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Collect and Convert More Leads with Open House Connector™

Collect and Convert More Leads

Delta Media Group is proud to announce the launch of our latest new release to the DeltaNet™ platform: Open House Connector™.

Open House Connector™ is an app designed for IOS* (downloadable through the iTunes app store) designed to run on your iPad and presented at your open house. Open house guests can sign in and answer questions collecting valuable information and gathering contact information to follow up. It allows guests to quickly give you feedback and streamline the process of getting these leads into your CRM system.

You'll love Open House Connector™ connector because:

  • You'll impress buyers (and sellers) with customizable registration forms asking spot-on questions to close the sale.
  • Visitor open house registration information is easily gathered and entered into your CRM system for automated follow-up.
  • Open house reports are generated sending status reports to your clients.
  • You differentiate yourself from your competitors by being the real estate pro with the "know-how" to get the job done. 

Check out our user's guide to find out more about Open House Connector™. 

The app runs on your mobile device, but our team will first need to set it up in the DeltaNet™.

Give us a call at 866-233-9833 or email us.

*Android users we haven't forgotten about you!  An app designed specifically for Android users is coming soon.

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