Email Post to a Friend: How Real Estate Agents Use Automation to Create Qualified Leads

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Real Estate Technology Automation

Customer Relationship Management software transforms the way you do business. Our CRM software is the Pipeline Manager found in DeltaNET 6, and it has been designed for the real estate professional to make your life easier.

A CRM automates workflows throughout your day so you can perform your job faster, easier, and more efficiently. You'll no longer need to spend hours every week, determining where your leads stand in their home buying or selling journey.

What's more, you'll end up with a higher quantity of qualified leads. Pipeline Manager helps you build a repeatable, reliable process for attracting, qualifying, and converting more leads overall.

CRM is particularly effective at keeping you "top-of-mind" and establishing you as a trusted local real estate expert. It may take months for leads to move forward on their real estate plans – but once an agent adds a prospect to their CRM, they can receive ecards & flyers to help them stay motivated. Pipeline Manager provides a full suite of efficient follow-up technologies.

Let's look at some of the ways sales associates are using CRM for lead generation.

My Customer for Life

  1. Keep Leads Thinking with Email Marketing
    My Customer for Life e-newsletters take the guesswork out of email marketing. Done right, email is a cost-effective, powerful way to get leads to take action. My Customer for Life unlocks its potential with beautiful, customized newsletters. Automatically update leads on your recent sales or best reviews or educate them with our helpful, informative articles on real estate topics.

    Facebook Connector
  2. Start a Conversation with Social Media
    Pipeline Manager's social media features automatically share Facebook posts whenever your business has noteworthy news. Listing updates, sales, reviews, or other information can be sent out to your social media network in one click. Sales associates find it easier to cultivate a larger, more engaged following knowing that all the technical details are taken care of.

    Customer Review sharing
  3. Establish Your Credentials as a Local Leader
    Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing assets you have. Your customers want to know that others like them have succeeded with your services. Our CRM lets you share customer reviews automatically as they go live. Sharing reviews shows you are active and in-demand. Plus, you can showcase reviews throughout your website, newsletters, and more.

    Open House Connector
  4. Get More Value from Your Open House Events
    Many sales associates want to get even more value from their open house events. The key is making sure the open house is the beginning of a long-term relationship. You can keep in contact with open house visitors using our customized, mobile-ready event registration forms. All the details you collect will automatically enter your CRM so you can follow up.

    eCards and flyers
  5. Pique Leads' Interest with Periodic eCards and Flyers
    Sometimes, you just need to share a little bit of news quickly. Send ecards and flyers, and you'll get more eyes on the information you want leads to know. These simple yet effective digital "cards" are ideal for announcing new listings, open houses, or other events. Eye-catching pre-designed templates mean it only takes seconds to find the perfect design to entice your leads.

    Seller Report
  6. Keep Sellers Motivated and Engaged Throughout the Process
    As days tick by, sellers naturally become nervous about the status of their home. Automatically update homeowners with the latest info on their listings, so they have complete confidence you're doing your utmost for them. Pipeline Manager can keep sellers in the loop with periodic updates showing all of your marketing activity on their behalf – a level of transparency clients respect!

    Home Finder Report
  7. Make it Easier for Buyers to Find Their Perfect Home
    The odds are good that you're already sending buyers a curated selection of local listings every week or so. Automate the process with My Homefinder reports, and you'll accelerate the process, cut out human error, and never miss a self-imposed deadline. My Homefinder reports are completely customizable based on the budget, amenities, and other details of your buyers.

    Market Watch Reports
  8. Demonstrate Deep Local Knowledge with Accurate Market Reports
    Reports on your local market have long been one of the best ways to show you know your stuff. Unfortunately, they can take weeks to compile and may go out of date while you work. DeltaNet Market Watch reports are compiled in seconds based on a few key parameters you provide. They are great for introducing new leads to the opportunities your local area has to offer.

Customer Relationship Management Puts Digital Marketing Automation at Your Fingertips

Use Pipeline Manager to Automate Real Estate Business
With our CRM, you have the opportunity to provide every lead with a personalized experience – without agonizing over every little detail.

Delta Media Group is the #1 name in digital marketing automation for the real estate industry. Our techniques and technologies will help you build your practice while achieving the work-life balance you want.

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