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Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and beyond, every agent and customer at RealtyMark is treated like a VIP. 

Looking to change up the real estate game, Ramon (Ray) Gaber founded RealtyMark in 2010. After starting in the Philadelphia area, the business quickly grew to New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. RealtyMark is now licensed in New York and expects to be approved soon in Georgia before expanding to Florida and California. 

Gaber founded the company with the goal of making the lives of real estate agents better. At RealtyMark, agents earn 100% commission, and their transaction fee is $275, capped at $2,750 annually. The base fee to be an agent at RealtyMark is $100 a month; however, the first year is free. Plus, if you bring a new agent to the company, you get an additional free year for recruiting that agent. 

"I always say there are only two ways to have more money in the world: make more or spend less," says Ray. We give them [agents] both at RealtyMark because we allow them to earn more money, we teach them how to earn more, and we let them keep it." 

The Agent Experience 

Not only is it possible to earn more money as a RealtyMark agent, but there are many other enticing incentives for them to succeed. For example, there's an annual RealtyMark cruise offered to agents who do between six and 12 transactions per year. The cruise is usually between seven and 10 nights. Last February, they went on a nine-night Royal Caribbean Cruise that stopped in Haiti, Labadee, St. Martin, and Puerto Rico. An eight-night Royal Caribbean cruise will be available next year. 

"It's good camaraderie for the agents to be able to not just see someone in the office," says Ray. "They're at the pool. They're at the beach. They're at dinners, lunches, breakfast, shows. It's more of a social atmosphere. A lot of our agents have become really close friends because of the cruise. So, it's a little different than a normal office atmosphere." 

RealtyMark's agents also have the opportunity to be racecar drivers. All they have to do is bring in sponsors. 

"NASCAR is the second most-watched sport in America," says Ray. "So, we have race cars on the street that look like NASCAR. And we have programs where if an agent can bring some sponsors in, they can get their own free car to drive around." 

Aside from these awesome benefits, RealtyMark agents can work from wherever they choose. While live training sessions are hosted several times a week or even multiple times a day, all of them are held virtually over Zoom. Agents are never obligated to come into the office if they don't want to. 

"Everything can be remote," says Ray. "If they want to come in, great, we have offices all over. But a lot of them never come in at all." 

Another perk of being a RealtyMark agent is having the RealtyMark Concierge Team at your disposal. This special team does all the agents' paperwork for them, so they don't have to. The concierge team is available seven days a week and will have a client's paperwork ready to sign that day. 

"I created this about two years ago, the RealtyMark Concierge Team." Ray continues, "I say besides creating RealtyMark and my two children, it's the best creation I ever made. The agent can be inside the house, and if the client says 'we want to put in an offer,' they can pull out their phone, go onto our site, enter between 10 and 15 items, and within the hour, all the paperwork is sent back to the agent ready to DocuSign." 

RealtyMark also provides constant support for their agents, and that includes having a 24/7 broker hotline they can call to ask for help. And no matter what time of day or how big or small your issue is, they will pick up the phone and answer your question. 

"At any time of the day or night, they can call and talk to a real estate broker," says Ray. "And basically, we always say, there are no dumb questions. We'd rather they ask the question first instead of getting in trouble." 

First-Class Treatment 

At RealtyMark, it's not just the agents who get treated like royalty — it's the customers too. While, of course, they provide excellent customer service and care, they also offer some unique programs clients love. 

First, through RealtyMark's Closing Protection Program, clients have peace of mind not only throughout the selling process but also right up until the very end. 

"If, for any reason, our clients do not go to settlement on time, and it's no fault of their own, RealtyMark will put them up in the hotel or motel of their choice for up to three nights," says Ray. "A lot of times, they say, well, why would that happen? Well, if we're representing the seller, all their stuff is in a moving van, and then something happens with the people that are buying their house, and now they have nowhere to sleep except on the floor. It's a nice extra touch to be able to do that." 

Also, since at RealtyMark "Everyone's a VIP," if the client needs a ride to the closing, RealtyMark will send a limousine to pick them up for free.  

"We send limousines for our clients; we own the cars. We send them free of charge to bring the clients to and from the closing because everyone's a VIP at RealtyMark," says Ray. 

RealtyMark gives out free cars to their customers to keep. If a buyer uses a RealtyMark agent that's also the listing agent of the property, they can get a free car leased for up to three years. 

"We give cars away if the buyer uses our listing agent," says Ray. "So, if we're the listing and they buy the house directly from the listing agent through a dual agency, we'll offer them a free car relative to the value of the home." 

They also do some exciting promotions, such as if you buy your new house with RealtyMark, they will list your old house for free. 

"We do promotions like buy your next house with me, and we'll sell your house for free," says Ray. "So, a lot of crazy stuff." 

Live on TV! 

Like any successful brokerage, RealtyMark has some excellent strategies for digital marketing. While they still use the essentials like social media and email marketing, they also have something far more unique: a TV show! 

For nine years running, RealtyMark has had their own show, RealtyMark Showcase of Homes, which airs every Sunday at 9 a.m. EST on PHL17. PHL17 is a popular local station that shows events, including Phillies games, Philadelphia Union soccer games, and the Mummers Parade — which, if you aren't familiar, is a famous Philly tradition that takes place every year on New Year's Day. Airing in 40 different counties throughout four states, many homes have been sold to viewers who watched the show and saw their dream home listed. 

"We've sold hundreds and hundreds of homes just because people saw it on TV," says Ray. 

Knowing that their house will be shown on the show also makes sellers more interested in listing with a RealtyMark agent. 

"It's a listing tool because if you lined up 10 agents that you were thinking about listing your property with," Ray continues, "And if we said, 'well if you list it with me, we'll put it on TV,' my agent's probably going to win out over the other nine." 

Plus, while television ads tend to be very pricey, RealtyMark agents can feature their listings for free on the show. So, it not only gives them a great way to advertise their listings to a wide audience, but it saves them money too. 

"A lot of work and many hours go into it every week," says Ray. "And I think it separates us because our agents can put their listings on for free. If they were to just buy commercial time anywhere to put their house on TV, it would be thousands and thousands of dollars. It's one of the benefits of coming to RealtyMark." 

Another nice thing about the show for both agents and clients is that there's a chance for their kids to be cast in the show. Instead of bringing in talent from elsewhere, RealtyMark gives kids in their own network the chance to have their television debut. 

"We put a lot of the agents' or the clients' kids on TV; we call them bumpers, and they're in between the houses for sale," says Ray. "We'll have little kids say, 'RealtyMark, don't make a move without us,' or they'll say, 'RealtyMark is selling America, one home at a time.' We give them different things to say, and obviously, the parents have to sign the video release because they're under 18. So, that's a cool thing, and a lot of our agents' kids are on TV." 

Talking About Tech 

It wasn't until 2021 that RealtyMark partnered with Delta Media Group®, which was recommended to them after their previous provider discontinued its website product. 

The first step in working with Delta was custom designing their new website — which they did with half premade templates and half custom design. 

Dimitri Yarbrough, RealtyMark's Operations Manager, says, "Delta was really efficient and helpful in making a custom website that fit our image." 

Once the website was up and running, they introduced their agents to the DeltaNET®. With agents of various levels of interest and understanding of technology, they liked the fact that it was something everyone could use. Aside from being easy to navigate, it was efficient and equated with industry standards. It was a "well-rounded solution." 

"It [DeltaNET] gives them the software they need for marketing, and the agents need their websites, and it's hands-off as well," says Dimitri. "It's pretty easy to use. It helps our agents, especially those who aren't interested in actually engaging in technology. They can just click the button, and they have what the industry standard is. You need that stuff these days." 

Dimitri believes that it's important to have products like DeltaNET that cater to the older generations and those that aren't as adept at using technology. Otherwise, those people will get left behind — and they shouldn't. While traditional print marketing and community outreach are still viable options for some, it's not where the industry or the future is headed. 

"In the near future, it seems like there's going to be a big divide between the technology cans and the technology cant's," says Dimitri. "There's going to be a divide between those two groups of people, so I think what we try to do is get the happiest medium because you can't just abandon those people." 

RealtyMark is the Future 

RealtyMark's slogan is "The Future of Real Estate." They feel that they are the industry's future because they not only look toward the future but are consistently coming up with innovative ideas that haven't been developed yet. 

"We're definitely outside-the-box, not your normal vanilla company," says Ray. 

They aren't looking to be like their competitors. Instead, they strive to be something different and offer something other brokerages don't. RealtyMark always has a new idea waiting to be unveiled, even with all the creative initiatives they already have in place. 

"We have a lot of cool stuff on deck that we're about to launch because our industry's changing every day," says Ray. "Every time they raise interest rates that will slow the market, there are fewer houses, so the more creative ones get the listings, and that's what we teach our people: how to beat out the others because that's what's going to make them survive instead of giving up." 

RealtyMark is extremely fast-growing, amassing thousands of agents in just under 12 years of business. And as they expand to new parts of the country, they're looking to double their numbers. If they continue to provide high-quality service and use their creativity to change the industry, there's no way they won't succeed. 

To learn more about RealtyMark, visit


As a real estate agent, one of the most important services you provide to any client is pricing the home to sell. A home is priced "to sell" when it meets both the seller's needs and those of the actual buyers who may put in a bid. Without that, a home could easily languish on the market.

You know that when a home lingers on the market, it's not a good sign. Traditionally, real estate agents have tried to close on a home within 30 days. With every passing day beyond that mark, more potential buyers are likely to wonder if something is wrong with the property.

Conventionally, a property that takes 90 days to sell ends up getting relisted.

Over the last two years, some homes have sold in as little as 24 hours. But the market is changing, and it is more crucial than ever to be attentive to the right price. The Comparative Market Analysis — or CMA — is the key to ensuring sellers don't accidentally price themselves out of the market.

With a CMA, you estimate a home's value based on recently sold similar homes in the area.

Some of the key dimensions of comparison include:

  • Zipcode
  • Square footage
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Amenities

No two homes are "identical," but the closer you can get, the better. With the right software tools, you can even cut down the time it takes to generate market-level insights in your area. That can be decisive when you need to act quickly to win a customer's confidence.

A traditional CMA is a hallmark of a well-informed real estate agent. The problem: It takes time and effort, and it could be out of date by the time the seller is ready to act. Plus, sellers may or may not understand all the information in the CMA. How can you make it really work for you?

Delta Media Group has the solution.

Delta Pitch Brings the Comparative Market Analysis to the Next Level

Through our experience working with thousands of users of the DeltaNET®6 all-in-one real estate solution, we've learned about the drawbacks of the CMA — and developed ways for you and your customers to get even more value from it at the click of a button. The results are here in Delta Pitch.

Delta Pitch integrates completely within our AI-driven real estate CRM, creating a center of excellence you can use to generate precise, accurate, beautifully designed CMAs for any property in the United States. Delta Pitch means real business impact from every CMA you create.

With Delta Pitch, you can:

  • Finish Your CMA in Just Seconds (When It Really Counts)
    When a seller is ready to price a home, they don't have time to wait. Even a few days of delay may shake their confidence. Even more significantly, it could leave you with inaccurate data. With Delta Pitch, you have results within seconds. There's no complicated setup, research, or math involved.

  • Design Your Branded, High-Impact CMA with Easy Templates
    Since Delta Pitch is so fast, so you can focus your attention on getting more value from each CMA. Want a beautiful, data-rich CMA customers and leads will remember? It's easy. You can customize the colors, structure, and how the information is presented, then save your favorites as templates.

  • Make a Lasting Impression with Interactive FlipBooks
    An annotated FlipBook is more than just a report — it's a rich multimedia experience. Your contacts are more likely to review it in full, remember what it says, and actually act on it. And you don't need any expensive software or multimedia design training to make the most of it.

  • Share With Your Clients and Contacts in a Single Tap
    Even people who are only "thinking" about selling are fascinated by accurate, actionable data about their neighborhood. Now, you can whet their appetite with a single tap. There's no limit to how many CMAs you can develop, how you can tweak each report, or how often you can share them.

  • Launch Video Calls Directly from Delta Pitch
    Video is the next best thing to being there. Now, you can launch video calls from Zoom or your favorite alternative directly from Delta Pitch. That makes it a snap to go over information you just sent to your contact in a Comparative Market Analysis or interactive FlipBook.

Delta Pitch isn't just a tool for making the best CMAs in the industry — it's a complete proposal generator that strengthens your brand's reputation for excellence. And just like the rest of our growing technology suite for real estate agents, it only takes a few minutes to learn to use it. In a single year, you could save hundreds of hours on CMA research.

Contact us at Delta Media Group to learn more about real estate marketing automation.


This video demonstrates some updates to the Curbside Marketing system (previously labelled "text short codes") in the DeltaNET. This system allows customers to text a keyword of your choosing to a phone number to receive a link to a search results page on your website centered on their current location.

Click Here to


Founded by a mother and son, Joyce Realty is a force to be reckoned with in the New York metro area — covering all five boroughs of NYC, northern New Jersey, and the New York Hudson Valley.  

When Kevin Joyce was growing up, he never imagined following in his mother Mary Ellen's footsteps and entering the world of real estate. He had a passion for the arts and wanted to be an entertainment lawyer.  

"During elementary school, middle school, high school, and college, my mother was always engaged in real estate, working as an agent/broker for Patriot Realty, which eventually became Century 21," Kevin continues, "At the time, I had absolutely no aspirations to actually go into real estate." 

That all changed when Kevin took a real estate course as an elective in college. 

"Running out of electives in college but needing extra credits to graduate, I took a real estate course, and to my surprise, I realized I had a passion for it," says Kevin. "Needing a sponsoring broker to take the class, I turned to my mother's broker, Patrick Nealon, and started doing real estate. When I approached my mother and told her I was going to work real estate for the summer, her advice was, 'don't do it.' However, right out of the gate that summer, I made $58,000, and I thought to myself, 'ok, I have the gene.'" 

From this experience, Kevin ultimately realized that even though she warned him not to pursue it, his passion for the industry was passed down to him from his mother. Continuing on this path with Century 21, out of 8,000 agents in the Northeast, Mary Ellen was ranked #3, and Kevin was ranked #5.  

After having such immense success during his first few years in the business, Kevin proposed the idea to his mother of the two of them starting their own company. And together, they decided to go all-in, and that was the birth of Joyce Realty, joining together as equal partners in 1994. 

Sadly in 2013, Mary Ellen passed away after a long and courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Her 15-year odyssey through this disease considered a miracle in itself at the time, was a testament to her faith, strength, and unwillingness to ever give up. Since then, Kevin has served as the company's president and principal broker.     

Setting up for Success 

The first step in starting Joyce Realty was opening the first office in Pearl River, NY. This 5,000-square-foot location is currently the brokerage's main office. Kevin laments, "If we were a Macy's, that location would be considered Herald Square for our company."  

After setting roots in Pearl River, Joyce Realty branched out to northern New Jersey, setting up shop in Mahwah in Bergen County. They recently opened a beautiful new office in Throggs Neck, on East Tremont Avenue, a prime location in the Bronx, even offering a water taxi service bringing you to midtown Manhattan in 20 minutes. Joyce Realty not only sells properties in the Bronx but in the other four boroughs and Westchester County as well.  

Although there is a great deal of competition in New York City, Joyce Realty recognizes the benefits and opportunities that come with being in that market, such as the high price points.  

"The New York Metro market is a prime marketplace to be in," Kevin continues, "And I feel very fortunate sometimes because I've been going to places where, for instance, in the Midwest, a broker that did 2000 transaction sides, but their average sale price is $170K. My market is $680k right now."  

Kevin has always known exactly what he wanted Joyce Realty to be. He never needed to be the biggest brokerage in the city, but rather one with a good reputation that speaks to the hard work of its team members.  

"I like to think of myself as maybe not the biggest company, but I like to say that we're like a battleship boutique brokerage in the hottest markets in this country," says Kevin.  

Cultivating a Brand  

In the company's early days, Joyce Realty had its own magazine to advertise their listings, which were sent to over 30,000 people. It was sent out 10 times a year over 10 months. Unfortunately, this venture ended when the publisher closed its doors and print started transitioning to digital.  

"We had our own magazine," Kevin continues, "It was a private cover for what's now The Real Estate Book, which is Network Communications. We jumped on their distribution, and I had 72 advertisers in my magazine."  

To market current listings in the digital age, Joyce Realty joined REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) and is part of four other multiple listing services, including one in New York and three in New Jersey. They are also the exclusive affiliate for Leverage Global Partners.  

Considering he's an artist and his father owned a paper company, design comes naturally to Kevin. Therefore, he worked side-by-side with a designer to create the brand's original graphics and other marketing materials. He still assists with many of the company's creative projects today.  

"A lot of the stuff that was built, ad-wise, I did with the graphic artist hands-on," says Kevin. "I'm used to that type of diet, and I like it because it's creative."  

Trying Times 

In the first 10 years of Joyce Realty, the company grew considerably, to the point where by 2007, they had seven different offices. However, the early 2000s was a trying time for brokers. Kevin vividly recalls the 2008 market crash and how it affected the company and the real estate industry as a whole. But instead of giving up, he saw it as a chance to restructure and make necessary changes.  

"We had been a much larger company managing seven offices at one time, but then 2007-2008 hit us, and I knew I had to swallow any type of pride that may be inhibiting us from moving forward," says Kevin. "So, you have to renegotiate with your landlord to get out of leases as well as contracts with multiple vendors." 

Despite these challenges, Joyce Realty survived the recession and came back better than ever. Plus, going through that made them better prepared for the current market and the obstacles that came with COVID-19. Kevin also recognizes that the city and suburban markets are vastly different, which has become even more apparent over the past few years.  

"The concentration and the population in the city are a different animal than, say, dealing with suburbia," says Kevin. "We are seeing our unit values, the transaction sides, go up exponentially. We are experiencing where the lack of inventory and the rate-raising environment has created a vacuum where I'm seeing bids go over $100,000, waving inspections. The fed is raising the interest rates because they're trying to tame down inflation."  

Joining Joyce 

Recruiting new agents is an important part of Kevin's role as president of Joyce Realty. That's why one thing that initially appealed to him about Delta Media Group® was the ability to custom-make his own recruiting website. With the help of Delta's design team, Kevin created, an innovative recruiting website to attract new agents. 

"I did some digging within Delta, and I saw some other companies that had recruitment websites," Kevin continues. "And that's a big part of my business."  

Although Joyce Realty is often looking for new recruits, when it comes to hiring talent, they certainly value quality over quantity and thus only want to work with those that are a match with the company. 

"Recruitment is important to me, but it has to be a fit," says Kevin. "I usually sit with somebody, and we chat, and then I see what their motivation is. We have amazing systems in our company with onboarding people into our group. But I would rather have 50 really well-fed agents than 200 agents doing two transactions."  

Having Their Backs 

Kevin feels that in order to run a successful business, a leader should be someone who is always there to run ideas by and lend a helping hand.  

"I love succeeding; I love getting people what they want and doing a good job," says Kevin. "And I love seeing my agents succeed, and I'm always their wingman. They know they can pick up the phone, and if they need to talk to me about something, or brainstorm about something to get something done, I'm always there for them."  

He also understands the importance of giving the team the proper resources and a clear set of guidelines. So, aside from providing them with top-tier technology to make things simpler for agents, Joyce Realty has a handbook that is updated every year as the industry changes. Company processes and expectations change along with it.  

"We have a policy and procedure handbook that everyone can get every year," says Kevin. "Anything and everything that could come up is inside that book."  

Kevin believes that agents should feel like their broker is working for them, not the other way around. For agents to feel supported, they need to know that you have their backs, no matter what. 

A True Partner 

Kevin first came across Delta Media Group after noticing that other well-known brokerages in the area had been working with the company. He saw the benefits the partnership could have and how it was run and decided it was the perfect opportunity to take Joyce Realty to the next level. 

"I've been a huge proponent of building infrastructure and having processes that will bring value and bring in business," says Kevin. "And that's what attracted me about Delta." 

He has found that the products Delta offers are worth the investment, saying, "I'm investing more with Delta because it's smart." 

Although Delta Media Group is Joyce Realty's tech vendor, Kevin sees it as so much more than that. 

"I don't think of you guys ever as my vendor; you're a partner to me," says Kevin. "You're my online window to the world. That's where people look." 

What Kevin values most is the team at Delta. He appreciates being able to meet with the staff regularly and is always aware of what's happening and what's new with the technology. 

"Just keeping the pulse where no one feels that they don't know what's going on. That was an important thing for me," says Kevin. 

Targeting the Younger Generations 

Being in a metropolitan area packed with young people, the majority of Joyce's prospective clients fall into the Gen Z and Millennial categories. Because of this, using generational marketing to directly target their customer base is an essential part of Joyce's marketing strategy.  

Joyce Realty targets these younger groups by showing them the data and giving them the information they need to start the home-buying process. On their website, they have a First Time Home Buying Guide as well as a Millennial Homeownership Guide. These guides are complete with everything young buyers need to know — from reasons to own your house to understanding down payments, mortgages, and the loan approval process. 

"I think Gen Z appreciates the value proposition of giving them really strong data and a one-stop package type of situation and streamlining everything," says Kevin. 

Another way they market to younger buyers is through their blog on their DeltaNET® website. While their blog appeals to every demographic, posts about saving for your first home, local restaurants and bars, dog parks, and Instagram-worthy spots are reeling in those Gen Z and Millennial buyers by telling them the information they want to know. 

Joyce Realty also caters to first-time home buyers because they have their own mortgage company, QuestStar Mortgage, that Kevin created himself. QuestStar Mortgage is a full-service mortgage company specializing in conventional, FHA, VA, jumbo, and refinance loans. Through the Joyce Realty website and the Loanzify app, the home loan approval and mortgage calculation processes are made easy and can be done from anywhere. 

"I recruited from one of my competitors, a loan processor, and we're online now with seven of the largest banks, and we can cater to every need that people have," Kevin says. "It's a one-stop-shop solution that we offer." 

Kevin believes that Gen Z is the industry's future and feels that the younger generations are starting to see the value in homeownership and having a place to call home. 

"I think no matter what generation, even though it's Gen Z and they say that Gen Z is not going to stay at the same employer for a long time, they're going to jump around," Kevin continues, "I think what's happened to everybody with us dealing with this COVID plague is we recognized that home is where the heart is." 

Moving Forward 

Aside from revamping their technology with Delta and introducing new generational marketing strategies, Joyce Realty has recently made several other updates. They renovated their corporate office and did the build-out of their mortgage suite. 

"We got all licensed," says Kevin. "I got personally licensed as a mortgage loan originator, which was a new thing. We grew that side of our business. We want to have the experience for our clients to have a one-stop real value where you can say, well, I'm going to check this out. I can beat the retail bank anytime because I deal with the largest wholesale banks in the nation." 

During the pandemic, Kevin took the time to build a new structure for the company. He declared it his responsibility to lead his team through such a difficult time. 

"It was a lot during this COVID period; we were moving forward and building the business up and infrastructure up to be ready," says Kevin, "That's really what my job has been: to lead. I was hands-on with the whole build-out of our sites from square one." 

Kevin feels that consistency is the key to continued growth and success; nothing lasts if you aren't always striving for better. 

"The biggest thing I think to have longevity is consistency," he says. "I'm never completely 100% satisfied because I want to do better." 

Kevin also believes that having the right tools and support in your corner is essential to keeping momentum, which is something every business needs to move forward. 

"It's called momentum," he explains. "You can't let the grass grow under your feet. You have to keep on moving with everything. And that translates into not just work, but personal life, fitness, just being a good person and growing. You have to keep the wheels turning, get things locked down, and get your position in place for where you want to be and where you're going to grow." 

Leaving a Legacy 

Although Kevin's mother isn't around to run the business with him anymore, the lessons and values she instilled in him during his childhood and early career remain present. 

Kevin's mother always told him, "Always be ethical. Keep your sense of humor. Try your best and be consistent, and you'll be above the pack." Kevin takes this advice with him everywhere he goes. It represents the company and the values that every staff member and agent at Joyce Realty follows each and every day. 

Another lesson Kevin learned from his mother is that people don't become successful by others getting things done for them, but rather by watching the examples others have set for them while making something their own. 

"My mom never gave me any leads, but I did watch her," says Kevin. "And I don't think anyone that's truly successful in real estate emulates exactly; you make it your own, and you internalize it." 

Finally, Kevin puts people first and cares about his clients, just as his mother always did. His primary goal is to help his agents and clients succeed, and he loves doing it.  

"I really care about the people first before my transactions," says Kevin. "And I think that's where my strength has always been, with my agents and my clients and everything that I deal with and growing the company because I believe in it, I'm passionate about it, and I really I love what I do, and I don't think many people can say that." 

As Kevin continues to follow his mother's advice, the example she set for him, and always puts his customers and agents before himself, Joyce Realty will continue to leave a legacy — just as Mary Ellen did. Real estate runs deep in the Joyce family, and the leadership qualities, talent, and passion Kevin inherited are truly what sets Joyce Realty apart from the pack. 

To learn more about Joyce Realty, visit and


Are you taking full advantage of the many opportunities that video marketing creates in real estate? Whether you're showcasing a listing, highlighting a neighborhood, or creating educational real estate content for your audience, video can convey things that simply aren't captured with other forms of online content. Listings with video generate more interest, video marketing content converts at a higher rate, social media posts with video generate more engagement, video content on your real estate website has major SEO benefits... the list goes on and on.

If you've been waiting to integrate video into your real estate marketing mix, now is the perfect time to change that. Here's how video can help you sell more properties, earn more clients, and grow your brand online.

Still need convincing that video is one of the most reliable, powerful ways to grow your brand and promote properties? Check out these stats on video marketing in real estate:

  • According to the NAR, listings with video drive 403 percent more inquiries than listings without video.

  • The same data from the NAR reveals that 51 percent of home buyers use YouTube as their primary method of searching for homes.

  • Every month, 3.25 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube, which has more than 1.3 billion active users. TikTok isn't far behind, with more than 1 billion monthly users of its own.

  • Video is great for individual agents, too. NAR data suggests that 73 percent of homeowners surveyed are more likely to work with an agent who uses video.

  • Video isn't just popular in real estate. Some estimates suggest that 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video content.

The numbers don't lie. Video draws more eyes than any other form of content online, and the numbers only seem to grow when new watch stats are released every year.

How Video Can Help You Sell Homes and Attract Clients

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? While professional quality listing photos are a strong place to start, the simple fact is that modern real estate buyers are more attracted to video than anything else.

A listing video can showcase features of the home that aren't seen in photos, provide a more detailed overview of the entire property, and give the buyer a real sense of touring a home even though they're not there in person. It's much easier for buyers to imagine their lives in the home when they can see it in motion, feel the transition from one room to the next, and analyze all of the small yet important details that video content can capture.

Of course, anyone interested in selling a home will also be quite keen on all of the benefits that video offers as a tool for selling properties. That's one key reason why 73 percent of homeowners are more likely to work with an agent who uses video, as we mentioned above. Being able to show a seller how you'll promote their home using video is a great way to win trust and attract more clients.

Easily Integrate Video with Properties in Motion

Now, you might be wondering how exactly to take advantage of all the benefits offered by video content. Our Properties in Motion® tool makes it easy to integrate video listings, with voice-over, into your marketing mix. Our marketing pros can help you use video to drive more traffic to your listings and generate great search engine results in the process.

  • Create HD-quality video with voice-over to lead buyers through every nook and cranny of a listing online, no matter where the buyer is located.
  • Automatically pull information from MLS, and automatically feed videos to both your social page on Facebook and your real estate website.
  • Integrated texting platform that allows you to easily text key data on things like listing alerts, open houses, and price changes.
  • Easily track leads, and stay on top of all the latest data through weekly reports.
  • Have something special to promote? Single property websites are also available to promote your top listings.

Promoting properties with video doesn't have to feel like a mystery. With the right tools and the right team, it's easier than ever to make your listings shine online.

It's Time to Make Real Estate Video Work for You

Video can help you take your real estate brand to the next level online, whether you're promoting listings or creating educational, lead-generating content for your website. As more and more young buyers enter the market, the popularity of video in real estate should only keep growing in the years to come. With tools like Properties in Motion®, it's easier than ever to take advantage of the popularity of video content.


As a real estate agent, one of the most important assets you provide is your expertise in pricing. A home must be "priced to sell" to meet the needs of both your client and the market. Left to their own devices, many people will overestimate the value of their own home and hinder their sales efforts.

Because of the emotional attachment that develops between a homeowner and property, it's crucial to demonstrate your advice is built on a sound foundation. Otherwise, you might encounter resistance and have difficulty coming to terms on pricing. That can cause trouble for you and your customer.

Until recently, most real estate agents and brokers handled this issue manually.

When a property goes up for sale, they would diligently do the necessary research. Gathering "comps" from the local area, they would look at location, size, and amenities to triangulate a solid price. In any discussion about price strategy, they could show the calculations that went into their work.

As valuable as that is, it takes precious time — time that's at a premium in fast-moving markets.

More and more agents in today's most desirable metro markets have run into the problem that by the time they complete their analysis, conditions have already changed. And explaining their rationale to a customer can still be counter-intuitive, creating the potential for confusion and lost confidence.

For these reasons and more, you should be using AVM.

AVM Takes the Guesswork Out of Pricing to Sell

An AVM — short for automated valuation model — does the hard work for you. You'll get accurate results fast, equipping your customers to take action. But how does it work, and how can you start leveraging it for your real estate practice?

AVM takes advantage of the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with a key fact about real estate: Every transaction is public record. By analyzing recent local sales using a sophisticated mathematical model, it can generate an asking price aligned to market behavior.

A good AVM increases confidence while cutting manual work out of the equation:

  • You no longer need to wait for a traditional appraiser to arrive to estimate a home's value
  • You can give your customers helpful, actionable intelligence in a fraction of the usual time

Property transaction records are the "training data" for most AVMs. Some integrate data directly from the MLS system. Others synthesize estimates from a variety of trusted third-party data sources. In any case, the proof of an AVM's value is in how consistently it delivers estimates close to a final sales price.

Your Customers Already Trust AVM Without Knowing It

Homeowners love to scope things out and get a sense of what their home might sell for. No longer do they have to trawl through local open houses to get insight on what neighbors are buying and selling — instead, they go online and look for an automatically generated estimate.

While there are many popular websites using an AVM, all but the largest brokers have traditionally been cut out of the game. This deprives many independent brands of the opportunity to leverage AVM as the practical tool and rapport-building mechanism it already naturally is.

When you offer AVM, you have the opportunity to seamlessly follow your leads and customers from interest to action. And you no longer need to pay hefty licensing fees to do it. If you are a DeltaNET®6 customer, AVM is already a part of the trusted center of excellence that is your all-in-one real estate solution.

Accurate AVM Estimates Now Available in One Click

Imagine having an accurate, branded AVM report in just seconds — one that provides amazing context such as the average price of sold listings, average size of sold listings, and total number of sold listings a given zip code had over a period of twelve quarters or more.

Delta Media Group's previous AVM has been deployed on thousands of customer websites. Now, it evolves even further to provide even more accurate and granular information. This self-learning valuation tool will only get better and better as it crunches more data.

Some of the top highlights include:

  • A clean, clear, and curated AVM report that empowers you to scan through data at a glance
  • "Market Conditions" tab gives you a capsule overview of all market health signals in an area
  • Valuation data from up to five trusted, objective sources, including Delta's AI-driven estimate
  • Deeply integrated AVM experience to help you weather the effects of record low inventories
  • "Door Knock" opportunities — you get leads even when the prospect provides no information
  • "Current Demand Report" infuses a sense of urgency as visitors explore the AVM interface

It's time to take your business to the next level with AI.

Contact us to learn more or get started with DeltaNET AVM.


In this video, we demonstrate the new and improved Help Center in the DeltaNET. The Help Center is continually updated with new content to help you learn how to get the most out of the DeltaNET platform features.

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The days when buyers needed to set foot in a house to fall in love with it are long gone, thanks to all of the online resources now available to shop for homes. Many buyers spend countless hours browsing listings, analyzing photos, taking virtual tours, and finding reasons to fall in love before they even consider going to an open house or showing. Are you doing everything that you can to inspire confidence in buyers who discover properties on your website?

Properly showcasing your properties online is an essential step in generating interest, inspiring action, and standing out from the competition. Here's how to make your properties shine on your website and help modern buyers fall in love with your listings.

Start with Great Listing Photos

While buyers spend significant time checking listings specs, descriptions, and agent comments, there's no doubt that they focus on listing photos above all else. Professional, high-quality listing photos are one of the most reliable ingredients for generating interest in properties online, so it's critical to have a real estate photographer you can count on to make properties look their best.

There are a few key factors to remember for producing great listing photos. Ideally, the home will be staged in advance in order to highlight its best features. Every photo should be well-lit, and everything in the image should be clearly visible. Of course, you also want to make each room look as large as possible. These are just a few of the many factors that a professional photographer will consider when presenting a home in its best light.

Be Descriptive and Take Advantage of SEO

You want buyers to be able to easily find your properties when they're searching for homes in your markets and be able to learn as much as possible about the property when they arrive. Taking advantage of real estate SEO by conducting keyword research and integrating the right keywords will help your properties stand out from the crowd online.

The listing description is your opportunity to use creative content to highlight anything that's not captured in listing photos and go in-depth on the features that appeal to buyers the most. Sending a draft of the listing description to the seller before you publish is a great idea because they can point out any features that you might have missed. Lastly, make sure that your listing title is catchy, captivating, and highlights the best features of the home.

Showcase Features that Make the Home Special

When describing a listing on your real estate website, try to capture all of the things that make the home unique. If the kitchen is loaded with high-end appliances, include the brand names. If there's a beautiful breakfast nook, a great place to enjoy a morning coffee with a view, or a well-equipped outdoor living/entertaining space, describe it in detail. When a buyer is considering two similar homes, these features can make all the difference in their decision.

Never Forget that Location Matters

For the overwhelming majority of buyers, location is a critical factor in choosing a home. So if you want to make your properties shine, it's worth pointing out all of the perks of where the home is located. Is it a walkable neighborhood with great parks and restaurants? Is the home located in an excellent school district, with ample attractions for families to enjoy? Just as with the home itself, you want to point out all of the things that make the neighborhood special.

Share Your Listings in All of the Right Places

SEO isn't the only tool for helping buyers find your properties. If you've been keeping up with your social media marketing, then you already have a built-in audience on the biggest social platforms. Make sure that you're sharing your best listings on any social platform where you've built up a presence.

Enhance the Online Shopping Experience with Virtual Tours, Showings, and Open Houses

Not every buyer who's interested in a home will be able to drop everything and come visit it in person. Virtual tours are great for helping buyers fall in love with homes, while tools like virtual open houses and showings can help encourage buyers to take the next step by making an offer or traveling to visit the home in person.

The Bottom Line for Making Your Properties Shine

There's no one magic tool or solution to guarantee that properties shine on your website. Instead, it's a combination of all of the little things that you do to present a property in its best light. Start with great listing photos, captivating descriptions, and a focus on all of the things that make the home/neighborhood special. Mix in the right promotional strategies, and you have the recipe for generating maximum interest in your properties online.


This video demonstrates the Open House Connector system in DeltaNET 6.


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Time and again, email marketing is shown to be one of the most powerful marketing tactics for real estate agents and brokers. Although email marketing is used in a wide variety of industries — in fact, adoption is nearly universal for online enterprises — it is uniquely suited for real estate.

This fact is based on two important reasons:

  • Done right, email marketing costs only a few cents and takes minutes to oversee each month
  • It is the most personal and personable way to maintain relationships with your current leads

Let's take a closer look at how email marketing shapes the competitive landscape in real estate.

Email Marketing Is a Superior Financial Investment

All in all, email marketing is the most cost-effective approach to marketing, online and off. Once it's set up, it costs less than $10 a month. Just as importantly, expert analysis shows that it yields over $30 ROI on average for every dollar spent. There is simply nothing else that even comes close.

That figure has every potential to be even higher for real estate agents. Under ideal conditions, a single transaction can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in commission. By comparison, the money spent on email marketing is nearly nil. With the right software, the time investment can also be near zero.

Email Marketing Fixes Agents' "Invisible Problem"

Real estate agents have a unique strategic problem: Most of the people who can move their business forward are invisible. That is, the vast majority of people you meet won't be ready to jump into a new transaction with you right away, while those who are "nearly" ready have no reason to speak up.

Traditionally, agents have tried to overcome this problem by networking relentlessly. If they meet a hundred people a day, the law of averages dictates that they will find ready business. But with email marketing, you can build a relationship by keeping subscribers on your list until they are ready.

Not Everyone Gets Results from Email Marketing – Here's Why

As valuable as email marketing is, not everyone is succeeding with it.

From the outside, email marketing can look like a lot of work. And social media, which also provides plenty of business to many real estate brands, is more flashy and attractive. But if you only use one digital marketing method — or only have time for one right now – you should start with email.

Done right, email augments your real estate website to turn it into an asset that's always working for you. No matter if you're awake or asleep, 24 hours a day, your email marketing can ensure subscribers receive value and learn precisely what you can do for them, positioning you as a trusted advisor.

The biggest reasons email marketing flounders are simple:

  • Not knowing who your ideal customer is
  • Not dividing your email list into segments
  • Not following up with individual subscribers

Master these, and your email will transform visitors into leads and leads into customers.

How to Revitalize Your Email Marketing

  • Use Single-Purpose Landing Pages to Capture Data
    When you show a listing through your own website, you gain the capacity to collect a user's email so they can register their interest in a property. Expand this idea as much as possible. Create purpose-built pages for events like open houses, webinars, and more. Offer compelling bonuses, like a local market report, to give people an incentive to join your list. In effect, grow your list as much as you can.

  • Target Your Emails to Your Audience
    You can't make the shift from "chasing down leads" to having business come to you unless you have a rock-solid idea about exactly who you serve and how. Clarify who your ideal customer is — that is, the kind of customer who energizes you and moves your business forward. Using your insight into their unique problems, needs, questions, and background, create messaging that nobody else could.

  • Segment Your Emails by Customer Stage
    Everyone who becomes a customer goes through a buyer journey. They start with a problem or question and the need to resolve it; that's often the motivation to visit your website and sign up for your list. Then they become a lead, a customer, and hopefully, a brand supporter. What's relevant to a current lead is irrelevant to a past customer, so make sure you have "mini-lists" (segments) for each profile.

  • Automate Your Email Marketing Efforts
    Last, but certainly not least, automation is the key to making email seamless. Instead of constantly writing and refining content, you can set things up once with confidence. From there, automated systems like those in your DeltaNET®6 all-in-one real estate solution will help you collect emails, dispatch messages, and follow up.

Contact us to discover more about making email marketing easy.


Do you find yourself spending too much time and effort on lead generation? Do the results of your lead generation justify the investment of time and resources? The biggest secret of lead generation is that it doesn't have to be a challenge, but you need reliable tools for the job, starting with your real estate CRM. Investing in the right real estate tech can both boost the results of your lead generation and unlock more time in your busy day to serve the clients that your enhanced lead generation attracts.

Easily Capture Leads and Store Key Data

The first step to generating and converting leads is simply getting your foot in the door. Your real estate CRM should make it easy to acquire key data on leads through online lead capture forms and other sources, then store that data so that it's always available when you need it. As you learn more about leads over time, you can build a robust profile of what each lead wants, how you can earn their business, and how you can help them accomplish their real estate goals.

Improve Results with Automated Lead Generation and Nurturing Tools

One of the biggest time-saving benefits of your real estate CRM comes in the form of automation, which allows you to nurture leads with content that appeals to their needs and helps turn them into clients. All of the tedious work is handled by dependable technology, leaving you with more time to capitalize on the opportunities that automation creates.

  • AI-Driven Email and Print Newsletters
    Your leads all have specific real estate needs that brought them to your door, whether they're buying, selling, or trying to juggle both tasks at the same time. With a little help from AI, you can keep them up to date on the topics that matter most to them through convenient email and print newsletters.

  • Auto-Generated Market Reports
    Data isn't just useful for real estate agents. It's also something that your leads are actively seeking, especially regarding the markets where they're buying or selling a home. With auto-generated My HomeFinder, Market Watch, and Seller Reports, you have automated tools for keeping every type of lead informed.

  • Smart Drip Email Campaigns
    Not every lead will be ready to convert right away. Some are still feeling out the market, making plans, and preparing for real estate needs in the near future. Smart drip email campaigns make it easy to stay in touch, nurture leads over time, and earn their business when it's time to convert.

Always Be on Time with Automated Lead Segmentation

Knowing what leads want and when to reach out are critical elements to lead generation success. Too early, and they won't be ready. Too late, and they will have already found someone else to help with their real estate needs. Automated lead segmentation makes it easier to focus on the leads that are closer to converting and reach out with the right message at the right time.

Email Templates and SMS Text Messaging

Lead generation is easier when you can communicate in the ways that are most convenient to your target audience. Use email templates to easily customize just the right message or SMS text messaging to reach out with quick, convenient communications.

Your CRM Can Help with Traditional Marketing Materials, Too

Some leads are more comfortable with technology than others, so it's still important to have traditional marketing materials available when you need them. In addition to the AI-driven print newsletters we mentioned above, your CRM can help you create customizable flyers while taking advantage of lead segmentation to create digital and print materials targeted to specific groups.

Integrated Training to Make the Most of Your CRM

The features that we've touched on are just the tip of the iceberg of how your CRM can help with lead generation, marketing, and so much more. Learning how to use all of those tools may feel like an intimidating task, but it's much easier with access to features like DeltaNET Academy. Easily tailor training courses for associates, and learn everything you need to know about how to unlock the full potential of your CRM.

Let Us Help You Simplify Lead Generation

More leads, less work — who could say no to that? All of the tools and tactics we mentioned above can be found within DeltaNET®6, our all-in-one real estate solution which makes it easier than ever to grow your business with the latest in real estate tech. Automate important processes including lead nurturing, generate more leads with proven, easy-to-use tools, keep all of the key lead data you need in one secure place, and free more time to focus on closing deals for your clients.


If you're in real estate, you can't do without a real estate website.

Millennials are aging into homeownership, and Generation Z is starting far earlier than analysts guessed. With the numbers of younger buyers (and first-time sellers) surging, it's crucial to be where they are.

And "where they are" is overwhelmingly online. The vast majority of first-time buyers 40 and younger go online to start their home search. They check out dozens or even hundreds of properties before looking at local real estate agents. And they research those agents in detail before reaching out to just a few.

In fact, the greatest predictor of whether or not you'll be able to welcome a new customer is whether they choose to reach out to you before anyone else. While many would-be customers write a short list of local agents, they often end up going with the very first person they interview.

What does it all mean?

You can only succeed if you:

  • Address prospective customers where they are in the process
  • "Meet" them as early as possible, before they ever reach out

It's not an exaggeration to say that digital marketing is the only way to do that. And for digital marketing techniques to work, you need something that ties them all together. That "something" is your website, a reflection of your brand that represents you across the internet.

An effective website is an absolute must-have for real estate agents and brokers at any career stage. Done right, your website draws leads to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter if you're awake or asleep. That means proportionately less time spent chasing business down.

And that's a crucial shift.

Just about everyone in real estate spends the first year learning the ropes and, yes, chasing down leads. But staying in that mode is a recipe for burnout. Because your website is always working for you, it's the very foundation of developing a practice that offers you a healthy work-life balance.

But not everyone is getting all the value they could from their website.

In any industry, the majority of businesses aren't making a dent with their website. It's not getting any traffic, and so it's not converting traffic into leads. This is a disappointing situation, especially for those entrepreneurs who spend lots of time on social media with nothing to show for it.

So, how can you avoid the same fate – and reap all the benefits a website can offer?

Seven "Must Have" Features for Your Real Estate Website

  • A Real Estate Blog
    First and foremost, a real estate website with real value needs a blog. By posting helpful, informative content on subjects of interest to customers, you position yourself as a trusted expert. Vitally, every blog has the potential to raise your search engine visibility and grow your monthly traffic.

  • A Video Introduction
    Video is the next best thing to being there, and it's particularly powerful in real estate. Video helps you to craft a human connection, showing people exactly what they can expect from you. You might discuss why you chose real estate, your personal style, your local market, and what customers can expect.

  • Current Listings
    A website gives your listings a true online home. You can display your listings directly from your MLS on your website. This makes them more personal and accessible. At the same time, having them there is a gateway to lots of useful and interesting data on which listings appeal most to your website visitors.

  • Social Media Integration
    Since social media is always moving, it imparts a sense of life and vitality to your website. Real estate is the industry with the best chance of converting social followers into bottom-line business. Many agents use Facebook and Instagram, which attract new customers while deepening existing relationships.

  • Email Marketing Sign-Up
    The majority of people will not be ready to do business with you when they see your website for the first time. But if they leave your website without interacting, you're not likely to see them again. By trading something like a local market report in exchange for an email sign-up, you can stay in touch.

  • Open Houses and Other Events
    Whether it's a virtual tour or a traditional open house, more people are signing up for events. Your website should be the first place they look to see what's going on now and next. Collect registration data directly on your website, and following up will be a snap.

  • A Modern Design
    To be trustworthy, a website needs to "look and feel" right. In real estate, that means a website that's fast, responsive, and easy to navigate on smartphones. It's also crucial to use the latest security features.

Contact us to learn more about putting your website to work for you.


Is your marketing puzzle missing that one small yet important piece that can help take your business to the next level? Paid social advertising is one marketing tool that real estate brands of any size can integrate to generate leads, grow your brand, and expand your social media presence. Here's why paid social advertising may be the missing piece to your marketing puzzle, along with some tips to help you get started.

How Paid Social Advertising Works

One of the perks of paid social advertising is that you don't need a ton to get started. A great real estate website is a must, of course, because you'll want a place to send the people who see your ads, and you'll need to set up a business page on any social platform where you plan to advertise. As you plan a campaign, you'll decide on the campaign's objective and determine the target audience, budget, and length of time that your ad will run. Then you'll set up the details of the ad, including the headline, copy, and images. You can easily monitor the results of your campaign over time with data-based insights that allow you to customize your advertising with confidence.

Enjoy the Benefits of Highly Targeted Advertising

One key benefit of paid social advertising is how it allows you to target specific demographics and reach the prospects who will be most interested in what your real estate brand has to offer. You can build profiles to target specific demographics, promote listings to people who have already searched for similar listings, or target prospects who have already indicated some interest in your services online. These are just a few of the many ways that you can customize paid social advertising campaigns to suit your needs.

New to Real Estate Marketing? Paid Social Ads Can Expand Your Reach

When you're a new agent or real estate brand, you don't want to wait for results with your marketing. Growing your online brand organically with tools like SEO and content marketing takes time. Paid social advertising has no such limitation, making it a perfect complement to your organic marketing tactics. Paid advertising allows you to reach your target audience immediately, get your brand in front of the right eyes, and start generating leads from the time that you launch your first campaign.

A Dependable, Versatile Tool for Growing Your Brand on the Biggest Social Platforms

For paid social advertising in real estate, two platforms stand out above the rest. Both Facebook and Instagram are excellent places to promote your brand with paid advertising campaigns. The versatility of paid social advertising on those platforms allows you to reach diverse audiences, whether you're promoting listings, targeting local customers in specific markets, or simply establishing relationships with potential clients that you can nurture over time.

Planning a Campaign? Start with a Goal and Target Audience in Mind

When starting a new campaign, you'll want to consider a few important factors. First, what is the goal of the campaign? Naturally, the content of your ad will be different depending on whether you're promoting a listing, open house, webinar, client testimonials, or services for sellers. If you want your target audience to take a specific action, then your advertising should be tailored to that goal.

Next, you'll want to consider who you aim to reach. This includes broad categories like active buyers or active sellers, along with more specific audiences based on demographic details. Think about who you want to reach, what they want, and how to appeal to their needs as you customize your campaign.

Why Your Website Is Essential to Paid Social Advertising

Since one of the main goals of paid social advertising is to attract traffic to your real estate website, you'll also want to make sure that your website appeals to the needs of your target audience. Integrating resources for buyers and sellers is a great place to start if you plan to market to both groups. You can also create localized content and neighborhood guides to help your audience make informed decisions on where to shop for homes.

Make Your Life Easier with Ad Wizard and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Searching for an easier way to master paid social advertising? Our Ad Wizard tool makes it easy to create, customize, and launch campaigns with as little as a few clicks in DeltaNET®6. With templates, customizable ad layouts, stock art, and a wide variety of ad types, you can launch your next campaign with ease. Or you can rely on our team of PPC advertising pros to help you develop campaigns that maximize ROI. Either way, you don't have to worry about handling all of the details of paid social advertising on your own.

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