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Keep Your Business Humming with Real Estate Technology
As the coronavirus pandemic enters its eighth month, Harvard Business School reports that many people working from home work longer and attend more meetings than before remote work started.

Early weeks of the pandemic saw the workday lengthen more than 8%––a difference of nearly 50 minutes. That adds up to a staggering increase from a 9.6-hour day to 10.8 hours at the recorded activity peak.

Data from more than three million people in 16 world cities showed many types of activity increasing:

  • Employees sent 5.2% more work-related emails in a day.
  • Emails sent had an average of 2.9 more recipients.
  • Approximately 8.3 percent more emails were sent after hours.

With many people wondering if the 9-to-5 workday is gone for good, it's essential for real estate professionals to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Ask yourself this question, "Are you integrating real estate technology in a way that keeps productivity and morale up, and turning back the tide of an ever-expanding workday?"

Real Estate Technology is Essential to Working Smarter, Not Longer

In many industries, it's common to boast about long hours at work and little sleep. Over the last ten years, real estate has embraced the opposite mindset. Sales associates know managing their energy is just as crucial as managing their time––and it's indispensable to giving clients the best quality of service.

Most of us, in any industry, simply can't give 100% for 10.8 hours.

As with so many innovative real estate firms today, technology can be the driving force behind superior client care and a healthy work-life balance.

Adopting technology into real estate firms isn't without trade-offs: There is a learning curve when sales associates update their workflows to include unfamiliar, sophisticated tools. But beyond the initial shocks of change lie new vistas of productivity that give real estate pros the time and energy to truly excel.

That means having more time for high-touch relationships with clients and prospects, crafting a world-class customer experience, and building a brand you're proud of while still having time to sleep at night.

Technology has been the key to keeping real estate humming during the coronavirus pandemic. As 2020 gives way to 2021, we are hopeful more firms will use new tools to become more efficient and effective.

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Harley Wolfarth demonstrates how to update the search settings of a Delta Media Group® website, powered by the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM In this episode of Tech Tuesday.

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Beat Zillow Webinar
Join Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager / Senior Key Account Consultant ) on November 5th at 3:00 PM EST as he discusses "Five Ways to Beat Zillow (& Other Disrupters) at Their Own Game."
With Zillow's recent announcement, it is more important than ever to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. It's also important to understand where your business comes from, and the impact a good CRM can have on your business. As the landscape in real estate changes, disruption-proof your business with these five concepts.


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Real Estate Automation
As a real estate professional, would you rather spend all day sending emails or selling houses? As the leader in your real estate firm, do you want your sales staff to focus on restocking your pipeline or converting existing clients? When used correctly, real estate automation eliminates those tough choices and allows sales associates to focus on what they do best. Automation can handle so many of the nuts-and-bolts, time-consuming tasks crucial to lead management and conversion. Here's how real estate automation makes your life easier.

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DeltaNET 6 CRM
The answer to "How Do You Turn a $50,000 Project into a $50 Million Platform" is slowly and carefully. That's how it happened for Delta Media Group®, and it is most likely how you grew your business too.

Let me start by sharing why I want to tell the story of how Delta Media Group turned a $50,000 project into a $50 million platform.

There are three reasons:

FIRST, the media and groups within the real estate industry, regularly publish misinformation that the only way to be successful in today's business world, especially as a technology company, is through venture capital funding. This is not true!

SECOND, while some companies may benefit from the infusion of venture capital funding for growth, the injection of cash from these investment firms isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

The dangers that overnight startup companies face when venture capital funding comes into the equation eventually bring some of these companies to their knees. The real estate industry has seen numerous examples of this scenario where a tech company starts up, takes on funding, grows too fast, can't service their clients effectively, and implodes under their own weight.

THIRD, the reason I'm telling this story is one hardly anyone knows, and that's due to no one else's fault but my own. It's the Delta Media Group story. Technology and development have always been top-of-mind with me. However, working with Delta's marketing team, we're telling our story in 2020 because of how old our story is and to prove, "Yes, you can be successful without VC funding."

The Preface - The Road To Overnight Success

I love two phrases relating to how long it takes and how much work it takes to succeed. The first is, "It's amazing how long it takes to become an overnight success." Steve Jobs said it best by saying, "If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time." People only see the success. What they don't understand is all the work and sacrifice it takes to become successful.

The other phrase I love and have hanging in my office is, "Be willing to grow slowly, so you survive." When you're in the middle of success and growth, the hardest thing to do is operate with restraint, especially when it comes to not taking on funding. And, in my case, when I did take on debt, I only did it when absolutely necessary and paid it off quickly. My advice would be if you assume debt, do it only if you must, and don't do it again or put yourself back in the same position where you need to.

These are two beliefs I abide by in business.

DeltaNET 6 CRM Platform

Delta Media Group's Long Road to Success

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Building Your Brand Online
When you tell a story, every detail matters. The more vibrant the portrait you paint, the more likely the story's receiver becomes invested in its outcome.

This fact is true when you're telling a traditional story, and it's equally important in real estate storytelling. The story you tell through your blog, your real estate website, or social media channels is your best opportunity to help shoppers fall in love with your local markets and your business.

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Harley Wolfarth demonstrates how to modify your listing display settings for your website in the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM.

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Get noticed with Social Media

40 Post Ideas for Real Estate Social Media

Do you feel like your real estate business is getting the cold shoulder from people on social media? You're probably right! Your social media pages are prime spots to connect with clients on a personal level--if you know how to get their attention. Make people stand up and notice your real estate business with this list of our 40 favorite social media posts to attract clients.

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Virtual Open Houses

Virtual open houses have become the norm in real estate markets across the country, allowing clients to practice social distancing while still marketing their property or shopping for their next home. As communities reopen, many clients prefer the safety, security, and convenience of virtual open houses. As all top-performing REALTORS® know, adapting to an ever-changing industry is key to a successful career in real estate. So now is the time to make sure that you're bringing your "A" game with virtual open houses, and we've got some tips to help you do just that.

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Just in case you missed today's live episode of Tech Tuesday, watch Harley Wolfarth demonstrate the Open House Connector™️ tool found in the DeltaNET 6™️ CRM.

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Delta Media Group Listing Presentations

As a sales associate, every listing presentation is a chance to earn trust, demonstrate value, and win new business. Of course, every other associate who makes a presentation to a seller has the same goals. Use these ideas to set yourself apart from the competition and ace your next listing presentation.

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Website Audit

At the time of writing this article, there is a major hot-button issue happening in Florida.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate brokerages were served letters threatening legal action because their real estate websites were not FHA/ADA Compliant. This was all triggered due to the Robles v Domino's Pizza, LLC case in November 2019, where it was ruled that financial restitution was owed to Guillermo Robles because he could not order a pizza through Domino Pizza's website. The website was not built to be accessible for the vision-impaired.

A multitude of reasons exists why you want your website to be FHA/ADA Compliant. First of all, it's just the right thing to do. It would be best if you wanted your site to be accessible for all people, including those with disabilities. Many visually impaired people can use "screen readers" to navigate websites online, and your website must be built in such a way that supports that type of software.

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Real Estate Text Message Marketing
As you read this story, four out of five Americans own a smartphone. Include in that number those folks who use phones that aren't app-friendly, and you get 96%.

It's a sure bet nearly everyone who needs your real estate services also uses a mobile phone daily. And although not all phones can play Angry Birds, virtually all are designed to receive text messages.

Formally called SMS text––the acronym stands for Short Message Service, text messaging has exploded in popularity over the last decade. And texting isn't just for teens any longer.

During 2017, experts estimated that about 26 billion text messages were sent each day in the United States. That adds up to over 780 billion texts monthly and more than 9.3 trillion every year.

People of all ages use text messages. Because they will often text with friends and loved ones instead of calling, texters are likely to check their messages within minutes of a new notification.

Sure, there are some caveats. Most people aren't checking texts in the middle of a meeting at work––we hope. All in all, though, mobile research firm MobileSquared says 90% of people read a new text within three minutes of getting it. Three minutes!

Not surprisingly, this means text messages rock for real estate professionals. In a report published by the National Association of REALTORS®, 94% of REALTORS® said the method they preferred to communicate with clients was text messaging.

In 2020, there are huge horizons for growth. And there are plenty of good reasons why you should take advantage of text messaging for your real estate business.

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In this week's episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth demonstrates how to manage your listings in DeltaNET™️ 6.

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Leverage Technology
Ask any successful sales associate in the business for a few years, and they'll tell you that one of their most valuable assets is their database of past clients.

It's simple. The sales associate worked hard to build relationships and help their past clients successfully buy and sell properties, and they know that these past clients are their most important prospects for future transactions.

Almost all businesses are this way. Your best source of new business is either through a referral from a current client or past client or past clients returning for repeat business. These folks already know and appreciate the value of your service or product.

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