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Video Transcription

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Tech Tuesday. Presented by Delta Media Group, where we like to tell you that if you don't feel like you get enough for Christmas just feed it after midnight, and it might multiply.

This week we're going to continue with our pages theme. The past few weeks we've gone over different things you can do with the page system. Custom pages, market landing pages, and everything you can do there. Today, we're going to cover something very important that is recovering deleted pages. If you go in, you create a custom page, and you need to get it back after you've deleted it there is a way to do that now.

Let's go into the Delta net and take a look. Here we are, as always, on our agent home layout page. Let's scroll down to website, and pages. I'm going to go ahead and create a new page real quick, so we have something to delete. I'm going to go to new page and, like I said, over the past couple of weeks this is what we've gone over. New page, I'll create a custom page, which we're already on. This is my custom page, there we go. Let's make the text big just for fun. Big text. Let's go ahead and put an image in there, so now there's a nice image on our page. We'll scroll down, and we're going to this page on our primary website domain, no data at the end.

Now, I know I'm going through this part of it fast, but that's what our past couple of videos have been on, creating these pages, so this is just a refresher. We'll call it recovery page, so I remember what we called it. For now, we won't put it on the navigation since we're just going to take a look at it. Go ahead and put that in my title, and we'll even give it a custom URL. There we go. Submit. Now, we have created our custom page, so I'll go ahead and click here, so we can take a look at it. There we are. It's a very fancy custom page, you can tell a lot of work and design effort went into this. There you have it.

Now, I'm going to go ahead and delete this page. I'll refresh my pages because normally you're not going to create the page and immediately delete it. If you were deleting a page you would go down to website and pages, you would find the page you want to delete, and we named it recovery page, so there it is, and you can see it's marked as a custom page, so you can identify it that way too. Recovery page, and I'm just going to click delete page. Are you sure? Yes, I am, and there we go, so that page is gone.

Now, I'll refresh this page again, and I'm just going to search for recovery, and you can see we have a button there for recover page, but in recovery we have no page, so if I scroll down, these are all alphabetical by the link title, but if I go down to the Rs you can see there is no recovery page there, so our page is gone. If I go here and try to reload it you can see page not found because the page was deleted, so that page is gone.

Now, let's say that we created that page, put a lot of work into it, and deleted it by accident. Maybe we might've thought we were on a different page that we were deleting, or whatever the case. It happens to all of us. If we want to recover that page I'm going to go into the Delta net, again, under website, and pages ... I'll refresh this again, because why not? I'm going to recover going to click the recover page, and you can see it loads up this little modal and we'll take a look here, and here is recovery page removed on 11:13, so it tells me the name of the page, and it's taken that from the link title, and what day it was actually deleted.

We'll select it, and it'll give me a little preview what the page content looked like, along with page title any meta keywords or tags that were saved with that page, and I'm just going to say recover this page. There we go. I'll see if it added it to our list here. It didn't because it needs to refresh.

We'll go back to website and pages again, and that'll refresh page. Now, if I scroll down here I still don't see it in my list. Standby. I still don't see it, but wait there's more. I'm going to reset my session, and I'll show you a trick to do that, and we'll see if that makes it come back. Still no good. Bear with me, it's all going to add up in the end.

I'm going to sign out and log back in. There we go. Now, I'm logged back into that agent account. Website, pages ... the suspense is killing me. That's the wrong account just making it as difficult as I can today. There we go. Now, I'm on the right account. Website, pages. By logging out and logging back in we basically reset our browser session for this, so hopefully ... Recent transactions page. Still no good. It is very well possible that the page recovery system is running on an interval, so it'll recover on its own after it sits for a little while. As you can see, I'm not having a lot of luck recovering my recovery page, so I'll wait. Standby.

I found it. Just to show you what happened there, when you recover the page you go to recover page, you select your page, so that brings it up here, and it shows you the information that it saved in association with that page. When I hit recover this page it doesn't automatically add it, what it does is it loads it up over here, and by loading it up over here you can scroll down, and you can re-save the page, so if you click submit that'll create your page again. Keep in mind the page URL is not something that's saved along with the page that's to be recovered. If you had a custom URL you're going to have to type that back in.

In this case, I typed back in recoverpage.html because that's what I had it set as before. Or you could set is as whatever you want. By hitting submit, at that point you're resetting the page. Now, in this case I can't because that page already exists, I already saved it, but that is how your page comes back.

Just as a quick recap, once your page is deleted to find page again you'll click on recover page, you'll find your page in your recovery list, you'll hit recover this page that loads it up over here in the page editing interface where you can see your custom page, and all the information associated with it. Then, you go down, set any fields that weren't saved, so page title's in there, link title is not in there, and that's why I have a bunch of no title pages because I saved it without the link title. If I put in the link title recovery page and save it, I then look down at my list, there's recovery page. We made it a little more difficult than it needed to be, but that is how you recover a page once you delete it.

As always, thanks a lot for joining me. If you have any questions about this, I know it got a little convoluted in there, feel free to comment on the video, or send an email into, or give us a call, and we can walk through it over the phone.

Thanks a lot for joining me. Make sure to subscribe to our page if you want to get notifications when these videos come up, or you can like our Facebook page and you can get notifications there because we stream them on Facebook and YouTube. Thanks a lot for joining me. I'll see you next week.

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