Email Post to a Friend: Delta Media Group Joins Zillow® Tech Connect to Deepen Integration Process for its Clients

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Delta Media Group recently joined Zillow® Tech Connect with the goal of enhancing our clients' direct integration process with Zillow.

Michael Minard, President and CEO of Delta Media Group said, "Delta Media Group is thrilled to partner with Zillow® Tech Connect to offer a greater level of service for our clients." 

"The lifeblood of our clients' businesses is lead generation.  They depend upon us to create engaging, public-facing websites for home buyers and sellers as well as provide a CRM system to manage leads.  Although Delta Media Group has long provided our brokers and sales associates with the ability to integrate with Zillow, by joining Zillow® Tech Connect, we are taking additional steps to ensure continued efficiency, productivity and success for them," said Minard.

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