Email Post to a Friend: Unlocking Your Potential - The Need for Content

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Video Transcription

So like all of you I've had a really busy week. Everyone, myself included, we seem to be really busy right now. Real Estate's busy. We're busy at Delta working on tools for the real estate industry.

I wanted to do a quick video this week on something that I think is so important for your business. It helps you unlock your potential in your real estate business. We have a new system that we're ... a couple of our customers have had this for a little while, testing it.

We're launching it to all clients right now. Basically, it's an artificial intelligence email platform with all this content on it. There's new content every single week, but here's a big part about that, we also connected it up with Facebook. Our sales associates can connect up this content, so it posts automatically to Facebook based on their settings.

It really got me thinking, why did we do this? I need to share this. What you have to have in your business is fresh content on an ongoing basis that you can be sharing with people in your sphere. These are people, basically, in your CRM, so prospects, past customers, everyone.

It's information that is important to them. On top of that, not just through email marketing ... one component to the email marketing is it has to use artificial intelligence so that it only sends pertinent things, or things that are important, to each individual recipient.

If I'm interested in things that are more home ownership related, that's what you should be sending me. Not things that are related to buying a home, because I might not be in that mode right now. Maybe I just my house and I'm happy with it, or I'm thinking of selling my house in a few years, not right now. So you have to have that.

One of the things that sales associates struggle with most is coming up with their own content that's fresh, and new, all the time. Then on top of that being active on social media. I talked about that about a week ago. That's why we connected this up with Facebook, because it can post relevant information to Facebook for you. What is does, it also powers email marketing, but then also has content on your website.

The biggest part about it is there's three new articles of content every single week. There's already 150 articles in there. I think it's important that you find in your business ... so if you're powered by Delta than great you have something that's available to you, if you're not you have to find something like this in your business, so that you can have content you can be posting on social media.

Just wanted to share that. We'll have some videos on this. We actually call this platform My Customer for Life. It's our new one that we're just now launching, so you're going to start seeing a lot more information about this. Sorry I did this video while driving, but I've been trying to get this video done all week.

Like you, I'm busy, and I haven't had time to sit down and just record it in the office, or while sitting down. I said, hey, I'm going to lunch, and let me shoot this quick video. So anyhow, you need content, so either use a source that's available to you or find one. That's it.

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