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As the market continues to struggle, interest rates remain high, and we enter the industry's "slow" season, many brokerages will choose to wait out the tough times and pull back on marketing efforts to cut costs. But the best way to overcome these obstacles is by doubling down on online marketing—not cutting the exact thing needed most. Now is the perfect time for agents to learn how to use the latest automated online marketing tools in DeltaNET®.

Delta Media Group's® VP of Sales, Franklin Stoffer, hosted a special Online Marketing Webinar, joined by Winston Widdes, a Paid Advertising Strategist with Delta. This webinar covers essential online marketing tools available in DeltaNET, including:

- My Customer for Life (MCFL)
- Social Connector
- AD Wizard
- Market Watch Reports
- Smart Drip Email Campaigns

To learn more about Delta's marketing tools and how they can help you grow your business in 2023, contact


Beat Zillow Webinar
Join Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager / Senior Key Account Consultant ) on November 5th at 3:00 PM EST as he discusses "Five Ways to Beat Zillow (& Other Disrupters) at Their Own Game."
With Zillow's recent announcement, it is more important than ever to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. It's also important to understand where your business comes from, and the impact a good CRM can have on your business. As the landscape in real estate changes, disruption-proof your business with these five concepts.


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"The best CRM is the one an agent will use."

Marilyn Wilson (Co-Founder/Executive Vice President, RETechnology), Michael Minard (CEO/Owner, Delta Media Group), and Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager, Delta Media Group) chatted during a recent RETechnology webinar to highlight Delta Media Group's new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages.

Watch the Webinar
We're sharing the webinar, so real estate professionals see why DeltaNET 6 and it's built-in CRM is the best solution for their real estate businesses. 

Michael Minard, CEO/Owner of Delta Media Group, commented about Delta's announcement, "The best CRM is the one an agent will use." 

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Just In Case You Missed Our Last Webinar!

If you didn't catch Franklin Stoffer's webinar, "Discover the Secret to Recruiting Top Agents," watch an instant replay now. Stoffer takes a deep dive into the design and functionality of Delta Media Group's newly launched client career websites as well as a tour of our recruiting campaigns and flyers to attract top agents to your team.


Careers Webinar: "Discover the Secret to Recruiting Top Agents"

If your firm's goal is to grow its business by recruiting top agents, this is a webinar you don't want to miss!

Register for Discover the Secret to Recruiting Top Agents Webinar

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Franklin Stoffer, Sales Manager & Senior Accounts Consultant, takes a deep dive into the design and functionality of Delta Media Group's newly launched client career websites. He will also provide an overview of our recruiting campaigns and flyers that are available.

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DeltaNET 6 CRM Launches Integrated SMS Texting

Join Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager & Senior Accounts Consultant) during his next upcoming webinar on Friday, June 26th at 2:00 PM EST. He will be discussing the new agent texting functionality rolling out in DeltaNET 6.

Features include: 
  • Direct Text Messaging
  • SMS Blast Messaging
  • SMS Messaging Within Email Campaigns

Register Here to attend.


Watch Our Webinar Now

Watch Franklin Stoffer's June 11th webinar as he walks you through Delta Media Group's new high-quality agent website themes.


Watch Our Webinar Now

Franklin Stoffer walks you through "How to Execute a Successful Email Strategy in DeltaNET® 6 in our May 28, 2020 webinar.

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As real estate markets rebound this summer, we're asking all real estate pros one question, "Is your house in order?" Of course, by house, we mean your online house: Your website.  
Like any home you list for clients, your business's online home may need sprucing up or even a complete remodel.
Franklin Stoffer, Senior Key Accounts Consultant/Sales Manager, invites you to join him on June 11 at 2:00 EST for a webinar showcasing the DeltaNET's recently released agent website themes.

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Register for Webinar Today - DeltaNET6 Redefines Real Estate Technology

Join Franklin Stoffer (Senior Key Accounts Consultant / Sales Manager) on May 14th at 2:00 EST for a webinar where he will lift the hood of the new DeltaNET 6 platform. Delta Media Group is changing the future of the Real Estate industry with the launch of DeltaNET 6. The automation and seamless integrations empower agents to focus less on the tech and more on their business. 

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In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth reviews recent updates to configuring and using Seller Reports in the DeltaNET.

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Tuesday April 7 Webinar Videos & Facebook
After conducting a few webinars over the past week and getting feedback from our wonderful attendees, we recognize some of you are intimidated, so we are showing how easy this is and providing useful tips on how to create Virtual Open House Videos, including recommended iPhone and Android settings.

On this webinar, we will take you step by step on how to create a video from your iPhone or Android and upload it to Facebook Premieres. Whether you are a broker or an agent, this is a must-watch webinar! 

We all need to learn, grow, and step out of our comfort zone! We are all in this together! It's easy. You can do it!


One Solution is All You Need
Minimalism and Your Real Estate Business

You're probably thinking, "minimalism and my real estate business—really?" I don't see the connection.

Minimalism is a buzzword we often hear kicked around.  But do we know what it means? In a nutshell, it means "living with less--Intentionally."

Some people feel minimalism means living with fewer things--clothing, furniture, cars.

Others define minimalism as giving ourselves the freedom to live without confusion, worry, and stress. 

As a real estate agent, you've probaby used more than one vendor to grow your real estate business. And while their individual services may be great, the additional invoices you pay to multiple vendors, decrease you might see in productivity, and your skyrocketing blood pressure is not.

Succeed in Real Estate by Living with Less Vendors

Delta Media Group is passionate about technology and how clients interact with it.  Consequently, we created an all-in-one system designed to streamline your business making it simpler to do what you do best--serve your clients' real estate needs.

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20 SEO Tips Webinar

Register Today:  20 Tips for a Successful SEO Campaign

Are the results from your SEO campaign a little fuzzy? This webinar will provide clarity on the best practices that are essential to have better Search Engine visibility resulting in increased search traffic and leads. We will provide 20 tips that will help you determine how your campaign stacks up and highlights areas for improvement.

When: March 15th — 2:00 EST

60 Minutes including Q & A

Presenters: Mike Minard (President/CEO) and Aaron Geh (Head of Digital Marketing)

Registration URL:




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We Think You'll Agree 

Here are five of our customer's favorite Tech Tuesday Training Videos that help them run their real estate businesses.  Once you view these videos, we think you'll be hooked on them too.

1.  Tech Tuesday's DeltaNet 5 [Zillow Tech Connect]

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Join The Fusion ProjectDelta Media Group had a successful webinar on September 22, 2015 which was hosted by Victor Lund, CEO/Co-Founder of RE Technology and Partner of WAV Group. Delta Media Group's CEO, Mike Minard and VP, Jonathan Blood were joined by industry leaders Cyndi Cook from RE/MAX DFW Associates, Suzi Stepanovich from Cutler Real Estate, and Corinna Decker from Wagner Realty. During this one hour webinar we heard from these industry experts and peers on what makes marketing successful in the real estate industry today. We discussed how to manage customer relationships, recruit new talent and build your brand. We discussed the advantages of video, chat and e-mail marketing along with other trends and how they can be used today in the real estate industry to help grow your business.

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Join Delta Media Group in an educational webinar hosted by Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. The webinar will begin at 1 P.M. Eastern Time or 10 A.M. Pacific Time.

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Join Delta Media Group in an educational webinar hosted by Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. The webinar will begin at 1 P.M. Eastern Time or 10 A.M. Pacific Time. 

Learn how to manage client relationships, recruit new talent and build your brand. Additionally, hear thoughts on video, chat and e-mail marketing.

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