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As a real estate agent, people seek you out for your local expertise. They don't want just any agent. They get excited for someone who understands their unique needs and can answer their burning questions.

Most customers, especially first-time buyers, may have difficulty telling one agent from another. You can guide them on the right path through consistent, compelling marketing with a brand that stands out.

Your brand communicates your value in terms of four key elements:

  • What you do
  • Who you do it for
  • How you do it
  • Why you do it

When you have clarity on your brand, potential customers can tell exactly where you're coming from in a matter of minutes. No one starts out with their brand all figured out, but it's crucial to refine it as soon as possible. Once you are done learning the ropes in your first year, your branding should be a priority.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Revitalize Your Real Estate Brand

Having a brand means you're no longer trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, you zero in on the audience you consider to be your ideal customers. Rather than making it harder to fill your schedule, it becomes easier. You'll work with more clients who move your business forward and get more referrals.

No matter where you are in your real estate journey, it's not too late to boost your brand.

Defining Your Real Estate Brand From the Inside Out

To brand yourself, start with who you are and build out. Once you've defined your brand, you know exactly who you are addressing – the "what" and "how" derive from those facts. Since it gets easier to reality-check your marketing, you'll never waste time on things that don't fit your brand.

Here's how to take control of your message:

  • Decide Who You Want to Work With
    Like every piece of marketing collateral, every brand is for someone. Your brand will look very different if you are focused on first-time Millennial homebuyers compared to Boomers downsizing for retirement. Experience is your best guide in determining who you can serve best (and feel energized doing it.)

  • Build Resources with Them in Mind
    At this stage, many real estate agents write a buyer persona, a fictional character who represents their ideal client. They list all of their knowledge and assumptions about this kind of person based on actual feedback. Then, they create the right resources, like home financing information, to meet their needs.

  • Crystallize Your Promised Experience
    Even brands with wide appeal, like Coca-Cola, frame that appeal in terms of a single kind of experience. Think about 2-3 concrete things every customer can expect from you. Maybe you're a great listener or a terrific negotiator. The values suggested by the things you listed can become your brand's values.

  • Visualize Your Brand
    Visualizing a brand means connecting the things you just decided on into a complete, tangible picture. It includes everything the average person thinks of as branding: Picking colors, fonts, and a logo. All these elements must be consistent, and they must speak to the core customer from your buyer persona.

  • Your Real Estate Website Anchors Your Brand
    Your brand is inseparable from the content you publish. When your messaging is consistent with your brand promises, it'll ensure the right people can tell the difference between you and "all those other agents." Your real estate website is the centerpiece that brings it all together:

  • Import Your Brand Visualization Into Your Website
    Once you have a brand vision, you're more than halfway to bringing it to life. Professional website design ensures your branded fonts and colors are presented with a splash of style all your own. Be certain the property photography and stock images you choose reflect your ideal clientele.

  • Keep Your "Backstage" Tidy
    Much of what makes a website effective goes on behind the scenes and isn't visible to your visitors. Still, it's no less important. Reach out to the right experts to make sure your website is secure (using a recent SSL security certificate) and that pages load quickly, especially for smartphone users.

  • Craft Content that Reflects Your Brand
    Helpful, informative content is how you preview the value you have to offer to those who haven't even met you yet. Target burning questions you identified ("How do I get financing as a first-time buyer?" for example) and explain in your own words using blogs, video, or a combination of both.

  • Promote Yourself on Social Media
    Real estate agents have the greatest opportunity to transform social media followings into revenue. Be proactive about promoting yourself and your brand. Share positive reviews and video testimonials that demonstrate your brand is a tangible asset in your customers' corner.

Contact us to discover how marketing automation can lend greater consistency to your brand.


Expanding up and down the East Coast, Realty Exchange is redefining the term teamwork in real estate.

When Shane Radcliff and several agents were dissatisfied with the franchise practices at a large franchise, they decided to leave it behind and start their own brokerage. In 2013, they founded Realty Exchange, which has since grown from a four-agent firm to one with over 70 agents spanning four states, with further expansion in the works.

"In 2013, myself and a few other agents worked for a national franchise, and we just thought there had to be a better way to treat agents," says Radcliff. "We decided to go out on our own and open a company, and we've been growing ever since. We went from four agents to about 70 agents, and from an unknown company to the number one company in our market area within a short time, nine years."

A Team Effort 

When it comes to hiring agents, Realty Exchange looks for team-oriented people. At Realty Exchange, the agents are there to look out for each other and their clients. They want agents who enjoy what they do and want to help their customers no matter what it takes. They don't want those who are simply looking for a paycheck.

"We want people who are team players," says Radcliff. "That's one thing coming from the other company. We would have agents internally that would compete with each other, whereas in this company, we have a lot of agents who get along really well. They help each other and cover for vacations and medical issues, and it's really a team effort at this company."

At Realty Exchange, they want agents who not only blend with the team culture but also want to work there over other brokerages. Radcliff believes it should be the agent's choice who they work with, not the other way around.

"A lot of companies will go out and seek agents from the management down; I don't do that," Radcliff remarks. "I think that the agents themselves should pick who they want to work with, and that has driven our success because we try not to recruit people that we just don't want to work with and don't fit our team profile."

It's All About the Agents

Once an agent joins the team at Realty Exchange, they have the opportunity to share their insights regularly. The staff believes it's important to ensure that the agents are satisfied and have everything they need to do their jobs. 

"We don't do anything without the agents' input and feedback," says Radcliff. "It's not a top-down driven company; it's a sideway driven company where we respect and treat agents as equals and want their input. They do the job daily, so I think they have a better knowledge of what we need."

With the agents' feedback in mind, Realty Exchange has an excellent system for providing training and support for agents. They offer both group and one-on-one training.

"We have two full-time trainers," Radcliff says. "At least once or twice a week, we will have classes on various tech issues, ethics issues, pretty much anything that the agents want. We also have one-on-one time where they can schedule an appointment to come in, and for anything they're having trouble with, the trainers sit down with them and go over the process or go over the tech that they need help with so they are better prepared to serve their clients."

Competing in the Big Leagues Without Breaking the Bank

Realty Exchange started working with Delta Media Group® after they found that having a basic website that didn't cater to the needs of the real estate industry wasn't doing the job. They found Delta while doing research online and are more than happy with the results.

"When we first started, we actually had a software developer working on a website for us, and it just wasn't what we wanted as far as being driven toward real estate," says Radcliff. "It was a basic website. So we researched for quite a while, and we found Delta Media, and just being real estate driven, it's a great tool for what we are, and the industry we're in."

They believe that the tools Delta provides, especially the newer products like Delta Pitch, have contributed to their brand's growth. It also allows them to compete with large franchises without needing to pay as much for the same level of technology.

"With the expansion of Delta Pitch and some of the new things that have come out, it's just really helped us grow our brand and be able to offer our agents the same tools that franchise companies offer, but for a fraction of the cost," says Radcliff.

Making the Winter Count

Knowing the wintertime is typically the slowest time of year, Realty Exchange understands that means it's the time to advertise the most. They feel that with the tools they have through Delta, such as their website and Social Connector, ramping up marketing and advertising is simple, and they can achieve results in a short amount of time.

"When business is slower, that's the time you need to advertise the most," Radcliff says. "So with the tools on the new website, we reach out via social media and have a lot more time to do marketing, Facebook, and upload flyers that we're able to create. There's not as much business, but we can maintain the level of business based on the overall percentages. That's the key for us, to keep busy through the winter. Even if it's not selling houses, it's marketing for the spring."

Radcliff and the team at Realty Exchange also think that the winter is the perfect time to focus on training. This winter, they plan on taking the opportunity to get agents up-to-date with all the new tools in DeltaNET®.

"With the new website and Delta Pitch, we're excited to get the agents on board to learn the new tools," says Radcliff. "When you're busy, it's great, but you don't really have time to do anything else. So now that the market is changing a little bit, we're taking the opportunity to train the agents on how to maintain their level of business through technology, which I think is the key for the future."

A New Year For Expansion

Looking ahead to the new year, Realty Exchange is on the path to further growth and expansion. They are planning to open offices in Georgia and North Carolina in 2023. They are also looking to expand to South Carolina and Virginia soon, and hope to begin that process during the coming year.

"The big goal for the next year or two is to drive the growth into other markets," says Radcliff.

Radcliff says they chose these states because they are excellent real estate markets to tap into and, as a broker living in Florida, he can easily travel to those states and play an active role in building the business. 

"I'd like to keep it a regional company because I like to have contact with every agent that works for me," Radcliff continues, "And with those states there, I can have monthly contact in person."

The Future Looks Bright

With their eyes set on expansion and the right tools and strategies to grow, the future looks bright for Realty Exchange. And by zeroing in on training and ramping up their marketing this winter, they will be better prepared when business gets busy again this spring.

While they certainly have succeeded in making a name for themselves in the markets they serve, what truly sets Realty Exchange apart is the way their agents work together. The team was founded on the idea that all agents should be treated with respect and look out for each other the same way they look out for their clients. By continuing to lead with these values, Realty Exchange is ready to take their brand of real estate expertise to new territory.


This video demonstrates how to add QR codes to your Creative Studio print marketing designs.

Click Here to


Back in the early days of computing, there was something called "sneakernet."

No, it wasn't a network for buying sneakers. Sneakernet referred to the fact that, most of the time, the only way to make a file print was to put it on a disc and physically walk it over to the printer. A wireless solution was still decades away, and direct connection through cabling was limited by distance.

In effect, the more inconvenient it would be for you to physically access the printer, the more likely it was that's precisely what you would have to do. On the average campus (as research campuses were networked long before businesses) this caused hours of delays every single week.

We would never put up with sneakernet today. But we still do, in a different form.

Most real estate agents are used to logging into one thing to do their social media, another thing to do their email marketing, still another to actually check their email, a fourth to manage property listings, a fifth to administer their open houses, yet another to check the status of open transactions, and so on.

The whole "pile" of applications you need to do your job is known as the technology stack, for obvious reasons. But as the stack gets higher, it also becomes more precarious. The more applications you use, the greater the odds they won't play well together. That means data will eventually get lost.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

DeltaNET customers can manage all their real estate marketing efforts from one AI-driven central hub.

DeltaNET isn't just a Customer Relationship Management solution for real estate agents, even though it is the first and best. In addition to CRM features built with input from agents and brokers, it also delivers seamless access to everything you need to market your practice.

Marketing, advertising, and promotion have truly never been easier.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, you can do it all from a single interface:

  • Email Marketing
    Once someone reaches your website or listings, email marketing is the key to building the relationship. It may take weeks or even months for a potential client to decide to take action, but you can be at their side throughout. Develop an email campaign in just a few clicks and monitor it any time at a glance.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Real estate agents and brokers have the best opportunity of any professional to yield results from social media marketing. DeltaNET empowers you to share event-driven updates to your social media feed each time any of your listings undergoes an important status change, spurring your followers to action.

  • Website Management
    After your real estate website is up and running, that's not the whole story. You need valid insights into how people are reaching your site and what they do once they get there. DeltaNET highlights those data points, equipping you to convert more visitors into leads and ultimately into customers.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization is the secret ingredient that helps you show up in searches related to your areas of expertise. DeltaNET makes it easier to ensure your website meets the standards Google sets in content, speed, and security, so you can pursue more prominent search placement without ads.

  • Listing Optimization
    It's no longer enough to have listings on the MLS. Your active listings should also be accessible directly on your website. With a wealth of tools at your disposal, you can add "must-have" features like virtual tours that extend dwell time and inspire engagement, spurring faster and more lucrative sales.

  • Buyer and Seller Reports
    Exhausted from manually researching comps, neighborhood trends, and more? For the highest quality service, this data is essential, but it can take days to compile. For DeltaNET customers, it's a snap to generate Delta Pitch CMA reports, Market Watch Reports, and Seller Reports that build confidence.

  • Open Houses
    Traditional open houses have long been one of the most effective ways to attract qualified buyers and close an agreement quickly. Now, after three years, they are on their way back. Open House Connector ensures even "no shows" will never slip through the cracks, while virtual open houses are here to stay.

  • Online Advertising with Facebook and Google
    In most other industries, advertising through search or social media is a recipe for distress. Things are so much different in real estate — where $20 in ads can transform into $20,000 in commission. DeltaNET is your answer, with Ad Wizard for Facebook or pay-per-click advertising for Google.

Save time and money when you dump the "stack" into the trash and advance to the most versatile and user-friendly real estate marketing solution in the world: DeltaNET. You can get started in just minutes. Contact us to find out more about simple, secure marketing.


Search engine optimization is one of the deciding factors in the success of any digital business.

Although you may have an office space at a brokerage or a designated home office, there's no doubting most of your future customers will find you online. As Generation Z and Millennial buyers enter into the market, they are starting their home search on the internet. Likewise, that's where they seek out agents.

There may be dozens or even hundreds of real estate agents and brokerages in your area alone. What determines which one shows up prominently when someone searches for "real estate agent in [town]"?

The answer is search engine optimization. SEO provides you with more opportunities to appear higher in searches relevant to your business. On the other hand, without SEO, you will remain invisible. It really is that simple, but it has always been a misunderstood and somewhat controversial topic.

What SEO Really Is and Why It's Necessary

Google is uniquely powerful because it's the world's information broker. It decides which website has a chance to answer which questions. Google search rank is crucial to success because, by and large, most search engine traffic for any given query goes to the top three websites.

Almost no traffic makes it off page one — pages three and beyond are deserts.

Many people believe that when a website reaches #1 status for any given query, that must mean it's the best and most trustworthy source for an answer. This is a sentiment that both Google and those holding #1 ranks would like to promote. But, of course, it isn't quite that simple.

Getting to Google rank #1 can be a challenge, but it doesn't mean, on its own, the site is "the best of the best of the best." Instead, it simply means that the site's owners have made the right moves in website design, usability, and content, sending signals the Google algorithm responds to.

In the vast majority of cases, there are no human quality checkers. And the Google algorithm can't read or understand a website. All it acknowledges is following these best practices, which we sum up as SEO.

What Does SEO Include?

One reason there are so many misconceptions about SEO is because it has several moving parts. Those include:

  • Design: A website must be easy to navigate and use, especially on mobile devices
  • Usability: A website must be fast, secure, and deliver a consistent user experience
  • Content: A website must fully and usefully answer the questions people search for

SEO experts lay the groundwork for lead generation by making sure the "back end" of a website works the way it should — loading quickly and consistently across platforms, for example. Then, they make the tweaks to website text, titles, and metadata that signal the website's purpose clearly.

Custom content is the next step. Every piece of useful, informative content you publish gives you an all-new opportunity to appear prominently in search. Searchers who interact with your content can quickly become leads. Agents should aim for at least two content pieces weekly, aligned with search trends.

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Real Estate Agents?

Virtually all agents start out "hustling" for every lead, but no one can keep up that pace year after year. To create a scalable business, you need to ensure a portion of your leads will come to you, rather than waiting for you to come to them. SEO helps this along through lead generation.

Since SEO makes your helpful, informative content more visible, it serves as a preview of the value you can offer your future clients. By positioning you as a trusted and reliable expert, content makes it more likely you'll be chosen in the end, as no other agent will have a history of results with that lead.

SEO isn't immediate, but it develops into an irreplaceable competitive asset over time.

After practicing search engine optimization for about three months, you can expect:

  • More organic traffic from search engine results reaching your website
  • More chances to entice website visitors to set an appointment with you
  • A fuller schedule coupled with less time spent on face-to-face networking

For maximum value, SEO should be paired with email marketing. It gives you enormous staying power, allowing you to contact leads regularly and deepen relationships even if a final decision takes months.

People say "SEO is dead!" every time Google changes its search algorithm, but it has not happened yet. Even though Google is using more artificial intelligence in its search decisions today, SEO is every bit as important going into 2023 as it has been since 1999. True SEO experts stay ahead of the changing rules of the game, so you see measurable results.

Contact us to learn more or get started with real estate SEO.


Founded nearly 50 years ago, Dickson Realty has elevated its way to the top of the real estate market in Northern Nevada and California. 

Established in Reno, Nevada, by Fianna Dickson in 1973, Dickson Realty is an innovator in the Western region. Rebecca Dickson, Fianna's daughter, now serves as one of the Broker/Owners and VP of the Luxury Division at Dickson Realty, following the path her mother began almost 50 years ago. Nearly all of the owners of Dickson Realty are family, and the family atmosphere transfers to the agents and employees of the company.

"Dickson Realty has been an innovative company from the beginning when it was founded by Fianna Dickson in 1973," says Andrew Reel, the VP of Marketing & Technology at Dickson Realty. "And this was a time when being a woman and owner of a real estate company was very innovative." 

Dickson Realty was also ahead of its time in selecting the Reno and Sparks region to lay its foundation. When they started their brokerage, those areas were nothing like what they are today. They have grown exponentially over the time Dickson Realty has been in business, which has lent itself well to the growth and expansion of the company. 

"As Reno and Sparks grew in population and size, the company expanded too, representing developers and builders of the most prestigious master-planned communities in Northern Nevada," says Reel.

After seeing such growth within the area, the company set out to expand again in the early 2000s, this time to Northern California. They set up offices in the mountain communities surrounding Lake Tahoe, as well as in the resort town of Truckee, California. 

"We now have over 325 agents in 10 offices spread throughout the Reno metropolitan area and Lake Tahoe," Reel continues, "And in California, we have offices in Truckee, Northstar, and Portola." 

Today, Dickson Realty helps residential and commercial buyers, sellers, and renters in Northern Nevada and California. The company also offers 1031 exchange services, instant offers, and bridge-buying services. 

An Elevated Experience For Clients 

The team at Dickson Realty knows that to best serve clients in any market, you need to be someone they can come to for information about the local market. So every agent at Dickson Realty is required to be knowledgeable about the area. 

Reel says, "We are the trusted advisor to our clients, and we are experts in the neighborhoods that we represent." 

Aside from being knowledgeable, one of the most important values at Dickson Realty is providing the highest level of service for their clients. And that means providing them with the best possible experience.

Reel says, "Our tagline is, 'Experience Elevated.' We realize that we can have top agents, we can have top staff, but really, the client experience needs to be elevated to a higher level and it needs to be seamless." 

Committed to Their Communities 

At Dickson Realty, they value the people and the businesses in every community they operate in and are committed to serving those communities as best as possible. And that doesn't stop at real estate transactions.

"We're committed to serving the communities in which we live and work," Reel continues, "And we give back. We put money and time into the initiatives that make our communities better." 

Due to this being such an essential part of their business, everyone at Dickson Realty is involved in serving their communities, and that includes partnering with, and attending events for, numerous local organizations.

"It's a safe bet to say that everyone at Dickson Realty is involved in serving our communities," says Reel. "The company owners, agents, and employees participate at every level of many organizations. From the board of directors of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada to the restocking of supplies in the Grassroots Karma Box program — and our own Dickson Realty Community Fund  is yet another powerful demonstration of our civic devotion."

Being a leader in their community is such an integral component of the culture and the values that Dickson Realty represents, so they recruit agents who feel similarly. Reel says, "Since being involved in the communities that we serve is a core value, we recruit to that value."

Supporting the Well-Being of Every Agent 

With excellent leadership and an open-door policy coming from the brokers and owners, along with a support staff that's always ready to assist with any problem that comes their way, Dickson Realty shows us that supporting their agents is a top priority. 

"Dickson Realty has the deepest leadership and support bench in the region," remarks Reel. "The owners and brokers have a true open-door policy, and they are always available to support agents on their cell phones. Any agent can contact any broker for help or guidance. Any agent can also contact any of our support staff for help with market research, marketing of listings, or technology support." 

Along with continuous agent support, Dickson offers new hires the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program, one-on-one learning, and group skill-building sessions. When an agent joins the company they are enrolled in Dickson University, a six-week intensive that gives them all the information they need to be a successful member of the Dickson Realty team. 

"We're a learning organization,'' Reel continues, "In addition to our six-week intensive Dickson University for new agents, we have mentoring programs, ongoing classroom and one-on-one learning, and skill-building opportunities. So really, no other real estate company compares with the level of support that's available at Dickson Realty. All of these things work together to help us attract and retain the best agents." 

At Dickson Realty, they follow the Ninja Selling philosophy, which is a unique training system based around building relationships, listening to your customers, and helping them achieve their goals. Refreshers and continued courses on these philosophies are also available for agents. 

Reel says, "In 2000, we embraced the Ninja Selling philosophy and system. Every agent at Dickson Realty goes through a Ninja installation, and several of our agents have attended multiple installations or refreshers. We also coach our agents in weekly interactive meetings on the skills they need to attain mastery in the practice of real estate and mastery in their personal lives." 

Another way Dickson Realty supports its agents is by providing resources for their mental and physical health. They understand that the real estate business can be stressful, especially in times like these where inventory is low and interest rates are rising. And when business is booming, their busy schedules can cause them to neglect their well-being. 

"We're doubling down on the health of our agents," mentions Reel. "For the last two to three years, we've been so busy, and it's also been stressful. So now as the market is normalizing, we're recognizing that our agents are feeling it and we're there to support them." 

The culture at Dickson Realty is team-oriented, which means that the agents are there to offer support to one another. They understand that although real estate may be a competitive field, the way to stand out and be the best is by working together. 

Reel says, "We're a highly collaborative team at Dickson Realty. It's rare in any sales environment, which is competitive by nature. And our collaborative spirit sets us apart from our competitors."

 A Land of Luxury 

Covering a beautiful area with so many amazing luxury homes, it's no surprise that Dickson Realty has its own luxury division, and Dickson Luxury has several partnerships and affiliations, including Luxury Portfolio International®, a global network of over 200 independent brokerages that sells more luxury real estate than any other luxury real estate network. Dickson Realty is proud of where they stand and the progress they've made within that market over the years. 

"We're really proud of our leadership in the luxury real estate market, '' says Reel. "Our involvement with the region's master-planned communities began back in the mid-1980s and continues today. And it helps with our luxury experience and growth in luxury real estate marketing. We were one of the original firms in the '80s to join Great Estates, which later became Christie's Great Estates. And then since 2005, we've been affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio International." 

Having been in the business of luxury for many years, Dickson Realty represents a significant portion of the luxury market share in the Reno-Sparks region. According to Reel, "Today, Dickson Realty represents nearly 45% of home sales over $2 million in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area and 51% of home sales over $3 million." 

Their success in the luxury division can also be attributed to their marketing strategies, which they believe are key when it comes to marketing luxury homes. When speaking about these strategies, Reel says, "Dickson Realty is data-driven. They include a mix of print, digital search engine advertising, and targeted social media ads to areas where the luxury home buyers are coming from." 

Busy All-Year Round 

Given that Dickson Realty spans several resort towns and areas ideal for any time of year, things don't seem to slow down quite as much as in other locations during winter. It's not just luxurious in the Reno-Lake Tahoe region, it's a hot year-round destination for world-class summer and winter sports and recreation. There's everything from PGA-level golf to hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. 

"The lifestyle of living in the Reno-Truckee-Tahoe area gives us a huge advantage to overcome a slow winter season," says Reel. "While winter does bring a slower sales pace to many parts of the country, we're fortunate to have Lake Tahoe in our backyard and the largest concentration of ski resorts in the lower 48 states." 

Reel also mentions that living in Nevada not only brings a great quality of life but comes with financial benefits as well, noting, "The advantages of living in Nevada can be financial, especially for our neighbors in California. Nevada is a zero-income tax state, and the winter season is when many business owners and high-net-worth individuals are involved in their tax planning strategies." 

Despite serving in such a sought-after area offering many advantages for home buyers and investors, they still experience tough times and slow market conditions. Even in a location like this, nothing is ever certain, especially during an economic downturn.

"Our market does slow down from time to time, and there's certainly uncertainty in geopolitical and economic markets as we've had now for several months," says Reel. "When market conditions turn up or down, our agents are equipped to provide advice to their clients, enabling them to make informed decisions." 

A Tech Partner That Knows What They Need 

When it came to choosing a tech provider, given all the mergers and acquisitions within the industry, Dickson Realty wanted a partner who was committed to not selling — like Delta Media Group® is. It took them a while to find Delta, but they eventually did and couldn't be happier. 

"Our search process started a full year before we came to an agreement with Delta," says Reel. "There's a lot of competition in the space. Aligning with a partner who would commit to not selling out was very important to us." 

Aside from a promise to remain independent, Dickson Realty also wanted to partner with a provider that offered all the tools they needed to be successful in the real estate industry and understood what was needed to best serve clients. 

"In our business, relationships and expertise are key," says Reel. "It's very important to Dickson Realty's leadership that we're aligned with a technology partner that understands our industry, is responsive to our business needs, and is regarded as the go-to expert in providing the tools and resources we need to be successful. It's also important to have a partner that understands and supports our Ninja Selling philosophy of being in flow with our clients." 

Technology That Makes Life Easy 

Dickson Realty recognizes DeltaNET® for the way it ties all of the marketing and lead-generation tools together and integrates with their website. They feel that it helps both their agents and their marketing team, each in different ways. 

Reel says, "The DeltaNET is the centerpiece of our tech stack. The integration of our website with all the tools in the DeltaNET helps our marketing team and our agents on multiple fronts." 

Specifically, they love how it makes staying in touch with clients and prospects so easy and provides them with new ways to market everything from open houses to new listings and recent sales. They also value being able to create automated CMA reports in Delta Pitch, send automated email drip campaigns, and contact customers via SMS text messaging. 

Reel says, "We can easily and automatically stay in touch with prospects and clients while providing relevant content via email, text message, and/or social media. We can easily create CMAs and listing presentations for print and virtual presentations. We can easily market property listings and services with print and e-brochures, social media campaigns, and email blasts announcing new listings, open houses, and new sales." 

Along with being able to stay connected and create marketing materials, they appreciate that they can provide clients with relevant and accurate information on topics they want to know. This is an integral part of their communication with clients, which can be accomplished by automatically creating reports using market data, sending My Customer for Life (MCFL) newsletters, and regularly posting blog content. 

"We focus on being advisors to our clients, providing relevant information and advice, so our clients can make informed decisions about their real estate investments," says Reel. "All the automation tools built into DeltaNET help us disseminate that information and advice, and help us keep the channels of communication open with our prospects and clients." 

Reel believes that having all of these tools that make the agents' lives easier is the reason they have such a high adoption rate of the technology at Dickson Realty. 

"I'm using the word 'easy' a lot here, but this is the word I hear most often from our agents," says Reel. "Having a technology platform that's considered to be easy to learn and easy to use by our agents translates directly into adoption, where we're seeing greater than 50% of our agents logging into the DeltaNET in the first six months." 

Reaching Their Goals With the Help of Delta 

Over the past few years, Dickson Realty has seen great growth and success. One of their goals for the new year is to continue growing and increase their market share even more. 

"Our goals for 2023 include continued growth and success," says Reel. "For three of the past four years, we've increased our market share despite more competition from large corporate real estate companies. We intend to continue our growth trajectory." 

Another goal they have is to continue to recruit agents who represent their brand well and mesh with their culture. Aside from bringing on new agents, they strive to retain their current agents and help them succeed both individually and as a team through continued education and support. 

Reel says, "From 2020 through 2022, we attracted and retained about a quarter of the region's top-producing agents. We're going to continue to recruit agents who fit our culture and want to build upon their success with the top-ranked firm in the area." 

He believes that Delta Media Group is going to play a substantial role in helping them achieve these goals, given that the tools and features provided through DeltaNET supply everything they need to keep leveling up. 

"We're confident that Delta Media Group and the DeltaNET will be key in helping us reach these goals," says Reel. "The depth and variety of the toolkit that Delta Media brings to our company, I believe, is second to none."

Celebrating 50 Years in Business

In 2023, Dickson Realty will celebrate 50 years in business, which is not a small accomplishment. With a long history of success in their rearview, they are always making updates to keep things fresh. 

"As the largest real estate firm in Northern Nevada and the 96th largest independent real estate firm in the country, we're launching a modern, more contemporary brand to take us into the next decade," says Reel. 

One of the keys to their success over the past 50 years has been their consistency in maintaining a high standard of service. Dickson Realty plans to keep this up for the next 50 years, and the next 50 years after that. And this goes beyond the way they treat their customers; it's also the service the staff provides for their agents and that they provide for their communities. 

"We're positioned to continue to provide the same high-level customer service, industry leadership, and community service that Dickson Realty has become known for," says Reel. 

Climbing to New Heights 

By supporting their communities, prioritizing the well-being of every agent, and elevating the customer experience, Dickson Realty has risen to the top of the Reno-Lake Tahoe real estate market. Reel feels that Delta has helped make all of this possible with its significant impact. He encourages others in the industry to try DeltaNET themselves to experience the same impact. 

"I could go on and on and on about how much we love Delta, but to learn about the full impact of what Delta Media can do for a successful real estate company is to experience it," says Reel. "So I encourage anyone who's reading this or who is seeing this and is interested in learning more to schedule a meeting with the Delta team."

Dickson Realty is always climbing to new heights. As they continue to raise their standards even higher, we don't doubt that 2023 will be their best year yet!


With technology, you can achieve anything faster and more efficiently. Taking an idea from concept to execution becomes so seamless, it might even feel like a game. After all, a game is something you play because you enjoy it. The right technology can make even the toughest parts of work more fun.

In one way or another, most real estate technology is about saving time. Keeping up with technology may have a learning curve, but you'll ultimately save thousands of hours as new platforms make their value known. The effect can be like getting a new team member — or having more hours in the day.

Since technology multiplies your efforts, it has a tremendous effect on independent real estate agents and small brokerages in particular. By automating routine tasks, you'll get more done than ever before.

The question is often: "Where to start?"

From opening move to checkmate, real estate technology can support you every step of the way. Here are a few modern solutions you should consider when you want to bring your game to the next level:

1. Virtual Staging Services

Virtual staging refers to any software suite that can help you present a property in its best light online. Some of these can do things like remove, rotate, or add furniture to a layout, build a virtual tour out of still photographs, or show what a property looks like at different times of the day.

Properties in Motion is a complete virtual staging solution that supports all your efforts, from virtual tours to interactive, video-driven digital showings. It helps you capture more leads using high-quality video with voiceover. Plus, you can instantly share videos on your social media and track engagement.

2. Social Media Automation

Of all the professionals on social media today, real estate agents have the best opportunity to convert their social media following into bottom line value. But getting noticed on fast-moving feeds requires a regular posting schedule. Social media automation for real estate makes it possible.

With social media marketing tools at the ready, you can drive event-based updates to your social feed whenever one of your listings changes status. You can also plan and schedule posts in advance to make sure you're communicating and connecting when your audience is at its most active.

3. Customer Relationship Management

It wasn't that long ago when agents and brokers spent hours every week simply getting apprised about their prospects, leads, and customers. Customer Relationship Management for real estate is here, so you can focus on powerful, targeted follow-up at precisely the right moment.

A centralized solution that provides complete visibility into all your contacts is just what you need to get more value from every interaction. You get custom alerts when it's time to follow up with cold leads or circle back around to ensure active transactions are moving forward smoothly.

4. Paid Advertising Management

Paid advertising is a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents. Unlike many other industries, where a few underperforming ads can tank margins, you have space to experiment and refine your methods. A few hundred dollars in ads could turn into tens of thousands in commissions.

DeltaNET customers have two options to choose from: Ad Wizard for paid Facebook and Instagram advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through Google Ads. It takes only minutes to configure, tweak, and monitor a campaign that can bring instant traffic to your listings.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most of your future customers look online — for agents and listings — before they ever meet you in person. If your properties aren't ranking for relevant Google searches, they may as well be invisible.

The first step toward more search engine traffic is to have a real estate website of your own. Sharing a listing from the MLS just isn't enough to get the organic traffic that can open the door to lucrative sales.

Search Engine Optimization gets you where you need to go to compete in a modern world driven by Millennial and Gen Z online searches. It builds your potential for thousands of website visits a month using custom hyper-local content, then helps you convert those visitors into leads and customers.

And it's done for you.

It's Never Too Late (or Too Soon!) to Get the Best Real Estate Technology on Your Side

Technology is advancing more every day. But only agents and brokers who look for creative ways to use it will benefit. You can harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in your practice.

What's more, you don't have to pay separate licensing fees for a dozen different solutions. A single AI-driven real estate command center, built in consultation with agents and brokers, is within reach now.

Contact us at Delta Media Group to learn more or get started.


Your real estate customers still want to accomplish the same dependable goals that buyers and sellers have been aiming to achieve for generations. However, the way they go about accomplishing those goals is much different than it used to be, and your digital presence can go a long way toward accommodating their shifting needs. Today, it should be easier than ever for them to learn about homes, neighborhoods, communities, and your team from the comfort of their favorite devices.

Customers are becoming more digital than ever before, and you have an important role to play in ensuring that they can find everything they need online. Here's what they want and how to provide it for them.

The first and most important fundamental thing that you can provide for your digital customer base is a modern, informative, educational real estate website. You want your website to be a place where customers can easily search for homes, learn about neighborhoods, consume your content, and take the next steps to connect with an agent.

If you haven't updated your website in a while, now is the time to bring it up to a modern standard and provide a robust digital experience that your audience will love. Don't forget to make it mobile-friendly so that your customers can enjoy a smooth, seamless experience no matter which device they use to access your website.

Creative, Educational Real Estate Content

A regularly updated blog is one key feature that can help take your website to the next level, and the best blogs include content that caters to the diverse needs of your audience. Some people might be visiting for real estate advice, others for information on the communities, neighborhoods, events, and attractions in the places where they're shopping for homes. Your customers want digital resources that help them make informed decisions, and your blog is the perfect place to share your expertise.

The Ability to Explore Homes from Anywhere

Digital customers are more open than ever to exploring and falling in love with homes online as long as you provide them with the resources to do so. This might mean virtual open houses, virtual showings, or detailed, professional-quality property videos that you can easily create with our powerful Properties in Motion tool. The easier you make it for customers to fall in love with homes and neighborhoods online, the more likely they are to do just that.

Social Proof and Your Social Media Presence

Naturally, social media platforms are among the most popular places to connect with customers who have a digital mindset. In addition to your social media marketing, social proof is another key element in convincing digital customers that you're the right choice for their needs. Integrating reviews and testimonials into your online presence provides an easy way for anyone to discover more about what you have to offer. Both your social media pages and your real estate websites are ideal places to showcase the social proof that you've worked so hard to earn.

Responsiveness and Easy Ways to Connect with Your Team

One of the great things about the digital world is how easy it makes it to stay in touch and communicate through the channels that are most convenient to you. Today's customers don't just want to be able to reach you by making a phone call or showing up to the office in person for a meeting.

Whether through email, social media, SMS text messaging, or through more traditional communication channels, our DeltaNET real estate all-in-one solution makes it easy to stay in touch in all of the most convenient ways. Of course, having a robust CRM also makes it easier for you to keep track of what each customer wants so that you'll always be ready to respond in a personalized way.

Detailed Data on Homes and Markets

With the way that inventory, pricing, and demand have fluctuated so much in many markets in recent years, customers want the latest, most detailed data to help them shop for homes. You can provide all of the data that they need with our easy-to-use, AI-driven AVM Platform. Provide valuations from up to 5 independent sources with the detailed, relevant, timely data that your customers want to see. Of course, AVM reports also include multiple calls to action to encourage customers to take the next step.

You Don't Have to Face the Digital World Alone

If creating a distinctive, exceptional digital presence sounds like a lot of work, remember that you don't have to do it alone. From building the best modern real estate website to creating content, growing your social presence, and integrating the latest tools from DeltaNET, our team is here to help your team master the digital world for your customers.

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