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Busyness Isn't Necessarily Good for Business - Automation is the Key

Real Estate Technology Automation
Anyone can find more "stuff" to do. But are you making the best use of your time?

Real estate pros often get sidetracked by time management or productivity systems that don't deliver. Why? One reason is that low-level tasks can be so numerous and time-consuming.

All those things that "have to get done" subtract energy from strategic tasks. At the end of the day, you could find all you've done is tread water without getting closer to the practice you want.

Automation is the solution.

Automation helps you define the workflows to do your job faster, easier, and more efficiently. The must-do items are accelerated and streamlined based on proven, industry-leading techniques.

That allows you to stay in touch with clients and leads, deliver helpful and meaningful communication, and do it with a personal touch – whether talking to one person or one thousand.

The speed and confidence of a high performance, AI-driven automation solution redefines what a real estate expert can do in a day. If you are looking for seamless solutions to enhance the speed of your business, you need nimble real estate technology.

Seven Ways to Embrace Automation Through Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Automation Pipeling Manager
Any good discussion of real estate automation starts with Customer Relationship Management.

Real estate CRM software provides total visibility into the status of your leads and clients, ensuring you can connect using the right messaging at the right time. That saves hours a week you'd otherwise spend figuring out where everyone stands.

At Delta Media Group, our CRM software aka Pipeline Manager is command central for organizing and prioritizing your real estate business. Maximize your efforts and effectiveness with an automated marketing system that hits the right notes with your clients.

Light up your clients and their communities:

  1. Make Your Social Media Easier and More Powerful
    Facebook Connector™ takes the guesswork out of social media. It offers a proven workflow for promoting your latest listings, customer reviews, and open houses. With just a few minutes of setup, you'll expand visibility for properties and shape the conversation around your brand. It even removes time-sensitive posts so recent, relevant content is always highlighted.

  2. Leverage the Full Power of Customer-Focused Social Proof
    Customer Review Sharing energizes your brand with the most powerful social proof available: The words of your satisfied customers. Customer testimonials are submitted directly to you on the DeltaNet, not a third-party website. You have full power to approve, modify, or delete testimonials at any time. Plus, you can instantly share approved reviews on Facebook.

  3. Empower Your Buyers With the Best Properties in Seconds
    You are probably already providing a weekly digest of home listings for buyers to look into. My HomeFinder takes this common, time-consuming task and does it all for you. With just a few pieces of information about your clients and their needs, My HomeFinder sends tailored listing collections on the timeline you specify.

  4. Demonstrate Your Local Expertise Through Bespoke Market Reports
    Knowing your market inside and out is the hallmark of a real estate expert. But compiling in-depth market reports means lots of work that quickly goes out of date. Market Watch lets you generate a market report from the most recent, 100% accurate data available in your area. It's a robust "white label" market overview you can provide to clients or share on your website.

  5. Boost Seller Confidence With Complete Visibility Into Home Marketing
    Sellers worried about their timeline? In the past, it was often difficult to show sellers exactly what was going on. With Seller Reports, sellers can access an end-to-end home marketing report, showing them all the activity on their listing and any other promotions connected with their sale. It's a time-saver for you and a confidence booster for them.

  6. Keep Leads in the Loop and Promote Your Listings in One Click
    eCards & Flyers let you announce new listings and events like open houses more easily than ever. You can customize your flyers using dozens of beautiful, eye-catching templates. Send an eCard to an individual recipient or to your predefined customer groups. You can also print out postcards or full-page flyers for your local marketing efforts.

  7. Cultivate Long-Term Relationships Through Beautiful, Personalized Email
    My Customer for Life Email Campaigns help you unlock the power of your email subscriber list. You can send helpful, informative content on buying, selling, or property management. Every time a subscriber interacts with your email, the system learns what content is most valuable to them and fine-tunes accordingly. You can also promote listings and events.

Real Estate Automation DeltaNET 6

As a Delta Media Group customer, DeltaNET 6 is your cornerstone for powering your online infrastructure. Our all-in-one marketing, communications, and analytics platform puts all these features and more at your fingertips. It's a safe, stable real estate toolkit you can trust.

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