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Online Lead Generation
Just like with any form of traditional marketing, online marketing and lead generation works best when your target audience feels like it is personalized just for them. You want prospects from your target demographics to feel like your online content is customized for them even before they engage with you directly, and then take the next steps with more individual personalization. Let's take a look at five tips to personalize your online real estate lead generation.

Personalize Your Online Lead Generation for Real Estate Prospects

  1. Analyze Your Audience and Understand Your Target Demographics
    The first step is understanding your audience well enough that even new prospects feel like your website and real estate marketing are specific to their needs. That means understanding both who you want to visit your site, and what types of prospects are already engaging with your online marketing. Use website analytics, social media analytics, the DeltaNet™ platform, and any other data you have available to discover who is responding to your marketing. It's also a good idea to sit down and create a priority list for the types of targets you most want to reach.

  2. Create Content That Speaks to the Needs of Your Prospects
    With a deep understanding of your target audience and marketing demographics, you can get busy creating content that speaks directly to the needs of your audience. Your real estate blog, social media posts, and website content should all be customized to suit the needs of your audience. Whether you're marketing to first-time buyers, young families, luxury shoppers, or any other demographic, creating content that speaks to their needs will make your marketing feel much more personalized.

  3. Use Landing Pages to Direct Prospects to Content That Fits Their Needs
    A landing page allows you to hone in on an individual's needs. It's a customized page where prospects land when they have demonstrated an interest in your business/content and clicked a link to learn more. Creating customized landing pages, where you offer content or services in exchange for the prospect's contact information, allow you to provide personalized content while gaining key data to help you further personalize your lead generation to the individual.

  4. Personalized Email Marketing for Prospects
    Once you have the prospect's contact info and permission to send emails, you can start using email marketing tailored to their needs. Email marketing is a powerful tool for lead generation because it's something that we check all the time. You can segment your email marketing based on different types of prospects to ensure that everyone is getting content that feels like it has been created just for them.

  5. Use Social Media to Engage and Build Relationships
    Your social media presence is one of your most significant assets for personalized lead generation because it provides the best opportunity to engage directly with individuals. Use social media to share content, direct people to landing pages, and most importantly to engage in conversations with your audience. You can learn so much about prospects by interacting with them on social platforms, building relationships, and tailoring your lead generation tactics to suit their unique needs.

Are you looking to learn more about online lead generation for your real estate business, or to hand the process off to an experienced marketing team you can trust? Contact us at Delta Media Group to learn more about personalized lead generation, and all of our online marketing services.

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