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Time Management Secrets for Real Estate Agents
How often do you find yourself wishing there were just a few more hours in the day? It's a common refrain for anyone who works in real estate because there's always something more to do to grow your brand, generate new leads, and keep in touch with existing clients. Fortunately, with the right tools, the right mindset, and time management secrets, you can use your time more efficiently without ever compromising on the quality of your work.

Organize Your Time in Blocks
Effective time management requires a multi-faceted approach, with a focus on setting aside time for specific tasks and minimizing distractions while you complete each task. Both parts of that focus are equally important, which is why organizing your time in blocks is a great way to go. By setting aside blocks of time each day to tackle specific tasks like returning calls, prepping listing presentations, or updating your online marketing, you will have an easier time focusing on the task at hand. 

It's Okay to Block Out "Freestyle" Time, Too!
For some sales associates, being able to "go with the flow" is crucial to accomplishing all that you need to do each day--but the flow doesn't always lend itself to efficient time management. So why not compromise? Block out time for specific tasks to keep things from piling up, but also set aside some blocks without a specific task so that there's more time to adapt your workflow to the demands of your day. 

Don't Get Overwhelmed by Email and Social Media
It's so easy to let emails or social mentions pile up while you're focused on other tasks, and then feel overwhelmed by all the notifications that you missed. Blocking out even 15 minutes per day for social media makes it much easier to avoid falling behind. Keeping your inbox clear may require a bit more time each day, especially during busy seasons, but getting ahead is worth the effort.

Minimize Distractions While You Complete Key Tasks
No matter what task you're working on right now, there's always another important task that is likely to be competing for your attention. One of the most significant concepts in time management is staying focused on the task at hand. Once you get in the habit of minimizing distractions, your level of focus makes each task more efficient. An organized schedule also makes it easier to focus, because you can be confident that you have enough time blocked out to finish whatever task comes next.

Organize Tasks in Order of Importance
Now, if you've prioritized a relatively unimportant task, it's only natural to be thinking about the more important work still waiting for you in the future. That's why it helps to prioritize the most important tasks and adapt to the demands of each day. Decide ahead of time which tasks you need to do first, which ones can wait until there's a gap in your schedule, and which ones you can fit in only if you have some extra time. Prioritizing takes much of the stress out of planning your day while allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Leave Time for Relaxation
While it may seem counter-intuitive, make sure to schedule a time for breaks throughout the day. Time management is important in part because productivity and efficiency tend to drop when you start putting in too many hours in a given day or week. Taking short breaks to read, walk around, or talk with colleagues can keep you in a better frame of mind for getting work done when you get back to your desk.

Automate Your Real Estate Business & Organize Your Day

Scheduling and technology are the two pillars of time management for the real estate industry. And the right technology can make it so much easier to stick to your schedule, with time to spare.

Delta Media Group CRM - Pipeline Manager
Our CRM software, known as Pipeline Manager, streamlines the communication process with your clients and leads. Track, manage and engage with customers right from your smartphone.

You can prioritize your day with one quick look at the Pipeline Manager's dashboard. Automate some tasks and delegate others using the Pipeline Manager so you can get back to what you do best—closing more business.

Managing your time effectively is so much easier with the right tools for marketing, lead management, and automation.

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