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As Google releases new updates, real estate professionals need to evolve and change also to keep Google attracted to their websites. REALTORS® need to constantly discover new ways to make customers fall in love with their website over and over again.

Delta Media Group's latest update to the Property Detail Page Headline has taken "just the facts" and automatically pushed them to the top of each property detail page. This feature is available to SEO customers making it easier for their customers to find the information they are looking for at a quick glance.

Property Detail Page Headline

Shown on the Property Detail Page Headline:

  • Street Address
  • Listing Price
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Square Footage
  • Days on Market

The Property Detail Page Update is intended for easier navigation for the customer. With this user friendly feature, the end goal in mind is to build a relationship with the customer by adding value and keeping them coming back to your site. This in turn helps increase your SEO rankings. 

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