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Video Transcription:

I just got out of a company meeting that we do every week here at the office. We all got together and talk about changes, or what's going on within our company or the industry, just various things. Today, we were talking about something I thought, you know, that's a perfect video to do this week for unlocking your potential. What we were talking about is a new tool that we have, but I want to talk about Facebook for a minute.

You may or may not have heard the news, but the news is that Facebook utilization is going down. Facebook is losing users. While the stats do show that, the reality is that there's still a tremendous number of people on Facebook. As a matter of fact, the stats from January, 2018 show that, I believe ... what was the exact number? Basically 214 million people in the United States use Facebook. That was in January, so just a month ago, so these are fresh statistics.

Here's some other numbers, too. That if we break that down by age group, so those that are 18 to 24, there's over 39 million people. 25 to 34, over 58 million. 35 to 44, over 42 million, and the numbers keep going on. The bottom line is this, there's a lot of people on Facebook. What does that mean, especially to a sales associate that wants to be heavily involved in marketing, obviously, and do that marketing on social media?

One of the biggest hurdles that we hear from the sales associates is, what do I post, or I don't have time to even do it, I'm so busy between real estate and just life in general. When do I find the time to do it, or it's complicated, I don't know how to do it.

We have a tool that we've had for while, but we just launched a huge upgrade to, and it's called our Facebook connector. The great thing about this is, this is a tool that you can enable that posts on Facebook for you so you don't have to figure out what to post, when to post, how to post, or even set a reminder to even post. This system does it for you.

What it does is it posts in various categories. Some of it's the obvious, it posts new listings that you get, upcoming open houses when you have them. It posts videos of listings if you, hey, here's a listing with a new video. That's all automated, so when our system receives a new listing or an open house, it automatically does that for you, if you enable it.

We just launched three other things that will were pretty cool. One of them is, customer reviews. When a customer leaves a review for you, those get posted to Facebook automatically. Also in there is a blog post. If you use our blogging feature, or your company does, and they share them with your blog when a blog post happens, it gets posted to Facebook as well automatically. You don't have to go do it.

Then the third thing that we had launched was for something we call My Customer For Life. These are all, we write this content, so it's fresh and new every single week. Those articles get posted to your Facebook, and those are articles related to home buyers, home sellers, and then home owners, so home ownership-related articles.

Anyhow, the best part about this, these are automated. All you have to do is enable it and say which ones you want to run, and where you want them to post. For those of you with multiple channels on Facebook, you can say where they post. I think what this solves is that problem of, what do I post, how do I remember, I don't have time. This does it for you.

Here's what was neat about the meeting this morning is, we launched these upgrades yesterday, and hadn't even fully announced them yet, and we had sales associates already enabling these. Here was the best part about it is, we backtracked some of these. Our system was already posting reviews to Facebook for some of these agents, and the best part is, these posts that were automated were already getting likes and comments on the channels for these sales associates.

You know, it's stuff that happens automatically once it's enabled, and then that frees you up so that you can just comment on your own post, or thank people for liking them, or what helps you engage and do, which is be social. We handle the content side and let you do your thing.

I thought I would point that out, because this is one of those, I count it as an automation feature. It helps you automate your business, but also gives you content and helps you run your business more efficiently and effectively. That's the video for the week. I believe on Tuesday, we're gonna do a Tech Tuesday on how to actually enable these, or just a reminder, because this is so popular. Anyhow, that's the video for the week. Thanks.

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