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At Inman Connect New York 2017 this past week there was a speaker that spoke about the importance of real estate web site performance. The speaker was Raluca Monet from Google.

During Raluca's presentation I guess she asked all the attendees in her session to test their own web site using She was willing to give anyone that had at least a 90 for all three scores a prize. Not one person in the session had a web site that scored that well. She then asked if anyone had a web site that scored at least two 95's or higher. No one did.

I wasn't in attendance at Raluca's session. Franklin, one of our Business Development Representatives and our Director of Business Operations for Properties In Motion was there at her session. Franklin immediately messaged me telling me about the testing and how awesome it would be if we had our web sites scoring this well.

Little did Franklin know we were already paying attention to this tool.

For quite some time we've been working to improve our web site load times. Actually, we've been spending months on this! So I was very familiar with this tool and we have been working with this tool to test our changes.

Well, I'm pleased to announce that in the next week or two we will be pushing updates that affect the majority of our web sites. Once this update is pushed live the majority of our sites will score all three numbers at 90 or higher.

…we're always working to improve our web site performance…especially for SEO and user experience!

Google Site Test Results 1

Google Site Test Results 2

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