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With the start of the new year you need to be brought up to speed on various changes and updates for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Platform.


We've Added More Structured Data

LOL. I know that the majority of you are already asking "what's structured data?" For those of you that want a really in-depth description of structured data you can find one here.

In plain-english, structured data is data within the HTML of a web page that tells search engines something about the data for things such as products, places, people, organizations, etc. Basically it helps search engines understand and index the data on your web site.

In the past few weeks we have added structured data to your property detail pages to better describe the listings on your web site to the search engines. This will help your web site rank better for long tail keyword search.

Long Tail Keywords are highly specific search phrases such as the address of a property.


We've Updated Your Meta Data

Changes were made to the meta data, here is a link providing you more than you ever wanted to know about meta data, on your property detail pages. Specifically, we made some updates to the keywords and description meta data on your property detail pages.


We've Updated Your Web Site For Better Indexing

Various changes have been made over the past six weeks to the /s/ area of your web site. We have made changes to the content of these pages to help improve the craw-ability of the pages within the structure including the property detail pages.


More Content Has Been Added

More system generated content has been added towards the bottom of your property detail pages in the form of a paragraph.


If you have any questions about these changes or about our SEO Program please contact us by emailing or calling us at 330-493-0350.

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