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Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts (In Our Opinion)

Are you searching for a fun, convenient way to learn more about the real estate industry, and pick up tips from a wide range of experts? Real estate podcasts make it easy to learn from the best in the business, keep up with current trends, and discover new ideas to help grow your brand. As an added bonus, you can listen to podcasts at your desk, on the road, or while you're taking care of tasks around the house, so there's never a bad time to discover new real estate ideas. Start your search for the perfect podcast with our guide to the ten best real estate podcasts.

  1. Real Estate Today Radio
    Founded by the National Association of REALTORS®, the Real Estate Today Radio podcast is perfect for catching up with the latest trends in the industry. Award-winning host Stephen Gasque always keeps things interesting.

  2. Real Estate Coaching Radio
    Interested in hearing from professional real estate coaches? In this podcast, you'll hear from two of the best, with interviews, tips on marketing trends, and all of the latest real estate news. No matter your experience level in real estate, this pod has something for you.

  3. Real Estate Rockstars
    Sit back, relax, and hear tips from billion-dollar real estate agent and best-selling author Pat Hiban, who shares an insider's view of the industry focused on ideas that help you close more sales.

  4. Top Agents Playbook
    Hosted by entrepreneur Ray Wood, Top Agents Playbook has a simple, effective formula—interview some of the top-performing agents in the industry, and learn the secrets that have helped those agents rise to the top of their field.

  5. The Commercial Real Estate Show
    Are you a commercial agent, looking for a podcast that focuses specifically on your corner of the real estate industry? This show features the latest commercial real estate news, along with interviews of economists, industry experts, and analysts on key industry topics.

  6. Caravan Confessions
    Podcasts are often great places to learn new things, but what about when you just want to have a good laugh? Caravan Confessions is all about sharing the craziest, funniest real estate stories, with interviews of agents hosted by Eric Simon.

  7. Keeping It Real
    If you're a new broker or agent looking to make your mark, check out this podcast by host D.J. Paris, which features interviews with agents on all of the topics that make the industry tick and includes great advice for launching a successful career.

  8. Unlisted with Brad Inman
    Hear from one of the biggest names in the industry, as host Brad Inman touches on topics that can help make you a better agent, and provides actionable advice to help you accomplish your real estate goals. You'll also learn more about real estate markets around the world, and how to navigate unpredictable markets.

  9. Agent Caffeine
    Get your daily dose of caffeine from the Agent Caffeine podcast, where host Kelly Mitchell interviews top agents who are happy to share their best practices, and cover big ideas in real estate.

  10. Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg
    Formerly known as Onion Juice, this popular podcast is a great place to pick up inspiration when you're looking for practical, effective real estate marketing tips. Discover marketing that helps you attract leads, rather than chasing them.

Looking to leverage the marketing ideas that you pick up in podcasts to benefit your own real estate business? Our team is here to help. Contact Delta Media Group to learn more about all of our real estate marketing services.

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