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Video Transcription

Harley: Hello, and welcome to a new web series we're beginning here at Delta Media Group called Unlocking Your Potential, The Non-Techies Guide To Tech. It's catchy, right? We like it.

The idea of this web series is we're going to do this every week, a lot like we do the Tech Tuesdays, if anybody's familiar with those, and use these to go over not just the how a feature works, but the why and the what it means to you and the what it means to your business is kind of the idea here.

So here for this first one, I have the Delta Media Group owner Mike Minard here with me, and we're just going to sit here and talk about, well, first off just talk about why we're doing these.

Mike: Yeah, so I think the biggest reason that we're doing this is because a lot of our communication goes to administrators or technical people, and so historically, a lot of the communication coming out from us is technical in nature. Well, we also understand too that that doesn't really resonate with salespeople. They're typically not very technical, they're more sales focused, and actually, here's a good way to look at it. Often, we'll get the question from our administrators "Well, if an agent comes and asks me about this feature what do I tell them? If they come and ask what does this do for me what do I tell them?"

Harley: Yeah, we get a fair amount of office staff and admins that come in, and they're very clear on what it does and how it works, but not so much how to make it resonate exactly with agents and make them really understand that this is something that they need to be using not just because they're told that it's a good idea, but because it really is something that's going to help out their business.

Mike: Yeah, and I think why that matters is because if the salespeople understand that "Hey if you do this here's what it means to your business. Here's what it means to your sellers, or to your buyers, or to your marketing, your branding," all of those things if they really understood that, then there's buy-in on the functionality. "Oh, I see why that's so important." Otherwise, it's just a feature that why should they ever care about it.

Harley: Yeah, and then sometimes you hear something a certain way and just having it presented to you that way or hearing it that way it just all the sudden clicks, and instead of this feeling like something that you have to do each day it becomes something like "You know, this is really helping me out. I want to get in here, and I want to start making the changes and using this tool," so that's the idea behind the series.

Mike: Yeah, and our whole focus is going to be a little bit different in the sense that we're going to be sharing with all of you "Hey, here's why you should pay attention to this." I call it the W questions, the who, what, when, where, why type questions. So, that's the angle we'll come from is just to prep with something that will be coming in the coming weeks.

"You know, wouldn't it be awesome if you'd be able to automatically engage with open house visitors," as just one example, or "What if you could automate this part, and then here's what happens," because when we found that at least in the past few weeks when we would communicate with sales associates in that way, or let's say we announce a feature, they don't really react to it where if we ask a question "Hey, wouldn't it be neat if you could do this with your buyers and your sellers, or wouldn't it be neat if you could get more listings by doing this?" "Yeah, that'd be awesome." "Well, let me show you how."

So really it's going to deal with that front end, the why this matters, why you should pay attention to it, and really what this means to your business. And how this will help you make more money is really what it's about.

Harley: Yeah, we're hoping this is something that works out to be really helpful to people. And don't worry about the Tech Tuesdays. If you enjoy watching those to see the how of a feature, how you can get in and use it, those are still going to continue on for the foreseeable future, so we'll still be doing those, and the idea is even that we can work cooperatively between this series and that one. We can explain in this series, "Here's a new feature we're coming out with, and this is the basic idea of what it does and why it is so valuable," and then on Tech Tuesday, we can really get into the nuts and bolts of "This is how you use it. This is how you do everything with it."

Mike: Yeah.

Harley: For this week we wanted to explain basically the nature of the show. I don't know, do we also want to get into anything more deeply.

Mike: You know, I think we'll hold that for the next one.

Harley: All right.

Mike: And then we'll start getting into some of the features, or I guess videos relating to the features we've been announcing and what they actually mean to your business so then, to be quite frank, at that point, you'll really care about the Tech Tuesdays and understand what that feature is. "Well, hey let me understand that."

Harley: Hey, everybody cares about the Tech Tuesdays.

Mike: Yes, yes, we do.

Harley: It's us. We're tight guys. All right. Well, that sounds good. We decided to fire this up right before the holidays, so we'll have the next couple of weeks off as far as the Tech Tuesdays and the Unlocking Your Potential videos go. Then we'll be really kicking off the new year with these and with Tech Tuesdays at the same time. I'm pretty excited. It's going to be pretty fun.

Mike: Yeah, me too.

Harley: Look forward to talking to you again then. Thanks a lot for joining us.

Mike: Thank you.

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