more business in less time, utilizing data analytics that only the largest technology firms can provide."

The customizable technology will also introduce Delta Pitch, a new "two-click" Comparative Market Analysis tool. With this tool, when an agent enters a property address, the system automatically pulls all the data it needs to create a digital CMA, offering a "flip book" for agents to share with their clients. Delta Pitch then allows agents to automatically launch a Zoom video call to share and review the CMA with their client, making marketing presentations a very simple process for agents.

To learn more about how DeltaNET 7 will streamline your workflow and boost productivity, contact our team today.


SEO. You hear it all the time, and for a good reason! You want to attract committed leads and increase your conversion rate, but that's not always easy to achieve, at least not on your own. Good search engine optimization is key to unlocking the full potential of your online business. After all, why would someone take you seriously if they have to tab through five pages to find you?

Here's the simple solution: Delta Media Group is #1 in the industry for SEO, and we have the stats to prove it! These clients have seen the following results over the last year:

A Louisiana Brokerage with 3,500+ agents:

  • +42% total website traffic
  • +49% new users
  • +66% organic traffic
  • +27% leads

A North Carolina Realty Company with 920 agents:

  • +31% total website traffic
  • +31% new users
  • +38% organic traffic
  • +140% leads

A Pacific Northwest Brokerage with 1,450 agents:

  • +89% total website traffic
  • +87% new users
  • +138% organic traffic
  • +62% leads

Listen to what they have to say — "We have set record sales within our firm and we know that we owe a huge thank you to Delta for helping us make that happen. The Search Engine Optimization has helped us to stay on the forefront of lead generation and the Mobile Platform has opened the doorway to more web traffic than we ever anticipated."

Don't be outperformed by your local competitors. When it comes to SEO, Delta Media Group has a proven track record for delivering more than empty promises, but RESULTS. 

Contact us today to learn how you can organically find better, qualified leads for less money.


At Delta Media Group, we're always working to grow in ways that help our clients succeed, and with the real estate world changing in what seemingly feels like the blink of an eye, keeping pace is crucial. That's why the brand-new servers and massive upgrades to Delta's platform are so important, giving clients more opportunities than ever to get the most out of their tech. So, what are we doing, exactly? New hardware upgrades lead to faster load times and performances than ever before for both our websites and CRM tools, including DeltaNET®6. Reports that previously took up to a minute to load will be lightning-fast in comparison, saving you time every day. Significant capacity expansion means support for 10X growth, with the ability to expand as well, while additional platform redundancy ensures continued 99% uptime. And, with the most proactive monitoring in the industry, we can solve issues well before they become full-fledged problems.

You've got plenty to do already. Don't fill up your schedule waiting on your technology. Delta's upgrades promise faster-than-ever performance that you can count on. As always, our support team is here to help clients every step of the way, so make sure to check out everything Delta Media Group offers and see how we can improve your day-to-day tech lives. Contact us today to learn more.

The consolidation of industry influence into just a few hands is a concern all throughout the economy.

Now, many real estate agents wonder if that worrying trend is coming to their neighborhood — literally. Over the last several months, property listing website Zillow has made aggressive moves to insert itself into many parts of the real estate value chain. News that it would hire its own agents was met with widespread dismay.

Its efforts have continued with its acquisition of home showing platform ShowingTime.

The $500 million deal will allow Zillow to integrate ShowingTime technology directly into its website. Users will be able to request a home showing from within Zillow. At the same time, real estate professionals from coast to coast will presumably lose access to ShowingTime unless they are working with Zillow.

It is beyond doubt that Zillow is preparing to use its unprecedented industry visibility to take over many of the functions held by traditional real estate firms. In doing so, it raises the risk that there will be less competition and fewer small businesses that make communities so vibrant in the first place.

In response, Delta Media Group will launch Local Showings, its own independent showing service.

Delta Media Group Continues its History of Industry Partnership with Local Showings

Delta Media Group is a family-owned company. Since 1994, we have worked to develop the best real estate technology in the business. Collaborating with others has been a cornerstone of our work and philosophy. As the industry builds and refines its technical standards, we have consistently been a part of the discussion.

Over that time, we have worked with thousands of real estate agents, brokers, and other professionals from all around the country. Our team has received a remarkable amount of feedback over the last year from experts seeking new tools and capabilities to preserve the independence of their business.

Local Showings is our newest initiative to empower and grow real estate brands. This new platform takes into account the needs of new and established real estate agents. During development, we polled the industry to understand precisely how our proposed system could be even better. 100% of the responses we received indicated support for a full-featured, independent showing service.

As Local Showings enters the final testing and deployment phase, we will continue to listen carefully and respond to feedback. Local Showings has been a part of our blue sky development efforts for 10 years. With the real estate industry changing quickly, we believe now is the best time for it to deliver unique value.

Local Showings Will Empower Real Estate Agents with Tools to Take on "The Big Guys"

Local Showings will be a fully-featured, easy-to-use platform for managing property showings. Here's what you can expect:

  • Schedule showings with ease, and receive quick assistance from our tech support team.

  • Seamless onboarding so you can get to work fast and effectively, regardless of your skillset.

  • A competitive price that lets you forgo Zillow without turning your pockets inside out.

  • An independent showing service you can count on to be a reliable, long-term solution.

With Local Showings, it will be easier than ever to schedule, create, and manage home tour experiences. Delta Media Group customers already benefit from Properties in Motion, our real estate video solution that enables voice-over videos and texting for a modern virtual tour.

Delta Media Group's all-in-one solution for real estate relationship management combines rich features with ease of use. We believe in designing nimble, stable technology with a seamless entry into your existing workflow — so you can go forward with true confidence.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

While we haven't set a release date just yet, you can rest assured Local Showings will be ready for you and your clients soon. Delta Media Group strives to help you create memorable real estate experiences for the buyers and sellers in your community. To find out more about real estate digital marketing from the experts, contact us today.


Your Websites are Compliant

We've received questions as to whether or not our websites are usable for persons with disabilities.

The answer is, "Yes."

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To all our valued customers:

I would be remiss if I didn't say that Coronavirus has taken everyone by surprise and caused us to revise our 2020 plans. Prior to Coronavirus, we were having an economic boom, especially within the real estate sector.

The good news for our sector is that the overall fundamentals of our economy are strong going into this and the stimulus that our government is providing should help greatly lessen the overall impact on our economy.

Two weeks ago we took proactive measures to lessen the impact of Influenza and Coronavirus to our team with increased cleaning of our office and social distancing through suspending our weekly group lunches and all-company wide meetings.

As an additional precautionary measure today I asked all Delta Media Group employees to telecommute. We are blessed to be a virtual company that chooses to work together in an amazing office. All systems and tools used by us already facilitate telecommuting with the exception of our phone system and this week we configured our phone system so we can use computer-based phones from outside our office utilizing our phone system.

With that said, if you are calling us, you may experience some hiccups as we are getting used to our out of office phones. While I expect no serious issues I do ask for your patience and understanding. You will be able to call into Technical Support as you normally do and our Technical Support Representatives will be able to answer your call, as normal, from the security and comfort of their home. If you experience any issues calling in to us please email

Additionally, in order to support your business, and in order to prepare to resume business as usual, we are putting together resources to help you and your sales associates focus on getting back to business. We have had many clients already send out notices using the DeltaNET to their clients but, at your request, we are adding additional templates to our systems, with your guidance, to help you and your sales associates communicate effectively with your clients during this time.

We are also in the process of prepping new training and promotional material. One example of such material is Open House Connector™ has received significant upgrades in the past couple weeks so now is a great time for us to provide you educational material on these updates that you can share with your sales associates. This will help them prepare for the resumption of open houses and business when this passes.

Again, I am confident that we will all get through this. My sincere daily prayer is that you, your family, and your loved ones remain safe and virus free so we can get through this time quickly and get back to business as normal. 


Michael R. Minard
Delta Media Group, Inc.


Help Each Other Outsmart Coronavirus

How We Can Help Each Other

Until the last several weeks, most of us knew nothing about the coronavirus (COVID-19), its symptoms, its spread across the United States and other countries, or what we can do to combat it.

All that changed since COVID-19 turned the world on its head. Schools, local businesses, sports, and entire industries are on hold. Phrases like social distancing, self-quarantine, and flattening the curve are a part of our daily vocabularies as concerns about social responsibility become mainstream.

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Thanksgiving Wishes
This is the time of the year for celebrating all we are thankful for. Our clients and friends at Delta Media Group are at the top of our list.

We have enjoyed serving you this year and wanted to extend a special thank you for being a part of our journey throughout 2019.

We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

Happy Thanksgiving.

PS:  Our offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so our team may spend the holiday with family and friends.  Our offices will reopen on Friday, November 29 to serve your business needs.


We don't know if you heard, but Coldwell Banker Bain recently "unleashed" a full organizational change to support its agents with new technology, marketing, and branding.

Coldwell Banker Bain, the nation's largest Coldwell Banker affiliate with over 1,100 brokers in the Pacific Northwest, was the center of a feature story by Inman writer, Patrick Kearns, entitled, Coldwell Banker Bain 'unleashes' brand and tech refresh. Inman's story concentrated on the real estate giant's operational shift to communicate its focus on innovation, attention to concierge services, and competitiveness in the real estate industry.

Delta Media Group and Coldwell Banker Bain

Coldwell Banker Bain's new way of thinking comes powered by Delta Media Group's digital platform--the DeltaNet. During their transitional process, Delta Media Group® provided Coldwell Banker Bain with a new public-facing website, global luxury website, and broker websites.

The DeltaNet platform also supplies team members with their customer relationship management (CRM) system complete with marketing and automated social media tools.

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Let us AMP up your online presence

First to launch (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages to the real estate industry!

(AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages is a relatively new platform to help companies improve the speed and readability of their mobile content. AMP web pages are proving to be at least 85% faster than traditional mobile pages.  This greatly enhances the consumer experience when browsing for homes on their mobile devices.

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