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As a real estate agent, one of your most important challenges is to distinguish yourself as an expert in your area. That starts with knowing your real estate market and community inside and out. Your local knowledge is a foundation on which you build a successful career.

To make the most of what you know, you need to stand out to prospects as an authoritative voice from the start – before you even meet them. Digital marketing for real estate agents delivers on this goal by ensuring you are highly visible for searches relevant to your business.

That includes lucrative "near me" searches, as in "real estate agents near me."

The Importance of Local SEO and Your Google My Business Page

Local SEO is the branch of search engine optimization that improves your search engine visibility for users within about 50 miles of your location. It enables you to show up on Google Maps for local users and makes it more likely you'll feature prominently in geo-tagged searches like "real estate agent Austin TX."

Effective local SEO means leveraging local directories, platforms, and publications from your region. Of all of them, the most valuable to start with is Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) is a comprehensive index of local businesses populated by information that Google collects from the Web.

Business owners can claim their GMB listing for free and update it with accurate, complete information.

From that point on, Google uses it as a ranking factor in deciding where to position you in local search. The details you volunteer are used to populate a range of highly visible features, like the Local Search pane.

No Matter If You're a Brokerage or Agent, You Need Google My Business

Google My Business is a free resource just waiting for you to use it. Leaving it to Google isn't enough – to get real ranking power from GMB, you need to put your own personal stamp on it. Both agents and brokerages will benefit from GMB's boost to their local search visibility.

This can make a big difference in your lead generation, especially when you have many competitors.

Luckily, it doesn't take a tech whiz to use GMB. It will walk you through the setup process, so all you need to do is follow a few best practices. Within two or three weeks of initial listing setup, you may notice you're getting more organic search traffic from local prospects.

Here's how to make the most of Google My Business:

  1. Fill Out All the Fields Completely
    GMB asks you basic questions about your business such as its postal address, telephone number, and hours. This information supersedes any user-submitted data. If your office is open to the public, setting up GMB can get you more foot traffic as well as more online leads.
  2. Make Your Description Keyword-Rich
    Keywords reflect the search queries users put into Google, and they're crucial in marketing for real estate agents. Don't forgetto mention your service area by name, including major towns and cities where you work. Also list your company's specialties, distinguishing skills, and prestigious awards in your summary.
  3. Include Photographs
    Business photos snapped by the Google Maps van might not always be the most flattering. As you develop your listing, you'll have the chance to submit your own photos. Make sure the photos you include are clear, crisp, and compelling – they should be every bit as good as your finest real estate photography.
  4. Follow Up with Clients to Get Google Reviews
    Reviews left by Google users are especially visible when your business surfaces on the Local Search panel. Each review includes a star rating from 1 to 5, with the average displayed prominently. Take the time to actively follow up with your satisfied customers and ask for a review. Within a week of closing day is best!
  5. Respond to Reviews (Especially Negative Ones)
    While you can't hide or delete negative reviews, you do have the opportunity to respond to them directly. With a measured, professional tone and a caring attitude, you can open a dialogue that might resolve the issue and get the negative review revised. Either way, future readers will take note of your customer care.
  6. Don't Overlook the Address Verification Process
    GMB is a boon in digital marketing for real estate agents, but the last step is distinctly old school: Your address will be verified through U.S. postal mail. Delivery takes about five days, but you can verify immediately and bring your business live. This gives you access to the back-end view of your company's reviews and analytics.

GMB is simple and powerful, showing that marketing for real estate agents doesn't need to be a chore. To learn about other great techniques – including automating your digital marketing – contact Delta Media Group.


Local Real Estate SEO
Local SEO has long been a key ingredient of a successful online marketing mix for real estate agents, and it has only become more important with COVID-19 precautions changing the way that the industry does business. When someone is interested in buying or selling a home in your market areas, they will typically trust their favorite search engine. They might be looking for an agent, searching for listings, or seeking virtual open houses to tour properties from a distance. No matter what local real estate topic they're searching for, local SEO helps your personal brand stand out from the pack.

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Google My Business Benefits for Real Estate Agents

SEO is a powerful marketing tool for real estate businesses, but it takes time and expertise to implement a solid SEO strategy. Whether you've already got a plan in place, or you're just getting started with your marketing, there is one quick, easy way to increase the visibility of your brand on Google without spending a dime. Google My Business is a free set of tools that makes your business easier to find on Google and helps promote your brand. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of Google My Business, and how to make them work for your real estate business.

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What are the benefits of using Google My Business for real estate?

Whether you're an online marketing expert or simply someone looking to grow your business, Google has always offered a ton of popular marketing tools for real estate agents. Google Maps helps customers locate and learn about your business, Google+ provides a social network tightly integrated with other Google tools, and of course Google search results are one of the most important factors in helping prospects find you. But how do you manage all of those tools at once? It's easier than you might think, with the help of Google My Business.

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Local Prospecting With Search Engine Optimization

Real estate customers love using search engines to find information whether they're scouting neighborhoods, visiting homes virtually or trying to find the right real estate agent. So for real estate agents, your position in search engine results ultimately plays a major role in the visibility of your brand. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective tools for helping prospects find you. Local SEO is a natural extension of your overall SEO efforts. Today, we're going to take a closer look at actionable local prospecting tips to help your real estate business shine online.

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Are Your Leads Going to the Competition?

More Leads Local SEO

Our world has become a digitally driven society.  In fact, the Web has revolutionized almost everything we do--including searching for a home.  The National Association of REALTORS®' Digital House Hunt study says nine in 10 home buyers use the Internet as a primary resource to house hunt.  

That means 90 percent of house hunters are using the Web to find homes for sale in a specific location.   That leads me to the question:  "How can you make sure customers are finding your website over your competition's website at a local level?"  One answer is local SEO.  

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Local SEO for Real Estate

Real estate is ultimately a local business. You sell homes in a specific geographic area, even if your clients come from all over the map. And those clients will use search engines to find the best properties and real estate agencies in your area. So for real estate agents, few marketing tools make a bigger difference than local search engine optimization (SEO). Ahead, we'll take a closer look at what local real estate SEO is, how it works, and why it's an especially good fit for real estate marketing.

Let Business Find You: Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

Local SEO – like any type of SEO – is designed to improve your visibility in search results, and a first-page search ranking is key to finding new clients online. Landing at the top of the first page is even better. The challenge is that other real estate businesses in your area want that prime search position as well, so reaching the top requires effort, and a plan.

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