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If you're looking for a way to build your online visibility, you've probably heard about content marketing. But what is it exactly and why should you use it?

Content is any useful, informative material you publish online to help your audience answer a question or solve a problem. Content is crucial to your digital marketing for two main reasons:

  • It serves as a preview of the value you have to offer those who ultimately choose you
  • It enables you to appear in higher result positions for searches related to your business

To create a flourishing practice with a full pipeline and the right measure of work-life balance, you'll need to make the most of both these advantages.

Previewing your value is critical because most people who encounter you for the first time aren't ready to buy or sell just yet. It may be weeks or even months before they decide to make their move. Thanks to content, you have a way to strengthen your relationship throughout all that intervening time.

On the other hand, more prominent search positioning means more people will be exposed to your message. The more prospects you have, the more leads you may acquire in a given period of time.

Content doesn't solve every major quandary you'll encounter during your marketing. Your real estate website still needs to be optimized to convert first-time visitors into appointments. Without that piece of the puzzle, greater attention from search traffic won't translate into bottom-line value.

But content does establish the foundation you can build on for many years to come.

The Four Most Important Things to Know About Content Marketing

If you're new to content marketing, it's not unusual to be intimidated by all the different methods and tools. It seems like everyone has their own approach to the subject. Instead of trying to decide which is the best, it's most valuable to pick a place and dive in.

To make that easier, here are the things about content marketing you absolutely must know:

There Are Many Different Types of Content

In the broadest sense, everything is content: Blogs, videos, social media posts, photos, infographics, and the rest. But when you're just getting started, it doesn't mean you need to do "a little bit of everything." On the contrary, it is often best to choose one or two methods that you can stick with reliably.

To begin, you might decide to publish one new blog post a week. These can focus on topics relevant to your audience, such as home financing or local neighborhoods. From there, you might decide to add one video a month based on the previous month's most popular blog and so on.

It's essential not to go overboard in the early stages, as you might burn out before you see real results. One way to keep that from happening is to use only the social media network where you know your ideal customers are found. Instagram is a good start, with LinkedIn for high-end luxury properties.

All Content Should Have a Call to Action (CTA)

Content helps deepen trust and raise online visibility as a matter of course. But that's not all content can or should do for you. Every piece of content has the potential to move people through your sales funnel. Doing so depends on having the right call to action at the end of every content piece.

For example, your blogs might end with a CTA to join your email marketing list for a weekly round-up of the most valuable content. Your email messages, on the other hand, could have their own CTA aimed at getting your subscribers to set up an appointment and give you a call.

One strange piece of selling psychology has been proven over and over again: People won't "take the next step" unless you specifically spell out what it is! So, be certain you know where each content piece fits in your overall strategy and craft your CTAs accordingly.

Your First Six Months of Content Should Be "Evergreen"

Evergreen content is any content that's relevant to the vast majority of first-time website visitors and rarely needs to be updated. For instance, if you develop a series of blogs about getting your finances ready to buy a home, this will be very valuable to first-time homebuyers, and the fundamentals rarely change. Remember: Every piece of content can have an impact for years to come!

Visual Content Empowers Promotion

Content works best when you have means of promoting it, which is where social media marketing and email come in. But getting people to slow down and pay attention is no easy task. Ideally, all content should feature photos. All in all, videos get more attention than plain text content.

Contact us to learn more about content marketing today.


Every day, clients and prospects are searching for real estate content about the topics that matter most to them. They want tips on buying/selling homes, information-rich guides on the neighborhoods where you sell properties, home improvement ideas, and so much more. In addition to being great for informing and educating your audience, content is one of the biggest keys to growing your online presence. If you've been sleeping on content, now is the perfect time to wake up to the possibilities – and our team has some tips to help you get started.

Why Every Real Estate Business Needs Quality Content

Real estate content is integral to your overall online presence, impacting your website, social media, blog, and more. Google's algorithm favors websites with fresh, authoritative content, and your content is ideal for integrating SEO to boost the visibility of your online presence even further. And that's not the only way your content drives traffic.

In order to keep people coming back to your website, blog, and social media, you need to provide something of value. Informative content is just the thing. It adds value, helps you demonstrate your real estate expertise, and builds trust with your audience. The knowledge that you share isn't limited to the nuts and bolts of real estate, either. By creating content that showcases local neighborhoods, attractions, and events, you can inform your audience while also showing why the communities where you do business are such great places to own a home.

How to Get Started with Creating Real Estate Content

There are so many things to consider with real estate content that it can feel a little overwhelming to get started, but the process gets easier the more you do it. When getting started with creating content for your real estate blog, it helps to focus on building confidence with the fundamentals.

  • Know Your Audience
    Who are you creating content for? Knowing your audience is the first step to success because it will impact everything else that you do with your content. Young, first-time buyers will naturally be looking at different types of content than experienced shoppers who are hunting for the perfect luxury vacation home. Understanding what your audience wants to see will help you choose the right topics and tailor your content to their needs.

  • Create Content That Answers Questions
    Your audience has questions, and your content is the perfect place to provide the answers. Whether you're creating content for buyers, sellers, or people who are new to real estate, think about the questions that your audience want answered. Answering questions is a dependable way to create content that's relevant, demonstrates your real estate expertise, and provides value for your audience.

  • Create Content Related to Your Neighborhoods, Communities, and Cities
    Creating localized content is a reliable way to boost your SEO and establish yourself as the go-to real estate resource in the communities where you do business. Focus on local events, attractions, services, and any other information that would be of value to people who are looking for a neighborhood where they'll love living.

  • Keep an Eye Out for Interesting Information
    Coming up with a steady supply of fresh, interesting content topics is one of the big keys to success, and you don't just have to rely on your imagination for great content ideas. Keep an eye out for any interesting real estate facts, statistics, trends, and upcoming local events to gain some easy inspiration for your content creation.

  • Always Revise and Edit
    Reminding yourself that you don't have to get content perfect the first time can really help remove some of the stress from content creation... as long as you remember to revise and edit your content after that first draft is complete. The editing process is key to making the finished product look as polished and professional as possible. You can even have someone else you trust take an unbiased look at your content before you post it and provide honest feedback.

  • Strike the Right Balance Between Information and Length
    The right length for your content depends heavily on the topic, and for longer topics, it's important to make sure your content is easy to read. Using short paragraphs and bullet-point lists makes longer content easier to digest.

  • Share Your Content and Start Conversations
    After your press "publish" on your latest piece of content, your job is almost done. But you'll still want to share that content on all of your social pages, and use your content to spur engaging conversations with your audience.

When creating your own content, remember that practice makes perfect. If you want great content without all of the effort, our custom content creation services make it easy to inform, educate, and excite your audience about all things real estate.


Commit to Blogging

You should never underestimate the marketing power of your website. A well-developed website acts as a virtual listing board, resource center for potential clients, point of contact for your brokerage, and a 24/7 automated help desk if you integrate AI (artificial intelligence) assistants. However, some agencies will overlook a vital element of their website: a real estate blog. Far more than a collection of articles, a real estate blog can dynamically impact your business by helping you generate-leads, enhance your brand, and become a resource for potential sellers and buyers both in and away from your market area.

Why Create a Real Estate Blog

Blogging on a consistent basis can be a chore; after all, it can be full-time job in itself. However, there are dozens of benefits that a real estate blog can provide depending on how consistently and properly it's managed. Some of the most notable impacts that a real estate blog provides include:

  • Connecting with your community: Your real estate blog lets you connect with your community in non-real estate matters. Posts about local events, businesses, and news act as a resource for your audience, residents and visitors included.

  • Building trust with your audience: A real estate blog allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in a passive way. The blog becomes a free resource for buyer, sellers, and others in your community to access on their own terms without feeling pressure to "talk business" with your agency. When the time comes for them to buy or sell, you'll have already gained their trust and opened an organic line of communication with them.

  • Allowing your content be easily shared and consumed: Although anything you post on your website can be readily shared across the internet, blog posts are more readily consumable by a broader audience. This not only informs your audience, but also gives them an opportunity to engage with your content via comments and likes.

  • Enhancing your website's SEO: Your real estate blog is a natural way to increase the SEO on your website and increase its chances of landing on the first page. Google even encourages website owners to continue adding unique content to their websites to maximize their ranking opportunities; consistent blogging is one way to accomplish this.

  • Keep your website traffic, and potential leads, steady: As your content diversifies and is shared across multiple platforms like social media sites, more users will be directed back to your website. Actively maintaining your blog will keep this traffic steady because you're continually giving your audience relevant reasons to stay engaged with your website.

How to Determine Which Type of Content to Use on a Real Estate Blog

Before you begin creating a real estate blog, you need to have an idea of the types of topics that you should focus on. Reading other real estate brokerage blogs and signing up for industry publications will show examples of how other companies are managing their content. What should you write on your real estate blog? That depends on your market and audience. Along with highlighting local events, businesses, and news, you can also write about real estate trends, advice for buyers and sellers, and remodeling tips.

Tips for a Running a Successful Real Estate Blog

There are plenty of pieces of advice to keep in mind when running a real estate blog, but we believe that these are three of the most important:

  1. Stay Consistent: The biggest mistake you can make with a blog is to post infrequently. Though you may want to post every day, this may prove to be too difficult overtime. If you abandon your consistency, you chance losing your audience.

  2. Stay Relevant: No matter how frequently you post, you need to ensure that your content remains relevant to your audience. This means understanding which topics your audience wants more information about and catering your blog posts to these themes. Just as you're consistently posting, your post's content should remain consistently on-topic and aligned with what your audience desires.

  3. Stay Informed: As you keep your blogging consistent, you must also stay up-to-date on the latest blogging trends in the industry as they pertain to search engine algorithms. For example, search engines like Google change their page-ranking algorithms according to factors like in-bound and out-bound links, word-count, and SEO. Knowing how to construct a blog post that most closely matches these evolving algorithms is a necessity.  

Committing to a real estate blog should be a top priority for your brokerage in 2021. Is your team too busy to stay dedicated to consistently producing blog content? Let Delta Media Group help. Our marketing team will develop your blog and consistently create market-relevant content so you won't have to worry about a word. Contact Delta Media Group to learn more about our real estate blog development along with our other real estate marketing services.


Content Marketing That Converts
At any given time, there may be thousands of people in your market who are just "thinking about" buying or selling a home. Each person may be weeks, months, or even years away from making a decision. But as they are getting closer to one, they go online.

The internet has provided a phenomenal way for anyone to learn about nearly any subject. When people have problems to solve or tough questions, they use Google to find answers.

That decision – to start gathering information out on the Web – is where a prospective customer's needs and your expertise come together. The way you put yourself on the radar is content marketing.

Content marketing is an approach to digital marketing that focuses on posting helpful, useful, informative content on your website. Most of this content will come in the form of blogs, but it can also encompass photos, videos, infographics, reports, and much more.

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Delta Media Group Hyperlocal Content Marketing

When you use the words "location, location, location" speaking one-on-one with a real estate client, you're most likely talking about a specific home or property.  However, the phrase takes on a whole new meaning when it relates to your marketing strategy.  Real estate pros using hyperlocal content as a part of their online marketing strategies target neighborhoods, homes, local businesses, and events to draw the attention of a specific audience to their communities.

Hyperlocal content is one of the biggest keys to attracting a loyal audience for your real estate website and carves out a unique space for your business online.

6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Hyperlocal Content

Hyperlocal content is an essential element in the online marketing strategies we create for our clients at Delta Media Group.  Let's take a closer look at how to use hyperlocal content to grow your real estate business.

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Content Marketing Guide for REALTORS®
Wouldn't it be nice to draw countless qualified leads to your real estate business, without paying for ad space or picking up the phone to cold call? That's the promise of content marketing, and it's one of many reasons why content should be a crucial element of your real estate marketing strategy.

Planning Your Website's Content Marketing Strategy

Your content is waiting to increase visibility, add value, educate, and ultimately turn prospects into clients.

Content marketing is a big part of what we do at Delta Media Group. Today, we're going to take a closer look at how you can use content to grow your real estate business.

  • Why Content Marketing Matters in Real Estate
    Content is an important marketing tool no matter the industry, but it's especially valuable in real estate. The vast majority of people start searches online--whether they're looking for a home or working to find an agent. Your content should demonstrate your expertise, share valuable tips, highlight market areas, and show prospects why you're the right choice for their needs. Content is also a key element in search engine optimization (SEO), which makes it easier for prospects to find your business online. Ultimately, content creates qualified leads, which is why it's a must-have for REALTORS®.

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5 Holiday Content Ideas to Spice Up Your Marketing

No matter the season—themed, locally focused content is one of your most important online marketing tools as a real estate agent. The holidays are an especially fruitful time for creating content, often featuring a wealth of local events to highlight in the communities where you do business, as well as plenty of opportunities to touch on topics that are important to buyers, sellers, and local homeowners. Let's take a closer look at five real estate content ideas to spice up your real estate marketing and bring traffic to your blog for the holiday season.

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How to Become a Content Marketing Master

There's no doubt that content ranks among the most powerful marketing tools for real estate agents, but content marketing can also be a big, intimidating concept if you're unfamiliar with the process.

The good news is that even if you're just getting started with content marketing, your experience as a real estate agent provides you with the knowledge, background, and authority to create content that your audience will love.

Becoming a content marketing master requires learning how to find your audience, tailor your content to key demographics, and improve your process over time. Get started on the road to expertise with our guide to becoming a real estate content marketing master.

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4 Types Of Content REALTORS® Need To Use

What does your real estate content say about your business and brand? While you don't have to be a writing expert to create an excellent blog post, it's important to make sure that your content represents the best elements of your brand. That requires creating content that demonstrates your expertise, speaks to the needs of your audience, and takes advantage of trends geared specifically toward real estate clients. Creating different types of content allows you to connect with different segments of your audience, and keeps people coming back to see what you'll create next. Today, we're going to take a closer look at four types of content that are essential for marketing your real estate business.

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3 Tips for Writing Great Real Estate Content

Whether you're an experienced real estate writer or just getting started, you've likely experienced writer's block. You sit down with all of those great ideas you brainstormed, grab a cup of coffee...and then BAM! You just can't get the right words on the page.

The good news is there are plenty of different ways to make your life easier when creating real estate content. Taking the time to learn about content creation, develop your skills, and practice regularly will have you blogging like a pro in no time! Below, our team offers these three tips to help you create great real estate content.

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