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Digital marketing has the potential to open doors, create connections, and take your real estate brand to the next level. Is your digital marketing in need of a refresh? Just like with real estate markets, digital marketing trends evolve over time, so it's wise to re-examine your marketing tactics periodically to ensure that you're maximizing ROI and generating as many new, high-quality leads as possible. Start with a closer look at these reliable digital marketing tactics to build trust, grow your brand, and streamline your lead generation.

Start with a Great Real Estate Website

Your real estate website is the essential element for a successful digital marketing strategy, and there's more to consider than just how nice your website looks. Ideally, you want to provide a seamless experience, allowing your audience to research listings, neighborhoods, communities, and your real estate brand, all in one convenient package. Of course, you'll also want to integrate search engine optimization (SEO), which will improve your visibility in search results and help leads find you. Many digital marketing tactics drive traffic to your website, so you want people to be impressed and informed from the moment they arrive.

Explore New Opportunities for Content Creation

Are you creating informative, entertaining real estate content that generates leads and demonstrates your expertise? Real estate content is a key element of a successful real estate website and should be a pillar of your digital marketing plan. Blog posts are a great place to start, but don't be afraid to try out other types of content, as well. Video content is more popular than ever, so why not grab your phone, pick up a few peripherals to make filming easier, and become the next real estate video star? Even if you don't take a starring role, creating property videos like you can make with our Properties in Motion platform is a great way to market your listings.

Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing is one of the best ways to grow your brand online and take your digital marketing to the next level. Focus on the most popular social platforms for real estate, like Facebook and Instagram, as you grow your social presence. The real estate content that you create is ideal for social sharing, and you can use your social presence to drive more traffic to your website. Remember that engagement is crucial for social success. The time that you spend interacting with your audience and building connections is just as important as all your other social marketing activities.

Save Time and Generate Leads with Smart Email Campaigns

One of the most appealing things about digital marketing is that you don't always have to invest a ton of your own time in order to find success. Smart drip email campaigns are an excellent example of that concept in action, allowing you to stay in touch, inform your audience, and nurture leads with pre-planned, automated email marketing. Take advantage of email marketing campaigns designed specifically for different segments of your audience, from buyers to sellers, and remind them why you're the right choice when they're ready to take the next steps on their real estate journey.

Quickly Expand Your Audience with Paid Advertising

While the payoff is worth the wait, some digital marketing tools and tactics take time to yield the desired results. But what about when you want to generate more leads right now? With AdWizard Paid Advertising and Pay Per Click Advertising, you can easily create, launch, and track paid advertising campaigns on the biggest social platforms. Start planning your next Instagram or Facebook advertising campaign with easy-to-use tools that allow you to customize every key aspect of your ad. These tools are a great place to start if you're new to digital marketing and searching for ways to quickly expand your audience.

Show Your Value with Social Proof

As you use your digital marketing to turn more leads into clients, remember that those existing clients can be a big help in attracting new business. In addition to good, old-fashioned referrals, your clients can give your marketing a boost by leaving reviews and providing testimonials online. That type of social proof is worth its weight in gold, so be sure to share it on your website and social pages.

How Will You Level Up Your Marketing for 2023?

The most successful real estate agents and brands always have one eye on the future, so now is the perfect time to start planning for a successful 2023. If your marketing is in need of a refresh, we're here to help you level up your lead generation with dependable and innovative tools designed specifically for real estate. Start planning ahead now, and make 2023 your best year yet.


What real estate agent could say no to more and better quality leads? Modern marketing offers more tools than ever before for generating, nurturing, and converting leads, whether you're just getting started as an agent or you've already been in the industry for decades. So if your lead gen feels like it's been lacking lately, there are concrete steps that you can take right now to turn things around and start generating more leads. Here are some of the best tools and tips to turn your marketing into a reliable, well-oiled lead gen machine.

Start with a Great Real Estate Website

Your real estate website should be the hub of your digital lead generation efforts and one of your most valuable marketing tools. It's the place where potential leads come to learn about your brand, the markets that you serve, your listings, your team, and all of the real estate services that you offer. On top of that, many of the other lead gen tips on our list either work best when paired with a great website or are geared specifically toward driving traffic back to your real estate website. All of that is to say that if your website doesn't include everything it needs for lead gen, now is the time for a redesign from a team that knows what it takes to generate real estate leads online.

Mix in a Dash of Search Engine Optimization

One of the ways that your website helps with lead gen is through search engine optimization (SEO), which helps leads find you. Most real estate prospects start their process with online searches to find real estate brands, agents, and listings that suit their needs. SEO is all about optimizing your website so that it ranks higher in search engine results, which drives more traffic to your website and ultimately helps you generate more leads.

Build a Better Blog to Share Your Knowledge and Expertise

Potential leads primarily visit your website for information, whether they're looking at listings, researching neighborhoods, or want to learn more about the process of buying/selling a home. Your blog is the perfect place to share content that demonstrates your real estate expertise, provides detailed descriptions of the markets that you serve, answers common questions, builds trust, and educates your target audience. As an added bonus, creating localized content also has major benefits for your SEO.

Upgrade Your Social Media Presence

Is your social media marketing generating as many leads as it should? Are you reaching the right audience with the right message? Growing your social media presence through marketing, targeted ads, and good, old-fashioned engagement is a great way to give your lead generation a boost. In addition to social marketing, consider carving 15 or 30 minutes out of your daily schedule to engage with your audience, share your knowledge, and start building connections with potential leads.

Attract a Larger Audience with Virtual Tours, Open Houses, and Showings

A normal open house or showing is great for people who live close enough to attend, but more than ever before real estate clients are doing much of their shopping online. Virtual open houses and showings make it easy for those online shoppers to fall in love with homes before they ever visit in person. Virtual tours, like the ones that you can create with our Properties in Motion platform, are another essential element for marketing homes online.

Add Targeted Online Ads to Your Marketing Mix

What if you want to generate more leads right now? With AdWizard Paid Advertising, you can easily create and manage online advertising campaigns that appeal directly to your target audience. Manage all of your ads and budgets through an easy-to-use interface, with customizable ad layouts that make it easy to tailor your advertising to your brand. Easily target ads on Facebook and Instagram — the two social platforms where your online audience is likely spending the most time. Paid advertising can be the perfect complement to all of your other digital lead generation efforts.

Rely on the Right Real Estate CRM

Last but certainly not least, if you don't have access to a real estate CRM or you're not thrilled with the performance of your current CRM, your lead generation can absolutely benefit from an upgrade. DeltaNET®6 is a powerful, easy-to-use real estate all-in-one solution that offers all of the tools that you need to attract, nurture, and convert leads successfully. From AI-driven marketing tools to lead capture forms, automated lead segmentation, and so much more, we're always innovating so that every agent can benefit from the dependable, intuitive tools in DeltaNET®6. Why settle for less than the best when you can have so much of what you need for lead generation in one convenient package?


Are you taking full advantage of the many opportunities that video marketing creates in real estate? Whether you're showcasing a listing, highlighting a neighborhood, or creating educational real estate content for your audience, video can convey things that simply aren't captured with other forms of online content. Listings with video generate more interest, video marketing content converts at a higher rate, social media posts with video generate more engagement, video content on your real estate website has major SEO benefits... the list goes on and on.

If you've been waiting to integrate video into your real estate marketing mix, now is the perfect time to change that. Here's how video can help you sell more properties, earn more clients, and grow your brand online.

Still need convincing that video is one of the most reliable, powerful ways to grow your brand and promote properties? Check out these stats on video marketing in real estate:

  • According to the NAR, listings with video drive 403 percent more inquiries than listings without video.

  • The same data from the NAR reveals that 51 percent of home buyers use YouTube as their primary method of searching for homes.

  • Every month, 3.25 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube, which has more than 1.3 billion active users. TikTok isn't far behind, with more than 1 billion monthly users of its own.

  • Video is great for individual agents, too. NAR data suggests that 73 percent of homeowners surveyed are more likely to work with an agent who uses video.

  • Video isn't just popular in real estate. Some estimates suggest that 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video content.

The numbers don't lie. Video draws more eyes than any other form of content online, and the numbers only seem to grow when new watch stats are released every year.

How Video Can Help You Sell Homes and Attract Clients

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? While professional quality listing photos are a strong place to start, the simple fact is that modern real estate buyers are more attracted to video than anything else.

A listing video can showcase features of the home that aren't seen in photos, provide a more detailed overview of the entire property, and give the buyer a real sense of touring a home even though they're not there in person. It's much easier for buyers to imagine their lives in the home when they can see it in motion, feel the transition from one room to the next, and analyze all of the small yet important details that video content can capture.

Of course, anyone interested in selling a home will also be quite keen on all of the benefits that video offers as a tool for selling properties. That's one key reason why 73 percent of homeowners are more likely to work with an agent who uses video, as we mentioned above. Being able to show a seller how you'll promote their home using video is a great way to win trust and attract more clients.

Easily Integrate Video with Properties in Motion

Now, you might be wondering how exactly to take advantage of all the benefits offered by video content. Our Properties in Motion® tool makes it easy to integrate video listings, with voice-over, into your marketing mix. Our marketing pros can help you use video to drive more traffic to your listings and generate great search engine results in the process.

  • Create HD-quality video with voice-over to lead buyers through every nook and cranny of a listing online, no matter where the buyer is located.
  • Automatically pull information from MLS, and automatically feed videos to both your social page on Facebook and your real estate website.
  • Integrated texting platform that allows you to easily text key data on things like listing alerts, open houses, and price changes.
  • Easily track leads, and stay on top of all the latest data through weekly reports.
  • Have something special to promote? Single property websites are also available to promote your top listings.

Promoting properties with video doesn't have to feel like a mystery. With the right tools and the right team, it's easier than ever to make your listings shine online.

It's Time to Make Real Estate Video Work for You

Video can help you take your real estate brand to the next level online, whether you're promoting listings or creating educational, lead-generating content for your website. As more and more young buyers enter the market, the popularity of video in real estate should only keep growing in the years to come. With tools like Properties in Motion®, it's easier than ever to take advantage of the popularity of video content.


You want people to find your business when they start their search for real estate services online, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of your most potent tools for accomplishing that goal. SEO is tied to nearly everything that your business does online, from the design of your website to the content that you create and share with the world. When done right, SEO increases visibility, makes it easier for prospects to find your business, and brings a reliable source of leads to your digital doorstep.

SEO is also constantly evolving as search engines update their algorithms and SEO experts find the best ways to adapt to new changes. Keeping up with the latest best practices is critical to achieving your SEO goals and growing your real estate business online.

Google Business Profile

Let's start with an easy one and something that every business should prioritize. Filling out your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) can give your search engine ranking a boost and allows you to provide key information to your audience as soon as they find your business through an online search. All of the key details, like location, hours, and contact information, are part of your Google Business Profile. Your profile also has the key benefit of an integrated review and feedback system, which makes it easy for search users to find out what others have to say about your real estate services.

Keyword Research

The keywords that you use in your real estate content are critical to overall SEO success and especially important for local SEO. Keywords are the words or phrases that search users type into their search window when seeking information. By naturally integrating the right keywords into your content, you can help people who are looking for the real estate services that you provide find your business online. The Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that helps you research keywords, which you can then use to increase the SEO benefits of your content.

Mobile-Friendly Content and Design

With so many search users accessing search engines from their phones or tablets, it's no surprise that Google prioritizes mobile-friendly content in search results. Responsive website design is one key element of ensuring that your content is mobile-friendly and can be viewed on any device. Since mobile users also tend to prefer images and video content, adding those types of content to your mix can also help with the mobile-friendly aspect of SEO.

Online Reviews

We've already touched on reviews in the Google Business Profile section, but reviews are so important that it's worth diving a little deeper. In addition to helping people learn more about the quality of your real estate services, reviews on major online sources like Google, Yelp, and Facebook play an important role in SEO. So it's well worth giving a friendly reminder to clients that reviews are appreciated after you've helped them with their real estate needs.

Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most important aspects of successful SEO in real estate. When people search for real estate brokerages, agents, or homes in one of your markets, you want them to find your brand first. Many of the topics we've covered already, like keyword research and your Google Business Profile, can help give your local SEO a boost.

Localized Content

One of the most dependable ways to improve your local SEO is to create localized content about the places where you help clients buy and sell homes. From neighborhood guides to blog posts on specific attractions, local events, and businesses, creating localized content helps you inform your audience while also providing major benefits for local SEO. 

Website Design

We'll spare you the nitty-gritty technical details of how SEO should be integrated into your website design because there are so many behind-the-scenes design details that can help improve your SEO. Even something as simple as website loading speed can make a difference. So if your website wasn't designed with SEO in mind, now is the perfect time to consider a new, SEO-friendly website that boosts your brand's visibility online.

There's an Easier Way to Have Great SEO

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, well... it is. The good news is that the benefits are more than worth the effort, and the even better news is that you don't have to invest all of the effort yourself. With our Delta Media Group SEO services, we handle all of the heavy lifting for you. We make it easy for both agents and brokerages to integrate the latest SEO best practices and take care of all the details so you can focus on converting the fresh leads that your SEO brings to your business.


It's a sure thing that the majority of your future clients will first encounter your brand online.

Even with the personnel and resources of a large brokerage, in-person events can only achieve so much coverage within your community. Experts estimate only about 1% to 10% of people you encounter on a daily basis will be ready to enter the market when they make contact with you for the first time.

Knowing all that, your brokerage website has a number of big jobs to do:

  • It must attract the right targeted traffic to your digital doorstep
  • It must explain precisely what you do and who you do it for
  • It must help maintain a relationship over weeks and months

Your website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy. While it doesn't "do it all," nothing else will get done without a website to serve as the hub of your online brand. Its role goes far beyond being a "digital brochure." Done right, it has the potential to deliver immense strategic value.

Here's how to make it happen:

Post Helpful, Informative Content

Content marketing is the name given to building a relationship of trust by providing a foretaste of the value you can offer clients before they even sign up with you. This content should be both helpful and informative, helping visitors solve problems or overcome challenges in their real estate journey.

  • Promote Your Content with SEO
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of design and technology techniques that signal search engines about your high-quality content. In order for your content to raise your search engine visibility by appearing in relevant searches, you must have an SEO strategy you follow consistently.

  • Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
    A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts in both navigation and appearance to suit the way a smartphone or tablet browses the Web. Without this adjustment, mobile users can get frustrated and click away — and an increasing number of younger buyers use mobile as their main source of connectivity.

  • Capture Lead Details Throughout Your Website
    As someone interacts with your website, you should be learning more and more about that person's needs. One way to capture leads is to develop a "lead magnet," a rich, detailed piece of content website visitors can receive in exchange for agreeing to join your mailing list.

  • Build Your Opt-in Email Marketing List
    Email marketing is one of the most powerful opportunities in real estate, especially for large brokerages with the staff power to handle the increased volume. By segmenting your list for buyers, sellers, new leads, and other use cases, you can ensure each subscriber receives only content that matters to them.

  • Turn Subscribers into Customers
    Email subscribers are somewhere in the middle of your digital marketing funnel. While you can't "make" them take action, you can inspire them with the right opportunities. Be certain they are receiving event invitations such as virtual tours, open houses, and featured listings in their area.

  • Make Your Text Content Stick with Video
    On the internet, people don't read — they scan. They are looking for the information that's most relevant to them and will simply tune out anything else. Video content is much more likely to inspire action than plain text, and it is usually more memorable for your visitors, too.

  • Showcase Your Featured Listings Prominently
    A good real estate website makes it easy for visitors to browse listings of value to them. Your MLS access gives you the tools you need to highlight new listings, enriched content like video and virtual tours, and relevant updates in real-time. Give your most crucial listings prominent billing on your website!

  • Be Smart About Social Media
    Instagram is the overall winner when it comes to social media marketing for real estate, but Facebook and LinkedIn both hold opportunities for the right brokerages. Expand the reach of your best content and listings with social media, staying focused on platforms where your audience is highly active.

It's Not Too Late to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Powerhouse

Ready to put your website to work?

Even if your website hasn't reached its full potential just yet, it is not too late to make a positive change. With the right guidance from digital marketing experts, you can revitalize your real estate website so it produces a bottom-line value that moves the needle on your goals.

There are many different aspects to getting the most value from your website. For the best results, they all need to come together effectively. But once the initial work is done, your team can benefit from the power of digital marketing automation, reach more people, and save thousands of hours a year.

Contact us today to find out how your brand can benefit from the best real estate websites.


Think about the most important factors for online marketing success in real estate. You want plenty of traffic for your real estate website, powerful search engine optimization (SEO) to help your audience find you, informative content that builds trust, shareable, clickable content to boost your social media marketing, and easy, natural ways to integrate calls-to-action in order to turn prospects into qualified leads.

It's no exaggeration to state that your real estate blog can be a dependable tool for helping you accomplish all of those goals and more. Here's why you shouldn't underestimate the power of the real estate blog and how to create a blog that will benefit your business for years to come.

The Power of the Real Estate Blog

Ultimately, your real estate blog is a tool for informing your audience, and all of the other benefits stem from accomplishing that key goal. You have plenty of real estate and market expertise to offer. Your blog is the perfect place to share that expertise with your audience and give your digital marketing a major boost.

  • Website Traffic and SEO
    Your real estate website is the hub of your online marketing efforts. You want website traffic, and an informative blog can help deliver it. In addition to attracting traffic through your informative, relevant content, blogging is a reliable way to integrate SEO and local SEO which will improve your position in search engine rankings.

    Most people seeking real estate services of any kind start the process with an online search, so your search ranking is critical. In addition to naturally including keywords that your audience may be searching for, your blog allows you to consistently update your website with content that's relevant to your audience, and relevant content causes visitors to spend more time on your website. All of these factors make your website more appealing to search engine algorithms, which ultimately means more leads for your business.

  • Demonstrating Your Expertise
    Attracting traffic to your website is just the start. The content that you create can also play a key role in convincing prospects that you're the right choice for their real estate needs. Blog content is the perfect platform to demonstrate your real estate expertise by creating content that educates your target audience, answers their key questions, and helps them make informed decisions.

    Of course, you can also tailor your blog content to the audience you aim to attract. The flexibility of a real estate blog allows you to reach experienced, luxury clients, first-time home buyers, and anyone in between.

  • Showcasing Your Markets
    Prospects aren't just searching for the perfect home. They're also looking for the right neighborhood for them and their family to live in. Your real estate blog presents endless opportunities to showcase the markets where you do business, from neighborhood guides to posts on specific local attractions, businesses, events, and real estate trends. All of this information can help your audience make decisions on where to shop for homes with confidence while positioning you as a neighborhood expert.

  • Shareable Content for Social Media Engagement
    There's no doubt that social media marketing works best when you generate engagement, and your blog content can serve as an excellent conversation starter. Sharing your blog content on social media can get your audience talking, drive traffic to your website, and make it easy for your target audience to share your content with your friends.

    It also works in the other direction. You can ask your social connections about the types of content they want to see and the questions they want answered. This is a great way to get content ideas and improve social engagement by providing content that's highly relevant to your audience.

  • Inspiring Action from Prospects
    Of course, online marketing is all about generating high-quality leads, and blogging can help with that, too. The end of an informative, relevant blog post is the ideal place to integrate a call-to-action (CTA) and inspire prospects to take the next step with your real estate brand. Whether that means signing up for your email list so that you can take advantage of email drip campaigns or contacting you directly, a well-placed CTA can be a key step in turning prospects into clients.

New to Real Estate Blogging? Getting Started Is Easier than You Think

Hopefully, we've convinced you of the value of a real estate blog, but that still leaves one key question. How do you get started? While you can build a blog yourself from the ground up, there's an easier, more efficient way. Our custom content creation services make it easy to get all of the benefits of blogging without the time investment. We'll create content that's relevant to your audience, market, and preferences, leaving you with more time to pursue the leads that your blog creates.


How much value does your real estate website add to your practice?

Everyone knows "you have to have a website." And for real estate agents and brokerages, that's even more true. Some of the most successful real estate professionals, in the United States and throughout the world, generate a substantial portion of their leads through their own site — as much as 50%.

These days, future customers are far more likely to hear of you online than through an in-person event or non-digital advertising. That's because Millennials and the fast-emerging Gen Z homebuyers almost universally start their search for a new home online.

Understandably, most real estate experts aren't masters of real estate website design.

They tend to launch a basic website and then hope for the best. There are lots of DIY website builders out there and cut-rate services that promise something "good enough." Unfortunately, this can undermine your efforts to develop a branded, high-impact website that makes a difference.

How Your Website Can Serve as a Resource for Current and Future Customers

Your website acts as your digital "first impression."

When someone is thinking about entering the housing market, they will usually spend a lot of time looking at properties before they ever consider reaching out to a real estate agent. They might start seeking inspiration on sites like Pinterest or Instagram before they begin looking at live listings.

Once their interest is piqued, only then do they look for a local real estate professional to help them. But in the process, they usually check out a half-dozen local agents and brokerages — or even more. So, your website needs to achieve two things right off the bat:

  • It must be visually compelling, inviting, and easy to navigate
  • It must provide meaningful value before they schedule a call

That value comes in the form of custom content. "Content" is anything helpful and informative you post on your site to help visitors make an informed decision. In other words, it answers a question or solves a problem they have. Blogs are the backbone of most content, but video is increasingly popular.

Content is especially helpful because it can inspire your guests to join your email marketing list and get future updates they may find useful. It raises your visibility in online search and improves results you get from search engine optimization. However, it's not the only way to make your website work harder.

When you focus on turning your website into a resource, you are putting what you have to offer on the table from the very beginning. People will see the difference between you and other real estate agents, and begin to regard you as a trusted expert — so you're far more likely to be chosen in the end.

Let's look at some of the other ways you can build your website into a resource for customers:

  • Integrate Your Listings within Your Website
    The MLS does an incredible job keeping listings organized and searchable. However, you can also use this marvel of modern technology right within your own website, helping visitors zero in on the best local properties that might meet their needs while maintaining your own branding throughout.

  • Provide Neighborhood-Level Local Insight
    Your local savvy is one of the most important things setting you apart from your peers. Make it count by showing people not only the homes they might buy, but the community they'll be joining. Highlight the best amenities and small businesses – other business owners may even send you referrals.

  • Answer Common Questions Clearly
    Many first-time buyers and sellers will have very little existing knowledge about the process. Look for the best ways to answer their common questions simply. That may mean a library of blogs or videos, a centralized Frequently Asked Questions page or a chatbot that they can pose questions to.

  • Make It Easy to Contact You
    After you start working with a client, it's crucial to set appropriate boundaries — no answering the phone at two in the morning. On a first call, however, seconds count. Be sure your website is set up to send you a text alert if someone sends you an email or message so you can respond right away.

  • Introduce Yourself
    One of the most vital things you can do on your website is start building a relationship. The best way to begin is with a video introduction to yourself. What do you do and for whom? What attracted you to real estate and what makes you different? Video is the next best thing to being there.

The best real estate websites operate as a "one-stop-shop" for everything potential customers might need — before they even reach out for the first time. Contact Delta Media Group to learn more or get started with your own.


Are you ready to make 2022 your best year yet? Then now is the perfect time to give your lead generation a boost, whether that means innovating with the integration of the latest ideas or doubling down by enhancing the tactics that are already working for you. There are more opportunities than ever for generating leads, boosting the visibility of your real estate brand, and connecting with prospects online. Here are seven tips for enhancing your lead generation in 2022 and taking your business to new heights.

Enhance Your Lead Generation in 2022

  • Advertise in All the Right Places Online
    With most forms of online marketing, there's no guarantee of instant success. The payoff is worth it, but it may take time to see results. But what about when you want to generate more leads right now? Paid advertising on search engines and social media is very effective for reaching specific, targeted demographics with your real estate marketing message. With paid advertising, you choose who you want to reach and where you want to reach them.

  • Refresh Your Social Media Schedule
    Finding success with social media marketing requires a plan, and your schedule is one of the most important factors in effective planning. Creating a schedule for what you will do on social media each day, how you will do it, and how it all fits together makes it so much easier to use your social time more efficiently. And don't stop at scheduling. Social media is constantly evolving, so catching up on the latest trends is a must for maximizing the lead generation potential of your social presence.

  • Become the Next Real Estate Video Star
    One way to give your social media and overall online presence a boost in 2022? Try your hand at video content! Long gone are the days when you needed to buy a bunch of expensive equipment to get started with video content. With your smartphone, a few affordable peripheral tools, and some creativity, you can take advantage of the most popular form of online content. Adding a face, voice, and personality to your marketing is such an effective way to enhance your lead generation online.

  • Leverage Local SEO to Help Prospects Find You
    Local SEO is a powerful tool for generating high-quality leads, standing out from the competition in your market, and making it easy for prospects to find your real estate website. Creating informative content with targeted keywords, optimizing your website for SEO, and optimizing your Google My Business page are all great ways to give your local SEO a boost.

  • Harness the Power of Social Proof
    Your current, happy clients can be one of your greatest assets for generating leads by providing social proof about how you helped them with their real estate needs. If your real estate website doesn't integrate reviews and testimonials from current clients in a seamless way, now is the time to change that. Feature the best testimonials on your homepage, create a page where you can share even more testimonials, and make it easy for everyone to see how highly rated you are on major review platforms. And don't forget to share them on your social pages, too!

  • Position Yourself as a Neighborhood Expert
    If you want people to fall in love with your listings, start by helping them fall in love with the communities where those homes are located. Every agent should be an expert on the markets where they do business, and every prospect is searching for more information on the places where they're shopping for homes. Your real estate blog and social media pages are great places to post the content that you create about your neighborhoods. You can also create neighborhood-specific landing pages, where people can easily find a collection of key information in one location.

  • Make the Most of Your Real Estate CRM Platform
    Are you taking advantage of all the lead generation tools your real estate CRM offers? Just as importantly, does your real estate CRM offer everything you need to thrive? There are so many ways that a great CRM can make your life easier, from keeping track of all the key information on leads to automated, AI-driven marketing tools that help you convert those leads. The right CRM can unlock so many lead generation opportunities for you in 2022.

With so many different ways to generate leads, one of the big things to remember is how important it is to diversify your lead generation strategy. The start of the new year is the perfect time to experiment with new lead generation options and optimize all of your dependable, existing tactics for generating leads. The work that you do now will pay off all year long with more and better leads.


Your real estate website should be one of your greatest assets for generating leads, informing prospects, and making it easier for your clients to accomplish their real estate goals. If you're building a website for the first time or your existing website is in need of an update, it's important to make sure that your new website has all of the modern features that will help you generate more business online. There's plenty of room to customize your website, as long as you make sure to include the essentials. Here are 5 essential features that every real estate website should have.

  • Mobile Responsive Design
    For anyone who's buying or selling a home, real estate is always on their mind. They want to be able to visit your website on any device, and still get the same great user experience. Mobile traffic has long since passed by desktop traffic in terms of volume, and that trend is only likely to continue. So mobile responsive design, which ensures that your website offers a seamless experience on any screen, is an absolute must for a modern real estate website. With responsive design, the features of your website will shine whether the user is accessing your website on their phone, their tablet, or their desktop computer from the comfort of home.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    No matter how great your website is and how many resources it offers, it can only boost your business if people know where to find it. Given the level of competition for the attention of real estate prospects, finding ways to stand out online is more important than ever. SEO helps ensure that when people search for real estate services in the markets where you do business, your website will be one of the first that they see.

    Through your content, on-page SEO, and all of the SEO that happens behind the scenes of your website, you can rank higher in search results over time. Local SEO is also essential because it helps you stand out in your markets and boosts your visibility with people who are shopping for homes there. Since so many people begin their search for real estate services by visiting their favorite search engine, SEO helps them discover your business and is key to driving traffic to your website.

  • IDX Listing Integration
    While there are many features that drive traffic to your website, many of the prospects and clients who visit your will be there specifically because they want to search for homes. IDX listing integration makes it easy for them to search for homes based on location and use a wide variety of filters to find homes that suit their unique needs. By pulling listing information from MLS databases, IDX integration provides a comprehensive look at which homes are available in a given market. And it's not just a perk for buyers who are searching for homes. For sellers, the exposure that IDX provides means that a larger pool of potential buyers will be able to find their listings online.

  • Market Stats and Information
    Buyers who visit your website will often be searching for more than just a home. They will also be looking for the ideal community or neighborhood to live in, based on the factors that matter most to them. That's why it's so important to provide resources that help buyers get to know what your markets are like, both in terms of real estate trends and what it's like to live in those places.

    Your blog posts and real estate videos are great places to showcase your markets, but you will also want pages where website visitors can quickly, easily find key information on specific neighborhoods. Sellers also benefit from your market resources because your website content and market reports help buyers fall in love with the communities where a seller is listing a home.

  • Review and Testimonial Integration
    Ultimately, you want your real estate website to play a key role in converting prospects into loyal clients. Social proof like reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients is one of the biggest factors in the decision-making of many real estate prospects. So you'll want to be able to easily integrate all of those glowing testimonials and reviews into your real estate website, where they will be easy to find. When prospects can quickly find out what others are saying about your brand, they're more likely to convert with confidence.

With all of the right features, your real estate website can drive more traffic, generate more leads, and serve as the hub of all your online marketing efforts. These 5 features are essential, and there are plenty more that you'll want to include to provide the best possible experience for your audience.


SEO — search engine optimization — is a suite of best practices aimed at two goals:

  • Raising your visibility in online searches relevant to your business
  • Giving people who visit your website a better, easier experience

Reaching the top of any significant Google search doesn't happen by chance. It's possible only when you practice search engine optimization throughout your website. Although it might seem like an intimidating prospect, SEO becomes much easier when you have the right resources in place.

SEO Is Your Key to Affordable Organic Leads for Your Website

Your real estate website is one of your most important assets. In fact, it's second only to you in its power to deliver business value.

It's true!

You're the star of your brand — and you'll always be at center stage. But there's one pesky thing about humans, even real estate agents: We have to sleep at night. Even when you're doing something else, your website is always hard at work on your behalf, introducing people to your brand.

Making your website work for you should be one of your biggest goals in 2022, especially if you're early in your career. A website that attracts, qualifies, and converts leads helps take a lot of the pressure off your business. You no longer need to hustle constantly for new prospects.

And that means you can spend time up-leveling your skills and deepening existing relationships.

All in all, real estate agents who don't find a way to create the right balance are on their way to burnout. The most reliable way to yield ROI from your website is to make sure it appears prominently in search, and the only programmatic way to do that is to practice SEO.

In our SEO services for real estate, we've consistently seen small, mid-sized, and large agencies reach thousands of new leads after implementing best practices in search engine marketing. That adds up to less than $10 per organic lead, just 0.001% of what a single transaction could be worth.

Even solo real estate agents can stand shoulder to shoulder with their larger competitors if they choose a long-term focus on SEO. Unlike online advertising, SEO delivers compounding benefits in organic traffic that are virtually free of charge. By comparison, ads stop working for you as soon as you stop paying.

Use SEO for months and even the wealthiest rival can't come along and reproduce your success.

And the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll see results.

How to Get Started with SEO for Real Estate

With DeltaNET 6, the premier CRM for real estate, you can get off to a running start on SEO. But even if you want to take a do-it-yourself approach, SEO isn't really as fearsome as it appears. By knowing some of the basics, you'll have much more power to influence your digital marketing's direction in the future.

Here are the fundamentals that will turn you into an SEO-savvy real estate agent:

  • Start by Understanding Who Your Ideal Client Is
    First and foremost, you have to know exactly what kind of client you want to attract to your doorstep. SEO requires content — helpful, informative material you publish on your website — and every piece of content is written for someone. That "someone" is your buyer persona. Who are they? What are their problems? What questions do they have? Write down everything you know about your ideal client. You'll use this information to help build out the strategy around your search engine marketing.

  • Then, Figure Out What That Client Searches For
    The goal of any good SEO campaign is to help your website rank near the top of Google results for relevant keywords. Keywords are the specific words or phrases someone types into Google when they're looking for information — for example, "real estate agent Austin TX." The more specific a keyword is, the less traffic it tends to have. But that can also make it less competitive and more pertinent to you. It's much easier to rank for "first-time homebuyers Austin TX" than for "real estate agent"!

  • Publish and Promote Terrific, Keyword-Informed Content
    Keywords are valuable because they help Google understand the purpose of a piece of writing, image, or video. But they're also there for the convenience of real, human readers. Keywords often don't tell you exactly what your article should be about — you'll need to match each keyword with a topic that's useful to your ideal clients. As you publish more of this valuable content, Google takes notice. Sharing it on social media will also help you attract more backlinks to your site, which drives even higher visibility.

Once you see results from SEO, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Contact us to learn more about its role in real estate digital marketing.


What sets you apart from your competition? No matter the size of your market, you're not the only game in town for real estate clients. With millions of registered agents all over the United States, the reality is that your potential clients always have a choice. Your branding is one of the most important ways to communicate the things that set your business apart, build trust, and establish your identity with your target audience over the long term. Creating a branding strategy is complex, but the effort you invest can ultimately help shape the future of your real estate business.

Know Your Audience, Shape Your Brand

Who are you trying to reach? With branding, it's hard to be everything to everyone and equally difficult to set yourself apart from the competition using generalities. Effective branding starts with knowing your audience, and understanding what they're looking for from a real estate business.

Whether you cater to young, first-time buyers, luxury real estate clients, people searching for vacation homes, older clients looking for the perfect place to retire, or any other niche, your unique value proposition is at the heart of your branding.

So, in what ways do you serve your target audience better than the competition? When faced with other real estate options that serve a similar niche, why should they choose you? Answering these questions is the perfect place to start shaping your brand. And when you answer those questions through branding in a way that resonates with your target audience, your business can benefit for years to come.

Branding in the Digital Age

In today's digital world, the reality is that most real estate prospects begin their search for real estate services online. A consistent, reliable online presence is one of the biggest keys to ensuring that your brand reaches as many people as possible.

  • Real Estate Website
    Your real estate website is the cornerstone of all of your online branding efforts. It's a place where people come to learn about your business, browse your listings, and find out whether you're the right choice for their needs. That's why it's so important to have informative, educational content, to help prospects find answers to their real estate questions, discover the communities where you sell homes, experience your expertise, and learn how your brand stands out from the competition.

  • Social Media
    When it comes to connecting with prospects and building relationships that lead to business, it's hard to top social media. For real estate businesses, social media is a place to share expertise, engage with your audience, and highlight the best parts of your brand. Agents can use social to connect with clients on a more personal level, showcase communities, give a peek behind the scenes of life as a real estate agent, and build lasting relationships. Make sure that your brand's name and appearance are consistent to provide a seamless experience across all social platforms that you use.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    No matter how well you develop your brand, the only way to maximize its impact is to ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible within your target audience. SEO helps you stand out from the competition, and ensure that your brand is what people find when they're searching for real estate services in your area.

  • Online Advertising
    While building organic SEO and growing your social media audience takes time, paid online advertising is available to give your brand a boost anytime. Advertising on social media and in search engines can be a great way to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

Traditional Branding Tools for Real Estate

Digital marketing is excellent, but that doesn't mean that more traditional marketing methods don't have a place in modern branding. There's a good reason that "For Sale" and "Sold" signs are still ubiquitous on the lawns of homes around the country. Because they work! And if your target demographic isn't so active online, then tools like direct mail and traditional advertising can help you reach them. Even for a more modern audience, traditional marketing tools can provide a valuable complement to your digital branding efforts.

Building Your Brand to Last

In the end, effective real estate branding requires a holistic approach. When you understand who you're trying to reach and which factors differentiate your real estate business from the competition, you can use that information to shape all of the other aspects of your branding. While some parts of your brand will likely remain the same long term, remember that it's also a good idea to be nimble and experiment. Finding new ways to reach prospects as branding tools evolve will help you build a brand that can outlast any trend.


You've read the headlines — "Inventory Shortage Sends Home Prices Soaring at Record Rate," "Housing Inventory Shortage Leads to Most Bidding Wars Ever," "Explaining Today's U.S. Real Estate Inventory Insanity," and "It's crazy. There is no inventory," — and are all too aware of how low inventory in your market is impacting your business. But did you know that low inventory is also causing your brokerage website traffic to plummet?

Every website featuring property listings is experiencing lower overall web traffic because of record-low inventory. Even brokerages with top-notch SEO programs — like the SEO Delta Media Group® provides — are experiencing big drops in overall web traffic as their IDX listings fall. For brokerages in some markets where listings have dropped as much as 60% over the last few years, web traffic has also dropped upwards of 60%.

This is not a coincidence: this is pure cause and effect. So, let's dig into this deeper and see what you, as a broker-owner, and your agents need to know about declining web traffic volume, how SEO is needed now more than ever, and what you need to do next.

Real Estate Web Traffic is Down Everywhere

Research from both Zillow and shows that their property listing inventory is down about 50% nationally.

According to Zillow, 1.788 million homes were listed for sale as of August 31, 2019. Fast forward to April 30, 2021, the most recent number available, and the total U.S. homes listed for sale according to Zillow was 949,788 — a decline of nearly 50%.'s weekly inventory tracking reports say that total active listings as of early May were down 52% year-over-year.

When leading brokerages look at their total web traffic numbers, they are likely to see a decline in overall traffic that closely matches the decline in local listing inventory. Delta Media has seen this happen for clients across the board, nearly without exception.

But here's the silver lining. Despite the decline in web traffic, search ranking for Delta brokerage clients has not changed. In some cases, rankings have improved. This is because Delta's Search Engine Optimization or SEO and content services continue to drive traffic to broker websites, making sure brokerages continue to get their share of real estate-related web traffic.

Understanding the Cause

By digging deeper into the cause of traffic decline, analytics show that traffic landing on property listing detail pages — which are crucial to successful SEO — has dropped in tandem with the drop in the number of local listings.

Let's look at the math. A single-listing detail page for a property can generate a handful to hundreds of visits. If the average listing generates five visits and you have 1,000 active listings in your market, you are getting 5,000 visits from listings. If your average listing generates 20 visits, you are netting 20,000 visits from the listings in your market. If you average 100 visits to an active listing, that's 100,000 visitors to your brokerage website.

If your active listing inventory in your local market declines by 50%, it's likely you are going to see a comparable drop in traffic.

But don't throw in the towel and give up on SEO because your web traffic is down.

That's happening across the board. Staying with your SEO efforts is key to long-term success because SEO does a lot more than generate website traffic.

Impact of SEO

One of the misconceptions in the real estate world is that websites can't rank for IDX listings. That's simply not true. With the right SEO, traffic is generated from all the listings on a brokerage's website.

The best response by a brokerage to website traffic decline should be to stay the course with SEO. That's because, despite the declines in overall traffic, SEO still drives 50-80 percent of all organic traffic to a Delta broker's website. Additionally, more than 50% of their leads are coming from SEO.

Keep in mind that organic leads — created by ongoing and effective SEO efforts — generate both the lowest cost leads and the most ready-to-list and ready-to-buy leads. The cost per organic lead is just $5.41 for Delta Media's clients overall. For large brokerage clients, it averages $4.56 for a ready-to-act lead and $4.98 for our mid-sized brokerage clients.

Don't Panic!

SEO ebbs and flows. The key is to remain steadfast with your SEO efforts.

Why? SEO is like a company's reputation: it takes years to build and, with one misstep, minutes to lose.

The blunder that many brokerages make with their SEO happens when they switch brokerage website providers. If the proper steps are not taken by your new tech firm, you could lose all the SEO equity that your website took years, sometimes decades, to build.

We have witnessed past clients — who see greener grass — switch tech firms to handle their websites. Their web traffic falls off a cliff almost universally. During the migration process, they lose the brokerage's SEO mojo. More critically, organic lead generation from SEO efforts also takes a massive nosedive.

Most surprisingly, the tech firms they switched to are well-known website vendors. But none of these firms offer the SEO acumen that Delta does.

SEO is one of Delta Media's superpowers. It's why many of these brokerages return as clients. We know how to manage website migration without negatively impacting your SEO.

Changing website providers does not have to cause you to panic. With the right approach, you can keep all your SEO equity. But you need to work with a highly skilled website provider that understands all the steps that must be taken to correctly replicate your website's content.

The Power of SEO

The beauty of Delta Media provided websites is how well they rank for both the brokerage's listings and IDX listings. Therefore, it makes sense that the web traffic declines brokerages are seeing are most significant in the hottest markets, where the brokerage has a dominant market share. As IDX listings have dried up, so has overall traffic.

Looking further into what is happening at the brokerage level, we make sure nothing else is happening that would hamper traffic. SEO remains key to helping brokerages maintain their overall ranking, despite overall lower web traffic numbers.

SEO also can help a brokerage compete against the portals. The more dominant a brokerage is within a local market, the more favorable Google will view them when they deploy the right SEO efforts.

Google loves fresh content, and that's one of the essential services that Delta provides brokerages. We do all the heavy lifting by creating the kind of new content that Google wants.

What Else is Influencing Web Traffic?

The pandemic has had a massive impact on internet traffic. As America locked down, web traffic shot up. The New York Times reported that Facebook traffic almost immediately spiked 27% higher, with YouTube and Netflix jumping over 15%.

Studies by The Internet & Television Association show that with a surge in people working from home (WFH), peak internet usage swung from the evenings to the daytime. As a result, online retail sales were up 39% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2021. From January 2020 to March 2021, Zoom experienced over a 2,000% increase in traffic!

However, over time and as America begins to reopen coast-to-coast, the overall surge many companies experienced in web traffic has started to decline. Even mighty Google, which is still ranked No. 1 in website traffic, sees lower website traffic today than in January 2020.

Staying Committed

The key to any successful SEO program is to remain committed, as the most effective SEO takes time. While there certainly are best practices that can help you shorten the timeline for SEO success, it cannot happen immediately. So if anyone is touting an SEO solution that promises to catapult your brokerage to the top of Google rankings instantly – walk away quickly.

Having a better understanding of why your brokerage website traffic is lower and that SEO does more than drive traffic to your website is vital to maintaining the course. The best and lowest cost organic internet leads should give you plenty to cheer about when it comes to using SEO.

If you are not satisfied with the SEO effectiveness of your brokerage website, Delta Media Group is ready to show you how we can help.


SEO. You hear it all the time, and for a good reason! You want to attract committed leads and increase your conversion rate, but that's not always easy to achieve, at least not on your own. Good search engine optimization is key to unlocking the full potential of your online business. After all, why would someone take you seriously if they have to tab through five pages to find you?

Here's the simple solution: Delta Media Group is #1 in the industry for SEO, and we have the stats to prove it! These clients have seen the following results over the last year:

A Louisiana Brokerage with 3,500+ agents:

  • +42% total website traffic
  • +49% new users
  • +66% organic traffic
  • +27% leads

A North Carolina Realty Company with 920 agents:

  • +31% total website traffic
  • +31% new users
  • +38% organic traffic
  • +140% leads

A Pacific Northwest Brokerage with 1,450 agents:

  • +89% total website traffic
  • +87% new users
  • +138% organic traffic
  • +62% leads

Listen to what they have to say — "We have set record sales within our firm and we know that we owe a huge thank you to Delta for helping us make that happen. The Search Engine Optimization has helped us to stay on the forefront of lead generation and the Mobile Platform has opened the doorway to more web traffic than we ever anticipated."

Don't be outperformed by your local competitors. When it comes to SEO, Delta Media Group has a proven track record for delivering more than empty promises, but RESULTS. 

Contact us today to learn how you can organically find better, qualified leads for less money.


The online house hunt is now a reality for Americans of all age groups and backgrounds.

As far back as 2013, a joint study by Google and the National Association of Realtors showed that 90% of buyers searched online during their home-buying process. Fast forward a few years, and digital technology had taken an even more prominent role: In 2018, 44% of home buyers went online first when looking for properties.

Over 90% of real estate firms now have websites, and their property listings are their #1 feature.

Whether you're new or experienced in real estate, the conclusion is inescapable: Most of your future clients will find you online, not through traditional advertising or face-to-face events. Creating a real estate website full of helpful, informative content is no longer optional; it is critical.

What Real Estate Firms Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of competing for attention online in a crowded market. Carving out your niche can seem even more complicated when it's time to come to grips with one of the most misunderstood topics in real estate digital marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO).

Put simply, SEO is a collection of best practices in website design and marketing. It raises your online visibility by making your website more likely to feature prominently when prospective customers search for topics related to your business, for example, "homes for sale in Tempe, AZ."

In today's world, all real estate agents need SEO. Unfortunately, the misconceptions around it could fill a book.

Some believe it is as complex and challenging as writing a computer program. Others have been told that it is "cheating," something ethical businesses avoid at all costs. These erroneous beliefs come from a bygone era, before SEO practices included measuring data and demonstrating clear results.

Search engine optimization is now more science than art. It is precise, powerful – and surprisingly accessible.

SEO has evolved alongside search engines. All search engines strive to help their users discover the most useful, valuable, and legitimate content on any topic. Instead of being confined to the tech-savvy few, modern SEO often comes down to understanding what website visitors want and giving it to them.

The better you know your audience, the more successful you will be.

And isn't that true of everything in real estate?

You appeal to search engines by appealing to people. By and large, people need signs they're in the right place when they arrive at a website. Otherwise, they'll leave without inter-acting, a phenomenon called "bounce." When designing your site, make sure navigation is simple, and information isn't buried under too many layers. Create clear call-to-actions and avoid clutter which will serve as distractions.

Two key technical considerations go into any modern real estate website. First, your site must be "responsive," meaning it adjusts its appearance and navigation for people using mobile devices. Second, it should use SSL encryption to keep data safe. Google considers both of these factors when ranking websites.

Before your website goes live, check it out on a variety of mobile devices and browsers. All pages should load in three seconds or less to avoid user frustration. Google's Page- Speed Insights tool not only gives you useful data on your website's performance but also includes actionable ways to improve it quickly.

Backlink is the accepted term for any link from another web- site to your own. In the old days of Google, each link was regarded as an "editorial vote" vouching for your website's quality. Now, the volume of links going back to any specific page is still a significant factor in whether that page will rank for a given search term.

Many different signals can be used to kindle trust with your first-time visitors. In real estate, customer reviews and testimonials are perhaps the most powerful. Text-based testimonials are effective, but if you can record a video testimonial with a happy customer, it's all the better for making a genuine human connection.

On-page optimization includes technical elements such as meta descriptions, title tags, headline tags, and cross-linking your content. Done consistently throughout a website, these tactics will help search engines have a more concise understanding of what each page is about. This will aid in pages getting indexed and gain better visibility in the search engines. This tactic is best handled in partnership with a digital marketing agency.

Analytics software collects information as people find and use your website. It lets you know how your visitors heard about you and what they did next. Becoming familiar with this can guide you in creating more of the kinds of content your audience responds to. Analytics can also be a great asset in determining if you are getting an ROI from your online marketing efforts.

Your blog serves as your brand's voice. The more you update it, the more search engines visit your site and recalculate your rank. SEO research tools can help you find search keywords reflecting real search queries to build your articles around. Blogging not only helps from an SEO standpoint, but it also provides visitors better insights into your brand as well as helpful information about the community you serve.

Google My Business: The Key to Local SEO

Even in this exciting age of virtual home showings, most customers will come from within 50 miles of your location. Enter Google My Business, a directory of local business information maintained by Google. When you "claim" your GMB listing, you are more likely to show up when locals search for "real estate firms near me."

Google is careful not to let brand assets like a GMB listing fall into the wrong hands. With that in mind, you'll need to apply to verify your business address through postal mail. This usually takes only a few days, but it can take weeks in times of peak interest. When verification is complete, you control your GMB entry.

This gives you the power to craft the details about your business, update your photos and hours, and monitor reviews on the Google platform from a single centralized interface. Be sure to fill out all your details, post compelling, high-quality photos of your business, and encourage customers to leave reviews on your GMB listing.

Search engine optimization is an indispensable part of real estate marketing; it helps you capture the best results from all your other digital marketing initiatives. With these tips, you can establish a strong SEO foundation, attract more people to your website, and convert more leads.


You hear the same thing every few years: SEO is dead!

SEO — search engine optimization — has been a part of the internet for more than 20 years. Ever since the first search engines went mainstream, they needed clear signals to help them categorize the content of websites. Despite how smart it might seem, Google can't read. It needs a lot of help to understand what a page is about. SEO is a combination of best practices that make pages friendlier to human readers and search engine "bots" alike. In the process, properly SEO'd pages are more likely to appear prominently in search results.

Saying "SEO is dead!" is a lot like saying "clothing is dead!" because fashion trends change. What's popular may vary from time to time, but people still need things to wear. Likewise, search engines regularly update their standards and wise SEO practitioners follow suit — but search engines still need SEO, and so do the businesses that want to succeed online.

In short, SEO is as vital as ever. In fact, there is no other way to consistently and positively influence your website's visibility in organic search. What has changed is the standard of performance, design, and usability a good SEO campaign should strive for.

Modern SEO is About Helping Website Visitors Reach Their Goals

You might think of SEO as a toolkit. It includes design techniques, technologies, and information architecture.

Take the most misunderstood concept in the SEO world: the keyword. A keyword is a specific phrase someone types in when looking for more information, such as "Atlanta homes for sale." The search engine's goal is to point the way to accurate, high-quality content so the user can find out more on this subject.

If you're in the business of Atlanta homes for sale, it only makes sense to use this keyword. Your blog posts, videos, and other content would be a lot less useful and a lot harder to find if you avoided saying "Atlanta homes for sale" out of a misinformed belief that doing so is somehow "cheating."

So it is with everything that has come to define modern SEO:

  • Mobile-friendly design is good for SEO because many people look at websites on their smartphone
  • SSL encryption is good for SEO because it helps protect users against having sensitive data stolen
  • Video content is good for SEO because it is more engaging and easier to remember than text
  • Fast loading times are good for SEO because nobody wants to sit and wait for a website to work

When real estate pros embrace SEO, they are choosing to align with the conclusions of thousands of hours of research into what makes a website helpful, useful, and effective. If they don't do so, they willingly yield the advantage to somebody who will — which is precisely the goal search engine providers have in mind.

A decade ago, boogeyman stories about the dangers of "black hat SEO" led many businesses to misunderstand what digital marketing is all about. Today's SEO is professional and precise: with tools such as Delta Media Group's all-in-one solution, you can centralize your efforts and see the impact of your work unfold over weeks and months.

Here are some essential ways to make SEO work for you:

  • Create Helpful, Informative Content for Your Real Estate Website
    Your blog is one of the cornerstones of your SEO strategy. Everything you post showcases your expertise, gives insights into your personality, and previews the value you offer clients. You can promote posts on social media or through your email drip campaign to extend their reach.
  • Focus Your Content on What Your Future Clients Search For
    It's easy to learn an SEO keyword tool that gives you real clarity on what topics people care about. You'll also get estimates of how many people search for a given term each month. Think about your ideal client: Buyer or seller? Millennial? Empty-nester? Then look for topics you can discuss relevant to their unique needs.
  • Design Your Real Estate Website to Be Easy to Use
    A well-designed real estate website demonstrates that you value others' time even before they become your customers. "Ease of use" has a number of factors. Navigation should be straightforward, making information simpler to find. Quick load times are a must, and your layout should adapt to mobile users' screens.

Combine your SEO with digital marketing automation — such as automatic social media updates — and you'll get results all the faster. Automation is the key to expanding your digital marketing without spending hours on the details. DeltaNET offers you a seamless, integrated solution you can trust. To find out more about real estate SEO and digital marketing that really works, contact us today.


Not all websites are created equal. Just as no two real estate agents are the same, each agent's website highlights the differences between other agents vying for the marketplace. Though content is king, it's important to understand that even your website's domain name has a significant impact on your agency's performance and perception. 

9 Benefits & Advantages of Having a Custom Domain Name

1. It's a No-Brainer
Why should you have a custom domain name? Why not? It's simple, especially when you're trying to encourage clients to access it. Instead of asking clients to remember a confusing web address, simply adding a ".com" to your business name makes engagement effortless. It also makes it easier for clients to find you passively, for instance, when they search for you online. If they search "John Smith" and find "," they'll know that they've found the correct address.

2. It Gives You a Leg-Up on the Competition
Do you know how many of the other agents in your market have their own custom domain names? Chances are high there are many which simply use web address provided by a hosting site. By locking down your custom domain name, you have another leg-up on the competition by demonstrating your legitimacy.

3. It Demonstrates Legitimacy
How does having a custom domain address demonstrate legitimacy? First, it shows that you're using the latest technologies. Though websites are nothing new, you'd be surprised how many agents still do not use custom domain names despite the relative ease of obtaining one. It also helps a user feel more comfortable following your link. "" appears much more legitimate than ""

4. It Increases Your SEO Ranking
SEO. Three letters your small business needs to know regardless of which industry you serve. If you're online, Search Engine Optimization is essential to your success. With so many other agencies selling homes in your area, you need the best search ranking possible on Google. Having a custom domain is one way to increase your SEO ranking in the eyes of Google's algorithm.

5. It Enables Custom Email Addresses
Similar to your web address itself, your email addresses are small yet important elements of how your business is perceived. Sure, an or address will work just the same, but having an address will once again enhance your legitimacy and reassure customers that you're the real deal.

6. It Elevates Your Brand
The brand you've cultivated in the real world can be easily integrated into the digital world with a custom website address. It also helps your brand consistency to have a legitimate domain name that matches your other online profiles, like your social media accounts.

7. It Enhances Your Branding
"Branding" is different from "brand." Your brand is the business; your branding is what your business does. For instance, you may be a luxury real estate agent, but the content you supply that highlights your listings is an act of branding. A custom domain name is an investment. When clients click that link, they're taken to your website to interact with you through your branding. If you're trying to wow your luxury home market, for example, your domain name is the doorway to these interactions.

8. It Opens Potential for New Leads
You don't need an open house to generate new "walk-in" leads. As you strengthen your website's content with a custom domain, you increase the chances that new customers will organically visit your site when they find it through a search engine. With the right tools, you can convert these visits to potential leads by continuing to engage them after they've left your site.

9. It May Be the Future of Virtual Businesses 
Thousands of new websites are created each day, which means many domain names become unavailable every instant. It's clear that more and more agents are adopting custom domain names. Keep in mind other agents may also scoop up domain names that you're interested in. 

Delta Media Group's digital marketing platform will easily integrate your custom domain, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from your online presence. If you lack a custom domain name, we encourage you to consider these advantages and discover how quickly a new website address can benefit your agency.


Boost SEO & Generate Leads
Generating real estate leads starts with building a great website but ensuring your target audience can find that website ultimately plays a significant role in the overall success of your lead generation efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to directing more traffic to your website and turning that traffic into a steady supply of fresh leads. While SEO is complicated and the best results take time, there are steps you can take today to start your website on the path to becoming a lead generation machine. Take your real estate website to the next level with these eight tips to improve your SEO and generate more leads.

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SEO Attracts Traffic and Leads
In this article for Delta Media Group's real estate industry publication, Real Estate Marketing and Technology MagazineAaron Geh discusses how SEO helps your real estate website attract more traffic and better quality leads.

How SEO Attracts More Online Traffic and Leads

Whether searching for a sales associate or going on a house hunt, most people start their search online. Search engine results are a huge potential source of traffic for your real estate website, which leads to fierce competition for the top positions in search rankings. That's where search engine optimization (SEO) enters the picture. SEO is one of the most powerful tools for growing your real estate firm online, but SEO's complexity means that not everyone understands it. Let's look at these SEO tips to help your business attract more traffic and better-quality leads.

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Aaron Geh Answers Your Real Estate SEO Questions
In an article for Delta Media Group's industry publication, Real Estate Marketing and Technology Magazine, Aaron Geh discusses his 20 plus year career guiding the growth of companies in various verticals using digital marketing.

I have spent over 20 years helping a wide variety of companies grow their businesses on the Internet. Here are two of the most frequently asked questions I receive and their answers:

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  2. Why Does SEO Need to be Approached Differently within the Real Estate Industry?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First, let me define what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is from my perspective. SEO techniques are used on and off websites to make a site more appealing to search engines. The more search engines like a website, the more they visit to index its pages.

The result of SEO work done correctly--search engines push your website higher in search results for specific key phrases associated with your products and/services.

Traffic generated from SEO is called "organic traffic."

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Local Real Estate SEO
Local SEO has long been a key ingredient of a successful online marketing mix for real estate agents, and it has only become more important with COVID-19 precautions changing the way that the industry does business. When someone is interested in buying or selling a home in your market areas, they will typically trust their favorite search engine. They might be looking for an agent, searching for listings, or seeking virtual open houses to tour properties from a distance. No matter what local real estate topic they're searching for, local SEO helps your personal brand stand out from the pack.

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Real Estate Marketing That Gets Results
Are you tired of getting the same old results from the same old real estate marketing tactics? It's said that Einstein once declared, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results." We could spend all day trying to find out if Einstein really said that, but that would be... a little insane. The point is that whoever said it was 100 percent correct, and the lesson applies directly to the real estate industry.

Real Estate Marketing That Gets You Results

No matter how great your service and team are, it's hard to achieve your goals if your marketing isn't reaching the right people. If you want to attain the results that you dream of achieving, then now is the perfect time to take a fresh, honest look at marketing your real estate business differently.

Different Real Estate Website

  • Develop a User-Friendly Website That Fits Every Screen
    Think of your website as a storefront. If your store is looking a little dated, located in a hard-to-find place, and lacking in information on what you have to offer, then you can't expect many people to come to visit. Develop a user-friendly website that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want when they want it.

    Your website should be a place where they can learn about local communities, search listings, and pick up valuable real estate advice through relevant content. Since so many real estate shoppers browse on their phones whenever they get a free moment, responsive mobile design is also crucial to ensure that your website scales to fit any screen that they are using.

    A-I email

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SEO Impact Know What You've Got
No, this isn't going to be about Cinderella's hit from the '80s.
 Interesting video though if you have time to check it out.

This article is about brokerages not looking at the entire picture when making significant decisions about their business and, more importantly, their customers--the sales associates. Today, everyone understands that it is more important than ever to recruit and retain agents, and one small hiccup can cause significant ripples throughout an organization.

I'm specifically focusing on the potential pitfalls with online marketing strategies when switching to a new marketing technology provider. The biggest mistake that I see is that many brokerages don't understand what is driving their online business.

The definition of brokerage's 'online business' is the online marketing efforts that generate better visibility for the brokerage, agents, and that drive measurable online traffic and leads.

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SEO Hacks for Your Real Estate Website
No matter where you're based or what your specialty is, most of your future real estate clients will find you online. Search Engine Optimization – usually called SEO – makes the difference in whether they discover you or a competitor with comparable offerings.

SEO is a series of techniques combining best practices in digital marketing and website design.

It has two main purposes:

  • To increase your search engine ranking for search queries relevant to your business.
  • To organize and optimize your website to provide the best experience to your users.

With a consistent investment of time and effort into SEO, your site will gradually appear higher in search results for the most trafficked and influential terms related to your business. This can create a steady flow of targeted Web traffic you'll more easily convert into leads and customers.

Although many real estate pros outsource their SEO to a digital marketing agency, you don't have to be a tech wizard to cover the basics. With these ten hacks, your website will be more visible to future clients – and produce more bottom-line value for you.

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10 Things Google Loves About Your Website
There's no doubt about it: you don't just want Google to like your real estate website, you want Google to LOVE it. Why? When Google loves your website, you get a higher ranking in search results for real estate businesses and topics in your area. Most prospects don't look beyond the first few links on the first page of results, so a higher search ranking ultimately means more leads and more business. Fortunately, this love story doesn't have to be complicated.

Delta Media Group is known for having the #1 search engine optimization (SEO) platform in the real estate industry by a significant margin. Our team helps real estate businesses with search engine optimization (SEO) every day. Let's take a look at ten ways to make Google fall in love with your website.

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Content Marketing Guide for REALTORS®
Wouldn't it be nice to draw countless qualified leads to your real estate business, without paying for ad space or picking up the phone to cold call? That's the promise of content marketing, and it's one of many reasons why content should be a crucial element of your real estate marketing strategy.

Planning Your Website's Content Marketing Strategy

Your content is waiting to increase visibility, add value, educate, and ultimately turn prospects into clients.

Content marketing is a big part of what we do at Delta Media Group. Today, we're going to take a closer look at how you can use content to grow your real estate business.

  • Why Content Marketing Matters in Real Estate
    Content is an important marketing tool no matter the industry, but it's especially valuable in real estate. The vast majority of people start searches online--whether they're looking for a home or working to find an agent. Your content should demonstrate your expertise, share valuable tips, highlight market areas, and show prospects why you're the right choice for their needs. Content is also a key element in search engine optimization (SEO), which makes it easier for prospects to find your business online. Ultimately, content creates qualified leads, which is why it's a must-have for REALTORS®.

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SEO and Content The Perfect Match

Just like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, or spaghetti and meatballs, some couples are a natural fit. 

The same holds true for search engine optimization (SEO) and content

For people who are new to online marketing strategies, they might assume SEO and content exclude one another. That could not be farther from the truth.

Great content is a key pillar of SEO success, and SEO helps prospects find all of the content that you work hard to create. When you harness the power of their complementary personalities, the perfect match is created, and unbelievable results occur.

Let's take a closer look at why SEO and content are the "IT" couple when it comes to online success for your real estate business.

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SEO Boost Traffic and Leads
Your real estate website is one of your most important marketing assets and should be a huge part of your lead generation strategy. But your website can only do its job if prospects know where to find it!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for helping people find what you have to offer and drawing traffic to your website using search engines. 

Google is the most popular search engine and the place where a lot of SEO work is centered. By helping Google learn why your website is valuable and what it's all about, you can improve your search ranking. The goal is to land on the first page of search results for key terms, which makes a tremendous difference in attracting quality traffic to your website.

SEO is an integral part of the real estate marketing strategies we design for our clients at Delta Media Group. Let's take a closer look at how we use SEO to generate better traffic and leads, at a lower cost per lead.

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20 SEO Tips Webinar

Register Today:  20 Tips for a Successful SEO Campaign

Are the results from your SEO campaign a little fuzzy? This webinar will provide clarity on the best practices that are essential to have better Search Engine visibility resulting in increased search traffic and leads. We will provide 20 tips that will help you determine how your campaign stacks up and highlights areas for improvement.

When: March 15th — 2:00 EST

60 Minutes including Q & A

Presenters: Mike Minard (President/CEO) and Aaron Geh (Head of Digital Marketing)

Registration URL:




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Blog Posts Provide Top Placement for Wardley Real Estate

Wardley Real Estate-Blog Creating a blog for your real estate website is one of the best things you can do to attract leads to your business because it allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your real estate expertise to the right audience,
  • Keep your business top-of-mind with prospects by consistently sharing content to your social media pages that is appealing to your audience, and
  • Drive traffic to your website.

Since most people today are using the Internet to house hunt, it only seems natural to use online marketing strategies to keep interested parties coming back to your real estate business for more--and that's exactly what blogging can do for you.

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At Inman Connect New York 2017 this past week there was a speaker that spoke about the importance of real estate web site performance. The speaker was Raluca Monet from Google.

During Raluca's presentation I guess she asked all the attendees in her session to test their own web site using She was willing to give anyone that had at least a 90 for all three scores a prize. Not one person in the session had a web site that scored that well. She then asked if anyone had a web site that scored at least two 95's or higher. No one did.

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So many companies, admittedly ours included, try and sell real estate brokerages on search engine optimization (SEO). We focus on the increase in traffic, return on investment, so on, and so forth.

What I sometimes fail to communicate is the importance SEO plays in the overall profitability of the real estate brokerage.

For too long real estate brokerages would struggle for profitability. They would yield to the idea of hoping to just break even in their brokerage business and would look for ancillary services for the profitability they needed.

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Are Your Leads Going to the Competition?

More Leads Local SEO

Our world has become a digitally driven society.  In fact, the Web has revolutionized almost everything we do--including searching for a home.  The National Association of REALTORS®' Digital House Hunt study says nine in 10 home buyers use the Internet as a primary resource to house hunt.  

That means 90 percent of house hunters are using the Web to find homes for sale in a specific location.   That leads me to the question:  "How can you make sure customers are finding your website over your competition's website at a local level?"  One answer is local SEO.  

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I have had a passion for helping businesses be successful online for twenty years. Over this time I have learned one simple motto that gets more results than anything else: Pay attention to the details.

I guarantee you heard this motto before from books, speakers, business coaches or other success people you look up to. It's nothing new but something that takes continual commitment.

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New Property Search System Updates

In an effort for continual improvement to our SEO results we made changes to our new property search system. With this change URL query string parameters have been cleaned up. This change will help with better and more efficient indexing by the search engines.

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Following last month's SEO Platform update, we have a few more updates we have made during the past month.

New School Landing Pages

Due to the success of our School District landing pages and their impact on Organic Search for our clients we made the decision to add specific landing pages for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. These landing pages are data driven and are enabled automatically based on the local MLS data available.

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Following last month's SEO Platform update, we have a few more updates we have made during the past month.

Updated Sitemaps and Sitemap Ping

This month we updated the structure of the sitemaps used on your web site by the SEO Platform. This was done in an effort to increase the crawl rate of search engines and the quality of web site indexing.

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Following last month's SEO Platform update, we have a few more updates we have made in the past three weeks.

We've Added More Structured Data, Again

Last month's update included changes and additions to the structured data on your property detail pages. For information on the changes made last month check out the SEO Platform Changes for January blog post.

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Delta's world class enterprise and agent website designs look great and grab the attention of prospective clients helping you grow your business. Our design process combines cutting-edge web technology and modern design standards with superior marketing features, delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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With the start of the new year you need to be brought up to speed on various changes and updates for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Platform.

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Delta's new, eye-catching Property Detail Headlines are part of the SEO Platform that present customers with the most relevant property listing information "front and center." Expanded Property Detail Headlines grab a customer's attention encouraging them to stay on the website longer to learn more about your listings. 

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Delta integrates into their real estate websites Walk Score and Sun Number on all SEO customer property listings. By providing homebuyers with a properties walk score and solar score they can reach clients wanting to live a certain lifestyle.

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In today's digital world we know that Google produces real time results providing the best web pages for specific searches. Delta's proven search engine optimization services will help to bring top ranking results attracting more traffic to your website and bringing quality leads to your real estate professionals.

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Blogging Is Custom Creative Content Marketing

When creating custom content that can be shared through blog posts it is important to keep in mind that the content needs to be targeted to what people want to read or watch based on a need they may have in the real estate industry.

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Properties in Motion® is the best hands-off listing video solution delivering hours of property search traffic while enhancing your brand image and customer experience.

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Having an active Facebook presence is important for those micro-moments and are critical touch points when connecting with potential customers in the home buying market helping define the customer's journey.

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Join The Fusion ProjectDelta Media Group had a successful webinar on September 22, 2015 which was hosted by Victor Lund, CEO/Co-Founder of RE Technology and Partner of WAV Group. Delta Media Group's CEO, Mike Minard and VP, Jonathan Blood were joined by industry leaders Cyndi Cook from RE/MAX DFW Associates, Suzi Stepanovich from Cutler Real Estate, and Corinna Decker from Wagner Realty. During this one hour webinar we heard from these industry experts and peers on what makes marketing successful in the real estate industry today. We discussed how to manage customer relationships, recruit new talent and build your brand. We discussed the advantages of video, chat and e-mail marketing along with other trends and how they can be used today in the real estate industry to help grow your business.

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Facebook Post PrefrencesDelta Media Group's September 2015 update to the Facebook Connector tool is active now and automatically shares new listings, new open houses, and new listing videos directly on any Facebook page you manage. This update is available to all SEO customers and will help grow your business and drive more traffic to your website.

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As Google releases new updates, real estate professionals need to evolve and change also to keep Google attracted to their websites. REALTORS® need to constantly discover new ways to make customers fall in love with their website over and over again.

Delta Media Group's latest update to the Property Detail Page Headline has taken "just the facts" and automatically pushed them to the top of each property detail page. This feature is available to SEO customers making it easier for their customers to find the information they are looking for at a quick glance.

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Sold DataREALTORS® are continually adapting to keep up with the latest technology and provide the best services for their customers. This includes helping customers determine the best price for selling or buying a home.

Delta Media Group's latest release, Sold Listing Data, is available to SEO customers wishing to have sold listings on their website and whose MLS service makes the information available in their area.

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Measure Listings Walkability and Sun Number

Walk ScoreAs a real estate professional, you try to meet the wants and needs of buyers and sellers. As the marketplace trends are shifting toward a greener environment, so are your customer's requirements.

Price and location are important factors for customers when buying a home. That is why walkability and a propertie's solar score can be key ingredients in today's home buying market.
Delta Media Group's latest releases, Walk Score and Sun Number, allow SEO customers to engage with clients on an environmental and lifestyle level. These features have been automatically integrated on to the listing detail pages of your website. 

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Customer Review SharingRealtors know how tough the marketplace can be at times and how important word of mouth is in this industry. Create and share your brand loyalty by promoting customer reviews online.

Delta Media Group's latest release for SEO customers, Customer Review Sharing, gives you the chance to shamelessly promote your business and your real estate agents.

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Get Easy Access to Leads from Multiple Systems with Single Login

Third Party SourcesYou are too busy to log into numerous systems every day to manage incoming leads from multiple sources. Why not use Delta Media Group's One-and-Done Lead Parsing System to get the job done?
The latest release in Delta's suite of online marketing tools for SEO customers, One-and-Done Lead Parsing, gives your sales team the ability to use a single login to get all third party leads pushed to one location for easy, convenient access.

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Turn Facebook Friends into New Clients 

Facebook Connector

Realtors are some of the world's best marketers and extremely adept at knowing their existing clients and local real estate area.  Yet at the hectic pace today's real estate market is moving, it's tough to grow new clients and listings.

Facebook remains the largest social network site with over 1.3 billion members worldwide*.

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Positioning your company as a technology leader with Instant New Listing Email Updates.

Instant New Listing Emails

As a real estate professional in your local market, you understand that new listings and the sharing of the same are fundamental to the success of your business.

As a technology leader in your local real estate market and a partner of Delta Media Group SEO Services, you now have Instant New Listing Email Updates available for you and your clients.

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June 2015 Teaser ImageI like to think of real estate firm web sites in simple terms.

At the highest level your real estate web presence is about three primary objectives. Giving the public access to what they want; Helping your firm engage in online business; Helping you run your business more efficiently and profitably.

At the core of Delta's SEO Platform, and our focus, is to continually evolve so your Delta Powered system provides your local market what they want, thus helping your firm better engage in online business especially through search engine optimization efforts. (Helping you run your business more efficiently and profitably is at the core of Delta!)

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