Email Post to a Friend: Top 5 Keys to Success to Increase Your Leads

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Delta Media Group has an integrated suite of real estate solutions to help you become more successful with generating leads and improving your conversion rates. Delta develops websites and lead management systems for real estate brokerages and agents helping them manage their business efficiently. 

Top 5 Features Include:

  1. Cutting-Edge Website
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Mobile Website
  4. Lead Management System
  5. Customer Relationship Management

Cutting-Edge Website

Generating quality leads from your website requires some time and effort with the end goal in mind of creating the best customer experience when a potential lead comes to your website. It requires an enterprise platform or agent website that is built with advanced tools to take the customer to exactly what they are looking for while viewing on any device. This is important in today's digital world while trying to stay ahead of your competitors.  

Email Marketing

Through our generated instant email notifications we find that a customer can quickly and easily request additional information with instant response. Using our showing request a customer will receive an email notification that the request was received and with a timely response an agent will contact them with a scheduled showing reservation. Detailed email notifications report on the listings and trends within a given market. All to help educate the customer and make sure they are well informed on their options. 

Mobile Website

With many online users now turning to mobile phones to do their home buying research it is important your real estate business is available on any device. If a customer is viewing a real estate website it is important they be taken directly to a mobile website with a seamless process. A customer should be able to quickly find what they are looking for whether it be a property listing or finding out more property details or scheduling a showing. 

Lead Management System

All leads should be routed through a central lead management system and should be accessible on any device whether it be desktop, mobile or tablet. A real estate professional should be able to instantly login to the lead management system while on-the-go or from anywhere and be able to see their leads and process them instantly. This allows for faster follow-up and more potential for growing leads at a quicker rate. How leads are managed and processed greatly impacts the ability to convert them and whether the real estate professional will receive more. This is important in today's industry with customers demanding real time responses. 

Customer Relationship Management

It is important to track a lead through the sales funnel from beginning to end to ensure they have the best customer experience. When doing this you will create a positive customer experience with the end goal in mind they will turn to you as the leading real estate professional when buying or selling a home. This will have a huge effect when the customer gives referrals to friends or family and can potentially have a huge impact on growing your business. That is why customer reviews can be very powerful in today's real estate industry.  

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