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Video Transcription

So, I'm running the lunch and I'm stuck in traffic. Just like you, I'm really busy, so I thought I would shoot another video while I'm dealing with this traffic. I wanna talk about something that everyone knows the importance of reviews, getting customers to review your services to them. But, what a lot of sales associates don't understand is why they need those reviews on their website. So, I'm really glad that we're seeing all these reviews in the industry and that Zillow created more awareness of agent reviews. But, I'm gonna tell you, you have to have those reviews on your website, and here's why. Because, Google uses those reviews or the fact that there's reviews on you to help determine SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to determine how popular a product is and you are a product. So the services you offer, you yourself, you're a product. That's exactly why in the Delta platform we've integrated RealSatisfied, we've integrated Zillow, and we've integrated Testimonial Tree. And on top of that we collect reviews, too, or you have the ability to collect reviews on yourself if you're powered by us.

But, one of the things that I wanna say, and this is kind of a passion of mine is, you need to have your reviews on your website. You need to have them there. So, that's something that you really need to do, and encourage people to go review you, especially on your website. And, if you have reviews on Zillow and reviews on RealSatisfied, go ahead and integrate those as well. We have videos that show you how to do that. What we do is we actually pull them all together. RealSatisfied we pull in. Zillow we can't pull in, we're not allowed to, but we'll display them, at least the last 10, I think, together with all the reviews from RealSatisfied, and on your agent website power bias.

Anyhow, you need those reviews on your website. It matters. Even think about how you shop. When you go shopping you read the reviews on product to determine if you should buy or on a store or a service, if you should from that store or use that service.

So, anyhow, that's my tip for the week, is you need to have your reviews on your website. Thanks.

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