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When it comes to training options for real estate technology, there are a few different schools of thought on what works best. Some want videos, others swear by user guides. At Delta Media Group®, we're big on easy, on giving you — the one using all of that tech — the power to transform your training into exactly what you want and need it to be. 

That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of DeltaNET® Academy, available directly within the DeltaNET CRM. With DeltaNET Academy, users have access to slideshow-based training courses that break down Delta Media Group's industry-leading, all-in-one CRM and wealth of features to their basics, making them simpler than ever to understand. Only a few clicks and admins can easily:

  • Assign specific courses to specific sales associates
  • Send courses to an entire office to help them master certain tools
  • Use modules in multiple courses in order to spotlight tools more than once

Custom course creation also allows admins to set the metaphorical syllabus. Building your own courses is easy: Choose what you want to highlight and assign it to your team. Then, when a course is completed, associates can take a quiz to ensure they've got a handle on all the information. Plus, DeltaNET Academy tracks who's doing what within the system, so you'll know exactly where everyone stands. Consider it a progress report — we're sure everyone will be a pleasure to have in class.

Don't forget our promise of easy, either. DeltaNET Academy provides a user-friendly, intuitive platform that doesn't feel like a hassle or homework. We're still offering videos and guides, but we're also giving our clients more options with hands-on, engaging learning that gives the power of training back to brokerages. 

"When building DeltaNET Academy, we weren't looking for a tool that 'checks the boxes' when it comes to its capabilities," Director of Partner Success Harley Wolfarth says. "DeltaNET Academy gives our users control over course content, visibility, assignment, and even tests/quizzes while keeping those controls and settings in places where you expect to find them. We think we've made something that will make your life easier, not just because your agents and staff can be better trained by the courses you create, but because the process to create those courses is clear and easy as well."

Evolution is part of our Delta Media Group-DNA, so you can be sure we're already working on plans to expand the training offerings within DeltaNET Academy as well. And best of all? DeltaNET Academy comes without any extra cost. No hidden fees. No surprises. Just comprehensive training that gives you and your associates the knowledge to make real estate's most powerful CRM and tech tools work for you. 

No one wants to get schooled by their tech. So, jump to the head of the class with DeltaNET Academy and learn the ins and outs of Delta Media Group's game-changing features. 

"DeltaNET Academy is a platform to not only educate team members with pre-populated real estate CRM and marketing training, but it is also the platform to empower firms with the ability to create their own custom training programs for anything," Delta Media Group CEO/Owner Mike Minard says. "I'm excited to see how DeltaNET Academy transforms how real estate professionals leverage technology further as they are more empowered in their understanding of how much powerful technology is available to them today."


Lead management is crucial to moving your real estate business forward.

Every lead has their own story. Some are motivated to jump in and get involved with the market right away. Some want to "wait and see." But the vast majority are somewhere in between. It may take weeks or months for them to get started. Proper lead management ensures two things:

  • You get to keep track of them no matter how their thinking evolves or how long it takes
  • You can play an active role in helping to educate and motivate them so they take action

With a modern lead management strategy, no time is lost and continuing communication is seamless.

Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Is Crucial to Staying Ahead of Your Leads

Customer Relationship Management refers to a software suite designed to provide complete visibility into leads and their activities. While CRM is common across many industries, especially in sales, only one CRM suite was built from the ground up with input from real estate pros across the United States: DeltaNET 6.

Following up is the name of the game in real estate. It wasn't that long ago when you had to plan out all of your outreach manually and hope your timing was right — not too much and not too little. These days, your CRM can keep track of lead behaviors and connect the dots so you know precisely when to follow up.

As a DeltaNET 6 user, you'll enjoy a number of other great features:

  • Email Marketing Drip Campaigns for Real Estate
    Email marketing is a critical element of lead nurturing. It allows you to make sure you are in contact over the long journey from lead to client. With "My Customer for Life" email newsletters, you can build deeper lead relationships with helpful, informative content. Using detailed "open" and "read" data for each subscriber, you can quickly hone in on precisely the kind of information that resonates with each lead.

  • Hands-Free, Event-Driven Social Media Marketing
    Social media is a potent lead engine in its own right, but it can also be used to cultivate relationships long-term. It's common for would-be buyers who are on the fence to follow local real estate agents for some time before they act. Facebook Connector and LinkedIn Connector can give you the power to keep your social media feed flowing with instant, event-driven updates. That keeps eyes on your listings and your brand.

  • Text Messaging for Agents and Brokerages
    Many people see text messaging as more convenient and more intimate than email. That's especially true of Millennials and Gen Z, who will often avoid a drawn-out phone call in favor of a quick message. With our real estate text messaging platform, you can harness this popular technology for your lead development. You can boost your email drip campaigns with text or even schedule text blasts for groups of subscribers.

How to Organize Your Lead Management More Effectively

Lead generation and lead management go hand in hand. Providing excellent experiences that introduce leads to your brand will put them on a trajectory to work with you. This means publishing the right digital resources and making sure your offline efforts, such as in-person networking, benefit appropriately from them.

Here are some ways to do it:

  • Know Which Channels Are Sending You Leads
    Your listings are a major source of leads, but only one of many. Your website, social media, and events such as open houses also contribute to the mix. Keep an eye on your data so you understand which channels are doing the most. That will help you focus your efforts where they have the greatest impact.

  • Make Sure You Have Clean, High-Quality Data
    As leads trickle into your system, take some time every week to take a look at them. Sometimes, people will sign up with fake emails, phone numbers, and more so they can get access to information. You can remove these contacts and update those whose details have changed over time.

  • Use Lead Activity to Guide Your Content Marketing
    Content marketing enables you to strengthen your lead relationships by providing helpful, informative blogging, videos, and more. The better aligned your content is with your leads' interests, the more effective it will be. By checking your analytics data, you'll see which website pages and social updates got the most attention.

  • Segment Your Leads to Enhance Your Results
    Almost all of your leads will end up on your email list at one point — that's one of the big conversion actions that defines a lead. To ensure everyone gets relevant, useful content, divvy them into highly targeted segments: That includes warm leads, cold leads, and past customers at the very least.

Contact us to find out more about real estate lead management.


For years, CloudDelta™ has been a great resource for easily sharing secure files quickly with your team. It helps your company save time, money, and valuable resources when all the documents you need are accessible in DeltaNET 6™, the all-in-one solution for your real estate businesses.

Delta Media Group's secure cloud-based management tool ensures you don't need to email large documents to your agents, and you don't need to worry about yet another third-party system you have to support — with one login, you have all the tools you need for digital success.

Here are some of the features CloudDelta™ users already know:

  • Only pay for the storage your business needs.
  • Administrators control which files your team has access to. Have peace of mind knowing users can only access and see files they should.
  • Reports showing all files in the system, when files were last updated, and how many times they've been downloaded.
  • Create your own YouTube video library. Share all of your training videos in one location.
  • Easily find files via any web browser. The built-in file quick search makes it simple to find files and folders by name or keyword.
  • Bookmark and share useful websites with your company. Keep a list of helpful, industry-important sites for your entire company all in one location and always up-to-date.

At Delta Media Group, we strive to bring our clients the best products, which is why we're constantly listening to feedback and thinking of ways to make improvements. Even when we think we have something great, we acknowledge our products will evolve over time, as everything does. With CloudDelta™, we've targeted some areas where we could improve form and function, and we're happy to announce this tool is getting a big update!

Here are upgrades coming to CloudDelta™ you can get excited about!

  • Updated, modern interface.
  • Larger thumbnails and "back create" thumbnails for all files.
  • List view and gallery view options.
  • Tree view support.
  • File path view for files as they are being viewed.
  • Faster searching.
  • Favorite files and have a favorites section.
  • The ability to view files (Presenter Mode) more easily.

We look forward to the feedback from these upgrades. If you have questions about getting the most out of your real estate technology, contact us today.


Real estate has changed quickly over the last year. There are new technologies and new marketing techniques. Some of them leverage trends that were already percolating in the background, accelerated by the pandemic. Others are all-new, the byproduct of the collective ingenuity and creativity of a highly adaptive industry.

Whatever the case, real estate's evolution won't end with COVID-19. On the contrary, agents and brokers should prepare for a fresh era of change — one in which they'll need to draw on recent lessons while connecting with how they can best communicate their unique value to clients.

That's because the time is now to start Zillowproofing your business.

Big or Small, 2021 Is Pivotal to Zillowproofing Your Real Estate Future

Zillow is no longer "just" a place for listings — it's a real competitor.

But don't panic! Zillow has a big budget and even bigger aspirations, but you have competitive advantages that it can never take away. More than that, it can't even come close to replicating them.

Only local real estate pros can:

  • Develop deep and personal relationships with their leads and clients and maintain them for years
  • Deliver the highest quality of responsive, professional service to help clients navigate transactions
  • Recognize and respond to changes, both individually and within your community, and react fast
  • Craft a brand narrative that attracts your own ideal customers, not just "anyone and everyone."

In sectors of the economy from accountancy to roofing and everywhere in between, motivated professionals and small or mid-sized brands have always found ways to compete successfully with "the big guy." Zillow's brand recognition is a double-edged sword: millions of would-be clients will soon be turning up their noses at the name everyone knows and looking for a local real estate expert who truly cares about their needs.

Meet (and Beat) Zillow on Your Terms: 7 Ways to Get Started Now

  • Leverage Customer Relationship Management to Get More Done, Faster
    An all-in-one real estate solution like DeltaNET 6 gives you visibility into the activities of your contacts, leads, and clients. It keeps track of interactions with your listings and helps you know when and how to follow up. DeltaNET 6 will save you hundreds of hours of manual work so you can focus on building your business.

  • Adapt to Real Estate Trends that Show Signs of Staying Power
    After 2020, the real estate industry has changed forever. Video is more important than ever for real estate marketing, and that includes virtual tours: they're convenient and effective, helping buyers broaden their search radius without long road trips. Properties in Motion and the Virtual Open House platform make it easy.

  • Carve Out Spaces Where You Can Compete Effectively
    Zillow is big, but results still come down to one-on-one personal connections. In many cases, that means making life easier for your clients. Local Showings is Delta Media Group's solution. You can easily check availability and schedule a showing for any listing on the MLS — it's like Zillow, only better.

  • Double Down on Your Branding, Niche, and Individual Appeal
    Your ideal client is eager to work with you, not anyone else. Be sure you're 100% clear on who that client is, what their pain points are, and why you can serve them better than the competition. Then, repeat that message loud and clear throughout your website, blogs, social media, and anywhere you meet people.

  • Make a Personal Connection Before You Even Meet
    Video isn't just about making homes look good. It can also put you in the spotlight. People trust video — it's the next best thing to being there, and helps newcomers to your brand feel like they know you. Introduce yourself with a video on your website. Enhance your blog and social media posts with video whenever you can.

  • Leverage Your Existing Network for More Referrals
    Referrals are the name of the game early in any real estate pro's career. If you keep relationships strong, that well never runs dry. Be disciplined in following up after closing day: one week, one month, six months, and a year to the day. Circle around to clients you haven't heard from recently and find out if there's more you can do.

  • Make Your Website the Core of Your Lead Generation
    On the flip side, your website can develop into a lead generation engine that's always running. Zillow has been on the scene for years, but real estate agents still get excellent online visibility with SEO and content marketing. Follow best practices and publish helpful, informative content for your target audience.

What's the biggest takeaway? Don't get spooked! Stay calm, think things through, and make informed choices about your options to stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about real estate digital marketing, contact us today.


How do you keep track of everyone you know who might someday buy or sell a home?

Real estate agents need to maintain strong relationships with the people in their orbit. At first, that may mean connecting with family and friends so everyone knows you are there for them when they enter the market. Gradually, it becomes a bit more complex.

You craft and solidify your brand, then extend it further. This helps you shift from your personal network to the community at large, an essential step toward lasting success. It's around this time that traditional methods of staying organized start to get strained. Who in your neighborhood is most motivated to buy or sell? When did you speak to that person last and under what circumstances? When would be the best time for you to follow up to move a transaction forward?

In the old days, keeping track of all these facts and more was a slow, imperfect process.

Luckily, there's a technological solution that can replace the overflowing filing cabinet forever. Not only does it keep your contacts, their details, and your observations in one place — it can help you predict and influence behavior using data captured when people interact with your website.

That solution is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Customer Relationship Management Helps You Do More in Less Time

Customer Relationship Management software can save you thousands of hours a year.

With a CRM suite, you gain complete visibility into the activities of all your prospects, leads, current customers, and former customers. You can see at a glance precisely where they stand on their way to becoming clients or, if they are active now, exactly what's going on in their transaction.

Plus, much of what a CRM application does requires no manual data entry on your part.

That's because your real estate CRM can be linked with your website or other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, allowing data to be collected the moment it's entered. That includes any registration forms you post for events such as an open house or a virtual showing.

Real estate agents all over America have discovered a good CRM is the key to work-life balance.

If you want to say goodbye to a huge part of your manual workload, Customer Relationship Management for real estate is imperative — and DeltaNET 6 has all the features you need. Built with input from thousands of real estate professionals, it is the world's top real estate CRM. It also goes beyond what you expect from even the best CRM.

DeltaNET 6 Is More Than Customer Relationship Management

DeltaNET 6 delivers a unique, handcrafted real estate CRM experience, but it also does more.

It is an all-in-one, AI-driven center of excellence for all your real estate digital marketing. Let's take a closer look at some of the many ways DeltaNET 6 can exceed your expectations:

  • Schedule Showings for Any MLS Listing in Just a Few Clicks
    Local Showings is a powerful new feature and one of the most requested updates in DeltaNET 6. It provides a full calendar of available showing times as well as convenient notifications whenever a showing is requested or confirmed. You can view and modify active listings, see feedback and activity, and monitor your contacts, too.

  • Automate Social Media with Facebook Connector and LinkedIn Connector
    Want all the benefits of social media without feeling tethered to it 24 hours a day? Facebook Connector is the answer. It empowers you to send out event-based social media updates, like important listing updates and new event announcements, whenever they happen. LinkedIn Connector provides the same features on LinkedIn.

  • Do Online Advertising Magic with Ad Wizard
    Paid advertising can bring traffic to your listings overnight — literally. Ad Wizard is the self-service tool that finally makes it easy, equipping you to increase your ads' ROI in just minutes a day. With Ad Wizard, you can create ads fast, manage them with a simple interface, and keep sellers looped in on their campaign results.

  • Leverage Virtual Tours with Properties in Motion
    Buyers love video content, and digital home tours are a new fixture of the way they search for properties. With Properties in Motion, you can take advantage of this powerful new trend. Send branded, high-definition voiceover videos to your Facebook and website, track leads, and elevate your search engine results.

  • Generate Compelling Buyer and Seller Reports
    Staying informed is the name of the game in real estate. Your local expertise is what sets you apart. No matter whether you work with buyers or sellers, DeltaNET 6 has you covered. Tap into our accurate, comprehensive database of real estate information to create My HomeFinder, Market Watch, and Seller Reports.

Contact us to learn more about what DeltaNET 6 can do for you.


Being a real estate agent often means wearing many hats, and it's so easy to feel like there's not enough time in the day to tackle every task. Fortunately, managing relationships, marketing, inventory, and leads is so much easier when you have the right tools for the job. That's why every agent and real estate firm can benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The right real estate CRM can be a true boon to your business, allowing agents to convert more leads, unlock inventory, maximize marketing, and free up more time for closing deals.

Unlock Your Inventory With DeltaNET 6

  • How Every Real Estate Agent Can Benefit from a CRM
    The best CRM offers solutions for real estate agents' diverse needs and streamlines the many daily tasks that drive new business. It's both a centralized hub for collecting key client information and a suite of tools for putting that information to work. Perhaps most importantly, it's a major time-saver, with seamless integration of all the tools that agents need to manage relationships from the "nice to meet you" stage to closing day.

  • Make the Most of Your Marketing and Save Time with Automation
    Without the right tools, marketing can be a massive time-sink. The right real estate CRM helps agents save time with AI-driven marketing automation and all the most important, reliable tools for generating new business. Whether it's managing social posts, creating content, setting up online advertising, blasting bulk emails, earning online reviews, or collecting testimonials, DeltaNET 6 makes it easy to manage all of your marketing in one place. With less time spent on marketing, agents can spend more time connecting clients with homes.

  • Nurture Existing Leads and Uncover New Opportunities
    In addition to its many other functions, your CRM is also a repository of information on clients and leads. The more you learn (and remember!) about a lead, the easier it is to earn their business. Your CRM makes it easy to record information on leads and put that information to work. With DeltaNET 6, agents can harness the power of AI for drip email campaigns, newsletters, and follow-up action plans that turn leads into clients.

  • Connect Clients with Homes and Manage Your Inventory
    Real estate clients want to work with agents who "get" them, and connecting clients (or prospects) with the right homes shows that you understand their needs. When working with a new client, you can record all of their home preferences in your CRM and connect them with homes in your inventory that check all of their boxes. Sending listings that perfectly match the client's preferences is an easy way to show them that you're the right choice for their needs.

    DeltaNET 6 makes it easy to collect client information so that it's always there when agents need it, and it even provides monthly market reports on all of your market areas for clients who want to stay informed. Our Open House Connector helps agents register clients for open houses through automated marketing campaigns, generate reports from open houses, and follow up automatically after the open house is completed.

Why DeltaNET 6 Is the right Choice for Your Real Estate Success

DeltaNET 6 makes it easy for agents to handle the real estate sales process from start to finish, with tools for marketing, generating leads, nurturing those leads, and unlocking your inventory by connecting buyers with homes. Agents love the intuitive, easy-to-use platform and automated, time-saving tools. With so much time saved on daily tasks, agents have more freedom to do what they do best. Contact us today to get started.


Over the last decade, automation has become one of the most important tools for real estate agents.

With the right software, it's possible to automate complex, multi-step tasks that once took hours to complete. For example, DeltaNET 6 customers benefit from an all-in-one real estate solution that automates social media, email drip campaigns, and much more — potentially saving thousands of hours a year.

At Delta Media Group, we've heard time and again from agents and brokers who have built their workflow on a handful of software products that work best for them. Although many of these products were not designed to work together, they now form the foundation of day-to-day operations.

These professionals want the power of DeltaNET 6, but they don't want to reinvent the wheel by replacing other software they already use. Our new partnership with Zapier provides the answer. Zapier is an integrated automation solution that enables you to use your existing software in amazing new ways.

With Zapier, All Your Apps Can Talk to Each Other Like Never Before

Zapier facilitates communication between diverse online applications, paving the way for superior compatibility. That means no more "workarounds" to get apps from different developers to work together efficiently. You can orchestrate all-new workflows where multiple applications share and act on incoming data.

Zapier's customizable workflows are called "Zaps." They perform actions based on a trigger.

Here's one common Zap:

  • You receive an email in your work Gmail that includes an attachment

  • In response to the trigger, Zapier tells your antivirus to scan the file

  • In response to the clean scan, the file is sent to your work Dropbox

  • When a new file reaches your Dropbox, Slack alerts you to its arrival

Zaps allow for forking conditions so you can create sophisticated logic without human intervention. In the Zap above, for example, it would make sense to delete the infected file if the antivirus scan turns up a problem. The sender could then be blacklisted or receive an automated response based on their identity.

Zapier takes the guesswork out of application interoperability. As a Zapier user, you become the architect of your workday. A solo agent can do the work of a whole team and a small team can compete head-to-head with the largest, most established agencies in their market. And now, it's all available from your DeltaNET 6 interface.

DeltaNET 6 Zapier Integration is Another Step Forward in Automation for Real Estate

Zapier is the conductor that makes more than 3,000 apps sing. Seamless access to all Zapier's features right in DeltaNET 6 makes it even easier than ever before. Our digital marketing experts have been working around the clock to complete the integration, one of our most requested updates of 2021.

You don't need any coding experience or exhaustive documentation to do great things with Zapier. A user-friendly point-and-click interface lets you start workflows from any application. You get immediate feedback from whatever software you use, so you know right away that your Zaps work as expected.

Introducing Zapier is just another part of our commitment to helping you save time and stay focused on building your practice. With Zapier handling your routine tasks, you can save your energy for fostering the relationships that strengthen your brand. Plus, you can strive for the work-life balance you want without sacrificing quality.

Want to know more about Zapier and how to put its vast capabilities to work for you? We encourage you to give it a try from within the DeltaNET. To get tips and advice on using Zapier direct from the experts, just contact us today.


Promote Builders and Communities On Your Website

Introduce Buyers to Builders and Their Communities on Your Website

Many buyers opt for new construction homes over existing homes, especially in markets where a lack of housing inventory exists. No matter why a buyer is opting to build a house, marketing new construction homes is often a challenge for real estate businesses. The new construction market is strong, but you may still have to adopt new tactics to market newly built homes to your audience. Get started with these steps to market new construction homes to your clients.

Click Here to


"The best CRM is the one an agent will use."

Marilyn Wilson (Co-Founder/Executive Vice President, RETechnology), Michael Minard (CEO/Owner, Delta Media Group), and Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager, Delta Media Group) chatted during a recent RETechnology webinar to highlight Delta Media Group's new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages.

Watch the Webinar
We're sharing the webinar, so real estate professionals see why DeltaNET 6 and it's built-in CRM is the best solution for their real estate businesses. 

Michael Minard, CEO/Owner of Delta Media Group, commented about Delta's announcement, "The best CRM is the one an agent will use." 

Click Here to


No Setup Fees or Contracts!

Agent Trial Offer

DeltaNET 6 is Delta Media Group's all-in-one solution packed full with the best real estate tools. It's the smart choice for everyone from new, single agents, teams, and small brokerages. This offer is your opportunity to see what the real estate industry has been talking about.

Get a backstage pass to lead-generating tools and technology like social advertising tools, hundreds of customizable print flyer designs, email marketing campaigns, blogging, testimonials, and automated Facebook posting. You might become the real estate pro buyers and sellers ask for by name.

Didn't we mention something about a free website? That's right.  Get started with DeltaNET 6 today, and you'll receive a free customizable website with more than a dozen different mobile responsive designs to help bring your brand to life.

Whether you start with just the basics or add a few more features to make the paperwork-pushing portion of your job easier, each package begins with:

  • Emails Blasts
  • Email Action Plans
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Pages
  • Market Landing Pages
  • Testimonial System
  • Blogging
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Seller Reports
  • Out-of-the-Box Action Plans
  • Mobile App (PWA)
  • Contact Import
  • Market Watch Reports
  • Pipeline Manager & Custom Dashboards
  • Lead Management Tools
  • AdWizard PPC System
  • Your Listings
  • Custom List & Contact Management

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