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When discussing marketing for real estate agents, a lot of attention is given to attracting leads. Once your leads convert into customers, however, you still need robust resources to help them meet their goals. Along the way, you also build their confidence by demonstrating your local expertise.

One piece of content that appeals to both leads and customers is the comparative market analysis.

A comparative market analysis (or CMA) is a decision-making tool that helps sellers position their homes to sell at a favorable price and on a timeframe that makes sense. It enables you to determine an optimal price range for a property based on recent sales of similar homes in the area.

The average seller is prone to over-value a home. The longer they have lived there, the more likely it is they will calculate sentimental value into their price without even realizing it. A comparative market analysis helps you make a fact-based case for a particular price while defusing an emotionally charged situation.

The Advantages of Comparative Market Analysis in Marketing for Real Estate Agents

At first, the CMA might seem to be a bit too technical for clients. When you dig deeper, however, you learn that its advantages translate directly to a faster and smoother transaction. Plus, it shows your brand is committed to the highest level of quality and customer care.

A CMA confers unique benefits for your sellers:

  1. They Are More Likely to Sell Within 30 Days
    When a home's price is informed by a CMA, it will be priced competitively with other homes in the market. This attracts attention from a greater range of buyers and makes it far more likely the property will sell promptly. A home that languishes for 60 or 90 days is at a major disadvantage, and the CMA helps prevent that.
  2. They Are More Likely to Sell at a Higher Price
    The biggest risk of sellers "following their gut" when they price a home is that they may price themselves out of the market. Sellers operate on just a handful of data points – for example, a friend with a home they consider similar may have sold recently for X amount – but the CMA puts all the relevant facts in context.
  3. They Feel Better About the Process
    Some sellers will object strenuously if they feel you are not pricing the home the way they would. A few may even think you're simply trying to make the sale easier for you. The CMA is a way of demonstrating to clients that a proven record of sales stands behind your advice, which helps them start to let go of the home.

Three Ways to Improve Marketing for Real Estate Agents with Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis can appeal to motivated sellers at several points in the customer journey.

Here are some ways real estate agents and brokerages have had success with CMAs:

  1. Use Them as a Lead Magnet to Win More Email Subscribers
    Email is is one of the most cost-effective tools in marketing for real estate agents because subscribers are more likely to stick with you for the weeks and months it may take to jump into the market. A CMA is a tempting way to show would-be sellers that great opportunities await them if they act sooner rather than later.
  2. Offer Them to Attendees of Your Open Houses
    Many open house attendees will need to sell their own home either before or in the process of buying a new one. The thought of managing both processes can seem overwhelming, which may delay a decision. With a CMA in hand, sellers have less uncertainty to deal with and are more likely to move forward.
  3. Provide Them to Confirmed Customers at Your First Meeting
    Once you have an agreement in place with a seller, a CMA should be in their hands as soon as possible. Walking through the CMA and what it means for their selling goals can be a big focus of your first meeting. That way, sellers can end the day with clarity about their listing and the price they can reasonably expect.

Creating Your Branded Comparative Market Analysis

Creating an accurate comparative market analysis has long been a complex, time-consuming task. Delta Media Group empowers you to show the same virtuoso level of local knowledge in one click through our DeltaNET Market Watch Reports. These branded, informative reports can be sent instantly to buyers or sellers.

As a DeltaNET customer, you also have access to Open House Connector. It allows you to quickly capture vital information fromopen house attendees and add it seamlessly into our secure, all-in-one Customer Relationship Management platform. Reports can also be distributed through our automated email drip campaigns.

To learn more or get started, contact Delta Media Group today.


As a real estate agent, one of your most important challenges is to distinguish yourself as an expert in your area. That starts with knowing your real estate market and community inside and out. Your local knowledge is a foundation on which you build a successful career.

To make the most of what you know, you need to stand out to prospects as an authoritative voice from the start – before you even meet them. Digital marketing for real estate agents delivers on this goal by ensuring you are highly visible for searches relevant to your business.

That includes lucrative "near me" searches, as in "real estate agents near me."

The Importance of Local SEO and Your Google My Business Page

Local SEO is the branch of search engine optimization that improves your search engine visibility for users within about 50 miles of your location. It enables you to show up on Google Maps for local users and makes it more likely you'll feature prominently in geo-tagged searches like "real estate agent Austin TX."

Effective local SEO means leveraging local directories, platforms, and publications from your region. Of all of them, the most valuable to start with is Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) is a comprehensive index of local businesses populated by information that Google collects from the Web.

Business owners can claim their GMB listing for free and update it with accurate, complete information.

From that point on, Google uses it as a ranking factor in deciding where to position you in local search. The details you volunteer are used to populate a range of highly visible features, like the Local Search pane.

No Matter If You're a Brokerage or Agent, You Need Google My Business

Google My Business is a free resource just waiting for you to use it. Leaving it to Google isn't enough – to get real ranking power from GMB, you need to put your own personal stamp on it. Both agents and brokerages will benefit from GMB's boost to their local search visibility.

This can make a big difference in your lead generation, especially when you have many competitors.

Luckily, it doesn't take a tech whiz to use GMB. It will walk you through the setup process, so all you need to do is follow a few best practices. Within two or three weeks of initial listing setup, you may notice you're getting more organic search traffic from local prospects.

Here's how to make the most of Google My Business:

  1. Fill Out All the Fields Completely
    GMB asks you basic questions about your business such as its postal address, telephone number, and hours. This information supersedes any user-submitted data. If your office is open to the public, setting up GMB can get you more foot traffic as well as more online leads.
  2. Make Your Description Keyword-Rich
    Keywords reflect the search queries users put into Google, and they're crucial in marketing for real estate agents. Don't forgetto mention your service area by name, including major towns and cities where you work. Also list your company's specialties, distinguishing skills, and prestigious awards in your summary.
  3. Include Photographs
    Business photos snapped by the Google Maps van might not always be the most flattering. As you develop your listing, you'll have the chance to submit your own photos. Make sure the photos you include are clear, crisp, and compelling – they should be every bit as good as your finest real estate photography.
  4. Follow Up with Clients to Get Google Reviews
    Reviews left by Google users are especially visible when your business surfaces on the Local Search panel. Each review includes a star rating from 1 to 5, with the average displayed prominently. Take the time to actively follow up with your satisfied customers and ask for a review. Within a week of closing day is best!
  5. Respond to Reviews (Especially Negative Ones)
    While you can't hide or delete negative reviews, you do have the opportunity to respond to them directly. With a measured, professional tone and a caring attitude, you can open a dialogue that might resolve the issue and get the negative review revised. Either way, future readers will take note of your customer care.
  6. Don't Overlook the Address Verification Process
    GMB is a boon in digital marketing for real estate agents, but the last step is distinctly old school: Your address will be verified through U.S. postal mail. Delivery takes about five days, but you can verify immediately and bring your business live. This gives you access to the back-end view of your company's reviews and analytics.

GMB is simple and powerful, showing that marketing for real estate agents doesn't need to be a chore. To learn about other great techniques – including automating your digital marketing – contact Delta Media Group.


Protect from Zillow

Marketing for real estate agents is about to become more challenging.

Real estate agents have long looked warily at Zillow, a media firm that aggregates data on 110 million American homes through its website. Since its launch in 2006, it has diverted many home buyers and prospective sellers to begin their research on its homepage.

Zillow's next move will be more disruptive: It's hiring real estate agents.

Zillow Offers customers in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Tucson will now work with Zillow employees licensed through Zillow Homes, the company's real estate brokerage. Homes will be listed by Zillow employees.

Zillow employees won't represent sellers outside the Zillow Offers program. However, it will be much easier for Zillow to make that decision in the future as market conditions change.

Plus, the company's expansion threatens to "suck the air out of the room" when it comes to marketing for real estate agents. Independent agents and smaller brokerages will find themselves competing with a juggernaut in America's hottest markets.

What should real estate agents do to prepare?

Technology and Automation Are Essential to Successful Marketing for Real Estate Agents

A recent NAR report showed successful real estate agents get nearly 66% of their business from repeat and referral customers. After the first two years of practice, referrals should begin to grow substantially.

The key to capturing that growth is to deliver personalized, high-touch care during the customer experience and after. However, as your business scales, it becomes more challenging to devote time and attention. The key is automation through reliable, AI-driven real estate technology.

Today's machine learning tools integrate seamlessly into your workflow, enabling you to communicate with one, one hundred, or one thousand clients with the same combination of warmth and precision—everyone receives relevant, useful messaging enlivened by personal touches that build trust.

A CRM is Step One for World-Class Client Care in a Competitive Environment

Without Customer Relationship Management software, your clients are invisible.

A modern CRM enables you to see at a glance where every prospect, lead, and client stands in their own individual buyer journey. Through integration with email marketing and social media tools, it empowers you to deliver the most helpful and informative content at the push of a button.

If you are not using a CRM yet, now's the time to make the leap. The industry's top brokerages already have. A growing number of new agents are starting their career with streamlined, high-tech processes.

Once you add existing customers and contacts to your CRM, it unlocks opportunities to recognize and meet their needs at every stage of the process. Even if leaps lapse or take months to dive into the market, you'll always have follow-up options.

Four More Ways to "Zillow-Proof" Your Career and Set a Course for Success

Once your CRM is up and running, you can stay engaged with both current and past customers. CRM will help you water your garden, but you still need to plant the right seeds. Here's how to do it:

  1. Actively Request Referrals … from Everyone
    Referrals aren't just for clients. Friends, family members, and others you spend time with should hear about what you have to offer … again and again. You never know when someone in your circle may be able to send one of their contacts your way.
  2. Showcase Testimonials and Success Stories
    A modern real estate website really shines when it includes social proof that shows other customers "just like them" love your work. Request a quote as soon as you can after closing day and share it on social media. If you're handy with video, a recorded testimonial is even more powerful.
  3. Network Within Your Community
    Your local expertise is the stock-in-trade nobody else can duplicate. Many of your clients will be from right within your neighborhood, so make yourself known at chamber of commerce events, real estate meetups, and networking groups. You can even extend that online to LinkedIn and Facebook.
  4. Master the Art of Follow-Up
    A CRM equips you to promote listings and connect with others on social media, email, and more. Get used to following up diligently with undecided prospects, including everyone who attends your open houses. It may take 6-8 contacts for someone to make a decision, so don't give up.

As 2021 dawns, marketing for real estate agents is inseparable from digital technology. Never has it been easier to build long-lasting relationships not only with new clients, but previous ones who will power your referral engine.

Delta's all-in-one real estate CRM is the premier proptech solution built on years of feedback from real estate agents. With tools like pre-populated email drip campaigns, automated social media, and the My Customer for Life newsletter, what once took hours every month can now be done in minutes.

To learn more, contact Delta Media Group today.


In this week's Tech Tuesday video, Harley reviews Customer Profile Pages.

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Real Estate Tech Agents Love
Technology keeps us connected in so many ways, and it's especially critical for sales associates in the real estate industry. Staying in touch with buyers and sellers at every stage of a real estate transaction builds confidence and trust. Tools such as social media and CRM software help keep the lines of communication open and contribute to the growth of those customer relationships.

Social media ads can boost your visibility and keep you top-of-mind with customers in every phase of the buying process. Customizable emails, ecards, flyers, and texts via the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM keep sales associates top-of-mind so that when a customer is ready to buy or sell, your name is number one on their list.

We asked sales associates from across the country about the technology they use on a daily basis that helps them be successful. They shared what they can't live without.

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Virtual  Showings and Virtual Open Houses
When the coronavirus hit, real estate faced a turning point.

The pandemic creates challenges for everyone––none of them being particularly easy. In the real estate industry, old ways of doing business became outdated overnight. Just consider the average day: Until March, sales associates spent hours on face-to-face contact. A home showing was the centerpiece of most transactions.

In those first weeks of shelter-in-place, millions of real estate experts came together to find new ways of doing things, knowing their professional community depended on it. Virtual showings and open houses are emblematic of that effort. They've become some of the most popular real estate marketing tools.

Let's take a closer look at virtual showings and open houses and how this technology shapes the future of the real estate industry

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In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth goes over managing and creating dashboard tiles, powered by the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM.

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Training in the DeltaNET 6 CRM

Being an effective trainer can be challenging in the best of scenarios. I won't dive deep into the art of teaching here (and make no mistake, it really is an art), because that's a very big topic in its own right, and I'm certainly not the authority there anyway. Nevertheless, in its purest form, I see training as breaking a complex action down into a series of easily digestible steps. Anyone that follows those steps can then perform that action, regardless of how complex it is.

But, what if you're training a group of people that could all potentially follow different paths to complete the same action. Not because there are several ways of doing the same thing (though there are), but because each user may have created their own path based on the workflow that best suits them. They may have even removed paths that were accessible to them at one point because, at the time, they believed they wouldn't need them. Those things are possible in the DeltaNET 6 CRM platform.

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Boost SEO & Generate Leads
Generating real estate leads starts with building a great website but ensuring your target audience can find that website ultimately plays a significant role in the overall success of your lead generation efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to directing more traffic to your website and turning that traffic into a steady supply of fresh leads. While SEO is complicated and the best results take time, there are steps you can take today to start your website on the path to becoming a lead generation machine. Take your real estate website to the next level with these eight tips to improve your SEO and generate more leads.

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Coach Cover Story

In 2019 Long Island's Coach Realtors launched a corporate rebranding campaign, "Here You Can," positioning the company for its future using messages of inspiration and possibility.
As a part of this month's cover story, the leadership team at Coach Realtors shares how "Here You Can" sets the tone for its sales associates, the public, and the community it serves.

Coach REALTORS Here You Can

Here You Can Build A Legacy

Coach Realtors' story begins with a friendship that started during World War II. That friendship continued and grew into a business partnership between the wartime friends in 1954. The foundation of that business still exists today in Long Island's Coach Realtors, owned and operated by the Finn family since 1980.
Larry and Georgianna Finn acquired the brand from its original owners and spent the next four decades growing and nurturing the brand. The Finn family and the real estate industry are inextricably intertwined. The Finns remain as the company's chairman and president, respectively.
Today, Coach Realtors is lead by Lawrence P. (LP) Finn, II, Whitney Finn-LaCosta, and Robert LaCosta, who bring experience, finesse, strong leadership, and a deep commitment to their associates, their community, and the people drawn to live on Long Island.

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Read our November issue of Real Estate Marketing & Technology online today.


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Watson Realty
They Made the Switch. Will You?

Watson Realty recently switched back to being an independent company after 15 years of co-branding with a national brand. While the national affiliation offered many positive benefits, overall, Watson's leadership decided it was time to revisit its roots and further dominate their marketplace on their own.

Part of their decision-making process included the options afforded to them by Delta Media Group®. With its robust web platforms and back-end marketing automation, Watson found most, if not all, of the tools it needed to help their agents experience more production and effective time management was found with Delta Media Group.

The Story Behind the Decision
Watson Realty's story begins in Kern County, California, in 1943, when Warde D. Watson moved from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and opened the company. Over the years, Watson has been a local mainstay for Bakersfield residents and the greater Kern County area seeking assistance with their real estate needs.
In 1982, the Carter family and Watson Realty's paths intersected when Warren Carter purchased the company. In 2003, son Ken purchased the company from his parents, and now he and Bill Redmond own and direct the day-to-day activities of Watson Realty.

Through the ups and downs of market cycles in the real estate industry, Watson Realty remains strong. Really strong! It continues its reputation as the best local option for real estate advice and guidance for generations of local families in Bakersfield and beyond.

Watson Realty Bill Redmond"Our success and continued prosperity stem from the high-caliber sales associates who choose to affiliate with Watson," says Broker / Owner / Vice President, Bill Redmond. "Over the years, along with highly skilled support staff, we have nearly perfected the art of tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit and developing a company around them that helps motivate, inspire, support, and lead their consistently high production levels."

Watson Realty Ken CarterPresident and CEO Ken Carter adds, "Our number one focus today is ensuring that the consumer can access a high-level experience across each of our platforms (real estate brokerage, mortgage, and escrow) and that their wants and needs are met with efficiency and to the highest levels of professionalism possible."

"In today's marketplace, we are measured against the consumer experience that people have with the largest companies in the world," Carter states. "The internet connects us all to the best of the best from the comfort of our desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. We have to be mindful of this constant comparison, and we need to be in a position to meet and exceed this expectation as well."

New Partners Mean New Possibilities
Name recognition, top-notch training, and full-service support are only a few reasons Watson associates rave about working for their real estate firm.

When Watson Realty left their national affiliation and signed with Delta Media Group as their online marketing and technology partner, they opened the door to an entirely new realm of possibilities. Delta Media Group is the leading technology partner to many of the top US real estate firms. They are the creator of DeltaNET™️ 6, the real estate industry's most advanced all-in-one technology platform.

Watson Realty's partnership allowed them to support its associates at a higher level and stay ahead of its competitors with emerging real estate technology.

"We take great pride in saying we support our sales associates' brands and businesses with Delta Media Group's website, CRM, and digital marketing tools. Our associates hold the keys to real estate marketing solutions that will reshape the way they do business," says Redmond. "DeltaNET 6 allows our team to generate leads, communicate with clients and prospects, streamline transactions, and provide top-notch customer service all from one platform."

Here's What Some of Watson's Top Producing Agents Have to Say:

The Gordon TeamThe Gordon Team: "Watson has been a leader in the Bakersfield real estate business community for over 75 years. It has a great reputation amongst agents and the general public, which gives its agents a competitive advantage. The support and facilities Watson provides to its agents is top-notch and helps make each transaction as smooth as possible. It also allows agents to focus on selling real estate rather than worrying about other business details. The broker, Bill Redmond, is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer any questions his agents might have. He is loyal to his agents and makes you feel like he 'has your back.' These are just some of the reasons why we love working at Watson and why it has helped our real estate business succeed."

Mike SabaMike Saba: "I work at Watson Realty because I want to associate myself and my business where sales are a priority, standards are high, and agents are successful."

Kim SheridanKim Sheridan: "Watson Realty's professionalism, longevity, and full-service support are all top-notch. Watson definitely caters to the success of their agents."

Extending Its Reach Across the Country and the Globe
In keeping with the independent direction and mindset, earlier this year, Watson also jumped at the opportunity to once again align themselves with the largest independent referral and relocation network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE), along with a host of other corporate relocation affiliations and referral sources, Watson's exclusive local-market membership with LeadingRE expanded its associates' reach and services for clients across the country and around the globe.

"People are constantly looking to Bakersfield as another option," Carter said. "With the lasting impacts of the pandemic, folks are now in a position to choose their homes and communities more selectively–they don't necessarily need to be close to work anymore," he added. "Corporate group moves, individuals, and families are all looking at the benefits of California living without the hassles of being confined to crowded cities and clogged freeways. Bakersfield and our surrounding communities offer residents the very best of both worlds with a huge reduction in the hassle-factor. Life here is just way easier," he concluded.

"Whether relocating to or from Bakersfield, or to or from anywhere on the globe, our reconnection with LeadingRE makes their relocation journey easier," Redmond added.

Watson Realty's local reputation and expertise is the missing link to the LeadingRE landscape locally. This affiliation ensures that LeadingRE clients are working with exceptional local professionals. The latter also places their outgoing leads into a process that ensures high-level connections for relocating buyers and quality real estate companies across the country and around the world.

LeadingRE members mirror the stability, strength, and professionalism that sets Watson apart from other local brokerages. From London to Beijing, to Johannesburg and beyond, Watson Realty is proud to work with the very best companies worldwide.

Watson Realty

Your Business, Your Choices, Your Legacy
Owning and operating any business, real estate companies included, lead to many sleepless nights no matter the circumstances. For Watson, moving from franchisee to independent once again was a relatively easy decision.

As much as they may try, national franchises just aren't in a position to quickly adapt to local conditions. In electing to navigate the unpredictable headwaters on the horizon, Watson sees the benefits of being unaffiliated and flexible.

"As the saying goes, all real estate is local," explained Carter. "While I will always value the many outstanding relationships and contributions afforded by our franchise experience, Bill and I and our entire team are eager for the freedom and flexibility that being an independent firm offers."

"Watson's relationship with Delta Media Group as well as exciting new implementations to our business model allows us to offer our agents a gateway to build upon their personal brands. At Watson, it's Your Business, Your Choices, and Your Legacy," states Redmond.

Carter concludes, "Our numerous local advantages outweigh the other options available to local buyers and sellers. Having tried them both, we are confident that our company, our sales associates, our customers, and our incredible staff will and are seeing the "Watson Difference" this flexibility offers, and we're just getting started."

In this episode of Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth goes over the calendar, powered by the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM.

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Builder REALTOR Relationships
Since 2012, home builders have had the opportunity to feed listings directly to the MLS system used by sales associates around the country. It was a significant step in the relationship between real estate pros and builders––and that partnership has been deepening ever since.
A technology-enabled, collaborative workflow helps builders and sales associates grow together. In recent years, more than half of all buyers considered new construction. However, many real estate experts feel unsure about the best way to reach out to builders and sell new home builds.

Even in today's COVID-rocked world, new home sales are up, and interest remains strong going into the fall. In July 2020, sales of new single-family homes were over 36% above July 2019's figures of 661,000.

That makes July 2020 the single best month for sales of newly built homes since 2006.
But how can you get involved with builders and lay the foundations for strong cooperation?
Here are six ways to get started building a perfect relationship with home builders.

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Real estate technology to stay connected with clients
Staying connected with clients is one of the most important jobs for any real estate professional. The circumstances of 2020 have shined a light on the vast amount of real estate tech available to help you stay connected with your clients and leads. 

Use our guide to the real estate tech your business needs in today's business world.

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You might not think about it much when you're sending an email, designing your website, or working on the perfect home listing, but every piece of real estate technology has to work together to be effective.

When technology works, we never think about the thousands of ways apps "talk" to each other. Work that might seem simple s stunningly complex, and your computer can execute thousands of commands each second.

It can be fun to think about, but how does it all affect real estate?

Over the last decade, an explosion in new real estate technology has made it easier to grow your business and find the right leads for you. But none of it happened by chance: It all started with the work of real estate and technology professionals who decided to work together.

Not that long ago, there were virtually no standards for real estate Customer Relationship Management or many other tools we use today. All of that changed thanks to a single organization called RESO.

RESO Makes it Easier for Real Estate Organizations to Push the Boundaries of Technology

A few decades ago, engineering experts had to come together to define and refine email, websites, and other digital tools. The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) is a nonprofit organization that does the same thing for real estate technology.

RESO coordinates the efforts of member organizations across 500+ MLS systems, 1,000+ real estate associations, 35,000+ brokerages, and more than one million real estate experts. All these talents come together to explore new directions for industry technology.

Through a collaborative model that allows every enterprise to share its distinctive expertise, RESO creates "open standards" that enable different technology platforms, software, and services to work together.

The key is interoperability: Whether you're a broker, sales associate, MLS, or consumer, you can use the same set of easy, accessible tools. All the links in the technology chain recognize each other and work together. That accelerates buying and selling and helps real estate pros create value.

This also makes it much easier for real estate firms and those they contract with to develop innovative new tools that are guaranteed to work effectively in the real estate technology ecosystem. Existing tools are less likely to stop working in the future, and data security is easier to maintain. 


RESO is a Cornerstone of Real Estate's Synthesis of Technology and Real Human Relationships

These days, technology is the medium sales associates use to build important, long-lasting relationships.

You can't be on the phone or showing properties 24/7, but digital marketing tools like email and social media allow you to stay in touch. In turn, those tools benefit from machine learning and other enhancements that allow you to craft truly personal communications.

RESO is relatively recent, but its role in driving adaptation to new technology is indispensable.

RESO's idea originates from®the National Association of REALTORS®, the most respected professional body in U.S. real estate. NAR is already well known for its Code of Ethics and dedication to continuous improvement in the industry. In 1999, it took that a step further.

NAR leaders from around the country launched a new initiative to make MLS data easier to access and use. This laid the foundation for partnerships with technology leaders in software development, IT, and data security. Exchanging ideas revealed many ways that the MLS could be better.

In 2002, RESO was established as a NAR workgroup that began exploring more technology questions.

Its work resulted in the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS), a means of data transfer that made the MLS of the time more efficient, stable, and secure. RETS continues to influence technology today, even as demand increases and systems scale to serve thousands of more people each month.

In 2011, RESO became an independent, nonprofit organization. Some of its recent contributions include:

  • RESO Web API: The successor to RETS, facilitating rapid data transfer
  • Data Dictionary: A universal language for real estate industry data
  • Universal Property Identifier: A global solution for representing individual properties
  • Unique Organization Identifier: A universal key to all associations and MLS systems
  • Unique Licensee Identifier: Efforts to create an accurate key ID for every U.S. real estate licensee

Thanks to RESO's distinguished members' efforts, development time for groundbreaking real estate features is faster than ever. RESO continues to orchestrate workgroups and induct member organizations with valuable expertise that shapes the future of real estate. Delta Media Group is proud to be one of those organizations. 

Since 2016, Delta Media Group Has Been an Active Contributor to RESO's Mission

Delta Media Group was one of the first organizations in the real estate industry to implement a RETS data feedback in 2001. We immediately saw the potential that emerging technologies held.

At that time, we were developing our flagship suite of products and services. Still, no one could have anticipated just how powerful and transformative digital technology would become.

Information technology is now central to real estate, and 2020 has accelerated that transformation. Through it all, Delta Media Group has been providing innovative ways for sales associates to achieve visibility into clients' needs and connect with them in meaningful, personalized ways.

In 2016, we officially became a member of the new nonprofit RESO organization. We also received a RESO certification in that year, reflecting our expertise and commitment to advancing real estate technologies. We look forward to a continued role as pioneers toward a streamlined real estate experience for all.

Delta Media Group Has Adopted the Latest RESO Standards With Great Results

Embracing the "next new thing" doesn't matter much unless it works.RESO's commitment to measurability means our team could see, through controlled testing and a structured roll-out process, just how much the organization's new Web API improves performance. We have already converted several clients to the RESO API. Combining it with our in-house processes, we've opened the door for our clients to perform their data updates in minutes – not hours. Today most feeds run at ten minutes or less using RESO API and RETS. And this is only the beginning. As RESO introduces more standards, Delta Media Group will be there to raise the bar on speed, efficiency, and security in fully realized products. RESO's program for the future includes expanded capabilities in areas like these:

    New products will work instantly with existing ones, even in environments with heavy demand. This will make it easier for large real estate firms, for example, to use new capabilities without business disruption.
    Data analytics can help teams of all sizes recognize areas of improvement and opportunities for growth. New statistical tools, including AI-driven ones, will turn the growing tide of data into actionable insights.
  • FASTER TIME TO MARKET The accelerated pace of development benefits sales associates who can use new capabilities to differentiate. RESO's platform will continue to help technology vendors identify needs from across the entire industry.

At Delta Media Group, we're excited about RESO and all it says about the future of real estate technology. The next time you use a great new app or the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM, remember how organizations like these helped!


Delta Media Group Secondary Websites

Why build a stand-alone recruiting website?

Because they are effective and make you stand out from your biggest competitors. All major national franchises have separate focused websites that appeal directly to sales associates looking for different career opportunities. If you have a RE/MAX brokerage, Compass agents, or any REALOGY brand in your marketplace, then you can look at those franchise recruiting websites as a start.

Having a secondary website that is not built to generate leads on properties but instead leads to potential recruits for your business is critical if you are looking to grow in size and scale. These career sites should not just be a copy/paste version of your residential website but a site with its own identity. Over the last year, I worked with some of the largest real estate firms in the country to develop beautiful career websites that have done a fantastic job of bringing in more quality associates.

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Mike Minard, CEO/Owner Delta Media Group
How Will You Remember 2020?

I am going to ask you to pause and think for one minute before you continue reading and answer for yourself the following question:

"One year from now, when I look back on what my business did in 2020, what will I remember?"

I love this type of exercise. It forces me to change my mode of thinking and create goals; to develop targets.

I'm sure it is only natural to think about COVID-19 and the impact it has had on your business, on your relationships in business, on the economy, and on buyer and seller behavior and needs. It only makes sense if most of your thoughts regarding COVID-19 are negative. However, if we are honest, there have also been positive outcomes during this global tragedy.

While you and I cannot change the reality of COVID-19 and its impact on our businesses, we still have control over everything else in our businesses.

So, let me ask some direct questions. While I'm framing these questions to owners and operators of real estate firms and teams, they still apply to sales associates equally. Will you look back on 2020 and say the following?

  • I empowered my teams and sales associates with technology, so they are more efficient in doing business.
  • I cut my technology and marketing expenses in 2020, and my sales associates and teams have better technology.
  • 2020 is the year that I re-thought how we do training.
  • 2020 is the year that I re-thought how we do office meetings.
  • 2020 is the year that I changed how we recruit sales associates and teams.
  • 2020 is the year that I started making acquisitions because my firm was correctly positioned to thrive.

These statements (along with many others you may have come up with) should cause you to pause and consider how you are positioning your business to thrive and survive in 2020 during COVID-19 and moving forward.

DeltaNET 6 CRM
You see, today, right now, all the technology that exists within platforms such as DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM can empower you to claim all the statements above, right now in your business.

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Real Estate SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text Marketing & Millennial Buyers

Over the last few years, Millennials have turned out by the thousands leaving many wondering what they want when it comes to real estate.

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