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Facebook Advertising Changes for Housing

Navigating Social Media Advertising

Facebook is currently the largest social media website in the world, boasting 2.32 billion monthly users. It's safe to say that practically every social media user is on Facebook. Its popularity makes it an excellent place to advertise your real estate brand and business.

What many real estate firms don't know is merely creating a Facebook business page and placing an occasional Facebook ad is rarely enough.

At Delta Media Group, we understand the social media landscape is in constant evolution and companies, like Facebook, make changes to their policies and procedures regularly. Understanding how these changes impact your marketing strategy--and more importantly, how to adapt to these changes to achieve success--is a top priority for us and our clients.

Delta Media Group is fully aware of Facebook's recent changes, and we've taken necessary steps to ensure we are in compliance with the ads we place for our customers. To help you understand what was changed and how they impact your brokerage, we've created this concise guide with everything you need to know.

Recent Changes to Facebook Advertising Related to Housing

As we're sure you are aware, Facebook Ads are useful resources for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. Although many of these ads can successfully connect real estate firms and sales associates to their ideal clientele, there were concerns that these tactics potentially violated aspects of the law.

The question raised cited that some advertisers may be discriminating (whether knowingly or unknowingly) against certain groups of people via Facebook's targeted advertisement campaign process. The real estate industry isn't alone in this potential issue. Facebook's recent changes to their advertising application's process are also impacting businesses within the credit and employment industries.

Let's take a look at why their previous process enabled companies to discriminate against a wide range of groups potentially.

As a real estate professional, you may choose to run targeted advertising in conjunction with a much larger marketing strategy--for instance, targeting single individuals or couples interested in purchasing their first home. Your ad content may be intended for potential buyers in their early to late twenties, an age in which many men and women may consider purchasing their first home. By using Facebook Ads to target that age range, your company may be unintentionally violating discrimination laws that protect people of differing ages.

Unfortunately, this is also true for sales associates who may try to advertise to select individuals within a particular socio-economic class. For example, if the average income level of a zip code is significantly higher than a neighboring zip code, any ads purposefully targeted to the former zip code may be considered an act of discrimination against the latter.

Thankfully, the social networking giant has taken steps to prevent this from happening and compromising your firm's integrity. To combat any instances of discrimination, Facebook has made changes to the process in which advertisers purchase Facebook Ads. These changes will impact housing, employment, and credit companies, all of which are considered special categories within Facebook's Ad Manager. The result of these changes, and how they impact your business, are as follows. 

Companies within these categories will no longer be able to target their ads by:

  • Age
  • Zip Code
  • Gender
  • Multicultural Affinity
  • Any characteristics or descriptions related to groups protected by discrimination laws.

What Do These New Changes Mean for Your Real Estate Advertising Initiatives?

How does this new process impact your advertising strategy? Facebook's changes to their Marketing Application-Programming Interface now require companies within these groups to identify that their content belongs in the Special Ads Category within the Ad Manager. Facebook automation will police this new process, with human employees also reviewing the content. If you do not select the Special Ads Category when attempting to purchase an advertisement, your ad will not be shown on Facebook.

Unfortunately, you will no longer be permitted to use the Lookalike Audiences function because it also groups together peoples by categories that could also lead to potential discrimination. Instead, you now have the option to use a feature called Special Ad Audience in which they can discover similar audiences based on several behavioral factors.

Navigating Facebook's New Ad Process Through DeltaNet

We understand how vital social media advertising is for your agency. To help our clients maximize their marketing potential, Delta Media Group has developed a DeltaNet platform feature known as Ad Wizard. Now, you can leverage the power of social media with our exclusive automated paid advertising solutions. The Ad Wizard enables you to launch your paid advertising campaigns through DeltaNet.

Ad Wizard is a single-source platform that connects you to an entire realm of advertising possibilities. You can manage all targeted paid advertising campaigns and their budgets without needing to log into various third-party applications like Facebook. With up-to-date real estate information, branding tools and automated reports generating detail data, Ad Wizard's easy-to-use interface lets you manage your entire social media marketing strategy, including key demographics, without violating discrimination laws on Facebook or any other platform.

Delta Media Group believes that you don't need to be a marketing guru to become an advertising expert. Ad Wizard was designed to make our clients' lives streamlined and successful. Contact us today to learn more about using the Ad Wizard to promote your real estate business.

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