Email Post to a Friend: Delta Media Group August 2017 Updates

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Delta Media Group releases new features for the DeltaNet5 platform on a regular basis.  We undertake all types of projects ranging from our clients' special requests to emerging trends in real estate technology.  If you have any suggestions, questions or need assistance, contact our Tech Support Team.

  • Mass Delete Customers

    For Agents: Customers > Customer Center > Cleanup Customers

    Mass Delete Customers

    This new feature gives real estate agents the ability to clean up/delete customers from lists from their agent accounts without removing them from company/broker lists.  The ability to use this feature will be dependent upon company lead settings.

  • Market Watch Gains Override Features

    For Agents: Customers > Customer Center > Select Customer Name > go to Saved Searches & Market Watch > Edit > By Market (or by Radius)

    Market Watch Features

    Market Watch Features

    Our new Market Watch feature allows agents to edit criteria for an existing customer's Market Watch or add a new Market Watch report for a new area.  Agents have the ability to set criteria such as price range, home size, number of bedrooms and home sizes. 

  • Seller Report Override Features

    For Agents:  Listings > Active Listings > Select Listing > Select Seller Report (from column) > Select Name > Seller Report

    Seller Report

    Agents can now override values used to find new, pending, and sold listings.  The override options are located on the last step of setting up a seller report. The values below the form fields indicate what the system will use if no override is set.

  • Hot, New Customers

    For Agents:  Customers > Customer Center

    New Customers

    If Customers have had new activity since an agent previously view their account, Customer Name will be highlighted under Hot, New Customers (indicating new activity).  This features functions similar to that of viewing "Unread/Read" in an email account.

    We've made this feature as easy to use through mobile devices as it is through desktop systems.

  • Schedule Email Blasts

    For Agents:  Customers > Email Blasts

    Email Blasts

    Agents now have the ability schedule an email blast to be sent on a specific date in the future.

  • Agent Email Campaigns

    For Agents: Customers > Campaigns & Action Plans

    Email Campaign Override

    Agents now have the ability override nearly everything in company campaigns to custom tailor campaigns to meet their individual business needs.  Agents may add their own emails to company campaigns as well as enabling, disabling, and overriding company emails.  They cannot, however, delete a company email. They can only disable it.

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