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Video Transcription

Good morning, happy new year, and welcome to another edition of Delta Media Group's Tech Tuesday. Here at Delta Media Group, we are all kind of in the understanding that if Samwise had been the one carrying the ring to Mount Doom, they probably would've run into a lot less problems. Just saying.

So, today, we're going to kick off the new year with a dive into some of our team site functionality. The idea, actually, and well, what we're getting into this time isn't so much the site itself, but actually how you can handle leads that come into the team. So, specifically, we're going to look at lead delegation. So, let's jump into the Delta net, and I'll take you through it, and we'll kind of talk about what lead delegation is.

So, here we are on our regular welcome page. Now, what you can do here if you are a team leaders, is when you log into your account, if you scroll down here to website at the bottom of your website menu, you will have a link that says, "Go to team site." If I click that, now it basically authenticates me as the team account. So, now I'm looking at, and you can see here in the top left, this is my almost best team. The best team was taken, so.

This is how you can verify that you are looking at the setting that pertain to the team account as opposed to those that pertain to your personal account. So, this is the same Delta net. All the same settings, the same options, but all of these work on behalf of the team, as opposed to on behalf of you specifically.

So, for lead delegation, in this scenario we'll say that you got an email from the system that says that you have a new lead, or that the team has a new lead. So, you'll log into the Delta net, you'll authenticate as the team account, and then the easiest way to get there is to go to customers, and then customer center. And then, at the op, you can see all of your unprocessed requests.

So, now you have the option here to either process the lead yourself, so this would send a response to that lead on behalf of the team, or you can delegate that lead, and by delegating it you'll give it to another team member, and then leave it to that team member to work it. So, the idea is they'll get the unprocessed lead, and then they can go in and contact them, and they'll be contacting them on behalf of themselves, as opposed to on behalf of the team as a whole. So, that's kind of the idea here.

Now, the system has always had the ability at the admin level to reassign leads. So, basically if a lead belongs to one agent, and say they leave the company, or they want someone else to handle the lead, or they want to retire, or whatever. The company could go in, and an administrator could reassign that lead from one agent to another. Now, that takes the ownership of the lead from the first agent, and gives it completely to the second agent. So, there's no connection to the first agent anymore.

Now, the way that delegation works is different. So, if I go in here as a team leader, and I say, "Delegate," and we're going to delegate this out to our own Josh Ritts here, and click update, he's going to get a notification. He's out there sitting in the office. And that lead has now been delegated to him. So, he gets a notification for it. He can go in, and he can process it. Primary ownership of that lead is now his. So, all of the email marketing tools, like the emails blasts, my customer for life, and E-cards and email campaigns, all of that stuff has that lead connected to him.

So, if he does any marketing to that lead, then that's all going to go out on behalf of him with the team branding depending on your team settings. But as a team, I can no longer market to it. So, now I can still see that lead. I mean, you can still see it here. I can still go to the customer center, and I can see that lead, but I can even go to that lead profile page, and I can see information specific to that lead. So, if I go to the customer center, and click on that lead's name, it'll still take me through. And actually, they haven't processed the lead yet, but if I had, it would take me to the profile page where I can change that lead's information, I can see all their contact information, I can see their search, their activity history. All the stuff you would normally see on this profile page. But I can't market to this lead directly using email blast, and E cards, and all that stuff, because I'm leaving it to the delegated agent to do that.

So, that's how I basically, as a team, am retaining ownership of that lead. So, I can still go in and see it, but I've given it to somebody else to actually handle it. So, the beauty of this is let's say I delegate out a bunch of leads to all of my team members, and one of the team members ultimately leaves the team, or they retire, and I want to pull those leads back, I can do that. So, I can go into my delegated lead, and let's go ahead and process this one so that we can ... well, there we go. Josh probably processed it.

So, I can go ahead and go into that lead, and we'll take a look at down here. I can process it now, because I gave it to him, so it's up to him to process it. But I can bring this lead up under leads and processed leads, and we'll see if we can get it to show up just because. No, it's not going to show up there. The reason it's not going to show up there is because it hasn't been processed yet.

So, we'll go to our customer list, and there is our lead. So, the idea is that customer list is where you should be able to get to anything, whether it's been processed or not. Now, under actions, I can go back to delegate, and you can see that right now the assigned primary agent is Josh. So, if I want to reclaim this lead, like if he leaves the team, or like I said, if he retires, or anything like that, or I just want to pull this lead back to assign it to somebody else, or maybe I delegated it to him, and it's not in a service area that he's familiar with, and there is another agent on the team that is more familiar with it. I can go in here, and I can change it.

So, to do that, I could click reclaim and update, and now I've pulled the lead back to the team account. And then, from here, I can go ahead and refresh this page. I can go back down to actions and delegate for this lead again, and I can reassign it out to someone else. Update. And now, that lead's been re-delegated to that other agent.

So, you can see kind of the power of this system. The idea here is that any lead that comes in, and is assigned to the team directly, can then be delegated out to any of the agents on the team so that they can actually manage the lead, while I still, as the team leaders and as the team account, retain the ability to pull those leads back, and still manage them or reassign them to anyone else as I see fit.

So, that in a nutshell is the team lead delegation system. Now, another thing you can do as part of this system is you can actually broadcast leads. It works the same way, except under actions, there will be an additional option that says, "Broadcast." If you click on that, that'll allow you to send that lead out, and actually send it to all agents at the same time. So, that way all of your agents get an opportunity for that lead, and you whoever grabs it first is the one that gets it. So, in addition to sending them out to specific agents, you can broadcast them out to everybody.

All right. So, as always, thanks a lot for joining me this week on Tech Tuesday, the first one of the new year. If you want to get notifications for when we go live with a new video each week, go ahead and like or subscribe to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. I think there's a little bell now, actually. So, on YouTube, in addition to subscribing, there is a little bell somewhere that says, "Turn on notifications for this channel." You have to click on that bell, and then you'll get notifications when we go live.

So, hope everybody has a great new year. Trying to kick it off right here. So, thanks a lot for joining me, and I will see you again with a new video next week.

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