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As I sit in my home office, I find myself gazing out the front bay windows staring at the bright green grass that's starting to grow, the Bartlett pear trees that are beginning to flower, the pine trees blowing in the wind and the oak trees lining the streets. Spring is finally here after what seems to have been a long Ohio winter.

The picturesque, almost mesmerizing view is perfect for clarity breaks. It makes me think of past times; it's hard to believe that Delta Media Group® turned 28-years-old this year. I don't know if there is a dog-years equivalent for technology firms, but 28 years seems like 100 in "technology years."

This got me thinking about how Delta has evolved into an all-in-one provider. In 1994, the journey started with simple real estate websites that contained property photos and data. Doing those websites was no small task back then, and I think we were the first to do it. Today the listing data and website thing is quite trivial to us, even though we handle nearly 100% of the listing data in the United States and some outside the country. We have evolved so far since then.

There is so much talk in the real estate industry around "all-in-one" versus "best-in-breed." I want to explore this dichotomy a bit.

First, let me try and clearly define both terms:

All-in-One — This is a term used to describe technology firms with a broad technology offering where many technologies are bundled together in one package that solves multiple needs.

Best-in-Breed — This is a term used to describe an approach where firms purchase multiple technology tools instead of purchasing all the tools from one provider.

If the technology entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists (VCs) are honest about it, what everyone is chasing is an all-in-one "holy grail" for the industry. I have been watching VCs pull together all the technology pieces needed over the past twenty years to try to bolt them together. That's why we see so many acquisitions of smaller niche technology firms in our space. I also know first-hand that VCs view Delta as a highly coveted hub that could pull off this all-in-one "holy grail," and I agree because that is exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

I believe the small niche technology providers have coined the best-in-breed phrase, and honestly, it is brilliant marketing. I mean, who doesn't want to have the best? I do. You do. Everyone does. The problem with this approach is that historically speaking, I have not seen where these small niche technology providers can survive long term.

Regardless of everyone's opinion and approach to technology, Delta will continue to pursue the all-in-one platform approach and allow the so-called best-in-breed approach with our platform. To me, the holy grail of technology is an all-in-one platform that is continually improving and evolving and that plays well with others. That's why today, we have hundreds of industry integrations, and the list continues to grow.

As time moves on, I believe that the all-in-one platforms will continue to mature and evolve and there will be fewer and fewer feature providers. What will drive this shift are three specific things.

First, healthy all-in-one providers continue to evolve and improve their systems. As one example, at Delta, we are working on DeltaNET® 7 CRM right now, and I believe it will be the best and easiest-to-use CRM in the industry.

Second, the all-in-one providers are automating more and more of the mundane tasks that should be automated. This simply is not possible outside the all-in-one ecosystem. As one example, at Delta, we are automating the whole AVM to CMA process. Salespeople will be able to configure how they want it all to work. Imagine someone visits your website, runs an AVM, and seconds later, you have a CMA delivered to your phone that you can share with that person and you didn't have to do anything. There are hundreds of automations like this inside the all-in-one platform ecosystem.

Third, an all-in-one approach is more affordable for the customer and more profitable for the technology firm. There is reduced overhead, shared resources, more seamless and deeper integration and everything is streamlined. I predict that we will see another wave of small feature technology providers going under during the next down cycle of the real estate industry.

At the end of the day, though, everyone has to implement a strategy for their business. If your strategy is best-in-breed, that's fine, but I would recommend that you at least partner with an all-in-one provider that plays well with others, such as Delta.

At Delta, we are all-in-one when you want it, and we support best-in-breed when you don't.


As I write this article, I find it curi- ous to note that about half the real estate news stories I read this past week related to low housing inventory and how to get more listings. All the articles were coming from the perspective of things you "can do now to get more listings." While I appreciate the reality that you need to take action now to get more listings, I want to approach the topic of low housing inventory from an entirely different perspective.

For over 10 years, I have seen a problem with the residential real estate industry as a whole.

What is the problem I am talking about?

It is the fact that a good number of real estate professionals, potentially the vast majority, do nothing to effectively market themselves and build relationships with people until it is too late. Too many real estate professionals do very little, or even nothing, to effectively market themselves over the months and years that proceed a person, couple, or family making the decision to buy or sell a home.

So what is the solution?

For quite a few years, I have been working to build the tools necessary to help solve the problem, and I want to outline some of these tools here in this article. These are tools that real estate professionals can begin using today that will not only help them get more listings now, but will also help them continue to get more list- ings for months and years to come.

So, let me dig into some of these tools and explain how they can help!

Market Trending Emails
(Delta's Market Watch Reports)

Very few people, almost none, wake up one morning and decide to buy a home in an unknown market or neighborhood. Nearly everyone who purchases a home spends months, sometimes years, re- searching the neighborhoods and markets they are interested in living in. They follow the home prices, pay attention to the home styles, watch how quickly homes sell, research the schools, parks, etc. This is one of the primary reasons I created Delta Media Group's Market Watch Reports well over a decade ago.

One of the best tools that real estate professionals can offer to everyone is market trending emails. Even people that are not in the market to buy or sell like getting monthly or quarterly market trending emails, simply so they can stay in the know and have up-to-date information. These emails should include nice visuals such as market trending graphs, a sample of what is currently for sale, an example of what has recently sold, what is pending, etc.

What is best about market trending emails is that it keeps the real estate sales professional in digital contact with their sphere of contacts and past clients, which results in a higher probability that they will get their future business. When you stay in touch, you remain at the forefront of potential customer's memories, and they'll think of you first when it's time to buy or sell.

Property Watch Emails
(Delta's Property-Based Market Watch Reports)

If I were a real estate professional, I would sign all my past clients up for a monthly or quarterly email, providing them with data similar to the market trending emails but with the addition of their estimated property value. This is what Delta's Property-Based Market Watch Reports are.

Every homeowner is curious to know how the value of their home changes over time and what homes are selling for around them. This type of report provides that information to them.

Think about it! The best place to get future business is from past clients. The only type of referral is one from a past client. So staying in relevant contact with past clients is critical and the best way to do it is with valuable information related to their home. It also makes it easy to reach out and ask for a referral and to start a conversation.

Ongoing Behavioral Driven Email Campaigns
(Delta's My Customer for Life Campaign)

Behavioral and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven email campaigns are some of the best generic campaigns you can do because you can put all contacts into these types of campaigns.

Online retailers have been doing this for years. If they know who you are and how you interact with their products, you will receive marketing based on your interests. You need to be doing the same thing.

About four years ago, I had the Delta team start writing three new weekly articles: one related to homeownership, one related to home buying, and one related to home selling. Today we have a library of over 600 unique articles.

The best part of this type of system is that it is AI-driven based on customer behavior and interests. Depending on what customers do and which articles they interact with

will dictate the content of their next email. These are ongoing, automated, up-to-date, individually personalized marketing emails that are loved by customers and branded by the real estate professional.


I could keep going with other examples, but to keep this article short, let me just list a few other items you should consider doing: Customer reviews and testimonials, new listing notification emails, property anniversary e-cards, email-based newsletters, and postal mailing.

The most important thing is that you start doing something today. From there, you can continue to build a culture in your business, and with those that work with you or for you, either as an individual sales associate or as part of a company, office, or team leader.

If you are a Delta Media Group® client, here are four direct action items you should address from the perspective of a sales associate:

  1. Turn on the My Customer For LifeTM campaign for All Customers
  2. Go through and create a Property-Based Market Watch Report for all past clients
  3. Push the Market Watch Emails to all people showing an interest in different markets for buying and selling. Keep in mind that one customer can have multiple Market Watch Reports.
  4. Register your buyers for real-time New Listing Notification emails

The concept of this article began in July 2020. At the time, I wanted to craft a story that could convey the role that cycling played in the development of DeltaNET™ 

But before I get into sharing the story of cycling as it relates to DeltaNET™ 6, I want to share more about my love for the sport of cycling; or simply riding a bike. It all started in 1979 when I was seven years old.

To this day, I have clear memories of going with my dad to buy my first bike. I had my heart set on getting a Redline BMX racing bike in chrome with red lettering and red accents. Unfortunately, a new Redline BMX bike was too expensive, so I had to settle for a dark purple metallic no-name used BMX bike that fit the budget. That day was the beginning of what turned into a love of riding bikes that has lasted my lifetime.

With my new dark purple metallic BMX bike, I found what I considered to be freedom. It seemed like the two wheels of that bike could take a seven-year-old boy anywhere he wanted to go. Looking back, some of the memories seem crazy. The following year after getting the bike, my family moved out of the city and into the country. Whenever I found myself with an extra twenty cents to buy baseball cards, I would jump on my bike and pedal the three-mile round trip to the nearest country store that sold baseball cards. To a kid, it was two-wheel freedom!

Fast-forward forty-two years to today, and I still love cycling. It is not uncommon for me, at least in a non-COVID non-lockdown time, to take trips to California or Colorado and ride 800-plus miles in one week with a group of friends from around the country. I love it so much, and I'm so competitive that I even got into racing!

This love of cycling and racing, as well as my love of technology, drove me to design a new bike with Trek Bikes during the COVID-19 lockdown last year.

You see, it was in 2020 that I fully realized how much tech-related work I did while I was riding my bike. On an average week, I typically ride my bike for about eight hours, and during at least half of that time, I think about work. Especially about technology.

As I was thinking more and more about this connection between my love of cycling and my love of technology, I realized that the majority of how DeltaNET™ 6 works was either born, or mentally developed, while I was riding my bike. So, I wanted to connect the two.

The pictures you see interwoven with this article are the result of months of work collaborating with the talented people at Trek Bicycle Corporation. I wanted to create a bike that I could love riding and one that represents who I am from a tech perspective.

Many of the concepts that hold true for my love of cycling also hold true for the growth and success of Delta Media Group® and DeltaNET™ 6. Consider the following phrases…

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right is painted on the top of the bike frame directly behind the handlebars. It is this mindset that has brought me success in business and on the bike. But it isn't always easy to follow. At times it is easy to cut corners, to push at 90% instead of 100%. Real success requires 100% all the time.

Always Find a Way is painted on the top of the handlebar so that I can read it while I am riding the bike. So, this is a reminder for me! If you are a current client of Delta Media Group®, you most likely know that this is a thought that drives the entire Delta Media Group team. It is also a thought that has brought me success in racing bicycles. It isn't always the fittest person or the best product that wins. What wins, who wins, is the one that wants it more than anyone else and is good enough to get it done. To me, this is a drive to always find a way even in losing because, in losing, you always find a way to improve so next time you don't lose!

Sacrifices Today for Rewards Tomorrow is painted on the seat tube. Success doesn't come easy in athletics or business. To have success in either one, sacrifices are necessary. At Delta, our path to the "reward" of DeltaNET™ 6 has taken twenty-eight years, and I personally have been driving Delta down this path for the past twenty years. Those sacrifices have been well worth it, but I need to be reminded all the time because races are not won on race day; they are won by all the countless hours of sacrifice made in the weeks, months, and years prior.

To wrap-up my article, I want to ask you a question: To what, or who, do you attribute your success?

My love of cycling is only one aspect of the success of DeltaNET™ 6 and Delta Media Group®. I think it is a tangible aspect that you may relate to, somehow, in your own way. What I would encourage you to do, if you have not done so yet, is find something tangible that you do outside of your business that contributes to your success in business.


While 2020 was a year of tough changes that were mostly forced upon us individually and as an industry, I see 2021 as the year the real estate industry embraces those same changes. A new chapter in the real estate story is about to begin, and I see our industry rising to the challenge.

It seems that nearly all the real estate firms we speak with are working on acquisitions and mergers, while also working on streamlining their business with office, technology provider, and marketing platform consolidations, and more workflow automation.

The change that excites me most is the workflow automation.

All the other changes have been very common in the real estate industry for the past twenty years, but, workflow automation, true workflow automation, has not been common to the real estate industry as a whole. In fact, it was only the "disrupters" in our industry that focused on workflow automation like Zillow, Redfin, Movoto, and other "digital" firms. 

  However, I would strongly argue, that true workflow automation is upon us in 2021 for traditional, brick and mortar real estate firms. And I think this is a very good thing!

While you could argue that the industry, as a whole, had access to utilize automations in the past, you would also have to admit that only a few really did it. As we change the calendar, and turn our attention to the new year, that's all about to change.

Before I go any further, I should probably discuss what automations I am talking about. So, let me go over just a few.

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

If you search for a definition of marketing automation, you'll find options such as this one from Wikipedia: Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

All of that can get a bit confusing, though. So, let me try and define, in one sentence, how I see marketing automation for the real estate industry. Marketing automation is the integration of all business systems so that targeted marketing is automatically performed across multiple channels for the entire life cycle of a customer.

For years the real estate industry has had siloed marketing and, right now, you probably do as well. You would use a specific system to run ads to market your new listings. Then, you'll use yet another system to incubate active buyers and sellers, while you would use a different system to manage your transactions, and, you hope, that your sales associates do some sort of marketing to their past clients with another system.

This traditional approach to marketing is so disconnected and complicated, and it doesn't have to be.

The good news is that this is all changing now.

With DeltaNET™ 6, my primary goal was to connect all the pieces together so they could work cohesively in an automated fashion, all of it being centered around automation. 

I will give you one example of this with the integration we just launched with transaction management platforms in DeltaNET 6. (As of the time of this writing, we have SkySlope® ready to go and we are working on DotLoop, as well as others.)

The paramount reason I wanted to integrate transaction management into DeltaNET 6 is because I could seamlessly connect client data, including history, with the marketing platforms in DeltaNET 6. By making this integration available, I can seamlessly leverage the marketing automations.

For years I have seen real estate firms and sales associates struggle with executing effective marketing with their past clients. In nearly all cases, the largest struggle was having an insufficient historical database of past transactions that could be utilized.

Transaction management platform integration is just one piece of the puzzle for marketing automation, but if you can seamlessly have your clients automatically fed into effective marketing platforms it will clearly have a positive impact on current and future business.

Follow-Up Automation

This may not be a phrase you have heard before, and if you have congratulations because not many business people think about follow-up automation.

We all know the importance of follow-up in sales. We use CRM to follow-up with prospects. We also use transaction management to follow-up with customers, and all parties involved, in a transaction.

If we stop and look at successful businesses outside the real estate industry, we can see that, often, those businesses that thrive pay close attention to, and control, every step in the customer process. The key components include knowing what behavior is being performed by business operations and where the customer stands with the business relationship.

The real estate industry knows it also needs this, but has not yet really adopted a follow-up mentality throughout the client business cycle, let alone started to automate it.

Just a couple of years ago, you might have been one of the firms that licensed follow-up products to ensure your leads were followed-up on. You might have been a franchise that was promised a platform from your franchisor that could do this for you, but those promises never materialized. You might have even licensed a third-party to do follow-up for you and to incubate your leads for you all while giving up valuable commission splits.

Something that we had long toyed with and discussed as part of the DeltaNET is automated client and sales associate follow-up. We launched bits and pieces of this over the years, but with DeltaNET 6 we now have an automated follow-up platform that is beginning to expand rapidly.

This is one aspect of DeltaNET 6 that I am really excited about because this is something that successful real estate firms and teams pay close attention to. Unfortunately, until now, the follow-up automation tools were mostly disconnected from the other systems.

In 2021 DeltaNET 6 brings a new era of follow-up automation that will only continue to grow in flexibility and functionality.

The All-In-One has Become the Best-In-Breed

Before I get into this, I need to define all-in-one and best-in-breed.

An all-in-one platform is a platform that provides everything you need to run your business. Historically speaking the all-in-one platform usually didn't have as much functionality in specific areas as a standalone product would have. For example, a few years ago if you said that Contactually CRM is better than the CRM tools available in DeltaNET 5 you would be correct. However, the CRM in DeltaNET 6 is now on-par, or better than, stand-alone CRM programs.

A best-in-breed platform, or product, is a product that focuses on one specific piece of technology. In theory, since a best-in-breed product company focuses on that specific product, it should be better in functionality and features than anyone else. I've already cited my previous example of a CRM, but let me give you another example. Since 2009 we have been working on an AVM feature within the DeltaNET platform. Up until the end of 2020 you could have argued, and would have been correct, that a "best-in-breed"

AVM providers in the space did a better job with their AVM tool than the DeltaNET AVM. Again, you would have been correct but in 2021 this is no longer the case.

There are two factors that have driven this change.

The first reason is that real estate firms and sales associates are tired of being "nickel and dime'd" with technology. You either expect to pay less and get more or get the same technology for less. An all-in-one provider can spread those development costs of upgraded features across a larger base than a best-in-breed provider can with their limited client base. The second reason is that a true all-in-one provider is driven to develop new or upgraded tools continuously. Don't confuse technology firms that call themselves all-in-one providers when they do so by acquiring technology pieces and cobbling them together. That is not an all-in-one provider. An all-in-one provider is driven to develop new things. DeltaNET 6 is a 27-year effort of building technology for the real estate industry. We are constantly developing and will not stop. The DeltaNET will continue to get better and better. The maturity of an all-in-one platform like DeltaNET 6 is going to have a profound impact on the real estate industry in 2021, which is why I believe we are in a new era, and an exciting new chapter, in the real estate industry.


Mike Minard, CEO/Owner Delta Media Group
How Will You Remember 2020?

I am going to ask you to pause and think for one minute before you continue reading and answer for yourself the following question:

"One year from now, when I look back on what my business did in 2020, what will I remember?"

I love this type of exercise. It forces me to change my mode of thinking and create goals; to develop targets.

I'm sure it is only natural to think about COVID-19 and the impact it has had on your business, on your relationships in business, on the economy, and on buyer and seller behavior and needs. It only makes sense if most of your thoughts regarding COVID-19 are negative. However, if we are honest, there have also been positive outcomes during this global tragedy.

While you and I cannot change the reality of COVID-19 and its impact on our businesses, we still have control over everything else in our businesses.

So, let me ask some direct questions. While I'm framing these questions to owners and operators of real estate firms and teams, they still apply to sales associates equally. Will you look back on 2020 and say the following?

  • I empowered my teams and sales associates with technology, so they are more efficient in doing business.
  • I cut my technology and marketing expenses in 2020, and my sales associates and teams have better technology.
  • 2020 is the year that I re-thought how we do training.
  • 2020 is the year that I re-thought how we do office meetings.
  • 2020 is the year that I changed how we recruit sales associates and teams.
  • 2020 is the year that I started making acquisitions because my firm was correctly positioned to thrive.

These statements (along with many others you may have come up with) should cause you to pause and consider how you are positioning your business to thrive and survive in 2020 during COVID-19 and moving forward.

DeltaNET 6 CRM
You see, today, right now, all the technology that exists within platforms such as DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM can empower you to claim all the statements above, right now in your business.

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DeltaNET 6 CRM
The answer to "How Do You Turn a $50,000 Project into a $50 Million Platform" is slowly and carefully. That's how it happened for Delta Media Group®, and it is most likely how you grew your business too.

Let me start by sharing why I want to tell the story of how Delta Media Group turned a $50,000 project into a $50 million platform.

There are three reasons:

FIRST, the media and groups within the real estate industry, regularly publish misinformation that the only way to be successful in today's business world, especially as a technology company, is through venture capital funding. This is not true!

SECOND, while some companies may benefit from the infusion of venture capital funding for growth, the injection of cash from these investment firms isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

The dangers that overnight startup companies face when venture capital funding comes into the equation eventually bring some of these companies to their knees. The real estate industry has seen numerous examples of this scenario where a tech company starts up, takes on funding, grows too fast, can't service their clients effectively, and implodes under their own weight.

THIRD, the reason I'm telling this story is one hardly anyone knows, and that's due to no one else's fault but my own. It's the Delta Media Group story. Technology and development have always been top-of-mind with me. However, working with Delta's marketing team, we're telling our story in 2020 because of how old our story is and to prove, "Yes, you can be successful without VC funding."

The Preface - The Road To Overnight Success

I love two phrases relating to how long it takes and how much work it takes to succeed. The first is, "It's amazing how long it takes to become an overnight success." Steve Jobs said it best by saying, "If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time." People only see the success. What they don't understand is all the work and sacrifice it takes to become successful.

The other phrase I love and have hanging in my office is, "Be willing to grow slowly, so you survive." When you're in the middle of success and growth, the hardest thing to do is operate with restraint, especially when it comes to not taking on funding. And, in my case, when I did take on debt, I only did it when absolutely necessary and paid it off quickly. My advice would be if you assume debt, do it only if you must, and don't do it again or put yourself back in the same position where you need to.

These are two beliefs I abide by in business.

DeltaNET 6 CRM Platform

Delta Media Group's Long Road to Success

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Leverage Technology
Ask any successful sales associate in the business for a few years, and they'll tell you that one of their most valuable assets is their database of past clients.

It's simple. The sales associate worked hard to build relationships and help their past clients successfully buy and sell properties, and they know that these past clients are their most important prospects for future transactions.

Almost all businesses are this way. Your best source of new business is either through a referral from a current client or past client or past clients returning for repeat business. These folks already know and appreciate the value of your service or product.

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A New Era in Real Estate Technology

I must admit that I am hesitant to write this article and share my thoughts because this concept has been abused far too long in the real estate industry. With that said and out in the open, I truly believe that we are entering into a new real estate technology era.

Before you completely discount what I am saying as marketing gobbledygook, I ask that you consider my thinking.

As I continually look to the future and plan the technology vision of the Delta Media Group platforms, such as the DeltaNET, I know that, from a technology standpoint, we are on the verge of monumental changes and advancements. These changes are happening right now because of the maturity of some platforms (for example, the DeltaNET is 26 years old), the maturity of computing platforms in general, coupled with a future-looking vision, and the ability to execute on that vision and bring products to market.

Real Estate Technology - What's on the Horizon?

Putting myself outside of my technology mind for a moment, let's consider what I see coming immediately for real estate professionals. What does this mean for the everyday user of the technology?

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Webinar with RETechnology

Delta Media Group, best known as a leading provider to the largest enterprise real estate firms in the US, has exciting news to share with you.

Delta Media Group has a new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages. The power and reliability of DeltaNET 6, the easiest to use "all-in-one" platform its customers have come to depend upon, is now available to real estate professionals of all sizes--including single real estate agents.

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