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Stay Top of Mind with Clients Using CRM Software

The decision to buy a home is one of the biggest anyone makes. Still, leads have other things on their minds, too. They might find themselves motivated to act fast at one time, only to be slowed by other priorities at another.

Keeping track of real estate leads can be tough because much of their thought process goes on behind the scenes. They do their own research about local real estate firms, homes for sale, and other topics before they get in touch.

Once they do, there are new factors to consider:

  • When is the best time to follow up with each lead to build the relationship?
  • What method of following up creates the best impression with each lead?
  • What value can you add when you follow up that will move things forward?

Navigating all these issues while staying top-of-mind with leads is no small feat.

Luckily, Customer Relationship Management software provides answers that work.

Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate is Changing the Game

Real estate has always involved a fair amount of lead management. It was not long ago when much of the planning was done on paper and follow-up was performed over the phone.

Throughout the early 2000s, real estate firms adopted all-new productivity apps. These helped track leads, but often involved tedious data entry and didn't always work together.

Many firms are still at that stage – but there's a much more powerful alternative.

Customer Relationship Management software provides complete visibility into the customer journey as visitors become leads, leads become clients, and clients proceed toward closing day.

As a DeltaNET user, you can easily build trust with your leads and stay top-of-mind no matter how long the process takes. All you have to do is add your customer list in the DeltaNET 6 CRM.

Once you enter your list, the rest is real estate marketing automation at its finest. You can stay top-of-mind with My Customer for Life e-newsletters personalized for your audience.

My Customer for Life e-newsletters
Real Estate Email Marketing Keeps the Lead Relationship Growing Over Time

Delta Media Group has designed the My Customer for Life email newsletter tool based on feedback from real estate professionals all around the country. It empowers you with the best in email marketing automation: Customers get helpful, informative content and you get peace of mind.

My Customer for Life makes it easy to send branded, beautiful weekly newsletters. Full-length, professionally written articles are crafted by us and approved by you to astound your subscribers.

Real estate email marketing has unparalleled benefits:

  • Your brand becomes the voice of authority as you guide leads with real estate content
  • Since leads opt-in to receive emails, they are less likely to feel pestered by your following up
  • Leads become much less likely to explore opportunities with other real estate firms
  • Ultimately, email marketing helps leads overcome their worries and move forward

No matter what changes in the "background" of a lead's home search or decision-making, your email newsletter can become a constant – one that, like the North Star, always guides them onward.

Email Marketing Automation Can Get New Referral Business from Former Clients

Lots of sales associates start their careers focused on building referral business.

Using email marketing in your referral strategy makes it easier and more consistent. You never have to lose touch with a customer you provided with whom you provided a great experience.

By segmenting your email list, you can provide satisfied customers with content that appeals to them. Connect with clients and leads you've uploaded to the DeltaNET by sending ecards and flyers, My HomeFinder Reports, Market Watch Reports, and Seller Reports.

A good schedule for checking in with old customers might be:

  • The first time about a month after closing day
  • One personal check-in after three months
  • Once a year to ask about potential referrals
  • Once for the one-year anniversary of the closing
  • Every year during the New Year's season

It also makes it easier to connect in an authentic way with former customers on social media.

See the Difference – Add Your Customers to our DeltaNET 6 CRM

Not sure about the ins and outs of My Customer for Life e-newsletters? Get help from our Training and Support team for help setting up your e-newsletters and you'll be up and running in no time. They will walk or through the process with all the information you need. Once you see the value of email automation, you'll wonder how you did without it.

Your leads are waiting to hear from you, so don't wait.

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