Email Post to a Friend: SEO Platform Changes for April

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Following last month's SEO Platform update, we have a few more updates we have made during the past month.

New School Landing Pages

Due to the success of our School District landing pages and their impact on Organic Search for our clients we made the decision to add specific landing pages for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. These landing pages are data driven and are enabled automatically based on the local MLS data available.

New Landing Pages for New Construction

In most markets new construction has been much "hotter" than the past few years and we have seen both an increase in online search for new homes and more MLS' supporting new home tagging within their data feeds. So this past month we have added more specific support for people searching online for new construction properties within target markets. These links appear on the primary landing pages and are data driven so they only appear if there are new construction properties within the specific market pertaining to the landing page.

Updates to Property Detail Page

We made changes to the code of the property detail pages for improved SEO performance.


If you have any questions about these changes or about our SEO Program please contact us by emailing or calling us at 330-493-0350.

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